As long as WW II is still being celebrated among the winners and the winners' descendants, the wounds are kept open in the souls of the millions from the losers' families. Due to the ongoing satanization of the losers' families, the Nazi children's wounds are even deepened. Under the pretext to learn from the past, to avoid any repetition of the past by dwelling upon the Evil, innocent generations are mentally destroyed.

Historians do not address the younger generations in order to heal wounds from WW II. The great war must be viewed in perspective of our world's new generations, not in perspective of war veterans and other eternal war mongers. Hollywood and other fashion industry centers should be aware of the mental harm caused by the endless celebrations of WW II.

The Nazi children are sick and tired of the enormous media attention on the cruelties of the past. It's time to let the dead bury the dead. We do understand, though, that among the winners there are earlier victims who need the Nazi children's respect. With a growing distance to this civil drama, it's hard to see that any strong personality of the war time stayed out of the conflict, thus remained totally innocent. Political involvement is fatal to the maintenance of innocence. Depending on the moment, the citizens of Europe were both actors and victims.

The Jews deserve a special regard of the Nazi children. They were prior to all those of the 20th century who were in search of their own history, their own land, their own dignity. However, since the Jews had kowledge of the spiritual and mental power of guilt within the Jewish-Christian European culture, since they knew that the launching of the Holocaust in the beginning of the 60s - a launching of pure guilt power - would hit the Nazi children primarily, since they did nothing to protect the innocent Nazi children, the war generation of Jews are guilty of mental harassment of millions of innocent children in times of peace. We are confident that a new generation of Jews admit this failure of their fathers. We are confident that the younger Jews understand us, that they will join us in our efforts to heal the wounds.

The Jews are not among the first we accuse of harassment. Our own countrymen from the winners' side directed their feverish revenge joyfully against us, the smallest, the weakest. Our countrymen had fewer reasons for hatred against the losers than any European Jew. We have less confidence in our compatriots for cleaning up the mental mess left by the war than we have in the Jews for taking a decisive step towards reconciliation. We don't even think about our parents for such an enterprise. War losers have a cataclysmic mentality. They don't have balls to go forwards. They are pure trouble makers for their own children.

How did the Holy Catholic Church handle the spirit of revenge in the aftermath of the war ? When the Holocaust theme was introduced, did the Catholics do any better than the Jews in order to save the children ? The entire Church, concurrently with all the minor churches, enjoyed the mix guilt-innocence inherent in the Holocaust, unfortunately launched against the Nazi families as a whole in the purpose of purifying old Europe. No Catholic clerical authority has yet proclaimed that the Nazi children are innocent, that they are suffering unjustly. The cynic behaviour of the Church is understandable when we think of its need to run away from former ideals. The entire church was compromised because of its millenary traditionalist way of thinking the good society. After 1945 the Church had to face the new materialistic ideals of the masses. The Church chose opportunism, forgot its own history.

Because of infirmities of our civilization due to the civil war, Europe needs reconciliation.

Now we have a growing comprehension of an unconscious revenge being exerted by the Nazi children in our societies ! We don't know so well which way our revenge is actually going. Are we disturbing our surroundings unpredictably, our colleagues, our families, spouses, own children ? Or worse, have we become evil because we have been stigmatized as the evil Nazi offspring ? Are we bad because we have felt mentally isolated from the good and righteous people ? We must admit that many of us have become sick after half a century's ostracism from society. We have become like beaten dogs who bite. By the number of us, we are right to say that Europe is sick.

O. W. Klüwer, April 2001

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