Proposals for a reconciliation after WW II with respect to the 2nd and 3rd generation of Nazis and Fascists

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Reconciliatory efforts after WW II

regarding the 2nd and 3rd generation of Nazis and Fascists

Reconciliation must follow after a civil war, like rain must follow sun for the life on earth

This is a forum for persons who want to express or discuss how the Second World War can be stopped in the hearts of people.

All people from around the world are welcome to participate.

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#001   maihilsen     Mon, 28 May 2001 19:33

Gratulerer med ny side. Lykke til med fremtiden og ta gjerne en titt på:

Helge Olav Fjugstad

#002   History     Thu, 21 June 2001 20:54

The problem in today's society is that countries try to avoid telling the true history. In regards to WWII and what the Nazi Party did and tried to do will always be a black mark in world history. I feel unfortunately that this will never change. However, when it comes to the children of WWII they had no choice in what their parents did prior or during the war. For individuals or countries to still punish them (the Nazi Children) in my view is uncalled for and totally inappropriate. If the warriors can over look and forgive each other, I’m very surprise that nations and individuals can not do the same. With one exception, the children need not be forgiving for they did nothing wrong.

Michael Moses

#003   End the war     Wed, 04 July 2001 20:37

One way I think can heal is to talk to Jewish holocaust survivors and be on their side express guilt and anger over the terrible circumstance that ocurred this may be hard but it might take away some of the guilt.
Express love for the people your Fathers tried to eliminate ask them for forgiveness try to live your life being the opposite of a Nazi. It could be through the internet you can find Jewish websites with holocaust survivors talk to them. and ask for friendship. Rely on God also to pull you through these difficult times.

P.S. I hope this helps in your healing.

Israel Maldonado

#004       Fri, 03 August 2001 09:47

I was given this address by a child of a Nazi who knows I am a Jewish-born person from a Holocaust family. Like many of them I owe my life to the Holocaust. My parents got together after the war because what they had in common was people who had died during it. I even have the same name as the woman who hid my mother's parents during the war and died in prison for doing it.

The children of the Nazis do a humanitarian service when they admit who they are. It gives us all a chance to see that ordinary people do the things we want to believe we ourselves never could. If we from Jewish, Gypsy, or other Holocaust families allow them to be persecuted for it, we disgrace our families' memories.

Mary    Humanrights30930

#005   remember     Sun, 05 August 2001 05:46

Those who profess christianity among the Aryans of today and yesterday are spiritual semites and not aryans mentally. However, they will awaken and shake the earth again when they realize they are duped as always happens, especially when the jews
begin to make jokes and laugh at them as they did in Poland and Germany and elsewhere before the peoples woke up to see they were victimized by the jews who had taken over their economies. The jews get kicked out of all places because they get arrogant and because it is written; witness the middle east&now have the aryan palestinians under foot and are killing them. But watch and see what happens next. Only a remnant of the jews will survive there.
The aryans will sweep in again and kill the semites, negroids, and the mongols as has happened throughout time. See, , and read about the aryan invasions over the past 3500 years and more.

raul donoso,

#006   Healing     Wed, 08 August 2001 03:44

Education and love. As an American teacher who was born just prior to WWII I see the danger in not teaching as much as possible about aggression, human dignity, etc. to children at a very early age. We certainly can verify that teaching the youth brings power to the future. We need to concentrate on the value and uniqueness of each person on earth, all of nature, and be ready to reach out to heal each other.

Martha    Herbaloo

#007   nazi kinder     Sun, 12 August 2001 01:38

One of the best things to do would be to read the many good books coming out about children of former-Nazis. There were Germans, a few, who were members of the Nazi party, but who were not anti-semitic and struggled to exist during WWII. These sorts of stories help us to understand how difficult it was not to be part of Hitler's Germany while living in Germany at the time. Some of these Nazis have been written about as if they had moral strengths and were even heroic in a way. This may help to restore some good identity for children of WWII Germans. It was a very difficult time and to fail to be perfect is something that we all have to live with, now and always.
What we are supposed to learn not to repeat is a very good question. There is much to learn from this period and discussion and honesty as well as being open seems to help.


#008       Tue, 14 August 2001 22:42

Todos los familiares de los caidos en la segunda guerra mundial, tienen el derecho y propio deber moral de recordar a sus muertos.
La palabra NAZI, significa para mucha gente ignorante de la historia,terror; aunque la verdad de dicha palabra era realmente el espiritu combativo de un pueblo, cansado del dominio economico y cultural de pueblos que se basan en las creencias religiosas, y que ademas se sienten los elegidos de un dios. Sí dios eligiera un púeblo no eligiria al que asesina palestinos, arabes o musulmanes, por el solo hecho de no tener las mismas creencias teologicas.
si lo anterior es verdad, entonces Lutero tendria que haber exigido las tierras para fundar su pueblo protestante, y los ateos el suyo.
Apoyo en todos los sentidos a los familiares de los excombatientes NAZIS, por ser entonces ellos el pueblo perseguido durante 50 años por la propaganda judia. Oren por sus muertos.


#009   NS Children     Wed, 19 September 2001 03:46

It is not only the children of those fathered by German soldiers that suffered loss of true identity, for there were literally thousands of children that were removed from Germany after the war on the pretext that Germans kidnapped children from occupied countries, which in most instances seemed rather farfetched. The Russians took many thousands to Russia. I recall reading that Swiss Red Cross observers were upset at seeing these children being marched off to collection points in East Prussia for shipment East.

Also, the allied authorities went into hosptals and took infants under protest from mothers claiming they were fathered by S.S. men, and had them adopted to Swedish families. This story appeared in a post war edition of Life Magazine. There were literally hundreds of thousands if not a few million orphans whose fathers died in the war and mothers and other relatives killed in air raids.

The intent was to reduce Germany's population by 40 million people or so under the infamous Morgenthau Plan, and had it not been for the post W.W.II tension with Russia this diabolical plan might have succeeded.

I was a U.S. combat infantryman in W.W.II, and in every city, village, and town entered there were numerous children, and I have often wondered if they were left to remain in their fatherland. So in conclusion, German folk do truly occupy many places in Europe, and it would be quite appropriate to ask if those living today can recall being taken from their kinsmen and their true fatherland. Those who were fathered by German soldiers should also seek their German relatives, as well as German citizenship and compensation from the German Government. Those who were taken out of Germany should seek compensation from the Allied powers of W.W.II for the sufferings they endured by being taken from their families and country and robbed of their identity. No peace treaty was ever signed with Germany. If this event ever does come to pass, which I very much doubt, there must be a provision in the treaty requiring that the so called Allies reveal all files they hold on the lost children of post war Germany. It is something that should be addressed, to permit a healing of all the folk involved.

I do wish you well in your quest.

Joe Salzano

#010       Sun, 24 February 2002 21:41

The need for Healing is not just a European challenge but also one of North America. I feel healing can only come about if others express what has occurred after the last 50 years of "our childhood and adolescence", daily verbal abuses, having to move from one home to another every other year, change schools, and finally reaching adulthood, thinking one has become "free" of childish school garbage. When the wwii generation has passed on, and the adult children are left behind. It is very difficult where there is absolutely no one left to reach out to.(Most of society has made sure of that.) If social organizations are to preach tolerance then they need to listen to the history of the now adult children who also experienced many injustices. The tragedy for the children who were born after and had to endure "child labor" simply because they became "fatherless children" and had to help his/her family for survival.
In order to be tolerant and open-minded, as I was taught to be, is to be open to all debates and discussions with regards to the now "adult children. We as adults tend to forget about the childrens' experiences, at a time when children were to be seen but not heard!
I never had children, I would never put a child through a situation which I lived.
As long as the world views past issues in a negative matter, there is no healing.
I have learned in life to avoid individuals who are cruel to you for whatever reason.
You see, my father was a German soldier who never left the eastern front.


#011   nazi     Sun, 10 March 2002 18:20

correction: nazi is a metafore for satan, just like satan is one for evil. so I don't understand why you write provocative words like: SINCE the word "nazi" is equivalent to satanic... Nazis were finding any solution for the economic benefits of their country, any solution. But that doesn't mean you share the same opinion. This mentioned opening sentence on your websites only, suggests you disagree in some way. I know this is a sensible subject, that's why I think you should choose your words more careful.

Thank you


#012   jews are the perpetrators of a holocaust     Thu, 04 April 2002 04:08

when one considers the populations that are killed at the behest of the jews - the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Blacks (I am from New York City. Ask any Black, older than 20 years, who grew up under jew enslavement, in Harlem, Crown Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville, or wherever the bloodsucking jews go, what s/he thinks about the parasitic jews), even non-conforming "jews" - it is tantamount to a HOLOCAUST perpetrated by the jews.

i am not familiar with the stigma that the jew propaganda machine uses to yoke these nazi children, but a superficial examination will certainly yield that the underlying impetus is, as always, the accrual of FREE MONEY at the expense -tangible, and intangible - of the rest of the world.


#013   How to heal     Sat, 27 April 2002 00:00

Pray the Holy Rosary.


#014   Unfounded Guilt     Sat, 11 May 2002 18:57


You or the "NAZI' children have nothing to be ashamed of. What fault did these people have that their parents were German? None I tell you! Furthermore, I would consider it an honor to have had a father who fought so valiantly for a free, anti-communist Europe. Today the notion of the 'evil NAZI' is being analyzed by millions of intellectual and politically conscious European Americans, and I must say, we don't believe the lies written in the Jewish edited history books. Germany was a country fighting for it's ideals, its land (land taken by the 'Allies' after the Versailles treaty) and all free, conservative white Europeans. It is an outright lie that Hitler wanted only 'blond haired Aryans' to populate Europe. There were, in fact, a multitude of non-Germans serving in their military, including Bosnian Muslims in the SS, Frenchmen, Spaniards, White Russians, etc. I could talk about this subject at length but I will keep this note brief.

One thing that I will add is the issue of the Holocaust- because the whole Jewish argument and demands for reparations (or coerced thievery) relies solely on this point. I donot believe that there was a Holocaust based on much evidence against it. (an example of such evidence can be found on the website from the very hated British historian David Irving ( But for the sake of argument, even if there was a so-called Holocaust (i.e the planned and systematic murder of the reported 6 million) one must examine the reasons why the Jews were so very loathed in all European countries where they lived. Simply stated they were (are) destroyers of all thought, culture and ideas not congruent to theirs. They were the principal elements controlling the financial world for their gain and the common working gentile man's demise. "They' (by this I mean collectively) are usurpers of kingdoms and countries because they are unable to create a positive society on their own; so they instead hijack or invade another society and manipulate it through subterfuge, lies, cunning and propaganda. (i.e the media; perception of news, movies and their hidden messages, books and 'modern' art.) Before one can even fathom whether the Germans committed any crimes one must first ask, 'what crimes were committed towards the Germans'? And if the Jews claim that 6 million of their brethren were murdered should not they ask , in order to be on the right side of justice, how many Europeans foolishly died essentially to save them and their plans for world domination? Millions more, I assure you. Is a Gentile life worth less than a Jewish one? Why were the vast majority of the Bolshevik hierarchy Jewish? (i.e Trotsky, Lenin as well as Carl Marx ((aka Mordeci Levi)) and his minion Her Engels.) To be truly objective, these questions must be investigated. That is if you are looking for the truth and not social acceptance.

It is a shame that the common European is so leftist (or brainwashed by such) that they viewed these children as evil. Everything the Nazis did was evil but the left murdered millions more and where is the outrage? Please tell these individuals that they should be proud individuals and should shun all criticism made by the prototypical, liberal, brainwashed European fool- who's countries are being taken away from them and he is doing nothing about it!

Good Day.
Gabriel SalvaRey

Gabriel SalvaRey

#015   working together     Sun, 19 May 2002 20:02

My mother, Austrian/Jewish, escaped through a series of routes. My Dad is American. I was born in the US. As a child, I knew there was something essential "missing" on my mothers side, and that there was something missing in her. Her roots, her sense of identity and sense of safety were missing. It’s damaging for anyone to be cut off from their family, their positive traditions and the good aspects of their birthrights. It wounds the soul. All children of parents with war-time pasts carry a legacy of pain. We can help each other: our parents are not us and we are not them. We can love them for some things and be angry with them for others. The children of Nazis suffer an awful burden. I have enormous respect for Ole Kluwer and for all those who step up to the plate at the frightening risk of being used as a lightening rod for the anger of others who suffered their own losses. The crimes of your parents are not yours. By the same token, if you or I were to consistently defend positions that we know are morally incorrect and frankly, horrid, then yes, we do become guilty. But that is not the scenario for those who wish to see individual and community-oriented improvement and a better world. I want to help to establish communication and build a collective drive a better future. Of course I feel anger, loss, pain. So do you! We are contextual beings. We mirror ourselves after our parents and our communities: this is how we develop an ego. So in our deepest sense of self we feel ourselves to be either victims or perpetrators. This must be addressed or we are condemned to continue to live in a cunning and powerfully damaging past. Why should we? We don't have to. We have an opportunity to participate in helping one another and creating a better world. We ought to try to correspond and exchange information about our pasts. This is our time and opportunity. The exchange of information and the ability to communicate is so readily accessible now. Acknowledging the past is entirely different from perpetuating the blame-pain game. It takes far greater effort, creativity and a steadfast willingness to cut through the many veils of shame, hurt, secrecy, embarrassment, anger, tendency to blame and willful “forgetfulness.” I would like to see an exchange of histories and discussions of the feeling we had as children. Only this way can we understand, comfort, help each other and ultimately, help our own children.


#016   common sense     Sun, 19 May 2002 21:49

Having read several postings, I noticed clear mental instability in some of them. If these postings are to be helpful and constructive, there ought to be careful consideration of the writer's emotional stability and a conscientious effort to think carefully about what is appropriate to post. Perhaps when such mental illness, (or simply ignorance of incredible proportion), is seen, this organization may consider trying to help such an individual, with recommendations for therapy, counseling, even books that may enlighten. There is something to be said for exposing such blatant idiocy; many people are under the false impression that the world is more enlightened than it actually is. However, that sort of writing ought to be posted with a codicil to protect the integrity of this organization. Sadly, when that kind of ignorant and ailing mindset is in place, it's probable that only strong therapeutic and pharmaceutical intervention would help. My condolences to the writer who is unwell; I hope he finds help.


#017   nazi love     Fri, 24 May 2002 14:04

I think that the Nazi's were doing the world a favor by killing the Jews. It is too bad that the U.S. intervened when the ovens were just getting warmed up. 6,000,000 Jews dead, just wasn't enough... Gentiles in this country and abroad will pay, in the future, when Kikes run and rule our lives forever. If I sound as if I am bitter, I am. I hate Jews and I'm not afraid to say it...Heil Hitler! He shall rise again.

robert ziegler

#018   Professional help is available     Mon, 27 May 2002 02:51

It is inevitable that an organization of this type, one that tries so hard to create communication and non-destructive dialogue in a controversial field, will draw out people who have severe emotional problems. That being the case, and since this cannot be changed as this is a forum for dialogue, not pontificating, we have to expect the mentally unstable to “post” their psychosis. It is good that someone comes forth this way: it gives them an opportunity to receive advice and help. One thing that is important to remember, for individuals such as Mr. Ziegler: the victims of Hitler's agenda, instituted within six months of his taking power, was to instate a euthanasia program to “disappear” the mentally ill. He stopped when the Church intervened. At that point, he simply left the mentally impaired to starve to death; he no longer utilized death by lethal injection. Other victims of course were any and all who were not “perfect” in the sense of the Ideal. (Anecdote: Mr. Hitler himself suffered a personal physical deformity.) If anyone thinks that he may "rise” again, they would be wise to seek psychological help as quickly as possible to avoid their own demise. There are excellent resources, top professionals, and cutting edge psycho-pharmaceutical research that can help. Much of this information is available through the Internet. Good luck to you, Mr. Ziegler. I hope you find aid and can some day enjoy a wonderful life that encompasses true “jouissance”, attainable when you can release the fixation on this destructive "Other" whom you erroneously emulate.


#019   British Prtopaganda.     Mon, 03 June 2002 00:52

Teach the Children the true history of their Volk.(even if you have to form secret "Lodges" to do it). Don't Let "the Victor (re)write the History"
(Just a suggestion-no offence intended)

Aleister Crowley.   

#020   The Balkans     Thu, 04 July 2002 11:04

My parents were children under the Nazis and
resettled in the United States 30 months before
I was born.

Unlike the Germans, the Croatians, Bosnian
Muslims, and Kosovar Albanians have yet to
admit guilt for the massive number of atrocities
they committed against the Serbs during the war.

As many as two million Serbs may have been
slaughtered, including up to 3/4 million at
the Jasenovac death-camp. However, war crimes
trials such as those at Nuremberg were never
held in Yugoslavia; Tito wanted it that way.
The Serbian people have thus received no closure
whatsoever for the horrors that had been visited
upon them.

The Croats and Muslims (both Bosnian and Kosovar)
must face up to their tremendous guilt. One way
of beginning the healing process would be for
them to hand over any war criminals from WW2 who
might still be alive for trial and deserved


#021   Healing Europe and healing the NC     Wed, 10 July 2002 04:07

Through prayer for those who suffered and died healing can take place. Pray for each victim. Think about every baby, every Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Do not let it haunt you, let it help you to pray for them. Pray with distinction, pray for the individual. Help them in Heaven. Let them know you are thinking of them. Pray for Europe and it's leaders.
I know it may sound lame, but be nice. Be nice to everyone you meet, let it come from your heart. You will sleep better at night. You have the power to end the destructive perseption of your parents etc. Do not act, do or think as they thought. You have the power break the chain of hate. Good luck


#022   Nazi children and German children     Sun, 28 July 2002 22:05

I am in the process of writing a book and I am trying to gather as much information as possible so that I might be true to this subject. If anyone could provide me with any information on the subject of Nazi children and German kids (preferably in France) I would greatly appreciate it. Personal accounts would be helpfull but I understand why one might not be willing to share their past in this manner.
I hope to open the eyes of the world by sharing this story and perhaps then, we might begin to heal.

Sincerely, R. Sauer


#023       Thu, 10 October 2002 03:35

most of you have the right idea.understanding
can only come through peacefull thought. the children had no say in what there parents did,any more than me or you.they should not be blamed.BUT THE RACIST PEOPLE ON HERE HAVE NO BUSINESS SAYING ANYTHING.i came across this site on accident but i know a great deal about i will give you my advice . kids live in there own world and can not understand alot of things(genocide) as adults do, they can not or should not be faulted for there parents actions AS FOR THE RACIST PEOPLE? I WILL GET MY HANDS DIRTY ON YOUR LEVEL SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO PREACH THAT IGNORANT BULLSHIT SOMEWHERE ELSE.IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING STICK WITH WHAT YOU KNOW(NOT MUCH)i know im not alone on this one PEACE EDUCATED


#024   guilt (none)     Sun, 20 October 2002 01:57

I once thought I was an intelligent man, with two degrees; both in education and psy counseling.
But I don't understand why, after 57 years, children whose parent(s) were nazis, should feel guilty of anything. Even after 57 months, or weeks, you should not feel guilty. You were never guilty. If you are 75 years of age or older, perhaps you have some guilt. Younger than that, you are welcome in my home anytime.
I have discussed this with several other people in this area (massachusetts), and they all feel the same! Don't blame the child for the sins of the father.

Philip Collins

#025   NS Children     Sun, 20 October 2002 20:58

If I were the son of Eichmann or Himmler I would not feel any guilt at all. If others judge me based on what my father believed or did, that is their problem, not mine.

Believe me, it will all happen again. Maybe not in the same way, but it will happen again. That is the nature of man and the way of the world. It is folly to believe otherwise.

I suspect that there are far more evil people in the world than good. I think that the history of the twentieth century proves that.

L. Lauritzen

#026   Germany Today     Wed, 06 November 2002 09:56

I have lived in Berlin for over three years, and I am beginning to believe that there is a generational link that manifests itself as a total lack of compassion, a form of cruelty, particularly with regard to foreigners, that relates back to the Nazi experience and ideology. The personal experiences I have had here have been shocking. As a result, I am not sure how the education system and parents teach German children about basic forms of human interaction, given the history of this country. In English speaking countries we have the saying 'Life is what you make it'. In Germany, the saying 'Es ist, wie es ist' exists, and when I look at the photographs shown as part of the Topography of Terror exhibition, what I find most disturbing are the pictures of town people crowding to watch people publicly humilated for relationships with foreigners: There is a complete lack of emotional development, and this is long before we arrive at the atrocities carried out.

M    days1

#027   To heal German children...     Thu, 05 December 2002 23:37

merely tell them the truth:


#028       Mon, 09 December 2002 15:17

my parents came to amerika in 1955. i am proud of my parenty,heritage and history. i have no guilt and hold my head high with honor and pride. i instilled the same pride in my children


#029   Children of the ex-Wehrmacht Poles in the UK     Wed, 18 December 2002 20:07

I read your website with interest.

My own father was one of the approximately 89,000 Poles who had been in the German Army in WW2 who were taken to England. My father had served up until 1944 with the German Army having seen service inNorway, Holland, France, and Germany up until 1944.

Other Poles who had been in the NS Todt organisation also came to England settled and raised families after WW2.

Most Poles in the German Army were conscripts, but amongst my own small community in the UK I have met many who had been volunteers and willing members of the NS organisations. It was expedient for most to draw a veil of silence over the situation after WW2, and expedient for most to claim that they had all been in the Polish Army resistance or use some other subterfuge .

Unable to return to Poland after WW2, the children of those soldiers were regarde at best as 'outsiders' or regarded as suspect because of their parent's background and were raised in the UK in an unenviable position of not being accepted either by the Polish community, nor by the British community.

As one of those children, now an adult of 46 years age, I can assure you that having to deal with some of the issues that you mentioned in the website exists for some English people too.


C. Prus

#030   ds     Tue, 04 March 2003 13:24

If you are a nazist it is fair, but if you do'nt are and is just a son to a nazist it is not fair

Kenneth    sdf

#031   nazi children     Mon, 31 March 2003 23:25

where were the nazi children during the holocaust. please email me back with a answer i need to know for a report. My email is
thank you


#032   I'm sorry     Mon, 07 April 2003 19:51

What happened was a horrible tragedy and I hope someday your people's names will be cleansed. It must be very difficult just to come out of hiding like that.Did any of you (being part of the hitler youth groups) know about the concentration camps and what happened in them? I would appreciate it if you responded by and e-mail or something.
Thanks much


#033   opinion     Thu, 15 May 2003 13:09

The WW II is the history and what the NAZIs did is a history only. The world soociety today must not victimize the children of then NAZIs. We should evaluate why the NAZIs arouse? It is better to resolve the hidden fact and assure that nobody would be compelled to be a NAZI in future.

Nirmal Adhikary

#034   message     Thu, 15 May 2003 13:15

The NAZI children should not be satanized.

Aayod Dhaumya

#035       Mon, 19 May 2003 05:11

I think that we should all live in pace and not have people rip us a part. be strong for our childen of today. tell them about your history and lit them know what you went throw. thank you alots for let me say this to all of you people.

Angelique Haskell

#036   antiSemitism in this forum     Mon, 19 May 2003 08:44

I thought you reject "improper emails." Why have you printed blatantly anti-Semetic messages in this website, blaming Jews for the world's ills, with the word "Jew" often written hatefully with a lower case "j." To allow this makes you just as guilty in your hearts as your parents were in their actions. This forum is a farce, and perpetuates hate.

Harold Cherashore   

#037   THE TRUTH ABOUT US AND OUR FATHERS     Tue, 03 June 2003 13:36

Dear Sir

I am a Nazi child. My grandfather was a memeber of the SS who by the end of the war ran to Turkey then finally settled in Thailand. Very little is known about him except for the war stories that we used to tell the family before he passed away. There are many like I who know very little about our fathers and granfathers's pass during the war. I am sure that the idea is that to protect us from the public and their judgement that seems to be, will never be forgotten. I believed that no one is perfect in this world and there are people who make mistake and individuals that cause the mistake but gets other invovled along the way. Nazi children should be inform and educate about what happen during the war and not just about the killing of the Jews but the reason for Hitler to be in his high place before the war like how the living conditions was for German citizens after WWI, how the Communists tried to take control of the country, and how there was a choice between being Communists Germans that would clearly take orders later by the Russians or support Hitler who improve the economic and made Germany for Germans. Also, historians should do more researchs on some of the dirts on the Allies before and after the war that was both commited on Germany and the Nazi Regime itself. I have lots of informations about the truth of the war that most will not and never know because as children of the Nazi officers like many others in the world, we obtained our fathers documents, medals and decorations, we talk to each other - set annual meeting because we are now "a majority in the majority". There's no one that we can talk to about our pass except for the people who are the results from it like us. Sometime the countries that are the victor leaves out the bits of informations in the history books, bits that can change point of views of the people. It is time that the remaining children and the thrid generation like me and many otheres learns the entire history about what the Nazi patry did not during the war but before as well. I only see movies of the horror againts humanities being promoted for as long as I can remembered why not tell a fact of a choice between Communism & National Socialism that the German people have to choose???



#038   WE WERE JUST SOLDIERS     Tue, 03 June 2003 13:44

Dear Sir

First of all let me appologized if my english is not that good but as an old man I have lost the taste of education and value more of the important in my family. I am a former Luftwaffe pilot who served in a unit called "Fliegerzielgeschwader 3". One of my verterain friend told me of this page and I have long decided if I should write. It seems that at the moment, I am the only person in this website who have live and taste the reality of World War Two, so I shall be as forward as I can be in this message. First of all, it seems that many of you have no knowledge what so ever of ehat it was like to be a soldier or to fight for his country. Still to this day, I believe that we as the soldiers and protector of the Third Reich did nothing wrong. We were taking orders from our commanding officers. If we were to be judged as wrong and as criminals would the American people be judged as the "modern evil" for acting as "the world police" and invading other countries for the excuse of "world freedom"??? or would you say that how the Roman taking control of Europe and spreading its Empire and teaching + providing it's civilizations to others a crime??? Every nations has it's own way in dealing with its people, that is the way of the world. As Mr. J.O.A. has said, we had a choice Communist or Nazi, as a German who was living in that history, I can asure you that I will never let my great country be conquer by the Russian's ideology. I am pround to be part of that history as a soldier. Most of us who was fighting in the West or the East or in Africa or even our spys in other countries had very littlel knowledge about what was happening to the Jews. All that was ever said by th govenment was that they were being send off or working in the factories. None was every told about the killing what so ever or else we as soldiers will have a very different point of view to if we should fight for the wrong causes and become "murderers" or not. Let me reminded you younger generations that to live in the 1930 and 1940 of Germany and not supporting the Nazi Party was considered as a crime and you could find yourself in a jail or shot for crime against the German people easily. Secondly, in what you American called "Nazi Germany", there is such a thing called "sippenhaft", this is when a German citizen or even military officers was accused of crime against the Thrid Reich - not only you will be executed but your entire bloodline. Because of "sippenhaft" we were forced to keep fighting not just for Germany but for the existance of our families. After all these years, people should forget or learn the entire truths not just the evil part of the Nazi but the good of it before the war as well. No thanks was ever given to our friends who the Allies or the Russians took back to their countries to work for them on their military projects. Without our experiment on the V1 or V2 rockets, the world would be even more slow in the space age or even the travelling businesses. I have a grandson that I teached him the very details of the war because he has the right to know what his grandfather was fighting for. Most of you are lucky to be living in this world where there are no more men like Hitler who can make evil into reality but the question is have Hitler's idea of conquering the world becomes a reality at last but not by him but the American??? We were judged for doing what Cezar, Alexander I, Napoleon has tried to do in the history of mankind and failed but I asked you today not as an ex-Nazi but as a fellow man if that is right and what different is it between Amrican and us Nazi. The only different is that you only believe what happen as you see it on television but have you ever considered what they don't show you because it might reflects to what we did in the past???? I am still surprised that the people who defeated us because of their so called "world freedom" has put themselves in a positions where they can make the decisions of what is right and wrong for other countries. The time might be different but the dream of conquering the world still remains the same and I am afraid that one day a person like Adolf Hitler will be back. I have nothing against the Jews even when I served as a pilot for my country but let me ask you this do you even know, those of you who are German Jews what your grandfathers was doing in World War I when most of us Germans were in the front line fighting to protect our Germany??? Do you know what help did the Jewish community in Germany gave help or even shelter or food to the veterains who came home??? Most of us like me as living in the street with our families cold with no food, many of us die in the streets because of hunger and cold. To heal Europe after the war you must first tell the whole truths. I can only hope that one day the grandchildren of us Nazi can tell the world why we had to do the thing that we did adn can only hope that the day history corrects us will come. And let it be known that the SS is not Germany, the SS crimes is the crimes done by the SS not Germany so in saying that Germany was eveil would means that I was also a murderer and I didn't even killed any Jews during the war or talk to one. Men like Himller brings shames to us verterains but do not included the police like the SS as a military unit because as far as I can remembered we as Germans soldiers did not. I wished all the Nazi children nothing but the best of luck and wishes in their future and to keep yourself in school and be pround of who you are and where you come from. A good person can only be judged by his heart and his education.

Sincerely to all,
Erik Kessler

Erik Kessler   

#039   Who is Satanic     Tue, 12 August 2003 00:07

To whom it may concern;
Now first to the Jew. To call the good people of Germany Satanic is an insult to me and my family which my wife was born raised and educated. You Jewish devils are liars and murders from the beginning as Jesus has very well informed in the Book of John in the holy bible. The Jews crucified our Lord and would do the same today. I say to the children of Nazi's do not be ashamed of your fathers grandfathers or Germany at all. Jews killed Christ The Jews are menace in America. They are the propaganst filth amd lies.
In America and Germany they want to take our customs away. Germany youv'e done no wrong. Therefore your fathers may have done the work of the Lord. You owe then nichts!! Ich leibe Dich Deutschland Bis Bald


#040       Tue, 02 September 2003 07:37

my oncle, romanian, has efectuated a course at 2 regimment of infantry Leipzig (orm something like this)he died at 12.07.1943 in Russia (Bielorussia at Spas-Demensk, probably in The Battle of Koursk,Orel,Bielgorod,or something like this) he was a simple soldier.I don't know nothing about him. i'm not interesed for nothing (simply if somebody know anything it's ok). His name was Paguba Josef,from Romania, strehaia, dept.Mehedinti.I just want to know and i'm not intrested in polemics about who was the good guy and who was the "beast".I just want to Know. (I visited Auschwitz/Oswiecim and i really Know very much;trust me)sO I DON'T NEED ANYTHING, I NEED INFORMATION ABOUT MY ONCLE. (if is possible)
I am his nephew and i want to know what it's hapenned, if it's possible,"sine ira et studio"
Thanks, Dinu Eugen

Dino Eugen   

#041   HEALING EUROPE     Mon, 08 September 2003 19:03



#042   Orgullo, no vergüenza     Sun, 19 October 2003 00:14

Me siento orgulloso de haber tenido un padre nazi hasta la médula. Me siento profundamente orgulloso de saber de sus grandes sacrificios para combatir el judeo-comunismo y de su lucha encarnizada en defensa de los valores de Occidente. Hoy, los mismos enemigos de entonces siguen siendo los mismos, si bien han cambiado las estrategias. Abatido el muro comunista recurren ahora al mestizaje, la sociedad multicultural y multirracial. Estas son sus nuevas armas con la que desea acabar con los pueblos europeos.
Europa está sufriendo un auténtico genocidio con la complicidad de la clase política liberal y socialista.


#043   nazi     Fri, 24 October 2003 12:48

the nazis should not be given such a bad name. They were not all that bad. My favorite television shows are on the history channel and the nazis are resposible for some of the most entertaining documentaries on tv... I love watching all the really cool war footage and the heroic valor of the waffen ss and other great fighting units of the Third Reich. You bleeding hearts are all a bunch of pussies... The Nazis also had the best uniforms. They were studs! Best weaponery, best skills, totally brave... you gotta hand it to them nazis, they were the super stars of the 20th century and will live on through the great programs and television shows that we have all grown to adore!


#044   Hitler was a sensitive man     Fri, 24 October 2003 13:31

Adolf Hitler was a very caring and sensitve man. It just brakes my heart when I see the loving way he would touch the lives of the little children that would greet him with flowers. My only hope is that the world will finally admit that he was truly one of the legendary philanthropists of our time. Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer!


#045   Martin Bormann     Sat, 25 October 2003 03:27

Martin Bormann ws my grandfather, i decided to speak out because i'm sick of what some people are saying, i live in america, my mother moved here from Germany when she was 3 months pregnant with me. I always knew where we came from but never asked till my mother got cancer and she told me all..i do not feel any guilt for what my grandfather did, during war, and the jewish problem, you must take extreme steps, BUT i dont agree with killing in america we have problems with the jews, if they own a company, they only promote jews..if you read history you will see that the jews were always a problem...i was not taught this by my parents, i found it out in real life....i never was going to write about this until a friend told me about this site, you can e/mail me with questions, BUT i will not answer the so called neo-nazis from america, they are just a hate group with no sense of honor! My mother gave me alot of documents and a few medals, i may scan them and send to only good people...good luck to you all. Dont feel guilty, i dont, we are not responsible for our relatives...i came out to speak, you should to!! i will reply to only serious mails..


#046       Mon, 17 November 2003 15:30

I don't mean to be unpleasant here, but we must remember what the Jewish Bolsheviks did in Russia. The targeting and slaying of millions of Christians in Russia and the Ukraine. Not to mention the killings of five million Germans at the end of World World II as the Russians invaded Germany.

It miffs me slightly to here Jewish writers discussing how to make the world a better place. Can you not try to stop your soldiers from gang-raping Palestinian children? It is usually Polish and Russians Jews who are doing this stuff, and if their religion justifies it, then what are people supposed to think?

Gentiles will come to the same conclusions over and over again. Jews must change what they DO in their host countries, or the same thing could happen again someday.

Brett Emerton   

#047       Fri, 21 November 2003 11:38

I am journalist based in Normandie ( France) the Province where the world started to change of face in 1944. Born in 1952, I am a "kid of peace" who lost his grandfather on June 8th 1944 during an american bombing over the Cherbourg Peninsula. I am very interested in that period and I just finished a DVD about D-Day and the Battle of Normandy as a freelance and for the Caen Memorial of Peace. It has to be released next year in France , Great-Britain, USA and Germany. Only based on white and black and color footage.
And I always try to find out witnesses of this historical hinge , especially from the German side we have to give hand 60 years after the end of war.
A gesture to make more understandable what could have been the human and personnal dimension of such a conflict and such a battle for german soldiers.Wehrmacht, Ostruppen SS armoured and motorized Divisions like the 12th Panzer , the Lehr , the Götz von Berlichingen were involved in Normandy. Memories of the last german veterans have to be recorded and gathered to provide studies for new generations. With those who remained silent till now. With the widows of those killed in action. With their relatives. With Nazi children , with Ostruppen children etc...
60 years after the end of war, reconciliation between the Allies and Germany remains at the same stage. We have winners and a loser.And we have winners celebrating a military victory and not the gain of peace in a Europe needing to be healed from this permanent vision.
A vision ignoring the huge price also paid by german civilians.
Ignoring the unsuccessful plot of July 20th 1944 against Hitler and its aim : to kill the dictator and stop the conflict.
Ignoring what has been the PoW'situation when, for example,they had to sweep tellermines out of the french soil.
Thank you for contacting me , if you could feel it useful.


#048       Thu, 27 November 2003 10:26

Je suis journaliste français et souhaiterais travailler sur ce sujet des enfants de nazis à partir de témoignages. 60 ans après la fin de la guerre , il me semble important de pouvoir faire avec ceux qui le souhaitent une lecture de la charge morale et intellectuelle de ce "statut", des barrières qu'il a pu, à un moment de leur vie, entraîner dans leur quotidien ou qu'il entraîne encore. Une lecture de leur volonté de paix et de réconciliation et comment elle s'est exprimée et s'exprime éventuellement aujourd'hui.Y-a-t-il cette incontournable vision des vainqueurs et des vaincus dont les enfants de nazis supporteraient toujours le poids.
Merci de me contacter


#049   1933-1945     Sat, 13 December 2003 16:41




I was in prison and concentrationcamp Buchenwald
not a jew, one of the many underground people
in occupied Holland.

Leo    elve

#050   Never Forget     Fri, 09 January 2004 06:03

The reason why we can never forget the Holocaust is not just the family that we lost, the loved ones, the innocent children who were brutally murdered by the Nazis, but the fact that most of these murders were primarily commited by ordinary men. They were committed by doctors, dentists, teachers, bakers, carpenters, factory workers, store keepers, and college students. While one can dismiss Hitler as being a crazed mad man his followers and his willing executioners were ordinary people from all walks of life. To blame children of theirs that were too young to participate and played no role in thier crimes is wrong, but to minimize what these men did and try, as many on this forum have done, to excuse it as somehow appropriate is just as wrong. Real evil existed with these people who attempted to destroy an entire people because of horrendous hatred. Such hatred still exists today as genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda has shown and as ethnic cleansing elsewhere shows. Because the danger that ordinary men will again perpetrate such deeds exists; because this was not the last genocide to occur but we have others in recent memory. We cannot forget. My father survived the Holocaust but the rest of his family did not. They were murdered. I do not ask, and Jews as a whole, do not ask that you take responsibility for the sins of your fathers but rather that you acknowledge that it happened, and that it cannot happen again. Rather, that you devote yourselves as their children to learn from the evil they committed and thus learn to never again let the fires of hatred consume Germany and bring to power another Hitler and bring to pass another slaughter. Sadly, so much of this forum appears to be filled with a virulent anti-Semitism remniscent of the Nazis. This is not the type of beginning to destroy hatred and ill conceived prejudice that Germany, the Jews, and all peoples of the world need.

Andrew Boss

#051   why     Mon, 12 January 2004 17:22

hi my name is jessica and i have some really difficult questions that i cant find anywhere on-line
1. why did the German soldiers do what they did to the jews?
2. Did they German soldiers ever feel bad about what they were doing?
3. Did some of the soldiers ever just join so they would not have to deal with the wars problems?
and last
4. Did Germans that were brought up Jewis ever serve in the war?


#052   Norway     Tue, 13 January 2004 05:38

Dear Sir,
I do hope you will remember me. I have been reading your sites and I am impressed by the clarity of the mind behind them. Your arguments about Europe are very strong.
But more than this I think your appraisal of Europe following the 39-44 conflict is challenging and illuminating, especially for someone like me. I am English you see, but my family comes from the East End of London. My Mother joined what we still refer to as the 'Black Shirts' in the '30's. She is still alive and we talk about it often. But no-one else will. Not in England.
I won't bore you any more, but do, if you are not too busy, e-mail me back, just to say hello to your friend in England who so much appreciated the feature you wrote so well, and so considered. ((The NS Children in Norway).
I would like a private talk with you on the telephone, if you would consider it.
Yours sincerey,


James Mav

#053   This site     Mon, 08 March 2004 14:40

Dear Ole, I refer to my message above. Can I just say that when I wrote to you I had not read the content of this site, but that of your other site: NS Children. I was not aware of the many virulent opinions here. I applaud those who have written honestly about their own experience but I am shocked that so many people have written in to deny the holocaust. I am also shocked by the, frankly, open insults that many of the correspondents level on the Jewish People. These anti-semitic comments are dangerous and I entirely distance myself from them.
Yours sincerely, Jamesm.


#054   sick and tired     Tue, 16 March 2004 09:10



#055   great site..     Sun, 04 April 2004 18:44

I'm deeply impressed by your hard work, Ole. I'm norwegian and have heard about your work through one of your students, he is too a big fan of your efforts.

Keep up the work, even if you do not meet acceptance all the time. Things must be revealed!

norwegian student   

#056   Re: Erik Kessler     Wed, 12 May 2004 04:43

Dear Mr. Kessler.

I was very interested in your observations and

I would be pleased if you would contact me
for obtaining permission, that your views maybe shared in another forum .

Kind regards


#057       Mon, 17 May 2004 00:30

Hei Ole! En fin side du har, mange gode artikler som gir rom for ettertanke.. hilsen fra Martine

Martine L.

#058       Sat, 26 June 2004 01:11

My maternal grandfather was an SS soldier. My paternal grandfather was a Rabbi. I have spent my life exploring the gray areas of human interaction. My way of reaching others is with color/racial blind dialogue and an open mind--to both attrocities and kindnesses. No matter how difficult, progress cannot be made without at least attempting to understand the thought processes of our perceived adversaries.


#059   Nederland     Mon, 05 July 2004 19:22

Nederland is klein en vrij van gedachten over andere rassen, maar Nederland raakt vol
Nederlandse jongeren hebben moeite met het vinden van een woongelegenheid en studdies worden afgepakt door buitenlanders.
Je loopt op straat in bv. Enschede, het enigste wat je daar opvalt is dat er meer duitsers en turken zijn dan nederlanders.
"ik irriteer me hieraan en ben nazi geworden"
k ga voor geen een buitenlander meer uit de weg en k draag kisten lonsdale en heb een kale kop zo dan hoeven we ook niet te botse.

Laat zien hoe je over dingen denkt dan kunnen anderen beter handelen

G Damhuis

#060   Nazi     Tue, 28 September 2004 22:42

Be proud your a nazi descendant!


#061   jewry     Thu, 14 October 2004 07:03

I reallly don t think it is desireable to have a universal healing. Man loves those who are as he is, and dislikes those who are unlike him. Observe the birds and animals. I am wondering about America with so many different kinds of peoples and cultures. How long will American remain peaceful, and what forms will the differences make in the future. Perhaps it is desireable to be dead and gone when things that go around come around.

Wahkejah Hewjnem   

#062   nazi children     Thu, 09 December 2004 06:17

I personally think the only reason the germans are frowned upon so much is that they lost the war. I'm reminded of a song by Bound For Glory. "His body is old,tired & worn. His wounds are starting to ail. The once strong & mighty soldier feels his life is slipping away. The winners of the war wrote the history,the noble & the brave they condemned. It wasn't hard for them to villify the truth when they stood on the winning end." I feel when we get back to what really happened instead of the version handed to us by the controlled mass media then the brave men whos only crime was fighting for their country will finally be vindicated...& their children too

brad callahan

#063   nazi children     Sat, 11 December 2004 23:17

I feel that in order for the men who fought for the Third Reich & their children to be vindicated then we'll need to tell it like it is. Hitler was never in favor of a genocidal final solution. He was working towards an expatriatory solution. I do find it ironic that the jews are screaming about being gassed to death using a chemical that was actually used as a delousing agent... They are saying they were gassed by the hundreds by a chemical compound used to kill lice(a blood sucking paracitic vermin). How fitting.

brad callahan

#065   what about russia     Tue, 04 January 2005 02:53

Why does everybody get bent out of shape about Germany and what the third reich did about the jewish problem? How come there is not more propaganda about what stalin was doing to his own people during the same period? The Jewish holocaust numbers pale in comparison to all the deaths as a result of Stalin. That is fact!
I side with the third reich befor communism! socialism has a place but there is no place for russia and communism, abunch of uneducated uncultured slavs!


#066   WWII. Germany, and the world.     Tue, 12 April 2005 01:07

A mob mentality can certainly be a horrible thing. The 3rd Reich is one of the best examples throughout history. We cannot forget to take into account the condition of Germany in the 20's and 30's. The German people followed a madman (Hitler) into power and don't think you wouldn't have done the same thing had you been in their shoes. They were jobless, oppressed, hungry, and fighting within. Along comes Hitler and suddenly they are rising, working, renewed culture, etc... Hitler tore up the oppression of the Treaty of Versailles. Then they take back some of what was lost in WWI. Some teritory and some pride.. Fine. They were very pleased as a people, as a nation. You would be too. They could hold their heads up again. Once again they finally felt independent.
Though they knew something was very wrong when they attacked Russia, and most of the German people could soon see through the lies and propaganda of the Nazi party.
Hitler hated his army because they were men of honor and knew that they knew he wasn't a qualified military strategist (Hitler was only a Corporal in WWI). The Generals of the Wehrmacht didn't like Hitler. Remember that the German army was there long before the 3rd Reich ever was. They pledged an oath to their Fuhrer and they begrudgingly kept their word. They are men of their word. Don't ever blame the Wehrmacht for what Hitler did. They were soldiers. Ask any american WWII vet and he'll tell you only that the men of the regular German army (Heer) were honorable men and damned good soldiers.
The German people are good people. Don't continue blaming them for what a madman and his thugs did in 1939-45.


#067   Nazi children     Thu, 12 May 2005 14:08

Hello there.

I do not know why "Nazi" children should be thought of as Satanic in Norway because what harm can a child do? The Nazis themselves were only a reaction against the destruction of the Ayrian race which was slowly going on in Germany and still continues to this day where many Germans are speaking in English instead of in the German language. Ofcourse they went to extremes in some cases and had lost the ideals of preserving the Ayrian race by wanting to destroy other races and their cultures.

The so-called Master Race means the Ayrian race who are inventive and curious to learn and discover scientific facts. In Europe the Ayrian race are no longer educated to be proud of their race and support it and are mostly corrupted with obscenities and sex on the television and inclined to take drugs which eventually destroy them. To heal Europe we first have to educate the Ayrians of Europe to be proud of themselves and not to hate themselves and to form organization which actively strive to encourage the Ayrians to believe in themselves and not to be ashamed of themselves. The Ayrian need to be educated to know who they are instead of suppressing the Ayrianship consciousness of their race

The Norwegian-german children of the 1940's era are just Ayrian children like all other Ayrian people in Europe and most people in Britain are distantly related to Germanic people.

I would certainly have brought up any Norwegian-german child orphan as my own. The Norwegians who were cruel to such children can not be true Ayrians or they would not have Satanised them and treated them in such cruel manner.

With best wishes, Daniel.

Daniel Dunlop

#068       Fri, 01 July 2005 06:50

embrace all europe´s children

carl kost   

#069   cowardly nazi soldiers     Wed, 19 October 2005 03:01

I served in ww2 from invasion of Nomandy and captured many of the cowards who surrended I was even told that I abused some of them. They ruined /destroyed one country but they wont do it again. Try I Q tests on some of the jerks trying again Low I bet. The JEWS and the BLACKS would out shine them at these tests. Ugly Brutes and DUMB thinking they will try it again


#070   Guilt for nothing     Sat, 03 December 2005 05:15

The best way to "heal" is to learn the truth about the holocaust. RED CROSS REPORT1947: "The purported gas chambers at DACHAU were never in operation. The reported DEATHS THAT OCCURRED THERE WERE 15,000, since January 1945, with the vast MAJORITY IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS OF 1945, seven months after HOSTILITIES CEASED and those were CAUSED BY TYPHUS" ---International Red Cross report on Displaced Persons and Internment Camps. Ref. Technical Institute of Munich 1960 Intrn'l War Crimes Files in Nuremburg VITAL STATISTICS: WORLD POPULATION FIGURES: JEWS 1939- World Zionist Congress 15,588,259 1948- UNO/WZO 15.6- 18,700,000 The figures speak for themselves. Even allowing for a maximum INCREASE by 10%x the number for 1939 (barring sexual gender differences) SUCH AN INCREASE IS IMPOSSIBLE IF SIX MILLION JEWS LOST THEIR LIVES!!! FIGURES ON HOLOCAUST RESTITUTIONS 1948- 3,375,000 JEWS CLAIMED OR RECIEVING COMPENSATION 1978- 5,300,000 JEWS CLAIMED or recieving compensation. Source: AUFBAU (Jewish Publication NY June 1985) RED CROSS Report 1946: "According to the best population figures available and war records,(of which are the most exact accountability by German government officials who are known for their efficiency) the most number of Jewish internees who could have, allowing for lost records, COULD BE NO MORE THAN 480,000 with 525,000 maximum due to all causes including illnesses, legal criminal executions & disease. Disease being the most common, including spotted fever, TYPHUS, and starvation, which was not uncommon in Europe in 1944-45 RATIONAL CALCULATION THE PATENT REFUSAL OF MANY OTHERWISE REASONABLE PEOPLE & LEADERS REFUSAL TO ACCEPT CLINICAL-DISPASSIONATE ANALYSIS OF THE FACTS ASIDE, THE FOLLOWING CALCULATION CAN BE MADE: 1) TOTAL JEWISH #S CLAIMED: 6 MILLION 2)TOTAL # OF CAMPS: 6 (HOWEVER ONE NEVER HAD GAS CHAMBERS) 3) TOTAL # OF CREMATORIES PER CAMP: 15X5=75 MAX (SOME HAD ONLY 3) 4) ASSUMING A CREMATION TIME OF 5 HOURS, THEY COULD ONLY BE IN OPERATION FOR 15 HOURS DAILY, GIVING MAINTENANCE, AND ASHES REMOVAL. 5) DIVIDING 6 MILLION BY 450 DAYS, BECAUSE THE SUPPOSED EXTERMINATION DIDNT BEGIN UNTIL FALL 1943 & ENDED OCTOBER 1944, MEANS 88,000 PER DAY DIVIDED BY 5=17,000 PER CAMP PER DAY. (NOTE: CREMATORIES WERE USED FOR HEALTH & HYGIENIC REASONS, AS TYPHUS WAS RAMPANT) 6) ASSUMING 15 HRS OPERATION WITH A MAX CAP. OF 5 BODIES PER OVEN X 15=75 X 3 GROUPS= 225 CREMATIONS A DAY A SIMPLE CALCULATION CAN BE MADE! 225 CREMATIONS A DAYX 5 CAMPS= 1,125 1,125X 450 DAYS= 506,250 MAXIMUM HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF GERMAN CITIZENS HAVE BEEN UNJUSTLY PRESECUTED FOR CRIMES THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! AND IT CONTINUES TO THIS DAY! $THE JEWS LIE FOR EXTORTION$ Germany has paid $90 Billion and pays under THREAT FOR CRIMES THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Confession by Torture in July 1948, Sec. of the Army ordered a board to investigate charges of brutality & torture to gain confessions from german officals charged with war crimes. American judges G. Simpson of Texas and Edward Van Roden of Penn. investigated assisted by JAG Lt. Col. Charles Lawrence. They submitted their report substantiantiating the claims & called it an affront to justice! The defendants were acquitted. How many others were TORTURED TO EXTRACT CONFESSIONS? (Ref: NY TIMES/nmt/jag)

Ken Krauss

#071   nazis and their children.     Mon, 26 December 2005 01:32

First off,you cannot blame the child for what the parent does.We americans have judged the nazis.for crimes of ethnic cleansing and racial impurity ect,ect.We have been doing the same thing here since we arrived in this country,we almost exterminated the native american indian,as well as the negro,but we now by losing that war ,that all that happend was,a dark desease has been allowed to spread into every nation and culture and corrupt all that it touches,assimilating the purity with its degrading nature.we have had to live with the fact that our forefathers lost the civilwar, and we are yet called racist to this day because of our beliefs, but remember this,..truth crushed to earth. shall rise again. I say this to the children of ww2 german leaders and soldats ,hold your heads high and tell the true story,as long as there is an ear that will hear .there is a hope for the future. gott bless you all.


#072   Reconciliation     Wed, 28 December 2005 16:50

For what it is worth, I can identify with children of nazi Germany. My father worked for the Navy as a civilian during the Vietnam War where America committed many, many atrocities. I am also aware of the indiscriminate killing that the USAF committed against German civilians during its bombing raids and the many rapes committed by US troops of German women. The US has engaged in genocide from it's very inception. The killing of native peoples and the African slaves who were killed during the Middle Passage is well documented and widely known by most of the world's people. The many lynchings that whites carried out after the civil war and well into the 20th century is something that white Americans never want to talk about. No, they prefer to talk about the Nazi's or Hitler as the perfect image of evil. Ask a surviver of the Guatemalan Genocide, carried out by the Guatemalan military with generous assistance from Israel and the CIA, just how he views the Americans. He will not liken them to the Germans.

It is time to end the scapegoating of the German people. Haven't they paid reparations? Haven't they apologized? Why is their collective guilt so shameful? Hasn't the US surpassed it?

I can't help but feel an admiration and respect for the German people. You have at least done what you could to address the wrongful actions of your forbears. I can't help but feel incredible shame and outrage that the US continues to villify the Germans and deny it's own war crimes.

If you could recommend any books on the subject of reconciliation with the past, I would be most grateful. I know I must continue to raise my voice in the US. Our war against the Iraqui people and the Palestinians adds to our collective shame by the second.

God bless you,

Jeff Story

Jeffrey Story

#073   reconcilliation     Mon, 16 January 2006 21:39

the children of german army personnel that fought in ww2 should drop their guilt if any and should be allowed to do so.and in a situation where they are proud of their parents or grandparents etc and they feel their legacy is important they should feel proud and be encouraged to express their pride if the situation Ireland we embrace our patriotism.As long as you don,t misuse it , it is a very healthy emotion and can form character.We know all to well what war can do in Ireland as we have had to fight on and off for 800 years to retain our independance.Germans are some of the finest people on earth with a proud and sophpisticated history.Acknoledge and embrace it.

stewart neligan    79

#074   Enough     Sun, 26 February 2006 08:30

The children are innocent and should not be persecuted.

How do you allow Anti-Semetic stuff on this forum.
That is a huge mistake.

Clarence Mance   

#075   Nazi Children     Tue, 28 February 2006 09:36

Germans, whether young or old are all affected by the stigma of their Nazi past. Today's Germans, by attempting to right past wrongs have made a positive step in becoming protectors of Jews rather than their killers. Spiritually speaking, this is a step away from their dark past into a brighter future. Although unborn during the Nazi days, responsible younger Germans understand that simply denying any connection to the holocaust commited by their parents is a cop out excuse used by many of their own parents claimed that they were only "following orders".
Keep this site anti-Israel and anti-Jew free


#076       Thu, 16 March 2006 20:30

Children of World War II Nazis have NO guilt to carry. They did not start, or contribute to the acts of their adult relatives.

The way to heal is to have them communicate with as many people today as they have time for. I would be happy to invite such a family to visit me for a week or so, here in the United States. They would see that no one holds them responsible. I served in Germany with the US Army in 1960-61, and love the area. I also met many Germans and they were great people. Ich bin ins Munchen. Give me a name and address, and I will contact the person.

Phil Collins, Hinsdale, Massachusetts, USA

Philip Collins

#077   Tell The Truth     Tue, 25 April 2006 19:19

I was cleaning out my closet when I found some old e-mail Ole sent me years ago. A part of me wants to let WWII go because what happened to my parents' families ended in the 1940's while I wasn't born until the 1960's. There is another part, maybe due to the media, that makes sure it is never far from my mind.

I think I should be honest with those of you who do not know the truth, even though I told Ole years ago. I do have a Jewish background, even though I haven't attended shabbat services in over two years and really haven't much interest anymore.

The last time I attended was after the stories of the abuse of prisoners of war in Iraq hit the news. It felt strange to go to a Jewish congregation to ask for divine intervention on hehalf of Muslims at the mercy of Christians, but that reform temple is the only congregation I have ever been a member of here in San Francisco. I went because I was distraught at the time and did not know what else to do.

The main thing I think would help everybody is to talk about the good and bad on both sides of the war. I know that "good German" has become something of a slur, but the truth is that I really do believe that in even in the ever-villified Nazi party there were compassionate people. There were Jews that "sold out" other Jews to gain favors as well.

I worked as a volunteer with Holocaust survivors for a little while through Jewish Family and Children's Services; and I think some of them survived because even their Nazi captors, who knew they weren't supposed to and probably didn't want to just loved them a little bit. We are talking about human beings that were as capable of love as they were of hate.

I am not rationalizing what happened. I met my mother's parents before they died. My grandmother and I shared a room. She had terrible nightmares and was terrified of anyone in any kind of uniform, including the postal worker I let in the house to deliver a package over 30 years after the war. It's just that I am wondering what she would have done if the situation had been reversed during WWII.

Could she have shown the courage of the woman who hid her and others until they were caught? I have the same name as the woman who had that kind of courage, and it is an honor I hope to be or to someday be worthy of. Could my grandmother have done the same? Could I have done the same? Is it possible that I could have done what many Nazis were convicted of? It is easy to say that I never would, but I am sure many of them couldn't believe what they did when it was all over.

I just want to hear more positive stories. The current ones are so overwhelmingly negative that they are harmful not only to innocent children and grandchildren of the Nazis but harmful to Jews because they make Jewish children afraid to be Jewish. We all have to let the deaths of WWII go because it is the only way the rest of us can live.


#078   Where Do You Find The Strength?     Wed, 26 April 2006 07:46

I tried to send you all a message this morning, but my computer threw me off. I was annoyed at the time, but I am grateful now because I think my message may have been offensive. That was not my intent. I was just feeling some heavy guilt because I have a Jewish background and another Jew hit me yesterday for expressing sympathy for the innocent descendants of Nazis.

Do you all get much mean mail? How do you cope?


#079   Children of German Officers     Sat, 13 May 2006 02:48

I have a seventeen year old child who wants to hear from those out there who were children of German soldiers and officers. She wants to know what their life was like, how it impacted their adulthood and relationships, how it impacted their children.

I am the granddaughter of and step granddaughter of two officers under Hitler. It was clear that my father had a great deal of difficulty with understanding the difference between his core values and what was drilled into him as a child. He would tell us he hated Jews but would not see a physician unless he was Jewish. He said he hated blacks but never recognized his long time best friend was a very dark skinned black man.

Our family has been denied access to information about my grandfathers and what ever became of them. We do not speak German so we can not search further through German sources.

Anyway, I see there have not been any postings in a long time. I hope this message finds it's way to many who would like to share their stories with a young lady who would like to carry your stories on to others.

Thank you for reading this.

Valerie A. Schwalbach
Proud to be German. Period.


#080   Nazi children     Mon, 25 September 2006 10:12

World sit today and blame everything on the Nazis as if everybody else was innocent human beings always plundered on other people that why we had slavery and colonialism. This is a product of racial attitude we carried for ages even to the point of justifying every one of our cruel actions as the vulnerable or the deceived societies asked for it. Jewish society was not innocent either their leaders manipulated the politics and issues in Germany since the time of Prussia when they played the card once more in the WW1 it did back fire big time on them only different is this time Hitler took it all the way to the hilt. So many ordinary Jews paid with their lives for the mistakes of their leaders. Entire WW 2 is a war between countries who trying colonies others it is nothing to do with freedom. This realization only came only after all the crimes were committed. Punishing children who had nothing do with this not only correct it is wrong.

Do you think whether we learnt from any of these wars No not at all. The American presidency which was the cause the September 11 bombing because of there political manipulation of countries and the contributors of the formation racial terrorism. Still went ahead and bombed Iraq and killed over 200,000 people still feel it is justified for the death of 4000 of their own.As if Iraqies are lesser of a human society. Death and destruction is perpetual cycle of racial acts. Israel is conducting same war of ethenic clensing againts palesteniens exactly the same thing what happened to their own people during the WW2 and still feel justified about it. Think about it we humans are truly most cruel creatures those walked on earth.

Vijay Raghavan

#081   One Cup for Reconciliation!     Tue, 10 October 2006 11:33

Dear Ole Wilhelm! "Each his own cup," the influential american jew encouragingly mailed us when we hoisted our freedom flag against the old nazis tyranny over their offspring. Thanks to your burning efforts the two cups seem to reconciliate. But where are science? Where are the press, the publishers, the peace researchers and the institutes for social psychology? Has any historian ever phoned you? They still probably want the battle for themselves, just like other staunch revisionists and their bossom oldtimers.

State Scholar in the land of Norway

Eystein Eggen   

#082   Nazi children     Tue, 24 October 2006 00:45

The Nazi era was so long ago that it is hard for me n the U.S. to comprehend that innocent children still face prejudice. Even those children brainwashed with Nazi propaganda and dangerous at that time deserve tolerance. It was a bad time. People did bad things and most were punished and forgiven. Surely the innocent offspring are forgiven. With all the intolerance in my wonderful country, I've always admired Europeans for their openmindedness. So if there is persecution of Nazi children I would hope the maturity of European civilizations will remedy this injustice.

Marlin Kimsel

#083       Sat, 04 November 2006 00:58

I'm sorry, I don't think there is any way to healing. Because the fact is that history is written by the victors, and since 1945 we have been taught a disatrous and tragic lie, that all cultures are equal, and that White, Christian cultures are morally obigated to turn their superior cultures over to the third world.

I am not a Nazi child, but I feel for you. How can you be at peace with this? In your hearts you must know that your parents were heroes. You have the choice of (1.) believing that they were monsters as the world has painted them, and rejecting your parents or (2.)upholding what they did and being forever hated by the rest of the world.
I guess there is a third option, that is, believing that your parents were monsters, but loving them for being your parents and forgiving them because they did what they thought was right.

But the fact is, since 1945, the white, Christian world, wracked with guilt, has let its cultures be run over with Muslims, Jews, people from the depths of Africa, (Yorubas) and here in the United States, South American Santerias. Because of our guilt, we are ruining our nations.

Here in the United States we have to put up with people who eat dogs, and Botanicas all along almost every street, where religious supplies are kept for the Santeria religion that tortures animals to death in the most horrible of ways. Not to mention the resurgence of the American Indian cultures, some of which do the same.

I think that your only reconciliation with the rest of the world will come when in 20 or thirty years the white world will realize, too late, that your parents were right.

I do think they were wrong on one thing, though. The differences should have been made on belief system and religion, not race. No one can help their blood line, or the color of their skin. What determines the merits of a culture, is how the people live.

It was Christianity that civilized the world, not white skin. Christians and atheists have been elevated above paganism. We should never have let pagans (orthodox jews, muslims, voodoo, etc. into our countries

Lee Tandy   

#084   Other     Thu, 09 November 2006 10:26

I liked your site

Jim Dobson

#085   Nazi is not Satan     Fri, 23 February 2007 18:40

The Great Martin Luther wrote a book titled: The Jews and Their Lies. I think this book should help the children of Nazi's help to understand why Germans then and the rest of the world, now feel about these people. Unfortunately anything except positive news and any news to make the world feel sorry for the jews, is the only stories reported by the media. Here in the USA communists and especially former communist soldies are heros to our countrys liberals. Nazi's were not only human but people who stood up for their beliefs and died for them, people with such character are VERY hard to find today. Another way to reveal the truths not readily available is through research of German records and news articles about Jewish population figures before the war and compare them to the numbers of Jews who not only emigrated to other countries but those that were deported. Its IS FACT that the holocaust did NOT happen the way it has been reported over the years. Also the Jews formed armed militias to fight the german army and were either killed or captured. ALOT of revisionist history has been taking place since world war 2 to turn the German people into liberal people who no longer have an identy or culture, unless it is Jewish and odly Islamic and of course anti-Nazi. The children of Nazi's should be proud of their parents,country,traditions and the fact that they ARE VICTIMS in todays world.

Robert Mc Isaac

#086   Healing ways     Sat, 03 March 2007 12:38

Dear Sir/Madam,
thank you for this opportunity to express my congradulations on your website, which I found accidently.The incentive to HEAL THE WOUNDS OF THE PAST, is a good way to begin your cause. As a Music and Theatre Teacher, I would like to suggest,that to use the ARTS, would be very advantageous, because with this media,the power to move souls,one can find, with movement,sight and sound,and that,can reach out and into, each individuals search for peace and healing, no matter what side of the border you belong to. Use the arts, set up projects for children to get involved in, for example, how do they see the world today? let them express themselves freely without restrictions, expressing themselves through different types of media.Set up an exhibition with thier work,being with music or theatre or painting, prose.Let them rewrite history.
Thank you,
Elizabeth from Hamburg.

elizabeth papadopoulos

#087   What are you complaing about?     Sat, 07 April 2007 05:40

You have lived full, happy prosperous and contented lives, while innocent millions suffered and died.

G Krune   

#088   under oppression     Wed, 11 April 2007 00:53

Please keep me informed,as it just keeps getting worse.Jewish people,i wonder if they have fun torturing Germans,Italians,Japanies

Michael J.Lange    zasuipo77

#089   More Nazi Lies     Thu, 12 July 2007 06:40

Two wars, the master race, millions of innocent lives lost, all due to the Germans. Now we see the "children" allowing rasist comments on this "healing" website, I think the nazi children need to be reminded about the sins of their fathers a little longer, they seem to be picking up where they left off.


#090   Germans and British     Thu, 02 August 2007 12:19

I am not nazi child but i think German are very good people.British are no good people because always doing wars and say lies.Also kill my cypriot compatriot in 1955 .Germans are frank people that's why i like.


#091   children of SS Soldiers     Sun, 19 August 2007 09:08

There were quite a number of us, in the USA who grew not knowing that our fathers were members of the SS. We, the children have NOTHING to appoligise to anyone for what may have or may not have happened.

The government here still keeps most of the record sensored, even from us.

Most of us thought that we were adopted from families here in the USA.

Be strong, our time will come!

Randal - son of former SS Officer


#093   love and understanding for everyone     Sun, 04 November 2007 16:57

Nothing is black and white. I personally have great sympathy and understanding for all aspects of human nature. I hope some day that we can all reach an honest and compassionate understanding for each and every human being that has ever existed and especially those that live today. We are all brothers, like it or not, and have the same capacity for all sorts of behaviors and emotions. Peace among men begins with the truth.


#094   Healing     Fri, 28 December 2007 21:49

I do not believe the children should have to pay for the sins of the fathers,they are the masters of their own destinys,and victims of or loose war is a nasty business,and all involved suffer in some child ever asked to be born, nazi children whether they be ,hitlers,heydrichs,goerings ect,ect,should be able to live in peace and with clear concious,what was done was done,and the debt nuremburg.we are not responsible for our fathers or forefathers actions.that is plain foolishness.christianity teaches,we must forgive.and not judge,for there is but one judge .god.

Greg Rumby

#095   great time     Tue, 15 January 2008 03:37

the third reich was the greatest time in the history of man kind , anyone who was ns in any country is a hero ,
be proud and fight the jews and race traitors every step of the way .and the greatest enemy of mankind the united states , the great Satan .
the most jew ridden evil nation on earth

peter coleman   

#096   The children are not guilty of their parents' evil     Thu, 17 January 2008 11:04

It is well established and documented that the Nazi regime was vicious, inhumane, murderous and cruel. It is understandable to hold the Nazi perpetrators accountable. However, their children had no choice in the matter. If the children were old enough to see what was happening, benefitted from it, and then continued to support the regime, then they are guilty as well. Otherwise, they did not commit the crimes and should not carry guilt. I am also glad this site is available to hear different perspectives on the war. I think a lot of Germans went into the Nazi years thinking they could finally have some stability and a decent economy without suspecting the evils that would happen over the years. By creating this website, acknowledging the harm done to the victims of the Holocaust, and recognizing the terrible and horrendous decisions made by Nazi leaders, the children of the leaders have made great strides towards peace and understanding. They are not responsible for their ancestors, but they are nonetheless taking action to bring peace to the world. Thank you for this difficult but healing process.


#097   Peace To All     Wed, 06 February 2008 10:42

Hi Ole & your Group
I have read your pages on the net - I do feel quiet a lot of Sympathy toward your situation, the world has to be able to forgive & get on with things, it is not the children's fault all this came about - I do wish your group well - Sixty years is a long time for anyone to be able to keep quiet, stand up & be counted.
You or the children have nothing to be ashamed of,most of you have the right idea. Understanding can only come through peaceful thought.
One of the best things to is to read the many good books coming out about children of former-Nazis;
If social organizations are to preach tolerance then they need to listen to the history of the now adult children who also experienced many injustices.
I was not born till after the war in 1951, but I have researched the war years extensively - it was a very dark time in the world, but it did happen, all the best from Australia & pray the Holy Rosary.

Yours Respectively


#098   ...     Wed, 19 March 2008 21:22

Use your brains people, would you consider yourself able of supporting anti-semitism as an infant?

The death camps were certainly a chapter in history we should not forget. There's nothing we can do to change what happened. All we can do is stop it happening again. In order to do so we must address the cause, which some people seem incapable of.

The word Nazi is old; infact it died in 1945. There are no Nazis today, only the ones that stare bleakly from the pages of books.

You want to heal Europe? The only 'healing' that needs to be done is to the wound of racism.

Religion seems to be causing more problems than it is solving these days. Europe needs to learn tolerance to all races and equality for all. At the root of the holocaust is religion. So as long as there are different faiths, war will continue until the end of time.

Europe should acknowledge it will probably never see a day when there is no war on earth. Teach the children well - teach them racial equality.

Isi Del Maestro   

#099   This list     Thu, 08 May 2008 09:31

Your list if it is still functioning is a good idea.
You must however get rid of your Anti-Jew stuff. Good Jews and bad Jews there are.
Just like good Hindus and bad ones.
This list is excuse me - a bunch of crap if it degenerates into antisemitic drivel.

Rami Shankar   

#100   The UK...     Tue, 13 May 2008 13:13

The UK Borrowed huge sums of money off the USA and gave half of it to Germany, this brought Germany state of the art industery whilst the UK suffered with crippaling debts and ancient pre-war factories.

Poor old UK also lost nearley all of its empire.

David William Beck

#101   Tank uncovered in lake     Fri, 20 June 2008 01:32

How does one find out who was in the tank that was recently uncovered in a lake in Russia. I have learned that my grandfather drove a tank during WWII. He just disappeared. No information was ever forthcoming about him.
Any ideas?
P.S. I agree with those who don't like the hate-mongers who leave messages here. This site is about healing - Not Hating.

Valerie A. Schwalbach

#102   A Sad Thing     Mon, 30 June 2008 10:30

Before I found this site I had no idea of what the children of the Nazis were going through. Now that I had an opportunity to read and learn I am saddened by the hypocrisy of the so called free world. Just because your parents may or may not have done something wrong does not mean it should be taken out on you. These are the things our history books do not teach us and they should. I know the Holocaust happened and yes it is a sad thing; but what people do not realize is how mistreated the Nazi children are and that is what I find hypocritical. Thank goodness that there is a site like this out here because I do like to know the whole truth, not just what society chooses to tell me. Maybe society should look at its' own self before they damn someone else to a life of hell. After seeing this site and also seeing what is going on in the world today I do not much care for the way things are. People need to learn to judge each person on his or her own merits and not what someone else did. Some of the things happening today sicken me and I have no trust in any government because many times they say one thing and do another.

Thank you for having the courage to put this information out here so more people may hopefully learn the truth.


#103   veterans benefit's     Fri, 15 August 2008 01:58

how do veterans benifit todays youth?


#104   hitlers children     Tue, 10 March 2009 22:32

how could you a supposed civilised nation do unto these totally innocent children what you did at the end of the second world the victims! boy did you show your true colours you mudersome bastards. I m a Scot and I know my history but I waS SHOCKED WHEN i knew what you had done to these poor kids?shame on you


#105   Moderating content     Tue, 24 March 2009 12:19

Hmm. After having browsed some of the messages here, I'm surprised you have not used your ability to screen or simply delete some of the racist, bigot, anti-Semitic nonsense that some people write here. Considering your own background and efforts, I find it particularly unfortunate that you allow these people a voice on your site.
Peace and healing is found, first and foremost, between an individual and God. Do what you can to reach out and walk in the opposite spirit to that of your fathers and mothers. Then you have done what you can; their sins are not yours to bear. Be blessed in those efforts, I hope you will all be able to make peace with the past.


#106   Healing     Wed, 13 May 2009 07:35

Cross-cultural healing, indeed healing hurts of all kinds, is about seeing one another with the heart, not with the intellect. People are not defined by what their forefathers did - no matter how cruel the actions of the past were. They are defined in terms of who they themselves are, and the choices they make to shape their own lives - how well they love and reach out to others. We are all responsible only for our own choices, not those of others.

Healing starts at the individual, person to person level, and then radiates into the wider community, and wider world. It's important to connect with people who see this way, and from there, it's possible to move forward and find out how valued and treasured you are as an individual.

It's important that we all learn from the past, but not be defined and trapped by it. We all need to understand the lessons and to embrace the blessings that may come from even the most darkest moments that life, and history have held.

Yes, it's time for us all to move forward and to find the joy that may be ours through seeing the beauty in our own and others' lives - every person has such immeasurable worth and importance in our world - we all just need to open our eyes to it!

Prayers for healing,

Heather Jones

#107   Healing..     Wed, 01 July 2009 16:29

Greetings, I would like to invite you to join with a group of children who were "produced" or "kidnapped" in the late sixties and early seventies by Dr. Mengele during his exile in Argentina et al. We have remained connected since the last "placement" into outside homes in 1976. It was our desire to "grow-up" into powerful people and then together unit to share our stories without shame but with courage and great joy. For truly Jehovah does understand that WE WERE ALL tiny, tiny children who DID NOT choose our "flawless" genetics or our "exceptional" gifts. We were born and trained for it. Sorry about the Nazi's luck though, we DON'T LIKE them and WE DON'T work for them. We work for God. We support each other. You can email me but how we are really networking these days is through FACEBOOK. Try to join my site, Viktoryia Ashira DeMarco ASH (one of my aliases..) Check my email with the password loyal14 for any information, it is ALL public and VERY political here in North America right NOW!!

And who am I?? Imagine choosing the perfect child, before HE/SHE was born... And THEN controlling "her" (in this case it is me, a woman) My mother was Maria Romanov. Stolen for her womb. She was NOT used for carrying children, but for embro flushings. My father was Wilhelm Canaris. Truly, blackest meets blackest and I should have a stone for a heart. However, Dad was actually a British Spy, George William Canarris and Mom DESPISED her parent's regime and torture of the peoples. So, I am a BIT of a rebel "rouser" by birth. And who are my friends?? Some Arian, some not. All talented and all crucial for the tapestry pattern - please join us. Look and you will see the "freaks" of God and Man. Arnold Swarz. WAS NOT ALLOWED TO READ OR WRITE, only trained to fight. The "renegades" kidnapped him and taught him to believe in himself. AREEEBA!!! He's the governor of CALIFORNIA!! Matthew McConaughey is "unnaturally" perfect.. And have you noticed how much Helen Hunt is being "complimented" these days...even the media can't explain why there are THOUSANDS of Ashira/Johnny Depp look-a-lot-alikes out there. BUT WE CAN!! And we came up with a plan. It is a bit complicated at the moment but the more the merrier if we are going to TIP THIS SHIP!!!!

Angela-Mary Romanov-Canarris

#108   Interesting radio debate channel     Wed, 02 September 2009 21:35

Hei Ole!
Jeg ville hilse og fortelle deg om noe som skjer ná i Spania. Tre av de viktigste journalistene der: César Vidal (forfatter), Jiménez Losantos (journalist) og Luis Herrero (journalist and ex member av folkepartiet i Spania PP og europarlamentet) fulstendig lei av press fra de mektige PSOE- Zapateros parti, men ogsá fra den folkelig parti, som i det siste er mer opptatt av á overta makten enn om á passe pá de verdiene som gir mening til vár land og Europa, har skapet en ny fri radio-debate channnel.
De skal begynne á sende ogsá pá internet i lópet av september og de sier rett og slett hva de synes om den spanske og global virkeligheten med en frihet og en kritisisme du ikke har fátt smaken til i den dekadente Europa. Jeg tviler om man kan finne noe slik i andre land fordi de gár frontalt mot PSOE men ogsá mot mange viktige politikere i PP, Obama, relativisering, kirke nye liberalisering bevegelser... og samtidig er de ikke noe marginell gruppering eller stemmer i órkenen, men de har millioner mennesker som har lyttet til dem og som gleder seg til den nye fri chanal og som leser deres artikler og kjóper deres bóker. . (De ble sagt opp av Coperadio pá grunn av press fra politikerne og de kreftene i kirken som eier Copechannel og som tror at man má gi en mer sosialsnill demokratisk maling til kirken) De begynner deres sendinger snart. Nettside er
Un abrazo

José Antonio García de Olalla

#109   Interesante emisora     Tue, 08 September 2009 20:49

Hola a todos!
En España ahora tenemos una nueva emisora de radio. Los tres periodistas que la han fundado son mentes libres: César Vidal, Luis Herrero y Federico Jiménez Losantos. Son tres de los periodistas más importantes de la actualidad española y han tenido que empezar de cero en una nueva emisora puesto que sus críticas abrasivas a la casta política de izquierdas y también de derechas les han hecho muy poco populares. Son contrarios a la decadencia europea y los complejos estúpidos de la progresía. Creen en los valores tradicionales como la religión y la familia pero sin ser beatos. Más por vocación europea que por devoción. En conclusión son enemigos acérrimos del relativismo socialdemocrata, y son capaces de criticar hasta al intocable Rey de España al que ven como un vientre agradecido y corrupto.
La página de internet de esta emisora es
Un saludo

José A. García

#110   Children's Teeth     Sat, 12 September 2009 20:08

The Jews and others want to prosecute the children. They want some form of apology and above all want money from the children. Yet they haven't read the scriptures. According to Jerimiah the children are not to be blamed, put on edge, or looked down upon due to their Father's actions. Jer 31:29 In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.
Jer 31:30 But every one shall die for his own iniquity: every man that eateth the sour grape, his teeth shall be set on edge. I say forgive, and let love cover a multitude of sins, real or perceived.

Richard Tanner

#111   Healing     Tue, 06 October 2009 19:46

It is inevitable about human nature that we all want to point out someone whom we see as being worse than ourselves. Deep down, we are every one of us aware of our own shortcomings, but it is more convenient to point the finger at someone else rather than face ourselves. This seems to me to be the heart of the continued persecution of the Germans, whether or not their grandparents were Nazis.
On the other hand, it is also human nature to sometimes take on more than our share of guilt, especially in cases such as this, where the children take on the guilt of the parents.
The bottom line is that we are all sinners, and no one anywhere can appear before God with hands unsoiled by their own efforts.I will not begin a sermon, I will only state that true healing and forgiveness will only be found through recognizing the sacrifice of Jesus to pay for ALL of our sins.


#112   Valkyrie!! It was said. It is done.     Tue, 20 October 2009 13:54

It is time to put aside our differences to stand by our friends in this time of insanity and desperation as they attempt to lay blame.

They have taken a kind and gentle soul into custody and purport to lay the crimes of humanity at the feet of OUR friend and protector, A'dam Schindler. WE MUST write immediately to save this fine man's life!! WE JEWS would know the eyes of the 'men' that sorted us. WE MUST save the man that came to me in Canada as Traugott Eppinger. I know this man and his entire family to be upstanding members of OUR family. DO NOT LET THEM PUT THE WRONG MAN ON THE GALLOWS IN THEIR ATTEMPTS TO HIDE WHAT WE KNOW IS THE TRUTH. WE JEWS WILL SHOW THAT WE HAVE RETAINED HONOUR AND DIGNITY. THAT IS OUR CULTURAL STRENGTH THAT WE WILL ONCE AGAIN DEMONSTRATE TODAY TO THE WORLD. BLESS YOU ALL AS YOU GO TO THE DEFENCE OF A KIND AND GENTLE SOUL WHO; AS A CHILD OF WAR; WAS FORCED TO SORT US BASED ON EYE COLOUR. TESTIFY TO PROTECT TRAUGOTT EPPINGER. I NEED YOU TO DO THIS TODAY. I ASK IT IN JESUS'S NAME.

We are going to suceed. For we have never forsaken the truth. The world is at war with itself.

I graciously thank you for the forum to speak the pearl of wisdom in this final time. Do not let them hang a man who as a child knew that brown eyes meant a painful death and blue eyes meant a tortured life for the crimes that THEY commit against us today. Dignity and courage must never be faced with studity; not even now.

I send this message as Canarris; the daughter of a tortured man. I would wish to share some wisdom from Emilio Estevez now. His wisdom has apparently been banned from the world. I choose to share it as I have not been advised not to. He told me this in grade three and many times thereafter in high school, etc. "Lie not the crimes of humanity at the feet of puppets and children. Lie it where the money lays. Just like Jesus did. Temple tompler." I sometimes share the wisdom of my father also. What my father could not say because of his pain I can say because I alone understand the diseases of the mind. For I have felt many in my tortured existance. And I understand it now. The gateway to heaven closed a long time ago. I wasn't aware. Neither were my friends. Now; when we hit forty we get a lifetime disability pension. Come to Canada and be a schizophrenic. I like Guelph and Waterloo. In future; someone should keep me updated in a more appropriate fashion fitting a person of my tortured status. Graci-atas vendozanes izita moretta. Finita. Vo-ca??

Anya Romanov, The Queen of the Jews

Anya Romanov, HRH

#113   french grand daughter     Sun, 16 May 2010 20:18

I'm a french grand-daughter of a FFI member.
It's the first time that I find this web site.
In the mass media, it's really unusual to find accounts of german soldiers or nazi children.
I would like to know how they're living the war past of their relatives,the heritage of an tainted name by war crimes.
I'm sorry for my level of english.

Thanls a lot


#114   lost file in german navy during world war 2nd     Wed, 19 May 2010 09:37

My father Kastelani Rafael,Croatian nationality born 23rd February 1925, served in german navy during world war 2nd. Eventualy close to the end of the war he was sent to infantry, was wounded by Russians, captured by Americans,after returning home when was released from captivity was sentenced by Communist and spent 6 years in hard prisons, only for being in german navy.
He wrotte letter to germans authorities in 1993.20.12. got an answer that they can not trace his name in their files, (he then in 1945 throw all his documents), from obvious reasons, for in that time if found in his pockets could caused him instant execution. He was not any war criminal or so just as youth been where I told You. Most of his camarades are dead and I wonder through You can You help me to trace his files,where must be his name, for I know that he is supposed to receive monetary compensation from germany as being fought for them and wounded.
My addresss is:
Kastelani Niksa
A.Hebranga 120
20 000 Dubrovnik
I thank You very much for your help.
His son
Kastelani Niksa

Kastelani Niksa

#115   Just read     Thu, 27 May 2010 23:02

Sorry u deserve to b harrased my uncles were murdered by ur parents I was deprived of cousins my mother still has bullets in her they belong in u ur culture is sick and that is why the murdering and evilness is originally from Germany. Germany= evil just on ur vile culture and Jewish guilt this is not. This is because anyone who canconceive of awahvitz is disgusting as u must be I read ur article and again ur anti Jewish stupidity remains in ur head


#116   respons to Suzie     Sat, 29 May 2010 10:11

Dear Suzie!

You really need to put some forgivness in your heart and also realise that none born after 1930 can be responsible for what happend to your relatives. Please go forward with your life and look for love not hatred in other races and nationalites.


#117   3rd generation     Tue, 07 February 2012 08:58

My mother ( who was only a baby during WWii) recently heard from her older sister that because they lived in Silesia ( now Poland) their father was stationed in Krakow and died in the very last days of the war in Berlin. This obviously suggests Auswitz and we'd like to find out more but there appears to be no information at all. The family were also moved out of their homes at the end of the war and by the age of 6 mum was orphaned and refugeed. Mum will not entertain the idea that her dad might have been stationed there but if more 3rd generation adults were happy to come together I think we could begin to find answers and come to a better understanding of how difficult things must have been on all sides.I would be very interested in speaking to others as I know no one else willing to talk about this. Christa x

Christa McCartney

#118   Lifes to short     Mon, 05 March 2012 00:09

In short keep your own garden beautiful worry not your neighbours Rose bush is better or worse yet concentrate on flourishing your own and letting it's beauty enhance all who gaze upon it.

No one should pay for the sins of their fathers.


#119       Wed, 28 March 2012 07:42

I was reading the prolog to the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". I believe it was there that I read that the Nazis believed that the god of the old testament, that is, the god of the Jews was NOT the father of Jesus.

Has anyone else ever heard anything about this?? Is there any religion that teaches this?

I have always wondered how the cruel, vengeful god of the old testament could be the father of the gentle Jesus.

Lee Tandy   

#120   Healing     Sun, 24 March 2013 03:23

Hi,my name is Frankie,my dad was a world war 2 vet and his dad was world war 1. This done alot of damage to my family. They say time heals? I beleave in angles .

Frankie Bartkoski

#121   Social rejection in my life.     Thu, 01 October 2015 11:16

Dear people,
I hope this will not be considered an off topic or irrelevant but I was born in England to an English mother & an American army father but I lived in England all my life but because of my father I was treated by a number of people like I was dirt & I had to listen to the most dreadful language used to me.I was told & shown that no reasonably nice or reasonably nice looking girl would marry me in England because I was classed as trash because of my father,low class,no class.I was born in 1962.I remember being referred to by a 32 yaer old woman,when I was 13 as a f-----g c--t when she discovered I loved her & she wanted to smash my f-----g c--- face in-SHE WAS NOT the only case where I recieved hate from British women,filthy blasphemous language,spite,cruelty,rejection.PLEASE,PLEASE is there someone out there who can help me?I left England because of this & I have been living in Hungary since 1992,
Yours Morgan

Morgan Murchison

#122   Reconcilliation     Tue, 12 May 2020 22:46

Its rather simple. The fact that the offspring of subhuman Nazis still live and breathe is an affront to humanity. You have been running from destiny and the taxman is coming to take his due. What is happening right now to Europe is only the beginning stages of the long overdue retribution and I eagerly await the climax.

Joe Average

#123   Jeg er NS-etterkommer     Mon, 19 December 2022 23:24

Hei, jeg har tidligere vært i kontakt med Stridsklev, og har vært på to-tre av treffene for NS-etterkommere.

Men jeg har også, nettopp som en følge av at jeg ble utpekt som "Nazi-yngel" av en lærer da jeg var 9 år gammel, søkt meg til det høyre-ekstreme miljøet i Norge i tiden 1984- 1994, i et forsøk på å finne likesinnede. Dette fant jeg aldri i disse miljøene. Derfor brøt jeg helt og holdent med disse miljøene i 1994.

Jeg opplever at jeg ikke er særlig velkommen i miljøet for NS-etterkommere heller, nettopp på grunn av min lefling med det høyreekstreme miljøet. Men jeg må jo få lov til å si at jeg synes det har vært forferdelig vanskelig å finne likesinnede, når ingen i min familie vil fortelle, ingen som kjente min bestefar har villet si noe om han, og jeg ikke kjente til at det fantes et miljø for NS-etterkommere, før ut på 90-tallet.

Det eneste miljøet som jeg visste om, og hvor jeg trodde jeg ville finne andre NS-etterkommere, var jo i Nasjonalt Folkeparti. Riktignok fant jeg noen historie-interesserte personer der, med nesegrus beundring for Quisling, og for den tyske nasjonalsosialismen, men når Nasjonalt Folkeparti døde ut ble det erstattet med personer som knapt visst datoen for når Norge ble angrepet, og heller ikke datoen for når freden kom til Norge. Så det hele ble jo bare et sabla rot, og siden jeg er genuint interessert i historie, og har lest masse bøker, snakket med tidsvitner på begge sider og i det hele tatt ikke klarer å se at min bestefar valgte feil ut i fra den kunnskapen man da hadde, og under de forholdene som han og andre nordmenn levde under den gangen, så er jeg vel fortsatt ikke rehabilitert til den "rette tro", slik vi jo til stadighet blir manet til i alskens mediekanaler i dag. Så for meg finnes det nok ikke håp, siden jeg fortsatt forsvarer min morfars valg om å melde seg inn i NS den gangen, i august 1940.

Jeg faller på mange måter mellom to stoler. Jeg er NS-etterkommer, og bærer preg av det. (Er uføretrygdet.) Og jeg blir nok heller ikke akseptert av andre NS-etterkommere, fordi jeg altså har leflet med NF i sin tid. Så jeg står nok alene, slik jeg har gjort hele livet, og jeg må jo med hånden på hjertet si at det er uhorvelig tungt.

Vel, det var det jeg hadde på hjertet.

Ønsker dere imidlertid alt godt.

Med vennlig hilsen
Simen Moe

Simen Moe