WW II started as a European civil war. The entire population of the continent was driven to take part in the conflict. The conflict was between modernist and traditionalist ideals, there was no new dispute in Europe so far. Marxism, though, was an aggressive form of modernist practice. Marxism was revolutionary not only because it threatened the religious superstructure, Christianity, wanting to replace it by scientific materialism. It threatened the entire millenary social structure and its very core, the family. Its ideal was the dictatorship of the proletariat, the proletarians being lead by a bunch of selfproclaimed scientific leaders.

Against this doubtful modernist project, at least half of the European population gathered in a counter revolution. The embodiment of the counter revolution were the fascist and national socialist parties, established, during the 20s and the 30s, in every single European country.

America and England supported the Marxist forces, with the result that the counter revolutionaries were annihilated in 1945, with the exception of Spain and Portugal. After the defeat, Marxism flourished all over Eastern Europe, while American international capitalism was to rule the Western Europe. The Marshall Aid was here the major initiator.

Millions of war losers have, in the course of time, been transformed into schizophrenic monsters. They have been seduced by the capitalistic material progress; especially the West Germans have become models of prosperous capitalists. The losers have not, neither inside themselves nor within their families, abnegated their former nationalistic beliefs, lost heart to their counter revolutionary ideals. The moral weight of the millions of war victims due to the Nazis' war actions, has not intimidated our parents' souls. The Holocaust of the six millions has not affected their innermost feelings. The losers have just continued to invest in materialistic wealth, they have compensated with capitalist victories for their military losses. Capitalism is not a demanding master in moral respects.

The burden of the Holocaust is carried by the Nazi children. The burden of all the war crimes, the very guilt for the entire bloody war, is worn by the Nazi children. We are millions. But we are too mentally destroyed to feel any release by sharing the burden with the millions of others. We are carrying all the weight one by one.

Many of us have run into escapism. Some of us have adopted extreme political beliefs, opposite to those of our fathers. These kids joined, in the 60s and 70s, the Trotskyists, the Maoists, the various Marxist Leninist groups . The members of the Baader-Meinhof group were the most extreme. Our inner drive was to wipe out all traces of the Nazi past, a family past like a skeleton in the cupboard, which some childeren vaguely felt as shame, many directly as anguish. Others among us wanted to get rid of their feelings of guilt by doing "good", preferably in an opposite political field. By avoiding to tell why, they maintain their inner misery. Some have even become politicians, priests, intellectuals in the capitalist societies. Like their fathers, they are mute about their past. Unlike their fathers, they are mute out of fear, not out of opportunism.

The most self destroying, dangerous group of Nazi children are those living and working tightly with our parents. They have adopted our parents' schizophrenic attitudes towards reality, being at the same time losers and winners, Nazis and anti-Nazis. They have unclear ideals, they have fuzzy roots, they have obscure relations to contemporary reality. They work in the perspective of WW II without any distance to the greater National Socialistic days. They turn a blind eye on the sequels of the war defeat, the burden of the Holocaust, carried by millions of innocent Europeans. Some of them appear like playboys in society, like Hollywood actors. Inside they are babies, without any consistency of their own time and life. They are living their parents' life instead of their own. Jörg Haider in Austria is brilliant in this role. He is nefarious to the millions of European Nazi children because he does not want to deal with our reality. He choses to ignore our dark side, just like our parents who do not like to see our wounds.

In May 1995 during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the victory, the Norwegian Nazi children got official excuses for wounds induced in our childhood when we were intentionally stigmatized as part of the Evil. Such excuses have been repeated at appropriate occasions. We don't need excuses. We need an end to the ongoing harassment today. We need a normalization of our roots into history. We need to feel ourselves as children of humans, not of devils. We need mental peace.

Eystein Eggen is a Norwegian writer who launched the expression "NS children" in 1993 with the publication of his autobiography "The Boy from Gimle". Eystein Eggen is capable of challenging the morbid tendencies among some European Nazi children, by stressing more and more the need of a continental reconciliation. That's why he has not hesitated to join the Norwegian Labor Party, the Party which shot Vidkun Quisling, our parents' political leader. New times require new political solutions. The great European Labor Parties, like all responsible parties, need to face the Nazi children's destiny.

O. W. Klüwer, April 2001

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