i. e. children whose parents were members of a fascist or national socialistic movement during the Second World War.

We are millions of NS children (nazi children) in Europe afraid of admitting our background. Seventy years of silence do not seem to be enough for starting to speak.

Are we rooted in historic void ?

Where does our anguish come from ?

Since 1991 a Norwegian group of NS children tries to break through the wall of silence. Eystein Eggen wrote in 1993 his biography as an NS child : "The Boy from Gimle" (excerpts in French and in Norwegian), published by "Aschehoug forlag" in Oslo. A digital record exists for those with a Norwegian IP address. In the book 72 NS children are mentioned with their real names, thus ignoring the general "law" of anonymity. This book is our base for rebuilding an identity, an introduction as to restore a social platform for the descendants of the European families demonized after the defeat of 1945.

Read the story of the establishment of our group, in German , in French, in Spanish, in English or in Norwegian, the last with extended information.

How can Europe be healed after our destructive Civil Wars of 20th century ?
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If you feel seventy years of silence are enough, and if you agree with our thought that social anonymity and hiding of existential questions are unhealthy, please contact us. Phone, fax, write or E-mail any sigh, thought or wish to me. I am the spokesman of the "Organization of Norwegian NS Children".

We accept anonymous letters and phone calls. But we advise our unknown companions to be overt to the surroundings. The others need to know about us !

Post address : Ole Wilhelm Klüwer

Lyder Sagens gate 17

0358 Oslo


Telephone and fax : (+47) 22 46 07 54

E-Mail : kluwer@online.no