The Night Cross

Ten years have passed since we presented ourselves on the internet, fifteen years since we started our organization. We asked in 1996 whether we were rooted in historic void or in real history. We were the first Nazi descendants who independently formed an organization after 1945.

Today we have achieved our inner healing, we have finished our restoration regarding consciousness of historic roots. We have payed enough with lifelong expiation. We know more and more that we belong to, and are not separated from, the old European Christian families who during centuries fought for the survival and the integrity of European civilization. Traditional families need continuance.

The gathering of our families during the second and third decades of 20th century to protect our societies from modernistic ruins under Communist and Capitalist threats, was a logic, traditional protective rally. This fact can not be overseen even if the Traditionalists under Fascist and Nazi banners militarily lost the war and their motives were subsequently demonized.

In order to show historic coherence, with the hope of restoring normality in the narrative of European history, some of us second generation Nazis feel it as a duty to reemploy a symbol from the great civil war of the 20th century. We have to fill the void where the victors' history writers have kept us descendants during sixty years and where they still keep us. They behave as if the Fascists and Nazis belonged to non-terrestrial forces and had no offspring.

The symbol should anyhow present stigma of the civil clash. It must carry signs of the passing of time. We take the old Norse Sun Cross used by our Norwegian fathers in their war participation against the Communists and Capitalists, but we have transformed this symbol into a Night Cross. The night symbolizes the tragedy of the great European Civil War, a tragedy for both sides.

After sixty years of silence it can provide Germanic, Latin and Slave peoples with a sign with which we can venerate our dead. After the war there has been a lack of grief for dead on the losers' side. Similarly the symbol provides the Nazi descendants with an expression of own psychological torments under the victors' endless victory celebrations.

The purpose of using this symbol is not only a prospect of curing the Fascist and Nazi families. The purpose is to cure the new European generations from the distress of one-sided history, to give them chances to embrace the entire European past, to give young Europeans a possibility to understand both sides of the great European Civil War. Only then we can visualize a real European reconciliation.

Ole Wilhelm Klüwer, January 2006

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