Toward a reconciliation after WWII

Issues of discussion before a reconciliation can be reached

The following 20 points matter for second generation Nazis in order to come to a reconciliation with the victors of WWII and with the victors' children.
The points are meant for the Norwegian public, for a Norwegian reconciliation, but they might serve for reconciliation in other West European countries as well. The diabolization of the losers became a hardship in all countries under post-war American dominance.
In Norway the word "reconciliation" aiming the adversaries of WWII is more and more in use.

The University of Oslo started a project in 2003 called "Overcoming the Past". The result was meager since the academics did not invite the most concerned persons, the Nazi children. Definitely, academics mess up this beautiful project.
A book, "We fought for Norway" by Arvid Bryne, Svein Blindheim and Bjørn Østring, appeared in 2007. Blindheim and Østring fought on opposite side during war. This book has an evident purpose of reconciliation. Bjørn Østring was NSUF leader, recruiting youngsters for fighting Communism. He served also as lieutenant on the Eastern Front.
In September 2009 a conference in Kristiansand was held with reconciliation after WWII as topic. See comments in the FAQ site #314

1. The escape of the Nazi children into muteness is a serious obstacle for true reconciliation. Sixty five years with diabolization of our families has given silence as result. Millions of us fear ostracism if they start to talk freely. The muteness is tragic for the concerned ones because important values for the person are mentally repressed, like overtness inwards the family, overtness and truth outwards among friends and in the society generally. Social relations are infested with anguish, anguish for revelation of what is repressed. The responsible ones for a society cultivating the victors, the heroes, a society meant for the victorious alone, should meditate over the costs of human exclusion. They should excuse themselves for refusing and endlessly postponing a reconciliation which should have been implemented during the first decade following the war end.
The freezing out of the losers' children, the stigmatization and the ostracism as a direct result of missing reconciliation, must be clearly apologized through the media, the schools and generally in official life. The one excuse which we nazichildren got from the Norwegian Parliament in May 1995 is not sufficient. Nazi children have deep frozen souls. A melting down is a process which takes time, if at all possible. Scared persons must be warmed, be socialized, before a reconciliation can be undertaken.

2. That Nazi children shall be reconciled with themselves is a type of argumentation used by victors in order to get free from own responsibility, in order to free themselves from getting involved in a reconciliation process. A such demand insinuates that the children are tainted with evil. The Nazi children constitute a new generation, an own generation. We are not responsible for social engagements taken by our parents' generation. Regarding events during WWII we have nothing to be reconciled with inside own conscience.
What matters is that second generation Nazis separate themselves from their parents' generation, that they accept to be free. But this generational freedom is hard to feel as long as Western historians depict all our background as evil. This difficulty is the main reason why a reconciliation is necessary for Nazi descendants.

3. That Nazi children shall be reconciled with their parents is a complex demand. Is not first generation free from their children's will, just as second generation is free from their parents' will and decisions ? Although, at a deep level parents are responsible for their children's life conditions. At this level all children, irrespective of war connection, shall try to be reconciled with their parents before the parents pass away.
Now, our war loser parents really messed up our life conditions. Shall we hate them for the mess ? No doubt, Nazi children have had to take distance. The bigger the distance is between parent and child, the bigger is the need of reconciliation. It is certainly hard for many Nazi children to accept that it is too late for a reconciliation with our parents. They are gone. But their is a mental work inside our memory which always can be done.

4. There are persons who think that Nazi children shall expiate like their parents. They do probably think that post-war society needs our expiation as well, that contemporary society will be cleaner. To these persons we will simply say that our expiation is done and over. We have expiated through sixty five years with demonization of our families. As a result of the demonization we have also expiated with silence, with painful silence.

5. Our families' war against Communism was legitimate. Every revolution gives birth to a counter-revolution. It is not an obligation to bow down before revolutionary "Humanists". It is rather an obligation to fight fanatically modernist politicians. Our parents were legitimate counter-revolutionaries.

6. Our parents were not traitors but people in conflict of opinion, compatriots with traditional ideals. Against global forces like Communism and American Capitalism Europe needed defenders of local values. Europe needs such defenders even more today than they needed them in the 30s.

7. The Jews were not innocent in the political play before the European wars of the 20th century. Many Jews participated in the preparations of the big conflicts, for example by celebrating class war and by economically supporting social rebels. They were naturally involved in WWII. They got like many others hard treatment, a treatment which Israeli Jews today carry out toward their closest neighbours. Jews who do not want reconciliation can not be celebrated as ideal citizens for people who look for world peace.

8. The Jewish Holocaust is today politically and culturally overplayed. The Holocaust celebrations paralyse European culture. Holocaust is exploited as a guilt factory with mass production of guilt which through Western media is transferred to Fascists, Nazis and their relatives. The aim is to immerse all counter-revolutionaries in Evil. A such immersion of all in Evil is criminal amalgamation, a method used for disqualifying all due to some, in this occasion all counter-revolutionaries. If we Nazi descendants are not directly aimed at, the descendants feel themselves demonized because of the massive Holocaust cult. The death cult of Holocaust is a foul part of the war victors' endless celebrations of victory. A reconciliation is impossible while the Holocaust celebrations are going on in the midst of Western culture. Also descendants of the victors are today victims of a Holocaust cult in front of which they feel cultural impotence.

9. Nazi children have a work of grief over own holocaust, both during and after the war. Millions of Nazi parents and Nazi children were brutally murdered at the end of the war and even after the war. Millions of our mothers were gang raped. The Organization of Norwegian NS Children operates in solidarity with German NS children. Second World War became a holocaust for all peoples involved. The war consisted of a series of holocausts. Jews take responsibility for their memory work. We Second Generation Nazis take responsibility for our.

10. Rhetoric must remain rhetoric and not be used in the work of reconciliation. Victory rhetoric, Holocaust rhetoric, loser rhetoric, victim rhetoric and reconciliation rhetoric must be laid down in order to obtain authentic human communication, with the purpose of letting true human thoughts get forth. Good-natured communication and rhetoric speech are opposites. Speech for demonizing humans is an example of rhetoric, of war propaganda.

11. Authentic democracy demands that traditionalists, Nazi veterans, neo-Nazis and second generation Nazis have the right of free speech like other citizens.

12. Children of Communists, Capitalists and Zionists and children of Nazis meet as equals in the 21st century. There are no more victors and losers, but only losers as long as the reconciliation is postponed.

13. It is because the struggle for a better world continues, on a higher and more intense level, that reconciliation today is imperative. The struggle for defending the European traditions did not end with the defeat of our parents. The struggle continues, strengthened by the disclosure of deplorable sequels from Communism and American imperialism. The necessity of reconciliation is not a matter of decorum, of furnishing. It is a matter of political reality. The world order of the victors reveals that Americans, Brits and Zionists do not manage to administer peace.
Reconciliation is important today for encouraging those who fight for a better world, to use peaceful means.
Some seem to believe that only Nazi children need a reconciliation. Our postulation is that the descendants of the victors need a reconciliation even more. Europe is sick because of continuous demonization of sound defenders of our European distinctive traits.

14. True democracy does not let politicians diabolize fellow citizens through its institutions. To say that Europe is democratically ruled after 1945, is monstrous.

15. To preach history regarding WWII in black and white must come to an end. Particularly history books for use in schools have to be revised.

16. Post-war Humanists have celebrated themselves at a high level thanks to non-existent efforts for a reconciliation. Because of this omission the Humanists have allowed themselves to demonize the losers with an in crescendo description of Nazi evils. To avoid that these Humanists enter history as fools, they have now an opportunity to interrupt their state of hubris, to show traditional sense of honor, to conduct themselves generously. Time has not gone for a reconciliation as long as children are born.
We are not sorry about the consequence that Western Devil cultivators will lose their devils. Reconciliation comprehends a humanization of Nazis. What Devil cultivators will lose, younger generations of Europeans will see as release. They don't need to fear Devil blood in their veins.

17. Nazi monuments, like Quisling's mansion Gimle at Bygdøy outside Oslo, have to be respected as a memorial of traditionalism. For this reason the Holocaust Center has to move out.

18. Masses of reconciliation are celebrated in all churches. Memorial ceremonies are held in the Parliament, in institutions and at schools. The date of celebration could be the day when Vidkun Quisling was executed, the 24th of October. That day is a strong day for both sides and will for this reason be challenging for real reconciliation.

19. We Nazi children offer the hand to our enemies and end all resentment and feelings of revenge due to our social stigmatization during six decades. Enough is enough on both sides. The rhetoric of war shall finally end.

20. Descendants of victors and descendants of losers honor the dead and the sufferings of our adversaries.

Ole Wilhelm Klüwer, Pentecost 2009

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