Frequently Asked Questions

The Organization of Norwegian NS Children receives many e-mails from persons all over the world. Most of them are written directly to the spokesman Ole Wilhelm Klüwer with the e-mail address Some of you prefer to address questions in our forum, even if it is meant as a place to express opinions. We indeed appreciate every single of your honest questions. We learn from you, hopefully you learn something from us, and true communication is established.

Some questions appear repeatedly. Examples follow accompanied with Klüwer's replies, naturally with no pretension to be exaustive. The numbers are chronological, the highest number presenting the most recent question.

Some core themes :

1. Where were the Nazi children during the Holocaust ?

The Nazi children were participating in the holocaust by hundreds of thousands. Many of us were burned alive in the firestorms created in the civilian German towns by the American-English carpet bombardments. The Allies bombed the German civilians on purpose. The towns at the end of the war when the bombings were at a high, were crowded with refugees mostly women and children. The refugees were to a great extent coming from German land in Eastern Europe as the Red Army under Stalin's command, allied to the Americans and English, organized the world history's biggest ethnical cleansing, consisting of expelling around 18 million Germans from their ancestral land. The children were the most vulnerable to the cleansing methods. One method equally brutal to everybody was the sinking of the boats with refugees, like the torpedoing of Wilhelm Gustloff and Goya, the world history's two biggest ship catastrophes which together drowned 17000 passengers at the end of the war.

2. Did any of you of the Hitler youth groups know about the concentration camps and what happened in them ?

We don't accept in our organization Nazi children born before 1939, which means that our oldest members were six years when the war finished, too young to have joined any war-time organization. Anyhow, as far as we know non of our elder siblings have ever testified knowledge of killings on purpose of inmates during the war. What is important for the younger Nazi children who are the mentally most burdened, is to avoid transfer of guilt on us from our elder siblings. Thus we invite them to establish their own groups.

3. Did your parents enjoy killing Jews ?

Some persons pretend that all Nazis were abnormal. That's a strange assertion, made mostly by revengeful Communist teachers and journalists. Should all Communists be murderous and abnormal because of the death-camps in Siberia ? The social researcher Irving Louis Horowitz indicates in "Taking Lives: Genocide and State Power" 21 million deads generated by the National Socialist system and at least 170 million by the Communist system. Most of us have met Communists with true belief in their mission for establishing a better society. History itself has trashed their political model.

4. Why did the hatred against the NS last so long time after the peace ?

The hatred against the Nazi families in Norway was ebbing in the 1950s. One of the reasons could be that so many Norwegian families had some Nazi relatives. It's tiring to hate your closest ones over years. The situation might have been similar in other countries with strong Nazi or Fascist parties. Then came the Holocaust in the 1960s. The Nazis were transformed into the worst criminals of world history. They became psychological exceptions in the history of mankind, monsters, non-humans, worse than animals. A new hatred was awaked amongst people, at a higher level because all were afraid of being contaminated with Nazi blood. It was in the 60s that the Nazi children were psychologically baked for never more to be able to feel themselves. The Western Cultural Revolution of 1968 threw gasoline to the witch bonfire. The hatred against the NS families is still today burning among the Norwegians, for not saying among the Europeans. Those who take initiatives to understand the Nazi families are quickly stigmatized as not willing to understand the Holocaust.

5. How do you see the difference beween the Nazi/NS Children and the German Soldier Kids, also called "War Children" ?

Only a few German soldier kids are Nazi kids. Few German soldiers were Party members. As a consequence German soldier kids are less affected by Holocaust. They don't deal with the guilt the same way as do Nazi children. Therefore their organizations count hundreds of members where our organization for Nazi kids just receives scared random visitors. We Nazi children arouse often horror and anguish. We are the blood of the authentic Nazis rooted in our countries. Most people choose then gladly to show sympathy toward the German soldier kids in order to continuously ignore the European Nazi children. The treatment of German soldier kids and Nazi children after the war is the rotten component in the construction of the post-war democracies.

6. Is there any difference beween the Neo-Nazis and the Nazi children/NS children ?

Most Neo-Nazis are mentally WWII fixed children of former anti-Nazi families. They are angry frustrated youngsters from our post-war Modernist societies that have nothing but relativist values to offer to the new generations. The Neo-Nazis use the insignia, the ceremonial and the language of the satanized Third Reich in order to obtain the maximum of chock effects in our contemporary society. They are products of political failures in the post-war societies. The Nazi children, the second generation of Nazis, are persons around sixty years old who by generational logics are both free from the past and anchored in the past. We seek an end of the continuous WWII celebrations. We seek a true reconciliation between the fighting European families. Can it be that the demonizing of humans during 60 years has produced hatred, irrational anger, demons ? The post-war democracies have not been able to establish a warm society. Young extremists playing the game of the revolutionary and counter-revolutionary fighters of the past century do not unfold wisdom. It's not their fault. Time is overdue for the winners of the Second World War to take a step forward out of their realm of self-pride. It's nor Christian nor European to withhold a reconciliation after 60 years. We believe that without a reconciliation inside the European second generation the aggressions of young Anarchists, Satanists, Neo-Communists and Neo-Nazis will progress.

7. Do you believe that children of Nazis are inclined (genetically predisposed) to be National Socialists ?

Some academics say that heredity, or DNA, has 10% influence on forming a person, that the rest then is social, educative influences. The percentage varies between 10 and 90, following the researchers' approach to the interesting question : Who are we, set aside political preferences, spiritual beliefs, race/tribe ? Are we nobody ? Most individuals long for appertaining to something in society greater than themselves. In the universe, in time, we are so small; divided in individuals we are grains of sand. It's normal to sense existential anguish.

The Nazis were not exceptional on stressing racial point of view. Most minority groups scattered around the world are "Nazis" in the meaning that they define their identity by physically tribal aspects, in addition to their consciousness of having common historic roots. And these groups are not always minor. Hispanics in the US count millions, just for taking an example from the USA where we have many readers. And the biggest concentration of Neo-Nazis are today to be found in the US where former Ku-Klux-Klan has been set aside by White Power. Race war movies from Hollywood describing the ethnic aspect of new American society have great days. Undoubtedly Hispanicism awakens Whitism.

A definition of National Socialism, necessary to answer the query, becomes complicated when we know that the Nazis fought together with Baltic peoples, Finnish, anti-Communist Russians, many Hungarians, Arabs, etc. During WWII all these different peoples had a conviction of defending their cultural, ethnic differences. The melting pot threat was then international Communism. National Socialism was racist. But was it supremacist ? Neo-Nazis show more tendencies of supremacy than many past National Socialists, due to the fact that Neo-Nazis are more demonstrators than defenders.

Certainly many Nazi children defend the rights of our planet's different cultures and tribes. There is a Right which the United Nations ignores because this organization was established as a victor body on the wrecks of the WWII losers. People have a feeling of duty to defend their cultural heritage. Communal Patrimony Rights must be established at the same level as the Human Rights and equally be an ideal, if a world organization is going to be what it is meant to. Otherwise the Human Rights function as a weapon against our cultures.

Nazi children's muteness and discomfort inside the ruling Western melting pot regimen driven by leftists, indicate their agreement to a defense of the cultures. National Socialism however is confined to a historic time when Communism was threatening the rich variety of cultures on our planet. The second generation of the Nazis looks forward, not backward. As a result the appellation "Nazi" is oldish and improper for designating our generation. But satanization of the WWII losers has made the word "Nazi" long-lived. We are certainly not predisposed to be historically retarded persons. But we have had to adopt the Nazi label ourselves to encounter post-war hysteria surrounding us.

How can we avoid conflicts in the world if we maintain and cultivate cultural and ethnic differences ? This is the challenge since human history began. Solving the problem by homogenizing the entire human society is certainly the worst of all solutions. Western Modernism is a dream of monoculturalism through a pretense of multiculturalism. The result is pure banality, destruction of meaningfulness, cult of nonsense, relativism until perdition of everything senseful. This sick Western Modernism has a paranoia of true differences. The satanization of Nazi families becomes politically comprehensible in this perspective. Those who want to destroy the meaningfulness among humans join Western monotony project. But for good people meaning counts more than materialistic comfort.

8. If the children of Nazis are inclined to be National Socialists, what contributions do you expect to make to the world society in the name of Aryan race ?

The Aryan race is a romantic conception dating from old days. It sounds like a Celtic legend, or any fantastic legend. I know that many Neo-Nazis in the USA use the word "Aryan" today. My Nazi parents spoke mostly of Christian values and patriotism, it be in Norway, in Germany or in France. I never heard them use the word "Aryan". The country which most stresses Christian values and patriotism today is the USA due to its world wide wars. Anyhow, after WWII it has become popular among whites not to be white, mentally speaking. Specially the leftists are deliriant in pretending that they are anything but white, rather some kind of off-white, pre- or post-white. Is it the burden of the Holocaust which has scared the skin off the whites ? To be Aryan seems illegitimate in post-war mainstream culture. To be Caucasian seems a bit more correct. What is the difference ? Do we have to ask some nut from the social science department at one of our marxified universities to get a correct answer ? Of course the White-Aryen-Caucasian-you-name-it-tribe has a positive role to play in the future, like every single other race/tribe on the earth. And those who are of racial mixture have their special contributions to offer to the world society. But no rational person can pretend that race mixture is superior to the old tribes. Also, to respect other races you'll have to respect your own. Our leftist theoreticians brainwashed by past days' social science fictions can believe what they want in accordance with the old saying that everybody is happy in his belief. But we cannot tolerate anymore their occupation of the Western culture. The Western Cultural Revolutions must take an end here as has the Eastern one in China.

9. Have the Nazi children inherited the prejudices of their parents against other races and religions ?

If you respect a neighbour's difference, you just call his opinions and customs "different". But if you despise his opinions and you want to change them, you call them prejudicial, and you call him a bigot or an intolerant from the moment he resists your pressure. If a society wants to maintain its particular culture, the adherents have to protect it, they have to prefer their heritage, to exclude different customs. "Preference" becomes "prejudice" in the perspective of a hostile neighbour. The Modernist winners of WWII have taken great pleasure in depicting the war losers as intolerant and bigots because the losers preferred their ancestral culture. The word "bigot" used for denigrating somebody is a double-edged mental weapon. It's easier for winners to practice bigotry than it is for losers. The Modernists have by all means tried to eradicate the European traditional culture after WWII. They have global visions, carry on imperialistic maneuvers with the pretext of liberating people. Their never-ending denigration of the Nazi families is an effective practice for themselves in order to appear white as pure innocence, as saviours in our times. White gets brighter when painted on black. Capitalist gains is the hidden agenda. So the battle between the Traditionalists and Modernists continues into our 21st century.

10. Are you Nazi children Holocaust deniers or some sort of revisionists ?

Having carried the burden of the Jewish holocaust during 60 years, and done so because our parents refused, we declare ourselves purged, expiated, free. Do the second generation of Nazi children have any right to make such a declaration ? Since our surrounding humanist authorities are mute in our regard we accuse these reigning authorities of lacking in humanity, of perversion of human values. In 1997 we got a letter of redemption from an American Jew saying on behalf of his people that ruling by means of guilt is unjust. There had to come a honorable Jew to help us Nazi children getting forward.

The Holocaust as a guilt spreading ideology has to come to an end. Our Organization has gotten calls from young Jews who have become sick under the pressure of their parents' Holocaust teachings. The Bible says : "Let the Dead bury the Dead." When the reigning Holocaust ideology soon falls and becomes a natural true grief among Jewish people for their losses, the Nazi children will at last have the right of grieving for our losses. Western leftists will then become desperate. They will slowly understand that they are going to lose their privileges in Western culture. They have misused the grief of the Jews for grasping political power, for celebrating wicked joy of domination. They have brought our civilization to a stage of deadly feasts with materialistic orgasms. The leftists have since 1968 brought about relativistic beliefs offering nor past nor future to our children. The actual Death Celebration or Holocaust Cult in the Western world could never have occured without the meddling of leftist academics.

What is important is to avoid a vulgar counter revolution. Some Traditionalists express such an anger after 60 years of repression that they constitute a threat to our own ancestral European values. Some celebrate new paganism having obviously forgotten the roughness of the old pagan social practices. This is the reason why we ask for a reconciliation after World War II so that people of good will from any side join us in an effort to stop the satanizing of humans.

Personally I don't think an end of ongoing satanization is possible without a restoration of a metaphysical satanic realm - in order to deny the idea of Satan being originally a human being. In this way Satan might be expelled from our society. Numerous satanizers will become angry when we snatch their demons from their play ground because humanist satanism has become a wide spread drug among so-called rationalists. The Western self-proclaimed humanists are all addicted to our parents as immanent devils; they are moving in a death saturated fog which some call media industrialized Evil. Out of this fog leftist humanists stretch their finger to point at who are good and who are damned.

Revisionists are we all, also the Jews. They are not Internationalists any more. Most of them have become Nationalists after having revised their situation. They have conformed to the historic political changes in our time. We do not deny the Holocaust. We defy the anti-humane use of Holocaust, the concoction made of it by our times' Humanistists for a materialistic agenda. We try to be Death Cult stoppers.

11. Why don't you take a more definite attitude against Nazism and Anti-Semitism ?

We simply don't do what the self-righteous Humanists tell us to do or to mean. The leftist Humanists have no credibility being the morally bankrupt heirs of international Communism. We find the relativist post-Communist culture which they force upon us as quite repulsive. The Humanists have boiled Nazi bones in the Holocaust's black kettle during too long time. Into that soup anybody is pushed if he only once has touched a forbidden symbol. The result is negative for the Jews and tragic for the Nazi children. The boiling bobbles have given two types of half devils, half gods : Nazis and Jews. Our times' Anti-Semites who develop in great number in the USA have gotten the religious conviction that the Jews have occupied the White world as if the Jews were gods, devils or super-humans. Without some magic forces how could otherwise 14 million Jews manipulate a billion of Whites ? And our dear Humanists occupying our schools, universities and media, those who in fact are the most delirious soup boilers, they honor us Nazi children by designating us as replete of parental Evil if we happen to relate some vulgar opinions carried by the populace. Fanatic anti-Nazis and fanatic anti-Semites in the Western world are of the same extract. The Satan addicted Humanists produce them with their boiling mania. From their kitchen the Holocaust spreads a dark mood instead of an encouraging sense.
Anti-Semitism is an attitude which is as legitimate or illegitimate as anti-Germanism or anti-Americanism etc. If somebody wishes to slay all Germans or Jews in view of a purer world it is not a specifically wise wish, and it is indeed very little neighbor friendly. Such a wish sins against our need of maintaining the variety of ethnic groups in the world, they be larger groups like the aboriginal Whites in Europe or smaller ones named minority groups. In a global view also the Whites are a minority. The Jews and the Nazi children have both interests in caring for their ethnic specificity.

12. Why don't you get integrated in the democracy ?

It's impossible to be integrated while this democracy functions as it does. Postwar democracy is dominated by a continuous war ideology as long as its establishment ignores any tentative of reconciliation with the losers' second generation, leaving them no socially vital oxygen. The legitimacy of the postwar democracy is at stake due to how it is practiced.

Each time academic historians address the topic of Nazi children, mixing their role with that of social researchers, they claim as premise for any communication with us that we agree to the their understanding that our fathers' policy was wrong in all aspects. The policy of the forces of the Soviet Russians and the Anglo-Americans, the so-called Allied Forces, was right.

With this black and white attitude to history the victors permit themselves, 60 years later, to continue satanizing our families through their world wide media. We dare recommend still going partisans of Communism as well as internationalist Humanists, the cadres of the new democratic world order, to act a bit more carefully. Cultural Communism or Internationalist Humanism have not abolished the nations. On the contrary, pre-WW I states have been reestablished in great numbers in Eastern Europe, together with Israel as a pre-Roman-Empire state in the Middle East. Nor have the Humanists abrogated the Fascistically established Vatican State.

If the nations had been abolished, the Norwegian oil would have been under administration of the UN, benefitting poor countries instead of feeding internationalist academicians in their careers while they construct their globalist capitalist empire euphemistically called "global village".

We see the results of the winners' empire : endless migrations of poor people over the continents, desertification of the countryside, abandonment of the villages. The children of the poor migrants are delivered to Western institutions which might provide some education and money but no roots, no feelings of identity. Similarly the Western ethnic peoples get uprooted by dramatic social changes.

Much may be said of the soon gone Nazis and Fascists in Europe. They were fighting a horrible civil war. They were not alone committing horrors. Nobody can make them invalid in history just by claiming that they were historically wrong. In fact many of their ideals are honored in the West among winners. Family values and respect for our historic roots and own ethnic cultures are more and more appreciated because benefitting our children.

We Nazi descendants have the same right to history as the winners' descendants when 60 years have passed. We do also represent those who cared for the traditions prior to the social unrest in the 20th century. The Nazi descendants are rooted in history with long family lines. The fight between socially experimenting Modernists and socially cautious Traditionalists is not over. This fight shall never stop. Let us at least stop WWII in our hearts, in our minds, in our social room.

The children of Nazis and Fascists need peace. The victors need an end to the mental World War II fixation which is obnoxious. And the victors' children need European traditions. 2nd and 3rd generation Nazis of our Organization defend European culture against the Modernists' devastating manipulations. Of course we don't ask anybody weather we do have right or not to be ourselves today, to use our own head. We are in fact no children any more. We are responsible adults re-conquering our rights in our beloved Europe. Our identity has logically been fortified by lifelong stigmatization.

The warriors' aim was victory for their cause on the premises of their time. The descendants' aim is reconciliation and communication on our times' premises, in view of a better future for the European community.

13. Do you blame the Jews for your mental stress ?

We blame the victors in the West for deliberately punishing the Nazi children and the German soldier kids. The victors still enjoy punishing instead of preparing the war survivors for a European reconciliation. The victors are both capitalist Liberals, democratic Socialists and cultural Communists. Since their victory in 1945 they have maneuvered for a New World Empire claiming to be the only ones who offer viable values to the inhabitants of the globe. These values are individual freedom in a frame of Democracy. The individuality is legitimated through the Human Rights of the French Revolution. These "rights" have been erected to be religiously venerated as a universal law.

When state Communism failed in the East, democratic Capitalists and cultural Communists continued their objectives in all Western cultural fora. They were helped in the task by new Communists from the generation of 1968. Over time Capitalists were putting these Neo-Communists in core positions in our cultural institutions in order to break down the old European traditions. Communists enjoy the future, not the past. They are mono-dimensional, having but contempt for traditions.

Jews are victims of the ideology of the French Revolution from the beginning. They have latterly become victims of capitalist Western conquerors. Why should we Nazi children blame other victims ? We Europeans cannot blame Jews for grasping ressidues from our boiling ideological history. We can feel sorry for them. The most traditional and feverishly religious people on the earth have taken up the most anti-religious ideology : materialistic thoughts from the French Revolution. They certainly did so in order to protect themselves from Christian Western pressure and domination. The result has anyhow become catastrophic for themselves. A great number of Jews have lost their religious belief. The Jews Marx and Engels expressed the Materialistic Manifest. But modern Europe formed Marx and Engels.

Some Jews and dreadfully many Whites have been infected with the belief that they own the world. Zionists and Capitalists have this in common : They think they can be conquerors by universalist "rights". Anti-Materialistic Jews and Nazi children have today a unique chance to find each others in order to correct the course both for Israel and for the West.

14. Why do you dislike modern values ?

The most disgusting side of capitalist Humanists is their deep contempt for people who lived in centuries before them. The Humanists feel no gratitude for the legacy given by people from our past; they show no respect for their efforts in their time. This lack of respect follows logically from the Humanists' veneration of the French Revolution, of all revolutions. When a revolution per definition rejects all values prior to the revolution, there is no reason why revolutionaries should care for the humans of past cultures.

What most characterizes revolutionaries is their lack of humility, their proclamatory universalism. But the long history of human blood has no comprehension for revolutionary logorrhea.

15. Do you think you are different ?

Of course we are different. We oppose pretensiously boasting post-war Europeans who talk about equality and freedom for everybody, but who enrich themselves ever more by world wide capitalistic manoeuvers. If Humanists could see themselves as different, they might also rediscover ideals like respect, honour, integrity, incorruptibility, tolerance, reverence - words actually based on the cult of difference. Jews are different. They want to be different and they stay different. The Jews are right. To be different is their historic tradition. Now they are newcomers as country possessors and they seem to have lost the art of nourishing neighbourhood. They have learned too much of excessive European ideologists.

Today Whites want to be equal and identic to all others, to such an extreme that they seem to dislike to be White. But those who want to be like all others, sin against their nature. They might repress their difference under a layer of lead called "humanist democracy". More the repression lasts more violent the return of the repressed natural forces will become. Through their universalist pretense the Whites are perversely celebrating themselves. The French Revolution made the Whites drunk of rational vanity. They constructed the drunken boat, Le Bateau Ivre, believing it was a Noah's ark which should save us all from the irrational.

16. Do you want revenge ?

We could have the wish of sending the harmful capitalist Humanists to Bjørnøya, a lonely island in the Arctic Ocean. But they are part of our tribe. It is certainly a characteristic of our ethnicity's mentality to go a bit to the extremes, to become obsessed, to be maniac. The discredit of the traditional values after 1945 gave the Modernists all opportunities to cultivate their excessive ideals. They need to be counter-balanced. Europe needs a reconciliation between the reactionary and the revolutionary families in order to protect themselves from potential mania.

17. Are you racists ?

We are race caring since we are coloured - we are of the skin colour "white". If some readers define racists as race slaughters, people who slaughter people of different skin colour, we are certainly not racists, whatsoever our parents did. Now, we all belong to the variety of the human race. If the fact of appertaining to a coloured race, the fact of loving our race and caring for our race, is denominated "criminal racism", then the denominators should be brought before an international ethnical tribunal. Such anti-racism is a rational abuse originated in mad revolutionary intellectualism. This anti-racism is a perversion since it has no root in nature.

Tolerance, respect, integrity, honour and pride are indeed valuable attitudes in a world coloured by ethnical diversity. Pride is imperative in order to maintain the rich diversity of the globe. To despise one's race is harmful to all persons in our world. Real communication can only be based on real differences. The "rational" idea of an end of the differences becomes logically the end of all profound communication, the end of inspiring challenges and real play. It might become the end of life. If you cannot stand out your ethnicity, you have little to do in a global ethnical environment.

Universalism - the intellectualization of the humanity "sub specie Dei" - is a dangerous hubris. Such beliefs are like double edged knives which cut both ways. With big thoughts we can widen up our horizons. But we can also destroy our natural habitat. Sooner or later natural ethnicity will winn over social-scientific non-ethnicity. Intolerant anti-racists have reasons for being nervous. These rationalists have engaged the Nature as their enemy.

18. What exactly is your point ?

The Anglo-Americans won WWII but they have lost the peace. When the victors after 60 years show no interest in healing the wounds inside their own population, they are not capable of true politics. As a consequence of the moral bankruptcy of the winners, values belonging to our common pre-war culture have to be brought forward for a re-examination by the new generations. In this perspective the Nazi children are witnesses of the history of their traditionalist families. Our 21st century appears to be counter-revolutionary. It is profoundly anti-revolutionary.

And we do certainly not need materialistic oligarchs. The West needs spiritual leaders.

19. Are you Nazi, Mr. Klüwer ?

I am second generation Nazi. If I were afraid of the Nazi label I could not work with the Nazi children topic. I have necessarily been harrassed with this diabolized word since we established our Organization, and our new enemies who are our contemporary Humanists, call them also Neo-Communists, Leftists or Internationalist Anarchists, are quick to using the term. Personally I would prefer the label "Traditionalist", but in modernistic intellectual cercles they take the word as a synonym of "Nazi" anyhow.

The pre-Nazis and many of the first generation Nazis sprung from old European families to protect Europe from excessive Modernist or Marxist aggressions. We who constitute the 2. generation are not going to adopt the ideology of Materialist Modernism once we wake up from our mental diaspora. There will always be exceptions of course. We of 2. generation have some other traditionalist perspectives than our parents though, like all new generations in the world who challenge new times, different from those of the parents.

After the fall of the Communist empire we are not in a prewar situation with old-type threatening Communism. We do not need to make propagandistic descriptions of that old enemy any longer. The other enemy of old European families is international Capitalism, which nurtures a plan to form a new world empire through destruction of our traditions. Globalist Capitalism is today fronted not only by Traditionalists but by many from the 3. generation, youngsters from all over the world, notwithstanding parents' ideology. They get together to fight each time there are Capitalist Summits. The 2. generation Nazis can thus take a step back and concentrate more on long history lines.

First generation Nazis stressed the value of own race, necessary to achieve independance of the Völker. Today races are mingled all over the globe, due partly to progressive, aggressive Capitalism. Individuals far from own racial society suffer easily from uprootedness, from wounded feelings of being in diaspora. The 2. generation Nazis have a duty to help all uprooted individuals, not by means of utterly Modernistic social solutions which is what the Humanists propose, but by means of old solutions in order to protect the traditions of the world's Völker or peoples.

Our contemporary world, monodimensionally heading toward ever more Modernist anti-spiritual social solutions, needs the Nazi children as a corrective force to change the direction of ongoing mainstream. We need also to incarnate ourselves in meaningful social activity. And the postwar Humanists need somebody to hate.

Alas, what false Humanists ! Each time they erect a Holocaust museum, they feel they build a temple to their own moral glory. They move in a holy atmosphere thinking they are saints even though they believe in nothing but themselves.

20. There are good and evil ideologies. Really, don't you think that Nazism is evil ?

Humans fabricate ideologies which subsequently capture the humans. Where there are humans, there is nor pure goodness nor pure evilness.

The ideology of Social Freedom and Human Rights trumpeted forth by the United States and the winning side of Europe after World War II, separates good humans from evil humans. Nobody is surprised to find the Americans and English auto-located on the side of goodness. A black and white vision coerces the secular American-European ideology of Freedom into a pattern belonging to the Old Testament : God and Satan divide the humans.

When American and European Humanists of the post WWII era make a mess of the world with their black and white conception, they practice nor rational politics nor honest theology. They do certainly not follow the commandment of Love from the New Testament. Christian theologians have a problem as long as they do not confront both false secular Humanism and false modernist theology of pre-Christian rule. When God incarnated himself as a Human he made a historic and biblical revolution.

21. Nazis are racists. Saint Paul teaches "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus". How can Nazis have any relation to God ?

Most Nazis were deeply Christians, regardless what is taught in schools and at universities. The Nazi roots go deep down into orthodox Catholic and Protestant families. Hitler was a Catholic, as well as his Nazi movement co-founder Erich Ludendorff. Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, and Joseph Goebbels were Catholics. Hans Frank converted to Catholicism. Mussolini, Pétain and Franco were Catholics. Vidkun Quisling was son of a Protestant priest and planned to become one when the war ended. This religious-historic fact forced necessarily forth the Second Vatican Council. In post-war times the Church had to play the politically obligatory card of Holocaust.

The prime motivation of Nazis and Fascists, scared by the threatening effects of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, was to defend Old Europe's Christianity, traditions and culture, altogether the European civilization. Most Nazis and Fascists felt they had a duty to join a holy defensive war.

One of the reasons why the wealthy Communist empire recently failed is that it gave no contribution to ethnic group feelings necessary to humans. An other important reason is that Marxist ideology ridicules religious aspirations equally necessary to humans. As a consequence most pre-world-war nations eaten by the empire have been reestablished after 1990.

During the two tough decades going from 1960 to 1980, rid by Holocaust revelations and advances of liberal social ideals, numerous Nazi children converted to Catholicism. They were accepted then. In our new millennium the Nazi children topic is not accepted by the Church, probably due to a new generation of priests.

A relativist neo-Communist ideology is now in power in the Western hemisphere. As a result most traditional life practices suffer of decadence. Many inhabitants feel confused, ethnic Europeans as well as non-Europeans. Ideologists ask for integration of non-Europeans in the modern way of life, including modern spirit. Immigrants are marvelously resistant to the Western decadence.

The Catholic Church is a spiritual power. It follows closely the turns of the society and has for the time being become decadent, socially speaking. It is said that the Catholic Church has prostitution tendencies. How could it otherwise survive through 2000 years surrounded by volatile worldly masters ?

It's up to conscious laymen to re-conquer the society in order to restore an organization and to make it viable for the future. Christ said : "Give Caesar what is Caesar's and God what is God's". State Communists have lost in the West. Now it's the turn to neo-Communists of the 1968 generation. Clergymen shall not lead the social options of our old civilization. It is not their duty. It's the duty of the laymen.

When laymen conquered the Second Vatican Council, they stepped over a boarder to a realm which was not theirs. Clergymen have by laymen's acts been pushed toward political activities, what is not their realm. Let's start with a reconciliation after the World War II in order to prepare a new council.

Saint Paul is right. In the domain of Christian faith all humans are equal. In society equality is a disaster. There, traditional duty and dignity shall prevail.

22. We don't need your presence in the world !

Of course the exclusive neo-Humanists think they do not need our presence. They don't want white opponents to their plan of a world empire. They believe in two powers : themselves as a new world aristocracy, and the Nazis as representants of Evil, as Devils. Had Humanists been religious they would have prefered to catapult the Nazi Devils out of the world and to a metaphysical place, to old Hell, from where there is no chance to see us return.

Being atheists the neo-Humanists must limit their chastising dreams to an immanent space. They have therefore erected earthly hell for the Nazi brood, by means of weapon of mental mass destruction : guilt transfer and following lifelong satanization. Many of us would have prefered a metaphysical solution where Christ interfers. In the Humanists' purgatory there is no pardon.

Neo-Humanists seem to have inspired Neo-Catholics to develop liberal theology. Neo-Catholics have thus abrogated the power of the classic metaphysical Devil and made Hell empty. Have neo-Catholics participated in relocating Hell on earth for Nazi descendants ? Really, the Catholic Church should soon address the topic of Nazi children.

Now, what is shame is that Nazi children comply to the order of neo-Humanists and make themselves invisible, make themselves nonexistent. They don't realize that by accepting silence they accept being devils. Europe has a black hole in own history which they don't want to talk about. The continent has a population where half of them belong to the night and play ghosts. But the Nazi families have not disappeared from the history just by the will or wizard dreams of post-war Humanists.

The core problem of the Nazi children is their silence. Their continuous silence 60 years after the war makes themselves feeling stupid and getting sick, and more and more so as time passes. Now I am unable to state who are the most sick of the Humanists and the Nazi children. I must concede that it is not easy to be a Humanist either as long as their dialectical opponents remain silent. This silence concerns more and more the 3. generation, both Nazi children and Humanist children. Europe needs a reconciliation !

23. Could you manifest a policy for the second generation Nazis ?

1. There will be no strength in true Western Conservatism unless the topic of Nazi children is addressed. They are the last legitimists of our old culture since they are bearers of the awful defeats after the struggles against pre-war destructive Modernism, it be American imperial Capitalism or European imperial Communism. The millions of fallen in Nazi families, for the cause of real freedom for Whites, is a treasure for the future. The dead in those battles show our capacity of sacrifice. Whites can not disregard the tragedies of the world wars and play with politics as if there were no defeat. An understanding of the defeat is basic for new positions.

2. There will be no energy in true Western Conservatism unless freedom for all races and cultures on earth is addressed. Whites are not unique, unless for ourselves. Peoples of African, Asian and Indian-American origin shall not be despised by Whites - if real freedom for the world's Völker is our concern. Our aim shall be to avoid wars among the Völker by a world order based on ethnicity and history, opposed to the Materialistic New World Order based on money and influence of a hidden elite. Our enemies are internationalist Modernists who ignore the past, who despise old cultures and religions and who look for material welfare exclusively. But we can not establish a world order based on ethnicity and history if we do not address the poverty which is infesting more and more urban areas throughout the world. So far no counter-revolutionary group has dealt with ethnic poverty as our problem.

3. Materialism is not a viable way for true tribes. The mysteries of our origin and existence are venerated subjects. They shall not be handled by feminist witches or by frivolous New Age escapists. There will be no vitality in true Western Conservatism unless we go into our spiritual tradition and care for a reawakening of Christianity, our oldest alive spiritual tradition which binds us together.

4. The academic Modernists who govern our Western culture through the Humanist universities are all evolutionists who dare to think that they are different and better than our forefathers. They are the negative racists of our time, because they despite everyone who is not worshiping the theories of their social sciences. These theories are not rooted in reality but express political dreams. Academic Modernists despite all religious peoples as well as peoples loyal to their traditions. They think that traditional peoples belong to an inferior human level. Such disgusting neo-Humanists are today educating our Western children. There will be no strong Conservatism if we do not confront these malefactors and show our countrymen an other way to go.

5. The majority of those who fight against the New World Order are gathered in numerous circles of Revisionists. Revisionists have fallen into the trap of a non-European death cult. Instead of ending the death cult they perpetuate the cult through counter thoughts. Revisionists prolong the death cult and conserve it thanks to all kinds of initiatives and energies. They waste their energies for wrong causes.

Let the Jews mourn their dead from a war in which they were centrally involved. Let them chose the number of victims they want. The Jews honestly mourn their dead. But unfortunately for us they twist their feelings of sorrow into feelings of blame. They blame their perpetrators of course, and they invest their feelings in fabricating guilt which power they misuse 60 years after the tragedies. The Jews seem not willing to understand that in a war there are perpetrators and perpetrators. But the Jews are Jews and the Europeans shall be Europeans. We shall all care for our difference. True Westerners shall mourn own dead. 60 years after the war they shall naturally mourn the dead on both sides, and they shall search for a reconciliation. We are today communicating with new generations on both sides and we shall not nourish the conflict endlessly.


The first generation Nazis and Fascists fought on the premises of their time. Times have changed. Hitler's mistake was that he did not understand that the world had diminished in the 20th century and consequently that conservative policy had to go global if going to be effective. Hitler reduced his political views to Germany alone.

Counter revolutionaries must invest in the new generations. All the neo-movements around us are repetitive of caducous policies, like the neo-Communists, neo-Catholics, neo-Humanists, neo-Nazis. They are all belonging to failed Modernism or failed Conservatism of the past.

24. You Nazi descendents are doomed to extinction. You are social beings of a system which has proved itself to be inept for modern times !

Neo-Humanists who are victors of the world wars and who dominate Western post-war culture, base their power on the Human Rights and the evolutionary theories of Darwin. Neo-Humanists are quick to doom everybody who thinks differently. But there are two ways of understanding human existence under the power of time.

Traditional Catholic way is to see human life as generations wandering on earth toward their earthly end and promising resurrection in Christ. This way may be symbolized by an horizontal line which expresses continuous move of generations who are equal in spiritual and human capacities. In the carol "Wonderful is the Earth", written by the Dane Severin Ingemann (1789 - 1862), the text says :

Ages shall come,
ages shall pass,
clan shall follow the path of clans;

Humans are kindred through the ages. Our history is like a family story where nobody is superior or inferior due to abstract evolutionary leaps.

Neo-Humanists have trashed all this humiliate and respectful way of regarding history. So, with rights based in own theories they can say that History is dead, or at least obsolete. Progress of technology and sciences during the last "Humanistic" century has given Humanists a belief in noticeable evolution from one generation to an other. Neo-Humanists are convinced that the traditional concept of equality of humans through the ages is caducuous. There has emerged a New Man for a New Age, and this creature is nobody else but the neo-Humanist himself, auto-sacred by his theory of evolution. Everything on earth is developing, and so is man, the neo-Humanists pretend. They are eager to produce films on the primitive monsters from the past at the same time as they let us preview in this 7th art the future creatures with higher intelligence and sensitivity, like the space humanoid E.T. These speculative productions are destined to prove a fictitious reality, the reality of human evolution.

People of the past are consequently different from the people of the present. The latter are more evolved, more intelligent, more righteous. A symbol of this new concept of man might be a vertical line. The top of the line represents humans who are more appropriate for living, who are more appropriate for the future than people symbolized by the bottom of the line. Democracies based on social sciences through Human Rights have more rights on the earth than traditional political systems. Moral rights follow the evolutionary argument. At its extreme this self praising demonic system argues that the wildest modernist idea is the most exquisitely moral one.

Something rather strange is going on when large laic parts of the Catholic Church have adopted the Modernist credo without being corrected by the clergy. Jews who deeply love their forefathers who gave the presently living identity, meaning in life and pride, must be amazed by the attitude of neo-Catholics. Catholic old timers are deeply concerned. A two thousand years old entity like the Catholic Church can not continue with futuristic opportunism as leading philosophy. The Church depends on its loyalty to the past, as all serious religious or laic organizations.

A traditionalist neo-Humanistic attitude is their demand of being historically and socially exclusive. By behaving exclusively and satanizing non-conform social members, they betray their own central principle of being democratic and multiculturalistic. When Humanists pretend to bring grace and goodness to all living in the universe - at the same time as they exclude peoples of opposing cultures - they are false universalists. Our old world is composite and complex. The world is definitely not a village for immature and bragging Humanists.

The Humanists are worse than traditional exclusivists like former English Imperialists. Traditional exclusivists told what they thougt and showed who they were. But Humanists hide their imperialistic lust behind tricky anti-imperialistic words like "democracy" and "human rights", words which they are forced to use endlessly.

25. How far do you need to go in order to find peace for your folk ?

The cultural situation of Western Europe is worsening every year after the Capitalist and Communist victory of 1945. Those who have grasped the power or who were invested with power by the winners after the defeat of Germany, are cultural liberalists and anti-traditionalists. I call them neo-Humanists because they say they are the scientifically most human on the face of the globe.

With the absence of a natural reconciliation between the enemies in WWII, the pretended European peace becomes more and more a joke as time passes. We Nazi children are the proof of an ongoing war. WWII continues with attacks on the old European culture. The Americans awoke from the dream of cultural peace in the 70s when they saw the degradation of own society and culture. They got their universities marxified. Their cultural unity showed up to be broken during the Viet-Nam war. According to the new marxifying academics, Vietnamese Communism "modernized" the East. Communism was no longer contrary to new American globalist dreams.

So, now European Nazi children and anti-multiculturalist Americans meet in a same status of being in exile in own country. With other words we are all Nazi children.

The Western Cultural Revolution of 1968 brought new generations to war against the old Western civilization. The revolution has not ceased. Norwegian universities and high schools are infested with teachers founding their theories on Marxist analyzes. Now Marxists have obtained the paradisiac classless society, at least in the name. The ongoing struggle is waged to annihilate old Europe including its tribal specificities. Neo-Humanists mixed with neo-Marxist revolutionaries want to destroy all cultures which are not based on the abstract Human Rights. These rights are exclusively interpreted by themselves for their own interests. One interpretation is that white tribes do not have the same rights of protection as non-white tribes.

But the neo-Humanists are afraid of a cultural reaction. Therefore they accelerate the satanization of Nazi descendents. Therefore they have recently founded a Holocaust museum in the mansion outside Oslo where Quisling lived during war. The guilt power extracted from the death cult of Holocaust is the best weapon in the hands of neo-Humanists who need to pacify old European conservative families. The majority of the male members of these families perished by the way on the Eastern front.

A European catastrophe is a fact after 60 years, thanks to nefarious support from Americans who have provided Europe with films, music, books and fashion full of liberalist mythology. Speculative conclusions in social sciences enter into the americanized European universtities. Sure, the Jews have their role in developing scientific Modernism. But they would be helpless without gentile support. Before criticizing others we must start with own introspection and self-criticism. Our worst enemies are our kinsmen. We have better chances to win if we attack them rather than foreign tribes who have all rights to be different from us.

Globalist Materialism is a diabolic machinery which produces at least the following examples of cultural and social calamities :

The saviors of Europe and European America might be Russia. The Russians have the most suffered under demonic scientific Modernism and should best know how to handle neo-Humanists.

Our challenges in order to restore Western civilization are numerous :

26. Are Nazi children angry ?

The legal purges after 1945 aimed at our parents, but hit the children. The economic sanctions ordered against the Nazi families empoverished the children. The criminalization of our families destroyed mostly the children.

The Holocaust campaign in the early 60s was directed against the Nazi children. Many children lost their roots in history, loyalty to their families, values of Western traditional life style. Instead they were imbued with guilt and shame for everything they were. Having just been criminalized they were now satanized together with their parents.

The Western Humanistic peace process after 1945 has been a monstrous brainwashing of Nazi descendants.

After 60 years, in 2005, academic Humanists in Norway concluded a revision of the legal purges of 1945, undertaken few years earlier. Their motive was to avoid a process of reconciliation. They fear a reconciliation which will dismantle their cover of being the most moral persons of world history. They need Nazism as pure evil to invest themselves with religious goodness. Their revision could only end up with embracing the 1945 purges as fair.

Nazi children might explode of anger. Only the walk toward a reconciliation can make them winners.

27. Non-global attitudes such as nationalism are egoistic, don't you think ?

The French revolutionaries went global in 1789, or universal, as they even more pretentiously called it. The revolution drowned in waves of violence and despair.
The French Revolution inspired the persons behind the next big revolutionary experiment, the Russian Revolution of 1917. It was equally globalistic, and it drowned in waves of violence and disillusions for the citizens.

Definitely, humans need roots and local atmosphere to thrive in. Universalist and globalist Humanists of the post-WWII era have a loser mission. They provoke indignation wherever they arrange meetings. Anti-Globalism or anti-Capitalism is a trend among youngsters. But, these young protesters will also fail if they don't care for tribal roots.

We are back to the old challenge : How can we make good communication between tribes with equal rights to exist ? The neo-Catholics think that race mixture is the good answer. They have turned political after the Vatican II. They are good lackeys of manipulating global Capitalists.

Western leftists are incapable of viable political reflections after the disasters of their revolutionary projects. It's time for the defendants of Old Europe to take the relay.

28. You say that the Nazi children are demonized. What are the effects of demonization ?

The muteness of the Nazi children is slowly degrading individuals, families, societies. But the worst effects of the ongoing satanization have turned against the satanizers, following the logic of evil. When liberalistic and socialistic Europeans still after sixty years celebrate their victory instead of seeking true reconciliation with the losers, they spoil the essence of the victory, the goodness which they say they fought for.

All Europe, both the winning and the losing side, are rotting under false humanism. Humanists in actual governing positions inspire to self-hatred and spread self-hatred among the citizens instead of encouragement. The Europeans have become bound to hate themselves, to hate their own white race, to hate their history, their culture, their family structure, their old religion, their traditions.

At the same time they have gone globalist with a mission to save the world through empty words of democracy and human rights while in fact they spread cultural darkness to cover growing materialistic greed.

29. You seem to mistrust modern humanism.

Our days' Humanists, with their double agenda of capitalist gains and pretentious human aid, ride an ideology of sameness of all peoples. The Human Rights introduced as a universal law are now on the way to uniformize all societies of the world. The establishment of a global government remains a pro forma step. Already the Western politicians use expressions like the "world opinion", the "world society" or the "wish of the nations of the world" to pressure non-complying countries or organizations to adapt to a modern Western world standard. A certain type of White men do not seem to abstain from colonizing practices, even though they call their mission "humanistic".

Are the world citizens granted true freedom under the rule of the Western democracies ? We Nazi children have reasons to answer negatively. While the actual Humanists standardize or level the old civilizations because these are not democratically structured, more and more people are invited to ask whether they earn enriching freedom or not when entering the realm of modern democracy.

The Human Rights oppose all hierarchical structures. If we consider the hierarchy of the Catholic Church we must assert that it fails against the new "world order" by its exclusion of women in the inner structure, one example among numerous other sins. The Neo-Catholics, dominant after the Vatican II, pray today to God that the Human Rights shall penetrate the Church. Since God Himself is part of the structure, a modernized Church risks to miss Something. The Neo-Catholics are also those who are the most unable to handle the Church history, specifically that of the 20th century. Consequently they are unable to face the reality of the Nazi children. Humanists are definitely against us.

In a society all kinds of jobs are important for the functioning of the whole, whether the society is ruled democratically or hierarchically. In Democracy the individuals have to fight for being seen, in order to be attended. They develop a necessary character of egoism and envy - the opposite of a character of grace, decency and generosity. In Democracy individuals are participating in the making of an unordered structure, like a bric-a-brac heap. In a hierarchically spiritual society the individuals are elements of a structure, like a cathedral, which gives beauty and sense to their lives.

Modern Democracy is ruled by capitalist cadres. A hierarchical society is ruled by secular and spiritual elites whose orders are transmitted from the past. Do all of us living in the 21st century have to bow for the Modernists ? Shall we all go for the cacaphony of the "free" individuals and leave behind the symphony of the cultures ?

It has come to a point when it is necessary to defend the differences of the peoples.

30. How do you consider the legal situation of the Nazi children ?

With the war winners' denazification campaign still in vigor the democracies reject such creatures as Nazi children. If we turn out to be outspoken, we become a scandal. On the contrary mute Nazi children are proofs of the success of the denazification program.

When Nazi children awaken from the nightmare of the never ending peace process or denazification, we become a challenge to the consciousness of postwar Humanists who rule the West. To defy the morality of the winners is our historical role.

But we are an endangered species as long as the winners do not seek reconciliation. With the lack of a peace treaty in Europe, we find ourselves still under the rule of World War II. The Humanists will not finish the war because they take delight in endlessly celebrating the victory. They are so denued of moral introspection that they don't even know that their one-sided celebration practices are tasteless when sixty years have passed.

31. The German kids in Norway, kids of Norwegian mothers and occupying German soldiers, claim remuneration for endured miserable lives in Norwegian post-war society. Do you Nazi kids claim compensation as well ?

How can we claim support or money from adversaries ? It's nonsense. We claim the right of being visible and active in our own country, in our European culture, after exclusion and forced invisibility during sixty years. It is also immoral of us Nazi children to remain invisible and thus be the dummies of the winners. The winners shall not continue endlessly to make fun of our common culture, our history, and play with our future.

Nazism as a military force was destroyed in 1945. The surviving Nazis were silenced and operated under cover to a certain extent. Due to age most of them are gone today. Their children are not dead, although of relatively advanced age. We inherited Nazism, the losers' policy. We have expiated with sixty years of inner exile.

But we are heirs of something more durable than Nazism. We are heirs of European Traditionalism. This Traditionalism became militant in the first quarter of the last century when exposed to and threatened by world conquering Communism and expanding modern Capitalism.

Communism is gone, abandoned as a socially nonviable system in the West. Militant Traditionalism called Nazism is also gone. European cultural Traditionalism is not gone. Although compromised after WWII this Traditionalism is getting important in a Europe overwhelmed by modernistic Capitalists.

The Second Generation Nazis form a new generation which is both different and equal to the parents' generation. The winners of WWII and the winners' descendents have their right to ignore us, but no right to deny our existence. The winners' denazification program must come to an end when sixty years have passed, in order to restore peace for innocent generations.

32. What happens if the West continues one-sided celebrations of victors, persists to repress Nazi and Fascist children, goes on with ignoring the need of reconciliation with European Traditionalists ?

Then the hemorrhage of Western culture will accelerate. The reasons of the Western cultural and spiritual decadence, a decadence which goes parallel with the imperialistic Capitalist expansion, are hidden in the psychology of the warriors' 2nd generation. Revenge and extremism play together.

Nazi children are exercising revenge on themselves. They know vaguely that they are zombies in postwar society, persons with no integrity because with no right to tell who they are. They react with auto-contempt. They run toward extreme points of view and go for extreme practices in political and social fields. They are unharmonious. They bother their surroundings with mental unrest in order to shape the others to fit own incompleteness. Many Nazi children are thus aggravating Western decadence.

This perverse revenge practiced by Nazi children should have no influence on European society in general, was it not for their number. Only in Germany there are around thirty million Nazi children. Together with Fascist children all over Europe the number may be tripled. It is predictable that their negative social influence will be inherited by the 3rd generation.

The second generation victors are imbued with Humanist myths from the French Revolution : myths of Freedom, Liberalism and Human Rights. They got hooked on Communist myths in the 60s and 70s when they challenged their fathers with a cultural revolution. Their fathers had become exessively big due to war mythologies and endless stories of war bravura. The children had to topple the war generation in order to get sufficient oxygene and space for own life.

In the 80s, a decade after the cultural revolution of 1968, the children of the victors found themselves in progressing political, economic and social power. Opportunistically they adopted the welfare myths of Capitalism. They profited of their sovereign situation of having no adversaries nor in Europe nor in the rest of the world. They had approached both the Soviet Union and the Communist Republic of China. They amalgamated Communism and Capitalism. As a consequence European Traditionalists were at this time more stigmatized than ever. They were simply outlawed, denigrated as "Nazis", specifically if they came from Nazi families.

The children of the victors neglect their historic roots if they have not cut them. They are unable to find satisfactory identity and proudness in past times. They are on the contrary on the run toward the future, a Disneyland future. Their myths tell them that an earthly paradise will be found. They are the Technocrat Kids who see the newest computers, cars and modern buildings as proofs of a coming fairyland. In order to reach the future as quickly as possible, they opt for a quick destruction of all mental remnants from the European past.

Like their fathers, who believed they were moral world champions - war victors can attribute to themselves any qualifications - the kids believe they are universal champions both politically and morally. The children of the victors push their materialistic Humanism on every other deeply rooted culture in the world. They do it in the name of "Human Rights" which they pretend to respect themselves.

Our Earth has never seen such pretentious self-boasting creatures. They feel no shame when criticizing Old Europe's colonialism while they push for a Western global Empire in the name of Materialism, Democracy, Capitalism and Human Rights. Of course they call their Empire just a cute "global village". They omit to say that themselves, academic Western Humanists, are the New World's cadres, elite, aristocracy. Thus, together with perverse auto-revenging Nazi children, victor children seal the progress of Western decadence.

33. Do you try to legitimize your parents' ideology ? (French journalist, June 2004)

Such a question may appear mean. It often hides an intention, an accusation of repetition. The question is typical for the winners and the winners' descendants who want to bully Nazi children into silence. They might get a kick out of bullying us, by uttering that we prepare a comeback : First we legitimize Evil, then we will incarnate the ghosts of our parents.

Should outspoken Nazi children look for revenge ? Do we want to restore European Nazi parties ? Will we repeat Second World War ? In that case we should rather shut up and keep secret our thoughts, for strategic reasons.

Most people know that history is a mysterious progress which in the long run is unknown even for war victors. History offers no simple repetitions. Our parents lost the war, we have acknowledged that. What we say is that we are not comfortable with the victors' peace ideology, their pacification practices, nor with their manners.

Unlike the victors who concentrate on celebrations with demonization, we Nazi kids work on understanding both our parents, the victors and history. But our dear Humanists have decided that there is nothing to understand when it comes to Nazis, since they are non-humans.

34. What is the price of political demonization under which you suffer ?

The price is a growing worship of Evil among the victors, irrespective of generation. When a civilization permits that humans are treated as devils, the reigning Western ideology of Humanism turns out to be demonic. In 2004 wars are being waged in the name of Humanism. There is an aspect of reciprocal attitude, of imitation, in the relationship between demonizers and demonized. Nazis are hated in the West because of their alledged lust for world power, at the expense of other races.

Western Materialists have an integrated strategy of world dominance - in the name of Humanism. Some of them are even surprised that in their turn they are hated.

35. Talking of anti-Semitism, have you ever changed your attitude ?

For our parents the Jews were unsupportable, no doubt. I dare to say that the defeat, together with the postwar humiliations and depressions of adolescence, made the Jews even more unsupportable for many of us Nazi children. The fewest of us risk admitting it. If only the Jews had not existed, we would have been in a totally different situation. We would just have been losers of a classic war. But the Jews made our parents' loss metaphysical, certainly due to their status of God's chosen. We were all dehumanized, stigmatized as demons. It was easy, almost instinctive for the children to dream about the inexistence of Jews. But the Jews existed, and they were distinctly present in the postwar culture. They were in the core of the new moral and new social order, they constituted now an upper class in society. For the Nazi children they were like half-Gods or half-Demons.

Let me just give one personal example of anguish for the Jews among 2nd generation Nazis. In the late 70s I was in a party together with my girlfriend. I knew that one of the guests was Jew. Sitting at the same table as the Jewish student I started to tell about a movie I had seen in Paris. It was about hunting lions, in Norwegian "løvejakt", with bow and arrow in Africa. In Norwegian lion and Jew are quite similar words : "løve" and "jøde". I announced I was going to tell them about a fantastic movie of "jødejakt" in Africa. This lapse expresses the Nazi child's violent wish to get rid of a burden, the occasionally present Jew being unconsciously identified as a burden. Considering the Jew as a burden was consciously inadmissible and could only be revealed through an unconscious lapse.

It was not before conversing with an other Nazi child, with Eystein Eggen in the 90s, that I myself got rid of my anguish for the Jews. If we were free of guilt, why should we of second generation fear anybody ? The Jews were neither better nor worse than ourselves.

When the angst for Jews vanished in the air, mental forces slowly returned. Anguish prohibited Nazi children from incorporating their own generation. Anguish was the paralyzing poison of political satanization. This anguish was partly produced by the Jews themselves. Many Jews had the same unsupportable attitude toward us as we had toward them. When we presented ourselves world wide through the internet in the spring of 1996, we received a stream of hate mails from mostly younger Jews. "I am Jew !", they started, knowing the word "Jew" would have an immobilizing effect on us. I remember one mail continuing : "I would like to see you having lunch with your parents in hell." Such mails have completely stopped since some years.

The Jews became a sort of metaphysical Spirits when we became the brood of the Devil in the aftermath of WWII. We could not humanize ourselves without simultaneously humanizing the Jews.

36. What is your opinion of neo-Nazism ?

Neo-Nazism is a concept created by Humanists, the ideologists of a new Western civilization which was built on the ruins of the old after 1945. The concept expresses that old Nazism is defeated and dead, as well as mostly all patriarchal residues from European past. But, owing to denazification or Nazi satanization, a magic formula used by the Humanists to mentally kill the losers, they have necessarily driven their own sons and daughters to play with the devils. In post-war society these children have been forced to find new ideals, and many have chosen Satanism, also called Nazism. For this reason the concept of Neo-Nazism corresponds to groups of young protesters. Other youngsters have chosen Anarchy, neo-Communism, Feminism, Gayism, Nihilism, Hippyism, Consumerism, Escapism etc. or all at the same time. These fashions express the desperation of young Europeans after being "liberated" by Humanists.

Old Nazism is in fact dead. But the second generation Nazis are still living, even few people are able to think that Nazis had children. The Humanists have operated with a hocus-pocus, making us invisible in post-war history, even made us invisible for ourselves. We have been forced to self-hatred through school teachings, we have become mute because of the harsh denazification of Western Europe. Denazification is still exercised all over the West. Now, the second generation Nazis are not continuing WWII as war-Nazis. We are trying to express our experiences as former losers under Humanist regime. We are porters of old European traditions. We are peace-Nazis asking for an end of the satanization in order to get in a position to establish encounters with the second generation victors, a necessary step previous to a European reconciliation.

Many will ask why we call ourselves "second generation Nazis" and not "children of Nazis", "war children" or use other forms of euphemism. We have no choice. Satanism is a system with own laws. From the moment we present our family history, talk freely about our Nazi parents and in addition present ourselves as traditionalists, our Satan addicted surroundings will automatically stigmatize us as Nazis. To stigmatize humans as Nazis has been a Humanist enjoyment for decades, probably because the nazified citizens are so directly and visibly destroyed, knocked down inside their social context and effectively ostracized from the community. Such an observable destruction gives unfortunately pleasure to some victors. The "game" competes with other popular hunting or killing games for children and adults. It is our human task to prevent people from perverse reality enjoyments. Also therefore we have adopted the Nazi label, and hopefully we frustrate some Humanists from taking sick pleasures.

A second explanation of our choice of name is that we want to challenge the Humanists. We do not want to please them by hiding, thereby giving them the pleasure of unmasking us. Nor do we present ourselves as victims any more, specifically not victims of Humanists who soon are going to experiment colder airs themselves. We have more historically valuable baggage than what Humanists like to think about. We don't want to make Humanists feel good, accept their bigotry, their contradictory and false manoeuvres, and let them feel safe behind their well-sounding, good-looking appellation "Humanists". A third explanation is that many brainwashed Europeans under Humanist influence equalize Traditionalism and Nazism. For them it is indifferent whether we call us Traditionalists or Nazis.

We do also have to fill a black hole created by the Humanist historians. They have pretended over 60 years that the past is inexistent in a magically evolved new Europe, evolved by jumping, by blackening, by suppressing unwanted persons, just like in former Soviet Union. Nazism was not a shadow. It was blood and flesh of living humans. We children are the Nazis' blood and flesh, and we are humans. It's our duty to incarnate European traditionalism in order to restore European reality. European health and vigour depend on traditionalist continuity, on our presence. We will oppose and try to stop the Humanists, the Commercialists, the One-Worlders who want to run away with our Europe like the bull ran away with Europa, princesse of Tyre, in the Greek myth.

After sixty years under Humanist regime with constant satanization, nobody shall prevent us from being proud of who we are.

37. Races do not exist !

That's what Humanists pretend. People are both like and unlike. God, or Time for the rationalists, has created human races and tribes, and the races have different cultures, different ways of challenging life. With the Human Rights of the French Revolution the differences among the races have vanished, intellectually. The Revolutionaries sought to seize and to form universal laws for the individuals without complications of other ancestral Rights. The individual has gotten importance at the expense of the culture. The reigning fanatics of equality, built on modern social sciences, criminalize those who dare mention racial differences, both individually and culturally spoken.

But only Whites are criminalized when talking about race, criminalized by other Whites. These Whites, addicted to criminalizing those who respect the races, are reality deniers and reality denigrators. Such persons are also denying their responsability for protecting the diversity of the races and the cultures, something they often pretend doing when talking about minorities. The Whites are today a minority on the globe, and their modernist, self-disregarding practices make them soon a minority in their ancestral lands.

I have met white persons who refuse to say that they are white. Are they then post-white, pre-white or trans-white ? They are of course just confused. No black person with integrity would refuse his blackness. Reality denial in the West creates anguish, coarseness and violence among people. Reality denial explains the general unpleasentness reigning all over the Western world. The satanization aiming Nazis and Nazi descendants has spread and is today hitting every white man and woman. In a way all Whites have become Nazi children. Multiculturalism is no culture, just a pretence of culture used by political manipulators. Lack of old culture is a defect, not an enrichment.

Some years ago a Jewish lady wrote to me from San Fransisco. She was partly of Scandinavian descent and was blond with blue eyes. When she went out in the streets, she wrote, she was bullied as a Nazi woman because of her Aryan appearance. She asked for comprehension from a Nazi child, something I did not hesitate to accord. Such street manners are the result of the modernist white man's race negation, of his reality refusal, of his cult of futuristic non-racial global village dwellers. The Humanists call it "anti-racism". The result is that all races despise Whites.

The young and sympathetic Mohammed who I know here in Oslo had something else to tell me. Only white persons can be racist, he said. Saying so, he was of course racist, but taught by white teachers to think that he was an anti-racist and in his right when saying so. Mohammed is a product of the teachings of the Humanists' ideology : He is anti-White, just like the Humanists want non-Whites as well as Whites to be.

The notion of Anti-Racism which Humanists use to bulldoze their way toward a commersialist world empire, an empire conceptualized in their small one-dimensional brains, must be replaced by the old ideal of respect for the differences.

38. How do you consider the WWII now when 60 years have passed ?

When the majority of indigenous peoples of Western Europe, Germanics and Latins, gathered and fought in the 20th century in order to stop the culturally devastating ideologies of materialistic Communism and Anglo-American Globalist Imperalism, they did what is the duty of all indigenous peoples with unique cultures : They exercised self-preservation. It follows that the Nazis' and Fascists' war of resistance was legitimate. A proof of the winners' illegitimacy is their continuous incapacity of searching a true reconciliation with the losers. They haven't even written a peace treaty with the losing countries. Instead they have diabolized the whole of their families during 60 years.

The postwar establishment, the new Liberalist-Socialist Bourgeoisie, is sickly scrutinizing their societies in search of incorrect elements. Incorrect means not conform to the credo of democracy and human rights defined by the establishment. The result is that we live in a mock democracy with pretentious universalistic human rights which serve the globalists' aim and ligature the ancestral Western cultures.

Old families within Jewish, Islamic and Christian cultures know that legitimacy can not depend on futuristic pretense, on plans fabricated by the recently scrapped Marxist empire and on plans still fabricated by the supporters of Global Village nonsense. Legitimacy results from ancestral endeavour and sufferings.

Slowly there are winners who see that the Western modernistic culture has come to a limit when talking of decent policy. They understand that brutality is exercised on both sides in every war. The Nazi children welcome them with warmth, with belief in a new time for the European youth, given that our future is based on reconciled feelings.

39. Where does the hatred come from ?

The never-ending denazification campaign which started in 1945, together with the continuous holocaustification of our culture, create hardliners both among Nazi kids and winner kids. Many Nazi children have begun to hate their fathers and mothers. Others have turned their hatred against the Jews. Among the winner children hatred towards the European Fascist and Nazi families dominates. This hatred has expanded; it now hits the religious Europeans, both Christians and Muslims. We have created a culture of hatred after 1945. It is not an accidental creation; the culture of hatred is designed.

Once it is permitted and correct to diabolize persons in modern democracy, a signal has been given. Any person might be designated as a devil - depending on the needs of the moral establishment. This kind of democracy can not continue.

40. In moral perspective, can the difference of right and wrong be democratically ruled ?

In a secular world, yes. Post-war Humanists have found a simple principle for moral governance : They have introduced devils among the humans, i.e. Nazis, non-democratic citizens, supporters of patriarchy. Those who hate the devils possess the right moral. Even Christians have been fooled. They have always been taught to hate the Devil, and feel since WWII free to hate humans. Christians seem not to be aware of the mishmash of metaphysics and immanence inherent in Humanistic morals.

Once the Humanists and other democratic Westerners are assured of being morally correct, they feel that they have the mission to go for global conquest. They are servants of materialistic oligarchs who need global market. With the Materialists' victory of 1945 the English empire was modernized, in the interest of the US.

41. Do you say that postwar historians give biased reports of World War II ?

Yes. Like the French Revolution or the Soviet Empire in their periods, the post-war liberalist Democracy was in need of founding a new mythology in 1945, a mythology contrasting that of the losers. The Liberalists needed a history serving the new elite, the capitalist oligarchs. Thus all ideals like family loyalty, respect for Christian faith and European traditions typical for the Fascists and the Nazis, were scrapped and despised. A new canon with monolithic narrative of war events in the 20th century was founded, in order to give new identity to all Westerners. The losers and their families were denazified or brainwashed through horrific stories about their conduct in books, movies, radio documents and newspapers. The history of the winners gave no room for questions, doubts or alternative views.

Post-war Democratic history is the winners' history. It consists of political bias, lies and propaganda in the interest of the new elite. After 60 years it is the Nazi children's duty to protest against a history which is hypocritical, selfserving and pretentiously objective.

42. Who do you expect capable of bringing real peace back to the Westerners after the horrendous World War II ? Who can bring a peace giving release to the Nazi children ?

The new moral elite in the West consists of Humanists. They believe in nothing but materialistic wealth through scientific obsession, rough capitalism, global market. They talk of Human Rights and Democracy, but only in the interest of business, not in terms of saving people's ancestral traditions, spiritual practices and feelings of identity. They are central actors in the postwar winner game, a game which focuses on the losers' guilt through endless ceremonies and rituals around Evil. Humanists transfer guilt to the losers' descendants by establishing more and more centers of Evil called Holocaust centers. Humanists are satanizers. Their democracies are satanistic.

Christians alone are capable of making true peace. They are obligated by Christ's teachings to seek reconciliation with their enemies. But after the II Vatican Council the Christians have given way to Humanists. Neo-Catholics of 1962 prefer to cope with human devils rather than with transcendental Satan. Neo-Catholics together with liberalist Protestants are not very biblical and will therefore sooner or later lose their influence.

43. Why are the Humanists satanizers ?

Humanists, or Neo-Humanists who reign after the WWII, have constituted themselves as moral revolutionaries. They have roots back to the French Revolution. The French revolutionaries wrote the Human Rights which opposed the Christian values and duties. The Humanists are responsible of the postwar apostatic masses roaring around in the West with their illusions and disillusions. These masses are more and more in need of fake stimulations, fake realities, unsatisfying satisfactions, inexhaustible individual experiments. Their ultimate cry is "Freedom". Their inner void reflects the humanistic elite's lack of spirituality.

Young Europeans are spiritually starving. What the Humanists offer them is a diabolic spirituality. In all schools and cultural forums the youngsters are served hatred against their own past, their traditions, their family, their Christian faith. Their new temples are Shopping Centers, Fitness Centers and Holocaust Centers. Norway got its first Holocaust Center the 27th of January 2005 in the Oslo mansion where Vidkun Quisling lived with his wife.

Artists are best to express postwar European reality. They present the reigning European culture with "creative" expressions : Trash, Minimalism, Fragmentarianism, Deconstructionism, Holocaustism. These expressions are also leading concepts in Neo-Humanist esthetics.

More and more Europeans are fed up. They are fed up with the one-sided celebrations of WWII as well as with the culturally one-dimensional Modernism. Humanists feel necessarily that their time is soon over. They are getting stressed. While they dress themselves up in correct white to appear like white doves, they paint unremittingly us from the losers' side in black. They are satanizers out of addiction to the cult of Evil, but they are also satanizers in a last struggle to silence the strength of religion.

44. What is your opinion about the continuous debate around Knut Hamsun in the Norwegian press, specially during fall 2004 ?

I have no opinion, just some remarks to evident contradictions in the winners' philosophy. The endlessness of the debate around Knut Hamsun is just an indication of such contradictions.

In 1945 the winners invested themselves with moral authority over what is good and what is evil in modern politics. It's the winners' right during some years - until reconciliation is sought. Nazism became so Evil in their conception and judgement that the Nazism had to be minimized. Otherwise the very size of Evil threatened to overwhelm and contaminate the winners. The apotheosis of Evil came when the concept of Holocaust was launched in 1960-1961.

Nazism and Fascism were correct philosophies and policies in pre-war European societies and as such gathered the majority of the citizens in Western Europe. They were embraced by the Catholic Church, Europe's oldest organization. The process of denazification imposed by the Americans in 1945 ended up with minimization of the huge social reality of Nazism and Fascism. The procedure was hiding and lying. Many Nazis themselves accepted this play, thinking probably that they helped their offspring when disappearing and appearing like others than they were.

Europeans have lied during sixty years. Consequently European culture and arts express since long the evidence of a civilization in decadence. Humanist ethics are based on manipulations and falsehood. The character of Truth is however its capacity of breaking into illusionist constructions. Politically correct Norwegians have tried to make Knut Hamsun correct as well, out of cultural needs and international interests. Conclusions made by contemporary researchers like Jon Langdal, Jørgen Haugan, Ingar Sletten Kolloen and others show that Hamsun was 100% Nazi. What a miracle ! The since long dead author is at last granted the right to be who he was. Post-war history is slowly approaching post-war reality.

Nazi children have equally been made invisible during the post-war years, right until we managed to present ourselves in 1991, thanks to the fighter and stayer Eystein Eggen. The cost of invisibilization are irremediable social traumas for millions of Europeans.

The victors had thought that Evil could disappear with a process of denazification and invisibilization. And now they will have to live with and to confront the Nazis, their permanent opponents. Logically Nazi children will soon be allowed to be Nazi children. They will soon be allowed to live. But how many are there left ?

Humanism and modern reality are opposite phenomena. Illusionism is not history. Humans who allowed themselves to distribute guilt during sixty years, naming themselves Humanists, are at last losing their saintly disguise.

45. What threatens the Western civilization today ?

The West is visibly being threatened by itself, destroyed by itself. When commercialization of all things became credo after 1945, at the expense of Christian faith and ancestral orders, the West took a new direction, headed for Materialism.

The aim is a new order for the entire world. Some invisible and irresponsible capitalist oligarchs manipulate for an empire. The servants of the Materialist Order are the Humanists. New temples for materialized Westerners are gambling centers of the Las Vegas style. Such centers substitute traditional religious centers, like Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem for Jews and Christians. To bind the materialistic empire together the Humanists can not rely on diversion centers alone. Holocaust centers produce the necessary guilt, the ligament. They fabricate enough guilt for pushing Whites to comply with the Materialist Order.

46. How do you consider the situation for the Jews today ?

"Norwegian Jews leave Norway because of growing Anti-Semitism." That's what the prominent Norwegian journalist Peter Beck said to the newspaper Dag og Tid of 30th of October 2004. He was leaving Norway for Israel.

During sixty years Humanists and democrats have terrorized war losers and their offspring with denazification and anti-racism in order to help Jews and other race minorities. It's day-break for citizens of Western postwar civilization : More the Humanists "help", more they mess up the social situation. Obviously Humanists hate the White minority on the earth. Consequently they hate human diversity. They despise traces, like race, of ancient civilizations, especially own civilization.

47. You shall never get free from Holocaust burden !

You are right.
The project of new Western leaders, those who seized power in 1945, is to repress Nazi children by using guilt force, the guilt weapon. These leaders want no objection from European social segments who represent Tradition. They will just assure their New Order.

We Nazi children protest on two levels :

The explanation for this unbearable policy can be found in Christian European culture.

When Holocaust appeared in 1960-1961 as a death cult, making Jewish losses of lives during war to cruelty number one of the entire human history, dead Jews were appointed martyrs number one of history - martyrs on account of European intrinsic cruelty. Europeans reacted accordingly to Christian faith and started to produce self-paralyzing guilt. It was self-paralyzing because death cult gives no pardon. Holocaust ate Christians. At the same time living Jews were catapulted upwards to become superior citizens, kind of Übermensch, a result which has been detrimental to their sense of reality.

Holocaust as guilt power hit strongly the Catholic Church, caused the Second Vatican Council and conditioned the radical reformation of the Church. For every Christian the Holocaust is a challenge. Many have quit the Church as they see Christianity indirectly responsible for the Jewish Holocaust. Most of them become instead Humanists and then participate in erecting new temples : Holocaust Centers.

The salvation role of Christ, Christ as an expiatory scapegoat for sinning humans, is overshadowed by the number of dead Jews. Six million Jewish scapegoats for White survival and Christian supremacy scrap White and Christian morals. The Old Testament takes precedence over the New Testament, also called the Christian Testament.

For the Nazi children the Holocaust death cult gives no relief. On the contrary. A French Jew once wrote in Le Nouvel Observateur that Holocaust was a black star which should eternally pass above us in the firmament. Holocaust has a contrary mission to the mission of Christ. The first produces guilt while the Second relieves from guilt. Unlike Catholic priests, some Jews have contacted us and expressed their sympathy.

A maintenance of this unfair policy towards Nazi children is in the interest of Capitalists and their servants, the Humanists. At the actual stage of the winner game there seems to be no reason for Capitalists to stop their race towards world power, to stop their bigoted policy, to bring to an end their political manipulations. But hubris will stop them sooner or later, eventually by means of nuclear war.

48. Why are you against globalisation of Western democracy ?

The individuals of Western capitalistic democracies, emancipated from all cultural heritage, have gotten such an unlimited self-confidence that they despise everything different, everything divine. They have become imperialistic while running for profits and pleasures. They are representants of pure hedonism.

Our democracies are the biggest threat to world peace, to life quality, to our natural environment. Western democracies must in no way be copied by free states and cultures.

49. The post-war era is a liberation era !

That's what naïve or manipulating Western persons like politicians, journalists and teachers pretend. The post-war era will soon be called the Demon Time or the Time of Demonism. It was the era when Europeans cultivated Evil in the midst of themselves. The result of decades with demonism is that all Whites are carrying guilt and that our culture is liquidated and is soon in a state of ruins.

It is a paradox that this degrading period coincides with a time when rationality and sciences are highly cultivated. After the WWII social sciences were developed to become a pure instrument for demonizing war losers. If Materialism freed from spiritual superstructure is the goal of modern policy, it is funny to state that irrational Demonism is its constant base.
(Christmas 2004)

50. Why is there no organization of Nazi children in Germany ?

We Norwegian Nazi children seem to be more audacious than Nazi children from other countries, but we are audacious out of desperation. We were frozen out of society by our own countrymen. We were traitor children in addition to be Nazi children. German Nazi children are also traitor children, but traitors to a more abstract power which Humanists call "World Society", a pure creation made in their own heads. The filthy pressure from this "World Society" is actually the de-Nazification process which attacks systematically all loser children in Europe. In Norway we have the advantage of seeing our de-Nazifiers. They are our neighbours; we can to a certain degree deal with them.

German Nazi children burned alive by hundreds of thousands during the Humanists' carpet bombing of German towns. We Norwegian Nazi children have no reason for puffing us up.

51. Why do you whine for being losers ?

We don't. All Westerners are losers today. If Germany had won, the given forces of liberalism and egalitarianism would anyhow have broken into the minds and sown the illusions of boundless freedom. Thanks to the winners Germany is free of historical responsability for humanistic liberalistic excesses.

52. Which are the actual main frustrations of Norwegian Nazi children ?

The academic researchers are heavy. They stretch their hand to greet us, but instead hit us. They dig into the history of Nazi families in order to find humanlike attitudes among us, going behind post-war myths of Evil and back to the sources. At the same time they give strength to erection of Holocaust centers which exclude all possibilities of reconciliation.

53. Millions of European Nazis and Fascists were never punished. Their children should feel gratitude.

A Norwegian academic report called "A Just Settlement? The Norwegian After War Trial as Juridical and Historical Problem" came in January 2005 up with the number of 16000 Norwegian Nazis who went free from post-war legal purges. The report limits the research to law suit numbers just after the war and represses the fact that the victors' de-Nazification program constitutes additional purges with no time limit, transforming the legal purges into perpetual correction.

De-Nazifying purges have since long hit every single Nazi or Fascist family throughout the Western world, mainly thanks to academia and media. The result is social stigmatization and mental sufferings which Humanists prefer to disregard as punishment, at least in this occasion. Academic Humanists avoid to confront second generation Nazis. They know too well that they are responsible for stigmatization of innocent Nazi descendants, for reigning silence among European Nazi children. In order to hit the war losers harder, most non-Nazi war crimes are by the way covered up by academics.

The de-Nazification program is a pretense of "freeing" Europe from its past. The new Holocaust Center in Oslo, opened the 27th of January 2005, is an example of ongoing de-Nazification in Norway. Denazification is felt by Nazi children as perpetual punishment. The never-ending program prevents Nazi children from coming to terms with their stigmatization traumas. King Harald and the Norwegian Parliament welcomed us to surpass our traumas in 1995, when fifty years had passed. Humanistic academics have since then blocked all roads toward an adjustment.

Academics who do research in Nazi history can only end up with cliché results. They are paid by proclaimed de-Nazifying Humanistic Academies. Accordingly all academics are de-Nazifiers. The word "reconciliation" used by them is a word of no consequences. Now when sixty years have passed after World War II, is the West going to implement a reconciliation between its citizens ?

54. What do you feel for Holocaust now when the Holocaust Day has been institutionalized in all Western countries ?

Being second generation Nazi I don't feel anything. If I had been taken by feelings for the victims of my appointed mass-murdering parents, I would never have expressed myself officially. I would have committed suicide years ago, like so many of my second generation companions. To live is to defend oneself from life-annihilating feelings. The winners cannot both let us live and prevent us from mental life. Life is joy, expressed in the European anthem chosen from Beethoven's music. Old wars where the victors killed the losers' women and children were more humane than the late world war won by Humanists.

Now, I understand very much why Humanists have instituted this feel-how-evil-they-were Day. Western Humanistic leaders gathered in Auschwitz the 27th of January 2005, accompanied by Western mass media, in order to have a day of commanded and organized feelings. Auschwitz is the first Temple of the Holocaust. Holocaust is basement and center for the Neo-Humanistic Faith, a new religion.

In the mass media they said repeatedly during that day how much the ceremony was replete of symbolic meaning and value. They never said which meaning or which value. We can therefore conclude that the meaning and value of the ceremony is the Holocaust cult itself. The people of Good, those who share the meaningfulness, were the present Humanists.

The Holocaust is extraordinary because it separates a before from an after in the history of humanity - following the understanding of Humanists. Before, we had the contamination from traditions. After, we have the purity of Humanistic Faith, "excellent" Modernistic social creations and new history interpretation. Auschwitz is the Humanists' purest temple because it abolishes the past. Auschwitz is incomparable, like God is incomparable. The Temple of Auschwitz ordains Humanists to be unique masters of Good and Right. A New Faith and a New World have taken shape.

In Auschwitz the Humanists can feel - and feel free. There they can cry. They cry of horror for the Nazis who represent pure Evil. They cry of disgust for those who are different. The Humanists' Faith is as mind-numbing as were American novels of Indians and Whites, written in the first half of the 20th century. Those novels expressed faith in an endless war between good and evil ones, always told from the viewpoint of the self-proclaimed good.

Jews, among the few in Western world to defend Traditions, ought to withdraw from the Auschwitz Temple. They should today abandon the Holocaust Cult in order to avoid mental contamination from the perverse Faith-In-Themselves celebrated by White Humanists.

55. What do you think of Western Democracy ?

There exists no Western Democracy. There is an avatar Democracy forced upon the Europeans through a plot carried out by Western oligarchs assisted by Neo-Humanists.

56. What is the ultimate challenge for Nazi children ?

The ultimate challenge for us is that we have no place to go, we have no home-society any longer. Nazi child misery of stigmatization and outcasting would so easily have found a solution with a re-integration in postwar society. But we are definitively excluded by the reigning masters. We are only useful as devil children, devil heirs. Due to reigning Humanistic ideology or religion, basing its faith on universalistic platitudes which oppose traditional values with contempt, there is an unease among all culture loving indigenous dwellers in Europe. Most Europeans have in a way become Nazi children. The need for a peace treaty after the Second World War increases with every passing year.

57. What is your attitude to immigration in Europe ?

Mass immigration and ethnic mixing is basic to the Humanistic faith and accordingly fundamental in Capitalist society. There must be as little cohesion between citizens as possible, in order to satisfy Capitalist production and consume. A dose of cultural unrest in the mass society, given as a result of organized continuous migrations, makes the individuals more receptive to Capitalist media-based entertainment.

Immigrants in Europe who are not 100% Materialists will feel just as much unease as many Europeans in the Modernistic culture, if not even more. They should feel greater uneasiness because they let own children grow up in decadent surroundings instead of in a protecting homey culture. Materialism is contagious. Specifically children are exposed. Where ancestral Spiritual Culture gives roots, cult of Scientific Materialism gives endless Futuristic Death.

The Nazi children's mission is to convey to migrating peoples the dangers of Materialist Modernism which involves loss of ancestral culture with following loss of identity. We Nazi children know how dramatic such losses are.

58. How do you explain the Western decadence ?

It's an interesting question which demands a complex answer, too complex for my knowledge. But I would like to comment on one aspect which is the unconscious desire of satisfaction or revenge among the losers' children. They take this revenge on the surroundings without aiming any specific group. Such unconscious vengeful forces aggravate the ongoing decadence in Europe. The topic remains unexplored. Western academies have yet to discover the Nazi children as social players.

The reality of decadence is necessarily counter-cultural, seen from the viewpoint of normal politicians. Politicians have always known that decadence is a result of weakened political power, of wrong or absent political strategies, of a lack of central authority. They are conscious about the threat that contrary politics might be awakened when the common people experience uncertainty, growing frustrations and dissatisfactions. Decadence favours opposite forces into power.

Decadence as a present reality is rejected or ignored by ruling Humanist Capitalists. The vanishing of Western culture is for them a valuable achievement. A modernist culture simply demands decadence of the traditional culture. Modernism is perpetual cultural revolution. The past shall be left like trash in order to give space for veneration of the Future. Modernists despise the Past, and they have little time for the Present as they rush towards a promising Future.

Many Nazis converted to Catholicism after 1945, as did their children. The Governor General to Poland Hans Frank converted while in confinement in Nürnberg. The eldest son of head of Parteikanzlei Martin Bormann became a Catholic priest. The last wish of Vidkun Quisling was to serve as a Protestant priest in postwar Norway. How do Christian Nazi descendants respond to attacks on the European Spirituality coming from Materialist Humanism ?

As many Nazi children are unconsciously seeking revenge, they adopt the attitudes of the Materialists. They embrace the idea of Pluriculturalism. They idolize spiritual relativism in order to efface all cultural differences in the world. If they manage to delete the reality of differences they can also delete the fence which separates them from morally correct Westerners and erase the reality of defeat which they feel as torment. The more decadent Europe becomes the more the Nazi children get vindictive alleviation. Many Nazi descendants have gotten the same objective as the anti-Nazis : They aggravate the Western decadence.

Some Nazi descendants have joined the postwar phenomenon of Neo-Catholicism. Neo-Catholics think decadence is synonymous of Christianity. They have adopted the naïve Humanist thought that where there is no difference there is no evil. Neo-Catholics are the Materialistic Humanists' blind slaves. Was Neo-Catholicism produced by frustrated war losers ? Anyhow, secular Humanism penetrated the Catholic Church in an accelerating pace following the end of WWII.

Now, the Humanists/Neo-Catholics have not abolished the occurrence of social differences. They have fabricated an immanent materialistic "theology" based on social sciences where an absolute barrier has been erected between themselves and the others. Themselves are profoundly good and the others are symetrically evil. Humanists/Neo-Catholics thrive exclusively on Nazism. The result is an anti-Christian cult of Evil aiming and hitting humans. Nazi descendants who participate in this cult are self-destructive. They have been deeply stricken and perverted by post-war Satanism.

To decriminalize Nazism must be an aim for our century in order to stop Western decadence. Decriminalization can only happen through a reconciliation. There can be no reconciliation without Nazi children taking part as representatives of the Tradition. Nazi children and winner children, both Capitalist children and Communist children, must seek together in order to build a better future. Repetitive Neo-Nazism is a threat, as is repetitive Communism. But the worst threat to a durable world piece is imperialistic Western Capitalism. Responsible Europeans who care for the future must assist violent youngsters, establish dialogues and collaborate for common reflections over the European reality.

59. You Nazi children are a post-war taboo because you are linked to Evil. How can you get out of it ?

It's obvious that we constitute a taboo in the post-war Humanist Democracy. Most people find it embarrassing to talk about Nazi children. The more a person represents some respectable institution, the more that person will avoid the Nazi child topic. The clergy of the Catholic Church has still not touched the topic in an official way. The former Catholic priest Martin Bormann, son of Hitler's close partner Martin Bormann, had to abandon the office before touring as a Nazi child.

The Nazis are devils. They are not supposed to have been cute children or to have children. Baby photos of Adolph Hitler are disconcerting if shown to Humanists. The connection child - Devil is heavy because unresolved by the Democratic moralists. Nazis as humans, they be children, adults, or descendants, are a taboo. A movie from 2004 showing Hitler as a vulnerable person in his last days aroused controversy.

There is no civilization which does not rely on taboos in order to separate itself from non-civilization. The Humanist "civilization" from 1945 which is based on Materialism, Commerce and Sciences, has Nazism as exclusive taboo. This Western Humanist civilization accepts Satanism as entertainment. Satan is represented in more and more rock spectacles. But it abhors Nazism. The Nazis with their respect for Christian spirituality, their belief in race, their cult of traditions, threaten the Humanists. Nazism is militarized Christianity. Otherwise the Humanists are not afraid of taboos, if not the taboo of having taboo.

Real European civilization is based on two forces :

All the long of our history we have known the conflict between the Old and the Modern. That is our sound conflict. Since WWII fanatical Humanism is in power which not only excludes opponents but satanizes them. There is no future for Europe unless there is a reconciliation with respect to the Second generation Nazis.

60. Why are you hatemongers ? Where do you take all your hatred from ?

Your questions are demonizing. But since Nazism has gotten a black religious aura and dimension in the present world, they are but normal. I turn back the questions : How can you so definitely define yourself as good ? How come that anti-Nazis spread pure generosity and goodness ?
The whole constellation Nazi/anti-Nazi is antiquated, belonging to war time thoughts made up of propaganda.

Our common challenge sixty years after WWII is to stop the historic dichotomy black/white regarding the opponents. Time is ripe for nuances when describing each others. We are all human beings with weakness and strength in our mentality, with faults and rights in our reasoning.

The cause of why we remain on a retarded and seemingly blocked time stage, with continuous blackening of our enemies, is due to our actual Western ideology. We live in times with permanent cultural revolution. A cultural revolution which means destruction of our mental cultural heritage, our traditions, is a must for manipulating politicians who seek a Materialist world empire. To present their program as "good" they call themselves "Humanists". But these neo-Humanists are few even though they have great access to the influencing media of the West.

The main idea of the Humanists seems to be that all individuals are equal.
They are equal before God the Eternal. They can be equal in rights within a cultural context. But the history of civilizations stops if the idea materializes that all individuals are equal in social value, in responsibility, in representation of the past. The cadres of the actual Humanist Capitalism may proclaim that there is no hierarchy any more and that the Marxist class-less society is established. To say so is but pretence. To act so is constituting a new hierarchy, a hidden one and therefore monstrous. The Capitalist cadres maintain their power thanks to their hidious use of media : They satanize the elite of the old European order. Humanist Capitalists make the common citizens believe that by being anti-elitist the cadres do not form an elite. The new elite does not perform an innocent game of virtual reality. The new elite manipulates criminally its citizens.

The Humanists do not only enthuse about equality. They extol identity. They do not mean identity based on culture, but identity practiced as identicalness, as uniformity. To uniform the peoples of the globe within a frame which is fabricated by the Humanists themselves, is the Modernist policy, with following pretended "Modernist culture". In fact it is anti-culture, a monstrosity, a nivelling of all values and measurements. It's a threat to all good willing peoples.

The Humanists know that their project is preposterous. That is why they use manipulating mental weapons like satanization, efficient in the West thanks to the schools, thanks to the media. The Humanists are the most eager to using the Nazi word, meant as devilish. The Humanists say the Nazis had no other will than to kill people, and, if not fulfilled, to make people unhappy.

The West needs to restore words like "respect" and "difference". Without the one word as premise, the meaning of the other word vanishes; and with it a central social value.

61. Europeans must care for the millions of immigrants and not torment people with the topic of Nazi children.

Many immigrants from other continents feel uncomfortable in Europe. They feel lost. They don't feel lost because they meet a different culture but because they find a lack of culture, a cultural void. European post-war "culture" consists of senseless liberal experiments, of noisy arts and extravagant technological plays. When immigrants get in touch with Europeans, many get bewildered by their lack of honor, lack of care for traditions, lack of racial pride, lack of respect for ancestors, lack of distinctness and their absence of modesty. Instead of meeting cultured Europeans immigrants meet with persons who gloat that they are of no culture and no race. Modernist Europeans pretend that they are race free. They utter such nonsense in order to dupe the tribes of the earth to believe in Europeans' universal love.

Individuals who are racially and historically disengaged, who live in cultural decomposition, who suffer of biological and mental hypocrisy because filled with globalist pretense, they create anguish in the hearts of decent persons who care for their culture. Many immigrants get anxious about the survival of their own traditions and own family relations when they observe the growing cultural desert in Europe. They experience that decadence is contagious. Several immigrants, specially young ones, react with anger against Europeans. Nazi children get a double task. They must help immigrants to preserve their culture, and they must protect Europeans from themselves.

62. We are free from old myths today thanks to Western rationality and sciences. You Nazi children are paralyzed by inherited dead myths.

Post-war Europeans have been seized by the Myth of Liberty. They are cultivating Liberty for the sake of the Myth and not for the sake of themselves. Liberty without direction consumes the persons in endlessly futuristic waste. Without a cherished past these emancipated Europeans will for ever be homeless.

With the modern myth of liberty follows the illusion of modernist supremacy. Modernistic Europeans believe that they are different from their ancestors because they are superior. They are human mutants thanks to the influence of the Myth. The result of their cult of emancipation is that they force everybody else on the globe to become like them : free from the past and homeless. Their belief in own superior difference leads them to push everybody else into equalness, into uniformity. By uniforming the peoples through own false measurements they feel they are humanistic, universalistic, great.

Modern Humanist Europeans are not free from our real myths, made up of traditions, survival instincts, old beliefs. They are self-made cripples. They are for the moment just slaves of Modernity, a hubris common among people who exagerate victory. Modernism which is not counterbalanced by Traditionalism respectful for cultural heredity, is threatening all civilizations. Post-war Humanists are our times' Icarus. Icarus misused the wing invention of his father Daedalus, flew too close to the sun and perished.

Ceterum censeo Humanismus vulgaris esse delendam.

63. Do Western people lack sensibility ?

Yes, we do. Rationalism is consuming the Western people's capacity of feeling, sensing, empathizing. Rationalism is sovereign principle in Western education since the hallelujah days of Communism. If Communism has vanished as visible policy, Marxist social sciences dominate in all schools and universities, as a result of Western Permanent Cultural Revolution of 1968. The WPCR is a success for the believers but is a catastrophe for Western sensibility. A cultural revolution is an endless project based on theories which measure theoretically, intellectually your life from beginning to end, keeping religious feelings banned because not measurable by the intellectuals.

So, there was a hidden cooperation also after WWII between totalitarian Communism and ongoing, not less totalitarian, globalist Capitalism. We are living the hey-days of Capitalism made possible by a rationalist Marxist substructure governed by so-called Western intellectuals. The apparent contradiction between the -isms has been bridged by Humanism with the Human Rights as base. Humanism is a rationalist pretense aiming the total life cycle of humans. This capitalistic Humanism drowns the Western inhabitants in a growing flow of fantasy entertainments, in combination with voluminous volumes of unreadable bric-a-brac facts. Crime thrillers are dominant in television, movies and novels. Sensitivity training based on real life stories are rare, especially stories involving family and religion. Obviously Capitalism does not need independent personalities but non-rooted individuals. "Free" individuals are the Capitalism's most willing players, both as consumers and as workers. In actual wars they are Capitalism's willing executioners.

Civilization is built on a refinement of thoughts but also on feelings. Rationalists break the balance between the two exertions and thus rationalists are more destroyers of civilization than constructors. When from time to time ordinary modernistically bred Westerners go for sentimentality, they go into Holocaust. Holocaust is a dangerous phenomenon of feeling by proxy. It is a mass embracing temple directing the losses of the others. It's impossible to feel the others' losses before you have been trained to feel your own. The Humanists who on purpose try to separate the Europeans from their own tragic history by building holocaust centers, are playing with a ticking emotional bomb. Men can to a certain degree suffer lack of family roots. They can not suffer lack of feelings. After the most tragic civil war of history, the losers must be given the right to mourn their own dead - officially. It will help to restoring Western sensibility. (Easter 2005)

64. Is rational humanism a viable way for Europe ?

The answer is definitely no. Scientific conquests departed at high speed principally in the 19th century. Scientific and technological inventions changed the living conditions for millions of peoples. But "rational" scientific humanism destroyed the same living advantages at an equally accelerating pace.

Belief in unidimensional rationality entered into human minds with Marxism and spread quickly. The catastrophe of implementation of Marxist theories started with the Russian Revolution of 1917. During seven decades millions of people got their living conditions destroyed by the totalitarian ideology of Communism. Communism is directly responsible for WWII. No counter-revolution would have happened without the previous deadly manoeuvres of fanatic Communists. Spreading Communist revolutions called for counter-revolutions.

After 1945 the Western world lived a blockage of traditionalist thoughts and practices which had been correct and viable in our societies for centuries. The new theorists were the scientific Humanists. From the early 60s they covered their anti-traditional attacks under the umbrella of Holocaust which they transformed into a Satanizing Death Cult. All the dead and miseries of WW I and WWII were suddenly imputed to the counter-revolutionaries. Every single Nazi and Fascist were designated high priests of Evil. The victors got wild with the victory. Fanatic Leftists of the Western Cultural Revolution cemented the belief in One Evil from 1968 onwards.

Two new religions resulting from fanatic Rationalism are still contaminating the entire West : Classlessness and Holocaustism. Both are noxious. Belief in illusionist Classlessness gives carte blanche to hidden cadres operating with secret agenda. Holocaustism makes people addicted to guilt feelings which give them slave manners. Materialism, making the citizens dependent on more and more unnecessary objects and dreadful mass entertainments, hides the conflictual situation in our societies, pushes the tremendous degeneracy and decadence of people and culture.

Humanists pretend to free humans from the slavery of religion. They have launched new enslaving anti-spiritual religions in its stead. Rational humanism oppresses. Spirituality liberates. Moral collapse of Rationalist Humanism opens the door for Western traditional spirituality.

65. Do you trust Western historians' interpretation of WWII ?

No. Western historians amalgamate religiously moral interpretations and research based facts.

When the counter-revolutionaries fought against Communists and Capitalists with the aim of conserving the Western traditional societies, they made enemies of the Jews. Jewish intellectuals had since the 19th century developed or supported Communism and Capitalism. The result was the declaration of war against Germany addressed by the Jewish World Congress in 1933. In 1945 the Jews were among the winners, and Jewish influence in the West naturally boosted, at the expense of Western traditionalists.

The Jews are among the few in the West who protect realities like tradition, people, state. They have erected Israel, a religious State. It follows that Jewish history writing is profoundly inspired by religion. The Jews are the Chosen People of the Bible. All dramas concerning the Chosen are consequently described as unique. The dramas are unique for the Jews. Dramatic moments in Western history will for Goyim not be unique, simply because we are not religiously chosen ones. Post-war Western historians have a tendency of ignoring simple definitions.

When Western historians after WWII adopted Jewish religious history writing using the term "unique", they made a mix of religious and laic historic approach. Traditional Western history ideal is fact oriented and not an exercise of morally measuring. So, when Western academics fused Jewish religious feelings and Western rationality, a psychological weapon was shaped : a satanizing explosive. When this explosive was canalized in the mass media, the creation of Nazi children as social outcasts and social taboo was unavoidable. Western academics working for holocaust centers are hybrids of death cult priests and historians.

In the 21st century, several decades after WWII, it should be possible for the victors to listen to the frustrations of 2nd generation Nazis. Peoples' approach to History is by chance endlessly on the move. The winners are not for ever winners, nor the losers losers. Black and white paintings do not render the nuances of reality. 2nd generation WWII-Jews and 2nd generation Nazis have common interests. We need to develop our peace mentality.

Real peace can only be based on recognition of cultural and religious differences. Amalgam productions of post-war Humanism have degraded our sense of differences and our respect for them. We are all equal humans with equal rights and obligations sub specie aeternitatis. But culture and religion have given us unique roots. Let us honor our universal uniqueness at the same time as we respect our worldly differences. The worst perspective for humans is a global commercialist culture pretending equality on a fictional level, like Disney Land or Global Village.

66. What does Holocaust mean to you ?

Holocaust is the manner of the winners of WWII to impregnate the losers' descendants with visions of horrors committed by their declared mass-murdering parents or grand-parents, in order to make the descendants sick of the past and receptive to the winners' political dreams. Most of the Western European population has consequently become willing lackeys, in war willing executioners, of a Capitalist world-conquering ideology governed by technocrat cadres. The Holocaust is thus a political weapon for pushing Western dreams toward materialistic power.

When it comes to mourning our dead in WWII, each rival participating group had their holocaust. Each group has their right and their obligation to mourn their dead, irrespective of their exit as winners or losers. Exclusive cult of one Holocaust is imperialism of emotions, a behaviour of extremely bad taste. It's simply not the way human sentiments work, as sentiments for dead is highly a private matter. To administer such feelings politically is a dangerous play with deep human forces.

67. Do you have any proposals yourself regarding a reconciliation after WWII ?

I am not the right person to ask since I belong to the losers. The answer must come from the winners' side. There is no doubt that a war atmosphere is poisoning all the Western hemisphere. Mentally speaking the war continues. The language of war time propaganda is still in vigor. Vulgar Humanism and stressed Holocaustism confront radical revisionism and fairy tale Nazism. All parties use satanization as mental weapon for attacking the opponent. The opponents have become interdependent. The status quo of this situation is most harmful to young Europeans, and to Nazi children. If the winners could help the Nazi children out of their fortress of silence, a movement toward a reconciliation could start.

Muzzling of millions of Nazi descendants by means of guilt power is of course unworthy of the idea of democracy. But the losers are not any more the Nazi children. We have gotten old, and most of us have swallowed the winners demands. Many have turned out invisible to the surroundings and invisible to themselves. This is tragic enough. But those who are losers today are the young European generations. They are deprived of their history. How can they realistically confront the future when their families are hiding own members in closets ?

There are true Democrats and false Democrats. The last category has prevailed during sixty years because they have excluded the war losers from all societal participation.

68. Do you have any expectations to the celebrations following the sixtieth anniversary of May 2005 ?

The West is in its final global conquest, capitalistically and militarily. In order to reach global control, the West needs appropriate moral assurance. "Humanism" is the conquering ideology and the ostensible reason. Humanists plead the Humanity as their property. What they want to possess materialistically, they have previously taken mentally. They interpret the world opinion and judge globally. They decide who commit crimes against the Humanity and who not. They are the "World Opinion".

Like the cadres in former Soviet Union, Humanists are the cadres of the "Free World", of the Materialistic Welfare World, of the fairy-tail Global Village. To make people believe in their nonsense, they need an Evil, a threat, a possibility to morally exclude non-conformists. Nazis and Fascists are their useful obligatory Devils. Humanists operate maniacally their gains, strategies and greed developed from 1945. They are thus incapable of offering a reconciliation with their enemies.

Accordingly the topic of Nazi children is rather absent from news channels, all run by Humanists, sixty years after the war. In this way the sixtieth anniversary contrasts with the fiftieth. In 1995 we were the celebrations' novelty. We see our new exclusion as a politically directed backlash. The winners try desperately to cleanse and direct history. But young Europeans are starting to think independently.

69. Why do many Europeans seem so confused in the matter of identity ?

The baby was poured out with the bath water when Europe was cleansed, or denazified, by the victors in 1945. The racial identity was liquidated, for the Germanic peoples quickly, for the rest of the Europeans slowly. The victors brainwashed the continental European inhabitants systematically through all media and educative institutions. First they used the slogan "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" of the French Revolution which had already served for the Bolshevik revolution. With this slogan, followed by the revolutionary "Declaration of Human Rights", all European völkisch or tribal structures were thoroughly aggressed. Secondly came the demand of global "solidarity" aiming the individuals. Estimations of poverty were based on money and not on culture when Western social scientists made their "reality" world map. Capitalists had their global plan once the Communist system was outdated and sunk in 1990. Völkisch structures which interfered with the needs of Capitalism had to be demolished. Communism had been serviceable during its lifetime. Marxist policy throughout the world made way for "Humanistic" Capitalism.

When Norwegians on their Constitution Day of 17th of May celebrate "freedom", they look rather schizophrenic. On one side they try to be proud of their ancestors' strive and protective fights during the centuries. On the other side they yearn for politically correct Multiculturalism. Painfully stretched as Norwegians result of this bipolar aim, they are of course incapable of understanding who they are, and consequently incapable of integrating Nazi children into own history.

Even Norwegians recognize that Capitalist demands of individual "happiness" or "freeddom" have gone too far. We Nazi children are sure and certain that new generations will correct the direction of the ship of fools, and the mentality on board. Three revolutions in one highly cultured continent : the French in 1789, the Boshevik in 1917 and the Capitalist Anglo-American Revolution of 1945, are three revolutions too much.

70. When you announce to people that you are a Nazi child, how do they generally react ?

Friendly people look at you with interest and offer measured and correct commiseration. They say quickly that the life of a Nazi child must have been difficult. Then follow typical questions of how life was in childhood, in adolescence and adulthood.

Most academics, social workers and priests respond differently. They start immediately to explain that you are not special, that there are so many individual cases like yours. "Just think of children of alcoholics, handicapped, immigrants, murderers, mentally disordered persons et cetera", they say. The way academics minimize the mental adversaries suffered by Nazi children, they would of course not use against any child of the mentioned groups.

Academics and professional social workers are Humanists. They have no time to see each individual. Their enormous empathy and goodness bring them to see all humans cosmically and sub specie aeternitatis. Most academics and many social workers are actors in a democracy based on media where acting in order to be seen is more important than to see.

First of all academics fear Nazi children. We are residues from an abolished past and have for this reason no legitimacy of existence. Neo-humanist social sciences are based on post-Nazi "realities". The victors have spent 60 years denazifying all Western countries. Our appearance in post-Nazi society is intolerable. We are feared because we withstand the Humanists' political agenda.

71. Why are you so few Nazi children to speak out ?

We Nazi children are mentally paralyzed. We are scared to death by our love propensity. We love our folks, our race, our parents, our country, our family, our community, our civilization, our kinsmen. But our love has been criminalized and banned since we were born. Instead of feeling happiness when thinking of our dear ones, we feel anguish. The denazification process has given us conditional reflexes. We are like Pavlov's dog after it was given electric choc when it got food. Thereafter the dog responded with anguish when it saw food. Each time we thought we understood and loved our parents, we got a new Holocaust story.

Nazi children have been conditioned to fear what we love the most. It is not that difficult to paralyze people in a modern Democracy when the owners of media have repressive political objectives. Denazification is punishment with a political aim. Denazification is not a democratic action, on the contrary. In order to paralyze Nazi children it helped the denazifiers that we had previously been conditioned : Our civil towns were carpet bombed, our leaders hanged, three million of our women raped and eighteen million of our kinsmen expelled from their ancestral land. There were millions of civilian dead on the losers' side too. We have never been allowed to feel sorrow, to mourn. Nazi spawn is guilty; our task, according to mainstream belief, is to express guilt. We shall eternally reassure and please the victors.

Even we Nazi children understand that a defeat has to cost, that vanquished have to be punished. But the victors have no right to call peace time denazification a democratic practice. Denazification is punishment ordered by a totalitarian elite. Amalgamation has been instrumental for the winners in order to practice and to teach anti-Nazism : All Nazis were as evil as the worst ones, as for example baby killers. Consequently all Nazis were devils and needed punishement. On the victors' side there has on the contrary not been recorded one criminal act against Humanity. The victors own the use of the word Humanity as they own History.

The worst word used against Nazis is "racism". The Nazis were "racists". "Racism" is a word which Nazi children fear. Post-war intellectuals or Humanists say that the Nazis wanted to liquidate all non-Aryan races of the earth in order to give global domination to Aryans alone. Unfortunately some Nazi children have come to believe such nonsense. In the armies of the Third Reich there were many different races who fought together. But it was a Nazi wish that Europe should be dominantly White.

The victors had and have other objectives : Europe shall be dominantly non-White. It's racism upside-down. Humanists are as racist as Nazis, but they are Modernists and see non-White races as superior. And they see a final all-blended race as an utmost achievement of Humanity. Humanists pretend that pluriculturalism is culture. Dominant white culture has to give way for non-White cultures. Who will profit ?

Nazi children have so many reasons for starting to speak. But the oppression of us by white Humanists has demolished our self-defense. Post-war psychological warfare managed what the bombs could not achieve.

72. Feudalism and Nazism are archaic ways of policy. Don't you agree that modern Democracy as statesmanship is superior ?

Western post-war Democracy is a hoax. Democracy is necessarily limited to the capacity of its Democrats. All political systems need leaders or cadres. The Western Democracies are dominated by Capitalist oligarchs who are owners of the media. Media have a greater power than ever in the history of mankind thanks to recent technological developments. The media form the citizens' mind, and their "own will" is more than manipulated. The citizens' "own will" is in the possession of Capitalist politicians who call themselves Democrats and who pretend they are part of ordinary people. "Anybody in our Democracy can become rich and buy media", is a wisely sounding utterance. They omit to say that there are dominant guide rails in a society of rich people. Students attend international business schools which are part of the global Capitalistic system. The schools, like London School of Economics and Political Science, preach "freedom" ideology, but are directed by capitalistic cadres who serve the oligarchs.

At the time of Pericles in ancient Greece the agora became a place which belonged to the citizens and where topics concerning the polis, the town, could be discussed without fear of repression. This event of free policy has been called the birth of Democracy, a reign of free people. Some centuries later in the Roman Republic the same free space for communication and decision-making was called Forum Romanum. After 1945 we have in stead of an agora gotten media which transmit to the citizens both political discussions, governmental decisions and of course entertainment. But the media are not any more a meeting place for all citizens, or a rebirth of ancient Democracy as the victors like to call their avatar. The media belong to oligarchs who select the participators.

Post-war Democracy is based on the destruction of Nazism and Fascism, the policies of European counter-revolutionary forces which opposed growing Communist influence after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Nazi-Fascist families which embodied the counter-revolution were European traditionalists, history minded men and women who fought to protect ancestral traditions against Modernist threats. In order to maintain domination over these families, and to prevent any recurrence of Nazism and Fascism, the victors continue a sixty years old denazification process in the Western countries. No will of reconciliation was manifested during the victors' sixtieth anniversary celebrations in May 2005. No official encounter with Nazi children was attempted. This means that the victors do not distinguish between the generations, that Nazis and their children are considered human beings of same quality : non-desired trash. If Nazi children officially satanize their origins, or stay mute and betray truth, they are naturally accepted. Oligarchs love to have submissive slaves.

Post-war Democracy depends on mythological and practical Satanism. Just the fact that the victors dare call themselves Democrats while they exclude and demonize three generations of root born Europeans, generations who amount to millions of citizens, make the victors exceptional liars and hoaxers in European history. These Satanists even call themselves Humanists and Rationalists. New generations see and feel that something is rotten in the State of Europe.

73. Are we experiencing a clash of civilizations in our days' world ?

No. Western civilization vanished in 1945. It can logically not participate in any "clash". The victors who destroyed the old Western civilization have not invented a new one since they are unable to mend wounds and differences after the victory, but, on the contrary, continue a war on a psychological basis by satanizing non-compliant citizens. European Nazi children who are hiding their identity sixty years after the war, prove the victors' incapacity of making peace or constructing a basis for a new civilization.

The victors do not represent old European civilization. They simply hate Old Europe because Old Europe was a hierarchically built structure with an elite, differentiated classes and individual roles, all parts of a Christian and ancestral faith. The Christian culture and moral faith did not depend uniquely on materialistic progress. Money was not the core material. Old Europe was spiritualistic. Modern Materialistic Democracy plays with empty words like equality and liberty. The result after sixty years of propaganda is an ice cold society with isolated individuals exposed to penuriously social aid programs. Democratic culture and arts are catastrophic. Since the cultural workers and artists hate inequality, they do hate their ancestors. More they spit on their origins, more they feel morally brave. It follows that trash arts are their top objectives and achievements.

Post-war Western establishment is certainly clashing with civilizations. This anti-civilizational establishment is aggressor. Western cadres are materialistic conquerors. They do not seek any cooperation with cultures but go for deconstructing and dominating foreign societies in order to possess the inhabitants bodily and psychologically.

Western global conquerors dare call their campaign a civilizing act. But they have nothing to offer but money growth, with following local cultural ruins. They despise everything old and play around like boys with war toys and futuristic dreams. Unfortunately their weapons are real.

74. Are you Nazi children planning a counter-revolution in Europe ?

We are predicting a counter-revolution because we see and understand that Western societies are disintegrating year by year with the new establishment of 1945. But most second generation Nazis are too wounded and weak to organize this counter-revolution and to come up fighting. The psychological warfare or denazification process directed against us by the victors has destroyed our forces. Today we have also gotten too old. The European winner masses are in a worse situation than we are. They have been brainwashed to believe that they are citizens of a higher civilization which has surpassed everything traditional in Europe. Few understand that this "civilization" has dissolved everything old and dear like faith, ancestral customs and ethnic consciousness. Many anti-Nazis feel deceived when they discover that the "freedom" they fought for took away their homeland rights and their identity.

The children of European victors are in the same situation as Nazi children. That is why we have established this forum aiming for a reconciliation. Nothing can be repaired if the third generation of victors and losers do not cooperate. We insist that the way to go for a Western renaissance is through a reconciliation of opponents from WWII. When Europeans think and feel freely, released from black and white descriptions perpetuated by historians, journalists, teachers and priests, they recognize that 1945 was a Western Materialistic Revolution complotted by Anglo-American politicians, a revolution which surpassed the Communist Revolution of 1917 in power, confusing propaganda and fatal consequences.

The Anglo-American Materialistic Revolution forced upon Western Europe in 1945 did not give "Freedom" to Europeans. It hog-tied the Europeans in an exploitive commercialist system. Why WWII was a revolution and not a classical war is evidenced by the victors' incapacity of establishing peace treaties with the losers. We Nazi children are the best proof of a permanent revolutionary situation in the West. Neither do the revolutionary victors want a peace treaty after sixty years of "peace", nor do they want to aleviate the mental situation of millions of European Nazi descendants. Communism practiced in Soviet Union during seven decades was slowly weakened, as planned by Capitalists. The Anglo-American Materialistic Revolution is still spreading, owing to the unbroken powers of Capitalist cadres.

Nazi children need an inner counter-revolution. Early in the denazification campaign we were dispossessed of ourselves. We have a social right to own ourselves. But we cannot live without real surroundings. Our history has been taken from us. It has been blackened and criminalized as our parents were outlawed. We must reconquer our history. The act of taking back what belongs to us can not happen without political fight. An inner counter-revolution can only be triggered by encounters among Nazi children. Such encounters are preliminaries for a reconquest of our social rights. Our denazifiers know this and try to hold us away from the big media and to keep us separated. When some psychologists find pleasure or interest in describing our situation they often erase our real names for keeping us anonymous.

Real persons shall have solid surroundings and honor their real history. In Norway the majority of us are Germanics. In Southern Europe they are mostly Latins. It's our right to honor our ethnic group. The Lapps in Northern Norway have rights to an ethnic based parliament. But they are not more autochthonous to Norway than we of Germanic tribes. Our earth is full of indigenous habitants. They shall keep up their ancestral traditions. Germanics must today reestablish Germanic Associations, like Latins must establish their associations or clubs. We cannot allow Socialists, modernistic Academics or Social workers to annihilate or denigrate our ethnic tribes. Only persons who know who they are can duly respect those belonging to other ethnic groups.

Capitalistic "Democrats" drive their money and market based Modernistic policies over all borders and through all countries in order to fulfill their Globalist Capitalistic Revolution. They are destroying nature. They are destroying the cultures. They are despising ancestral spiritual values. They are also threatening the integrity of individuals with obsessive money measurements. In order to enslave the habitants of earth they have invented the Humanistic majority-minority trick. They profess that majorities shall have no rights over minorities. All majorities shall thus be wrecked, making all minorites "free". The only correct minority counts one individual. They call it Global Village.

The fight for protecting human differencies has started. Against us we have the cadres of Capitalism who demand one-dimentional individuals just fit for work and consume. Deeply uniformed and banalized individuals shall follow the mainstream for ever. If some individuals protest, they are cured by narcotic medications. Capitalism depends on systematic distribution of drugs to the growing sordide cities. The mass individual in a mass culture is a horrific vision. To create such a monster the family must previously be destroyed. The family is main structure of a good human society, because it gives respect for the ancestors, endurance for overcoming difficulties, creativity for ameliorating the living conditions, sense of rivalry built on love. Only a family can give us central values like roots, patience, visions and good engagements.

The Modernists who are ideologists of Capitalism abhor individual differences. They cultivate fanatically the sameness in everybody. Such imperialistic and totalitarian ideologists have come forth first in the 20th century because they were dependant on technological mass media. This explains why big tribes like Africans, Asians and Europeans have been incapable of resisting their "Humanistic" message. It always takes time to distinguish false prophets.

75. Which is the most dramatic failure of post-war Western policy ?

The Nazi children's destiny is tragic as a result of the winners' denazification or mental cleansing. Nazi children are millions but have no influence on European policy because they are afraid of reprisal if they say who they are. Thus they are mute about their origins. They are indeed a lost generation, mentally speaking. But the real tragedy regards Europe's ethnic survival. Demographers point to dramatic falls in birth rates within White population.

After the fall of the Third Reich it is rather illegitimate to speak of Europeans in terms of tribes like Germanics and Latins. Consequently the survival of these tribes is a non-issue. Politicians do not dare to address the central problem for Europe's future ! Why does Europe not have authentic politicians ? The answer is that the war winners have defined Europe as an economic entity, not as a historical project. Economists have outmanoeuvred the politicians. Why should economists be charged with heavy history and be impeded in their search for profits by old loyalties ?

"Freedom" is the magic word of modernistic post-war Democrats. They blame the counter-revolutionaries, the Fascists and the Nazis, for all wrongs under the sky in order to have the right to cleanse Europe of pre-war attitudes, beliefs and practices. Some consequences of denazification are the continuous attacks on the family. Modernistic Democrats play women against men, children against parents, thus following old Marxist recipe of playing the social classes against each other for final destruction. There is no surprise that the number of divorces surpasses the number of marriages. Now humanist academics have decided that divorce is the norm and marriage is an outdated institution.

Modernistic ideologists dare promote partnership as a superior kind of marriage. They despise programmatically the Nature. They resolve the infertility problem by organizing adoptions from "Third World" countries. There is one distinction the Humanists still maintain : That of producers and consumers. Banana republics shall produce for all Western needs, also Western infertility problems. Humanists are clever to observe the mote in the eye of traditional people but not the beam in their own. They don't understand that they despise peoples of the Third World. The Humanists have draped themselves with holy epithets which make them untouchable, beyond criticism. They say they are transforming the world into a welfare society. Their welfare is based exclusively on money, as if we were living for the sake of money. People have always been lured with money talks.

What about the care of the world's ethnic diversity ? The Humanists or the Imperialistic economists have of course a justification when they destroy the European aborigines. They say they protect the minorities against the majorities ! Their agenda is obviously economy, not logics. How can minorities exist outside a context of majorities ? How long shall we endure inhumane Humanists ?

76. Why do you attack Humanism ?

Modern Western Humanism or Neo-Humanism is our time's most arrogant ideology. It threatens all social structures of the earth based on völkisch history, myths, religion and ancestral traditions. Neo-Humanists allow themselves to attack all societies which are not based on Western rationalism. The Western Rationalists or Humanists refer to abstract Human Rights appeared during the French Revolution as being something beautifully true, rational and good. The French Revolution postulated universal social laws which should be like a bible of rationality. The revolutionaries just fell under dominance of other myths : The myth of Rationalism and the Myth of Liberty.

From beautiful ideas to good social practices there is always a long road to walk. Rationalists think they have a higher morality and thus have the right to attack irrationalists. A new global war is waged, and enemies of the West are often called devils despite the rationalists' habitual restraint in using such terms. If the enemies are not devils, they are despots, terrorists, nazis - and irrationalists. Rationalism is thus nurturing and blessing a holy Western war against all opposite cultures.

Meanwhile the West itself has not become such a beautiful place to live in. Individual morality is deteriorating. As family ties are loosened or broken, social bonds are getting lost. Citizens are reduced to equal individuals. Such lonely and lost individuals are forced to count on social welfare. They have many sad stories to tell. Depressions among Whites who have experienced Humanism during a long period of time do not decrease but grow. Stress is not reduced, but it expands. The population is getting old because the young do not see children as a necessity for the future - a situation and an attitude that again create depressions.

Young people get wrong signals from media dominated by Humanists. Modernistic entertainments are full of violence and vulgar eroticism. Old values like loyalty, decency, honor, obedience, respectfulness and devotion are denigrated. Rests the singular value of the Humanists : Tolerance. But what does it mean to be tolerant when it is obligatory to to accept liberalist depravity and when the Humanists have defined all humans as identical ? Is it a challenge to tolerate sameness ? There is one anti-tolerance law of Zero Tolerance : Nazis will not be tolerated for the next thousand years, the time schedule of the Third Reich. The Humanistic era seems to have a similar time grandeur.

The world under Humanistic care is not giving people more secure living conditions. Humanistic anti-State and anti-tribe policy has devastated Africa. Many Third World countries are getting poorer even if there is economic growth in others. The separation between rich and poor is increasing. Wars based on unequal living conditions continue. Wars due to Humanistic aggressiveness are threatening planet Earth.

More and more people understand that the victors of WWII are rather self-interested than generous. They look for additional political and economic power. Capitalists talking of Humanism but meaning influence and control are increasingly unveiled and attacked. Anglo-American Capitalism is often referred to as the Empire. Their hidden policy world wide is irritating the skilful among younger generations. Young people are in a fighting mood when they call one of their movements "Attac". Capitalists are losing their credibility. Their Humanism starts to show cracking. More the Capitalists are weakened, more the Traditionalists can breathe and start to cooperate internationally for a future based on differences and respect as an alternative to ideological uniformity, economic slavery and anti-spirituality.

77. You obviously don't feel comfortable in the modernistic democracy. Are you at ease in the Catholic Church ?

Yes, personally I feel well in the Catholic Church. Eternity is a dimension concerning all humans. The Church bridges the individuals to values above the history of men.

The Church is however under siege from the reigning Western ideology. The Church is attacked from outside and inside by Humanistic anti-spiritual forces. These forces progress until an anti-modernistic culture once more is established in the West, in order to give our societies a counterweight to Scientism and libertarianism. Humanism "bridges" humans to the humans themselves, making a religion of own capacity, rejecting transcendence, embracing immanence.

The results of this mono-humanistic belief and practice are catastrophic in a cultural perspective. Only present time counts. The past is considered obsolete, outdated, without importance; fashion of the moment invades the minds, making fashion overwhelmingly consequential. Individuals are living lonely when not gathered in mass performances rhythmed by high decibel noise, all based on cheep globalistic "culture" void of long-lined significance.

The magic word of Equality has been the springboard for the Humanists. They have managed to dupe people with ideas of freedom and sameness in a "Democracy" where the distance between rich and poor, between influential and recipients, between decision makers and ordinary people has never been bigger. Never have men been so ideologically "included" in an all-embracing human "love". Never have men been more deceived by false political words, by bigoted political cadres.

Here is the point where the Catholic Church was seriously shaken after WWII. Humanists jiggled spasmically of satisfaction when they got the Nazis under their heals. Winners of world wars win the world. Humanists took everything, also the language. While satanizing the Nazis they could include all humans . Victorious Humanism had no threatening enemies any more and could be more inclusive and salvatory than Christianity. As a fatal consequence the Church adopted populism with the Vatican II, and joined the Humanistic race for "love" and worldwide incorporation of all human beings, in a vision of generous relativism of all values.

The old Church had been taken in shortage of inclusion and love. The salvation mission of the Church had been outdated by the Humanists' world conquering joy of absolute amalgamation. Where the Church operated in a vision of inclusion and exclusion following the Bible's differentiation between the status of grace and perdition, each individual being given the choice to chose his or her destiny, Humanism invited everybody to stay on a same level in a global society based on money welfare, and with promise of scientific salvation in a proximate future.

Countless priests left the Church in the sixties and the seventies, as did churchgoers. Many Christians who remained were uncertain whether they where Catholics, Humanists or both. Then appeared the "theologies of freedom", and priests engaged themselves in political activities together with Marxists and other Humanists. The second half of last century was the period of modernization and marxification of the Catholic Church, all in the name of equality and freedom.

Remain the Bible and the Tradition. The Church is a hierarchical structure, as the Bible is a thoroughly hierarchized presentation of God the Creator Who gives light, meaning and relief from above to all His believers, and Who calls for the non-believers. No human is equal in his or her destiny. But we are all equal in a common human strive toward eternity.

Even the democracy, pretending sameness, shows hierarchy, in spite of the Humanists' efforts to hide the reality. Unfortunately, men with responsibility for common people are getting rare in the post-war democracies, reigned by group interests, and directed by the hidden agenda of hiding oligarchs, masters of the New World who are not very democratic at all.

To be degraded to sameness in the society is a politically artificial measure. In a society people have different talents and different responsibilities. Ordinary men can not be forced to take decisions which are important to the entire society. Children shall not be forced to be adults. Pupils shall not be forced to be teachers. Women shall not be forced to be men. Black people shall not be forced to be White, nor White to be Black.

Nazi children represent the Tradition thanks to recent history. We can ask Humanists for reconciliation and inclusion during thousand years, without result. Humanism needs us as exemplification of human garbage. With the presence of Nazi children Humanism contradicts its pretended non-hierarchical behaviour. We are excluded because Humanism is a monocultural Materialistic force which abhors natural differentiation. As representatives of the European Tradition we Nazi children symbolize social and political differentiation.

The Church will be more and more attacked by Humanists for being a non-Humanistic center of spirituality - by Humanists called center for irrationality. Catholics will be in a same situation as Nazi children. Also the Catholics will be excluded from the Humanistically governed societies busy with their ongoing experiments of total inclusion and monocultural globalization. Catholics should feel happy about being excluded. Europe needs the establishment of a front.

78. What irritates you the most in Modern Democracy ?

The winners have taken a total grip on our culture, not only politically but historically. They act as if they owned History. And they satanize those from the losers' side who try to oppose their false historic presentations. This happens sixty years after WWII, when a normalization of the confronting peoples since long should have occurred. The losers' children are only invited into the warmth if they are willing to confess evilness, evilness of Nazism and evilness of own family. Such an attitude is not only exclusivist and non-democratic; it is mental harassment. Lack of any move from the winners' side to shake hands with the losers, non-existence of the slightest willingness to taking such a step forward towards a necessary reconciliation, show a mentality of victors who have a more monolithic self image than most victors before in history. Their arrogance is without limits. We live under mental dictatorship.

The history of the necessary European counter-revolution, after the bloody Bolshevik revolution of 1917 in Russia, has been stamped by the winners as illegitimate history, all Nazi and Fascist participants in this counter-revolution having been outlawed as war criminals. The craziness of such statements makes you fall on your buttocks. It has equally become illegal to be children of these war criminals, except if you officially hate your father. If not, if a Nazi child shows normal family love, he is immediately tainted with Nazism by the surroundings so that the child can be paralyzed and punished as well. We are all victims of the vicors' idea that we belong to a historic accident, a period of history described as a cultural abomination, as something exceptional in time and space. Winners need to have the guts in order to treat war losers this way.

To succeed in plundering our history, the self-proclaimed Democrats and Humanists have used simple extortion or blackmail. They have established a worldwide horror-show out of the terrible conditions in the German concentration camps at the end of the war, with numerous photos of heaps of bodies, showing them in schoolbooks, magazines, newspapers and films repeatedly during sixty years. Most loser families have become humanly numb by this post-war psychological offensive. The Humanists have manipulated the Jewish tragedy, the Jewish Holocaust, for pushing own political interests in the occupied European territories, occupied as long as no peace treaty has been signed nor any move towards a reconciliation has been undertaken. Finally the winners use the psychological weapon of amalgam : The most insignificant Nazi member was not better than the most horrendous Nazi devil, like Hitler, Mengele, Himmler, Göring, Speer, etc. Today history conscious Jews speak of a Holocaust Industry. Western democrats should feel themselves aimed at.

Celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the victory in May and June 2005 gave us Europeans official manifestations of historic madness. After having lived for decades under the threat of a devastating atomic Third World War between the Capitalistic West and the Soviet Empire, that historic conflict suddenly vaporized to the benefit of an entertaining black mass over the Devilish Third Reich and the Nazis who were presented as the exclusive offenders of the 20th century. Capitalists and post-Communists reunited in Moscow in order to hide own disastrous policies and continuous occupation over millions of minds "freed from Nazi terror". To perform such a non-historical show, as if Communism was not an occupation force over the Russian people and as if arrogant Capitalism does not constitute an ongoing occupation force in Old Europe, the winners really need to have the guts.

79. You talk of an occupation force reigning in Old Europe after World War II. How would you explain this occupation ?

Actual Western cultural decadence is covered, disguised by materialistic growth. It is part of materialistic elitism's inner logics to aim towards profits at the expense of moral principles defending people's rights to belonging. Nouvelle noblesse oblige. The New Western intellectual elite, the corps of acadmics composing the Western occupation force, is based on a genius marriage : Materialism/Consumerism and Humanism, a further refinement of the basic amalgam Communism-Capitalism. The elite dislikes to be called Materialistic but cherishes the appellation "Democratic". This intellectual elite knows that they serve Capitalistic oligarchs who sometimes are more separated from ordinary people than were aristocrats in the past.

Both Materialism and Humanism are man-made ideals, made for manipulating men. Their connection is diabolic. All kinds of rational arguments are worthy as long as they provide materialistic profits. Capitialistically favorable arguments are immediately proved in social experiments and innovations under the name of Humanism. Western academics are the Capital's willing executives, the capitalistic oligarchs' lackeys, as they get their money, their celebrity and positions by fawning on the Capitalists. Our academics often designate anti-capitalists as Nazis.

The well functioning of Capitalistic machinery depends on a permanent Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution is necessary for hiding the obvious contradiction between Capitalism and equality pretending Humanism. Where Capitalism is based on the rights of the strongest, just like football, Humanism celebrates the equality of men in flat Democracy. Permanent Cultural Revolution gives the masses impressions of importance and feelings of independence.

Western Permanent Cultural Revolution operates by a propagandized idea, intensely dished out in all media, informing that there is a constantly reigning injustice, an unresolved inequity in society which permanently harms the democratic masses. It is unlawful that minorities live as minorities. It is illegal that women have different lives than men. Ethnic minorities shall function as majorities; homosexuals shall function as heterosexuals; women shall function as men. A constant unrest is consequently obtained in our societies. Racially mixed and sexually mixed persons are presented as superior; their superiority is celebrated by the academics by alleged non-existence of race and gender.

Ethnic minorities, homosexuals and women who submit to Capitalistic propaganda serve the Capitalists in deconstructing and destroying all inherited social structures and ancestral ideals. They disappear in the dream of the masses, the dream of total integration and similarity. This dream corresponds with the social and moral needs of Capitalism. The dream itself is a product of Capitalism. Individuals stripped of all differentiation, with no identity other than to be free from the past, with no belonging other than to depend on the merchandised society of Modernity - they have no other possibility to satisfy themselves than to consume more and more in the warehouse temples, in order to adhere to the Fashion of the Moment.

A complete sameness is equivalent to death. This is the reason why all thematic researches in arts aiming death and cult of death are welcome in Capitalistic culture. The death of Materialism is postponed thanks to man's constant materialistic cupidity. Consequently spiritual death reigns.

80. What kind of people are willing to destroy own culture ?

After decades with mass media attacks on Christianity and European Tradition by the new European elite, formed by capitalistic oligarchs and their Humanistic academic cadres, an accelerating decadence is achieved. Since the Humanists have no culture to replace the one being destroyed - they just cultivate the senseless idea of "Pluriculturalism" or "Multiculturalism" - the consequence for Europe cannot be other but Decadence, Culturelessness, Whitelessness or other lessnesses.

To answer the question : Any person from former Christian West is willing to abandon own culture if he feels good by doing so. In our endless post-war times it is a question of perverted religious feeling : The more you hate yourself, the more you love your fellow human being. It is the consequence of a holocaustified or humanistified Christianity : hatred of yourself produces love for the others.

In 1945 and up to the sixties most Whites believed that only Germans had the capacity of being Evil. In our new century that belief remains, but the idea of Evil has developed and increased to the point of including all Whites, following the logics of Satanism.

The compensation you get if joining this black religion, this self-destroying cult, is that you feel adopted and lifted to a higher level of existence by the Humanistic "Law of Universal Moral". You reach the hypothetical Humanistic Essence, the high sphere of a new Scientific Religion. You then feel yourself a good Humanist, one of the happy chosen. But to maintain the good feeling you need to commit certain "religious" acts and confess officially and repeatedly, in the following order, that you

At the end you have become the perfect lackey of expanding Western Capitalism.

Academics, teachers, journalists and priests are the most exposed to joining the Chorus of Saved and Sacred, simply because they have the best occasion of expressing themselves officially.

Such capitalist lackeys have a delightful feeling of guilt themselves. It is delightful as long as they immediately can transfer real guilt over to the Nazi children. Nazis and Nazi brood form the Humanists' earthly hell, the home of the devils, a disposal for human waste and shortcomings. By this transference of guilt the Humanists rule over the Western peoples, because Nazi children count millions. "Ruling by guilt is a nasty thing", as a correspondent wrote to us some years ago.

Self-haters or autophobics are necessarily foreign-haters, xenophobics. The Commandment "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" becomes impossible through Humanistic perverted altruism. Autophobia includes xenophobia. By being anti-racists the Humanists are racists, racists upside down.

With hate as motive power the Humanists stop any move towards a reconciliation which the West needs. The freedom of the Nazi children is permanently postponed as long as we have the actual Western regime : Capitalistic Democracy.

81. You say you're a Catholic. What do you think about the Catholic Church's involvement with the Third Reich ?

The European Nazi and Fascist Counter-Revolution, which emerged as a reaction both to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and to the Capitalistic-Humanistic Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1919, based its legitimacy and got its spiritual forces through the Catholic Church. Fascists were strongest in countries with a strong Catholic Church like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. Nazis were strongest in Catholic Bavaria and Tyrol.

The II Vatican Council was a populist Catholic adaptation to the new political reality of Europe after 1945. The Church opened the doors for laymen to participate in a new ecclesiastic administration. That's how irresponsible liberalistic Humanism entered the Church. Nevertheless, WWII was such a cultural and mental earthquake in Europe that there are arguments for some of the post-war adjustments and transformations in religious practices.

However, when over forty years have passed after the Second Vatican Council, it is also easy to see that some transformations were too brutal and others straightly wrong. Church history is what suffers the most after the Council. The truth that numerous Catholic clergymen joined enthusiastically Fascist and Nazi parties all over Europe, in order to stop Communist anti-spirituality and Capitalistic Materialism, is still covered over and lied about by populist Church historians. The doors of the Church need to be opened once more.

In the peace time after 1945, but specifically in the early sixties, at the time of the II Vatican Council, the Nazi children were literally drowned in family guilt. The time of the Council coincided with the time of launching the Holocaust offensive, a media offensive with heavy Allied documents showing Nazi Evil. The youngest and most innocent Nazi descendants were imbued with the heaviest guilt. The Catholic Church did nothing to rescue the children from transference of guilt. The II Vatican Council ignored majestically the torments of the Nazi descendants. The European Nazi and Fascist children need a III Vatican Council. It is a question of Christian dignity.

82. You say that Europe is decadent. What are the most evident manifestations of this decadence ?

Arts, especially plastic arts, express decadence. Most Western artists have given up beauty as aim for their works. From artists' point of view beauty is decadent. They say : Beauty is something tipical of arts from old days' naive societies, societies beyond rational light or scientific enlightenment. Some say beauty is fascist. It invites feelings which by ordinary social scientists are defined as irrational and dangerous for ratial stability, just like religion is dangerous. Instead of beauty they fill the exhibition halls with trash which they call installation, conceptual signs and symbols, or quite honestly "trash art".

Whatever artists say, they are preys of feelings, the reason why they are artists.
Artists are honest; they express what they feel their surroundings are worth. Arts are mirrors, they reflect the society from which arts arise. Artists are the most sensible witnesses of a society. The public, on the contrary, might be dishonest or blind. Western public has during decades been unable to view and to examine trash art in a political and societal context. Post-war public has been taught that Modernistic aritsts are rational, intellectual, magic possessors of pure sciences. It is easy to understand why the public chooses ignorance or naivety instead of comprehension when facing modern arts. Comprehension traditionally includes compassion. In front of trash officially exposed, the public is prevented from normal reactions. Ordinary people have no possible way to comprehend this "art" otherwise than by acclaiming, like monkeys in a cage who jump when the spectators jump; only that the roles are inverted. The trash artists are jumping behind or inside their trash, out of despair.

Another explanation why modern public is blind to the signals given by contemporary artists is to be found in the power and effects of Capitalistic propaganda. War propaganda didn't stop in 1945, what would have been normal if the peace had been normal peace. But with Capitalists as victors there is no peace but an increase of propaganda for sales reasons. Capitalists know no other values than profits. Capitalism is an ideology which demands submission of all "free" individuals. Western art public is consequently brainwashed to see the new clothes of the emperor. Strangely enough the artists themselves seem to accept their monkey dialogue with a blinded public as long as the art trade through Capitalist galleries assure their remuneration. Slaves perfer slaves.

Both parts suffer; the artists are in cage as well as the public. The situation is desperate as long as the media manage to convince both parts that they live in a free world. The most brilliant expression of Western modern society are the junkies. No doubt many artists dream of putting junkies in the galleries as live installation. Hopefully a profound feeling of solidarity prevents them from doing so. Modern artists know that no trash prop can ever reach the height and strength of expression of a junky. The junkies are the Western world's most powerful witnesses of a sick society, of a decadent world. Mainly sensitive and sensible persons are able to sacrifice themselves as junkies.

It is time for Western public to awake. As long as we don't understand modern art on a deep level, don't feel the artists' desperation, there will be no real Western solidarity with "the others". Before we go to other cultures to propagandize about "Humanistic" welfare, we should embrace own victims of our Capitalistically organized dope trade. Materialism costs. When Western societies one day will be healed, artists will reintroduce beauty as main concern.

83. Do you vote at general elections ?

Personally I don't. How can I participate in Democratic elections when Nazi children are constantly satanized in "Democratic" media and when the Nazi children's requirement for a reconciliation after WWII is officially refused ?

The situation for Nazi children in Norway has considerably deteriorated during the last decade. In 1995, during the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Allies' victory, the Nazi children were welcome in the media in order to heal wounds and let the past be past. During the sixtieth anniversary of 2005 we were ignored by both media and politicians. The universities of Norway, in cooperation with the Government, started in 2000 an academic research process, called "Overcoming the past", in order to look at the consequences of the legal purges or transitional justice in Norway after 1945.

After five years, the academics came up with an open conference in Oslo the 10th of May 2005. Nazi children were neither invited nor included in their initiative of overcoming or healing the past. The academic conference aimed the victors' children. Their difficulties of dealing with their past were more important than curing the stress of the Nazi children, letting unconsidered the Nazi children's burden of Holocaust guilt. Humanistic academics are definitely the lackeys of post-war Capitalistic oligarchs and their servant Democratic politicians. It is a catastrophe each time such academics touch the Nazi child topic.

Another manifestation of official hostility against Nazi children is the choice of Vidkun Quisling's mansion in Oslo as seat for the new Norwegian Holocaust museum. It will open the doors for the public in the fall of 2006. Both Democratic politicians and Humanististic academics are initiators of the museum, as well as they are responsible for the choice of location. A Holocaust museum is made for not healing wounds from the past. Nazi children shall for ever be confronted with their family guilt. It is meant to be good for Democracy and good for Humanity doing it this way.

We are degraded to secondary citizens in our so-called democratic country. Consequently it would be an absurdity for us to participate at democratic elections.

84. Why do many non-White peoples despise or hate Whites ?

Wherever Whites move with their money and weapons, their rationality and human sciences, their multicultural ideal and strive for humanistic influence, they spread unrest and confusion, and at the end anger. They don't care for ancient foreign cultures which they just want to modernize to fit into their system. They don't care for individuals who they want to "liberate" to become like ordinary Western consumers. They don't care for nations because they are anti-national while building their worldwide super nation. They don't care for ancestral religions because they are anti-religious if not for their own monstrosity called "Scientific Humanism" or "Holistic Democracy".

They say they are anti-racists but they are supra-race clowns who most often prefer their own race. They say they are beyond all races. Consequently they look down on all humans of race because themselves belong to a super-race of non-race, a totally abstract new master race. In order to be respected and worshipped as superior beyond-racists or anti-racists, they dramatize the "race" word for the rest of us, diabolize "racists" or race conscious peoples and thereby spit on all race rooted cultures. They are anti-nature, anti-tradition, anti-history. And they boast about it. White Humanists who are confronted with their Whiteness, look confused and start to protest. They say : "A white label is stigmatizing and reduces the person's potential". And they continue : "The Human Rights have abolished the races". They just forget to mention which race instituted the Human Rights and which race long for universal power. These Humanists are bragging mental bastards of the earth.

Never the world has seen more spiritually poor and more humanly bankrupt peoples than capitalistic, democratic and humanistic Whites. It is an international, intercultural and interracial duty to isolate them and resist them as dangerous monsters. Members of human societies built during millennia and evolved into refined distinguished races and cultures are not going to bow for some "enlightened" newcomers from the West who go around telling the world that everything inherited is abolished except the non-White white model, the non-Western Westerner, the non-racial anti-racist, the non-history history owner, the model zero, the default individual, the basic mould for New World citizens, the new mental archtype, the gauge of human perfection, the exclusively legitimate individual and the standard human of nothingness. The monsters boast about that they are raceless, classless, whiteless, cultureless, historyless etc. They are just tasteless heaps of lessnesses.

Nazi children who have mentally survived the Humanistic denazification process after WWII, a pure diabolization process based on Black Religion, on Death Cult called Holocaust, will have a new role to play in a coming post-Capitalistic, post-Humanistic society. If there will be any society for Whites. So far Nazi children have been witnesses to a political process of pretentious enlightenment which went dramatically wrong and sunk into darkness.

A new world organization which can replace the Humanistically conceived United Nations must be shaped, an organization which cherishes the diversity of humans with all their different races, cultures and religions. An interracial tribunal must be erected in order to stop "non-White" anti-racist White Humanists from pursuing their devastating world reforms on behalf of hidden Capitalistic oligarchs. It is in the interest of the Humanists' own future.

The children of Humanists suffer already enough from commercialistic abuses, drug abuses, cultural void, tasteless arts, denigration of everything spiritual. We Nazi children ask all conscious and caring peoples of color, Whites included, to get together for the establishment of an entity which can protect the whole and complete human being, with his and her old social relations, history, institutions and non-rational beautiful beliefs. It is time for substituting biased and bigoted White Humanism with humane world policy. We do not believe in revolution; we believe in evolution by virtue of endurance and respect for our forefathers. We need something better than the UN which serves Whites through one-way aid and opposite-way debts. We need an organization of United Races and Cultures which can resist the Western Democratic nonsense of multiculturalism and multiethnicism.

85. Do you expect an ideological change ?

When the Materialists won WWII, a war between European Traditionalists and Anglo-American Capitalists allied with Soviet Humanistic Imperialists, the Old Free World got under the heals of ferocious Materialistic Globalists. The New World Governors have maintained their power during decades thanks to ownership of recent technological media and to Western academics who after 1945 have been lackeys of money rule and advocates of vulgar scientism. To repress all resistance the oppressors have used blackmail : Holocaust, power of guilt.

In our new Millennium there are vibrant reactions. Traditionalisms break out after the enslavement of peoples during sixty years. It's a question of life felicity against unidimensional money counting and technocratic measurements. A new century, and more a new millennium, steps back before moving forward.

Manifestations of new life joy or vitalism are to be seen in ancestral Europe through new mentalities. People need to belong to somewhere, to express happiness of belonging. To say that you just are a world citizen is too much and too little. Expressions of group identity grow. Life depends on differences. Roots become a must. Lapps, Scots, Bretons and Occitans dig in their past to find lost language, forgotten traditions, hidden ethnic rites. They are feverish in order to save their specific tribal treasure. They want to restore what Modernism has destroyed.

But the most fantastic expression of tribal power in our time is given by the Jews. A people scattered during two thousand years throughout the geography have gotten their home, their nation. And they have restored their old language, Hebrew, as their nation's tongue. Our time's most flagrant contradiction results of the fact that the Allies, the winners of WWII, oppressed European ethnic powers in order to restore an other ethnic power, Israel, outside Europe. Beside this paradox the victors have shown another act of incongruity : They gave stolen land to the Jews. The only possible interpretation of such an act is that the Allies were and are anti-Semites, both anti-Arab and anti-Jew. Materialism doesn't bother with morality.

Also new esthetic expressions all over Europe are exuberant of old ethnic forms and symbols. Ice cold minimalism and repetitive functionalism are encountered by people's delight in rich decoration from the past, like the pleasure of wearing old days' folkloric costumes. There are even those who enjoy wearing a profusion of non-abstract skin tattoos.

Puristic Materialism has seen its better days. An ideological awakening shows signs of new respect for the past, of love for our predecessors. Ethnic minorities give the example. The counter-revolution is over before the mentally slow academics have discovered its start.

86. Many Westerners are surprised how WWII is dominating in media and arts in our new century. Do you have an explanation ?

The Great War of the 20th Century is continuous. It simply did not finish, mentally and formally speaking, not militarily. No peace treaty has been signed with Germany. The demilitarization of the Third Reich is over, but not the denazification. People are today put in jail for defending Nazi doctrines. During sixty years no attempt of reconciliation has been initiated. The topic of the Nazi children is still a taboo in Western democracies.

Something is wrong with the winners. Most Nazis are dead. What are the victors afraid of ? Are they afraid of the ridiculously few outspoken Second Generation Nazis ? Do the victors have a hidden political program which they have not been able to implement after having governed the West for over sixty years ?

More and more people are opposing the victors' ideology : Humanistic Capitalism. The motives of these protestors are more than comprehensible. Capitalism has turned into a system per se which overlooks what people need and long for : security, time for developing own lives, decency in their working conditions, secure jobs, social closeness, clean environment, predictable future.

Western Humanism has become an ideology of pretense. While speaking endlessly of humanity and equality, the main factor of human relationship has simply vanished in our societies : Love. European social services are bureaucratic, money-measuring, ice-cold, even there are brave employees. The situation is worse outside Europe where the Humanists are equally in power.

During sixty years Humanists have dominated the African continent, financially and politically. In lack of better methods to assist Africa, the Humanists are today organizing pop-concerts among Whites in order to make Whites feel good. Meanwhile large areas are presenting worsening living conditions for Africans. Now to the Humanistic top score : Humanists are waging wars against Afghanistan and Iraq which are Third World countries.

The winners are becoming the real losers. They are spoiling their victories through malgovernance. But how long shall we witness their agony ? How long shall we accept the Endless War now passing into a new century ? Why don't we help the Humanists and Capitalists out of office ? A long agony is harmful to the Europeans as well as to the rest of the world.

87. You are against modern democracy. What kind of better rule do you see for Europe ?

It's true, I'm against modern democracy because individualistically based democracy is fake. First, common individuals are unable to be responsible for complicated political decisions. Secondly, the individuals in a modern individualistic culture are not free : They are thoroughly manipulated by the media.

If the media owners could step out from anonymity, they would at last form a visible and consequently responsible cadre in our so-called democratic countries. People would get free from political illusions, like the illusion of classlessness. People would bow for or anger against a ruling class, an elite, and a basic tradition would be restored.

This will not happen. Humanistic Capitalism is manipulative. The Capitalists' false democracy can only be stopped through protests from the masses. A new governance must be based on equal rights shared between Traditionalists and Modernists, between a religious elite and a secular elite.

A such political equilibrium and agreement would be a de facto reconciliation after WWII. In today's raw capitalistic society all cultural power is given to the irresponsible secularist Humanists. The secular charter of Human Rights shall not be socially and culturally privileged over old European Christianity and Traditionalism. Belief in Western rationalism as good political method is one belief among others.

88. Are there nuances of identity and different strategies among organized European Nazi children ?

There is a line of evolution from "Children of Nazis" through "Nazi Children" and over to "Second Generation Nazis". Liberalist Humanists will call the evolution regression.

The first category is without energy to self-help, to self-organization, to find self-identity. That's why "Children of Nazis" are administrated by Nazi parents, by psychologists or by organizations dealing with Holocaust. The children do not resolve the question of guilt. Or they continue to carry individually their parents' guilt, or their parents' guilt is inflicted on them during encounters with psychologists. Werkgroep Herkenning in Holland is an association for "Children of Nazis".

"Nazi Children", the second category, functions without official approval and manage to work in a polarized position to the "world society" for a limited time. They take the weight of the "Nazi" word in order to paralyze its demonizing effect, like the homosexuals once won over the stigmatizing word "queer" by adopting it. Their aim is anyhow to find back to or to be integrated by post-war society. They want the right to move forward independently, to take care of their self-esteem.

There is a Norwegian group of NS children who call their meetings "Vennetreff", meaning Friends' Meeting. They constitute a sort of in-between position, collaborating with their Nazi parents but organizing their own meetings. They entertain relative independence by claiming, in accordance with their parents, that they are free from the Holocaust. They get free by maintaining that Quisling's party Nasjonal Samling was different from the NSDAP and German Nazism, specifically regarding attitude toward Jews and treatment of Jews. The "Vennetreff" children assert they are apolitical.

The third category, "Second Generation Nazis", set themselves in fundamental opposition to contemporary Western societies. They distance themselves from the post-war Capitalist-Humanist ideology, from the victors' pretended values, and realize that they represent the European traditionon on a deep level, both religiously and socially. They do not want integration but independently to bring forward the tradition - regardless of polarization and following demonization. Their difference from the Neo-Nazis lies in their conviction that contemporary politics can not be formed and defined by a war ideology which stopped functioning for the Axis nations over sixty years ago. "The Organization of Norwegian NS Children" does not intend to be apolitical. It tries to awake Second and Third Generation Nazis to consciousness of the Tradition.

Within a short period of time a confrontation will come to a head between "Children of Nazis" and "Second Generation Nazis". It will happen when the establishment pushes the "Children of Nazis" to condemn the "Second Generation Nazis". As far as numbers are concerned the first group will win. Politically they will lose because Western cultural mainstream needs the countercurrent of heritage.

89. Do you have a terminal perspective on ongoing Western global politics ?

Materialism, or Capitalism, organizes the humans in a certain pattern. The Humanists who serve Capitalism, who form the cadre of Western post-war establishment, have come up with Democracy and Human Rights as global political system and global political ideal.

Western Democracy is based on the individuals. Which values direct the individuals in the Democracy of individuals ? The answer is egoism. The ego of the individuals has, thanks to the Human Rights, fallen to an animal level, or even lower since the animals care for their species. One human being faces alone the global social reality. The democratic individuals have all sorts of rights and few obligations. So, they fight for their rights.

In Western Democracy religion is reduced to a pastime on an individual level. Children shall not be religiously educated. Race is abolished as a useless import from passed times. The humans form a global mass. They are no longer individuals belonging to a culture rooted in blood and soil. Marriage and family are tiny social structures with no significance in global democratic welfare. Such structures are therefore on their way out. An individual who wants to sacrifice himself for passed time's ideals will be given drugs or therapy in order to comply to modern consumer standard.

Mass individuals will necessarily be left with non-satisfied needs. Modern systems of pastime, entertainment and reality plays are fashioned in order to embrace the lonely ones. Reality TV makes the individuals feel great stars. Travels make them feel global. Individual cars make them feel speedy. Football gives them a feeling of belonging. The bigger the stadium the more the spectators feel they are participating in an important happening. The happiness of shopping grows the more the individuals drown in useless gadgets.

But the biggest entertainment for the citizens lost in their individuality, the one which gives them the greatest feeling of social belonging, is the pleasure of attacking and destroying non-complying individuals like traditionalists, integrists, Fascists and Nazis - all patriarchal types. Such anti-correct idealists are defined as evil; they are therefore outlawed and fit for the system's punitive death, corrective social isolation or castigatory prisons.

Those who invented and shaped the Materialistic Mass State were a kind of idealists. Those who now prepare a Global Mass State are a kind of idealists. The Mass Individuals will of course one day eat the Humanists. Revolution has its own laws. In a way the counter-revolutionaries can rest back and relax, waiting for the accomplishment of a necessary historic process. Was it not for the atomic bomb.

90. Which ways can Nazi children take in a new century ?

Most Nazi children see no ways. They come from the strongest European families. Often they come from the oldest families where the members during centuries have been accustomed to be overt, direct, politically involved, publicly creative and socially enjoying. The post-war Cult of Death, the post-war mental Holocaust used by the Globalist Humanists against the Nazi descendants as whip, has hit them deeply and left them crippled.

Nazi children are suffering. Age makes their psychological stress more insupportable. They are facing three directions, being existentially crucified in a torturing crossroads. The majority chooses silence, out of fear. The second group chooses to believe in the victors' values : Materialism, Democracy, Human Rights, economic and social Liberalism. They are forced to hate their parents, to disdain European traditions. The third group counts few Nazi children. They chose to gather in order to find and to heal common wounds, to work out a common basement for their future lives, to construct a better future for the third and fourth generations Nazis.

Those from the third group, how do they meet Nazi hating surroundings ? If they say they believe in their parents, they are accordingly treated : like beasts. They are treated as replicas of their parents, become guilty of the six millions. Nazi children clinging to their parents have to present themselves as hard and tough warriors, believing they are similar to or stronger than their parents, in order to deal with the enormous hostility. It's a waist of forces to cling to parents when the parents are losers of the biggest war in history.

It is clearly better to invest in independency of the second generation. We Nazi children are believed and respected first and only if we show overtly our difficulties, our wounds of passed troubles, and only at the end express our political views and desires for a better Europe. We will not be trusted by the holocaustified post-war generations if we omit to exposing our dark side, our experiences from a life under forced guilt. Consequently, the third road bifurcates.

Eystein Eggen wrote "The Boy from Gimle" in 1993 in order to restore the children of Old Europe, satanized by the victors' post-war propaganda. The editor has refused all re-editions and shows no interest in a translation. A psychlogical regression regarding a reconciliation is manifest in our new century. Participators in Western mainstream culture repress particularly overt Nazi children. It is an honor to be repressed by holocaust usurpers. Independence from modernistic values is our pride. It is becoming more and more gratifying to be overt second or third generation Nazis.

91. Do you mean Western Humanism has nothing to give to the world ?

Western Humanists want a pluricultural Europe as a step on the road to a pluricultural world. A pluricultural world is their basement for global Materialism, global Capitalism. They want to achieve pluriculturalism in Europe by inviting peoples from all corners of the world, peoples from all cultures, to settle in the different European countries.

The Humanists say they want to liberate peoples. They are liars. They want to enslave them. When for example true Muslims settle in our countries, the Humanists have kept their right to mock their patriarchal culture as well as their patriarchal God. Mockery and destruction of all traditions are humanistic premises for establishing global "pluriculturalism" - a word void of honest meaning.

The struggle rages today between traditional God believers and greedy Humanists. Some materialized Christians have joined the latter group, behave in the worst neo-colonialist style by telling that they are saving the world while they are enriching themselves. Man advances through experiments and errors. Materialist Humanism is an error. It's a global danger.

92. Why has Humanism boosted and turned fatal in Western civilization ? And why is the Catholic Church decreasing in the West ?

Capitalist Humanism has become our time's wealthy ideology which controls social life even more meticulously than former Communism did it. Other social orders, they be religiously or ideologically founded, are not only excluded but satanized. Modern Humanism is so strong that its supporters are pretending that the time for ideologies is passed era.

Humanism dictates a nefarious social life. All traditions that have knitted citizens together during centuries shall be wiped away, be exterminated, ausrottet. Under Humanism the citizens shall become free individuals, which means that they will be free from all patterns like those of family, race or history. Exposed to an enormous global State, with Humanists as superior cadres, the individuals shall be imposed a freedom with no rights to belonging to sovereign communities.

Modern life under Humanism is based on disintegration, on splintering. Relativism is replacing common belief, equality is replacing social or individual differences. Excepted are the holy cadres which shall rule the Global Mass State. They can be different thanks to possessing Holy Equality.

It's a pity to see how the Catholic Church is legitimating the progress of the Humanistic Global State. The Church's involvement started with the Second Vatican Council. Because of the Holocaust the Church feels guilty even it is pretending not being, and it gives more and more right to the Humanist order. Today some Catholic priests are praying in the churches for the progress of Humanism, not for the progress of the old Church.

Catholic priests can be heard preaching that there are two different types of saints : those who are good in the society, who gather the devoted and strengthen the community, and others who are fighting individually with inner diabolic struggles. The first group is of course played down as unusable for modern times. Modernist priests prefer individuals in inner chaos to socially humble and constructive individuals. Constructive people can be dangerous. Christians shall have no models, nor shall non-believers. A strong Church which is triumphant will be anti-individualistic and anti-relativistic.

The Church is weak in the 21st century, specifically among Whites. The reason is to be found in the Church's new attitude to the Devil and his Hell. Thanks to the Holocaust the Nazis have overtaken the role of the transcendent Devil. The Devil has become immanent, has embodied the flesh and blood of the Nazis. Hell has been moved from the realm of anti-spirituality downstairs and up to our own earth and history. This theological revolution has made it possible for the Humanists to be Satanists, to cultivate the Nazis as Devils, without being themselves stricken by Evil.

All people participating in anti-Nazi manifestations like building Holocaust centers, will be lifted up to a higher moral position. More they hate the Nazis, more they become saintly Humanists. The struggle between Good and Evil has moved out of the spiritual realm of the Church. The time of reconciliation has been postponed forever. History and society is the fighting arena, what is not new. But the bad ones have been pointed out once and forever. The Nazis are stigmatized for eternity. "The black star of Holocaust will always move above our heads." (47)

Vast Humanistic cult of individuals had not been possible without a legitimized cult of the Nazis. It should be needless to say that both cults are anti-Christian. The first is wrong because it abrogates loyalty as principal value in Christian families which all have the Holy Family as ideal. The second cult is anti-Christian because it empowers men to doom souls.

93. Be frank, who are your enemies !

Whites who let the Holocaust turn into a punishing regime, are self-haters. They defend themselves by calling all their antagonists "xenophobes". The self-haters own the West today thanks to the media, specifically TV.

Their power is about to collapse after over sixty years with imperial hubris. Sound persons detest self-haters. Immigrants from non-Western countries despise them, Jews feel disgust for them, healthy youth execrate them. Second generation Nazis have them as enemies. They are enemies of all independent peoples. They are enemies of our Earth, of Nature.

Such Holocaustians are Democrats and Humanists. They vote in favor of the Left and the Right. They are both children of victors and unfortunate children of Nazis. They dream of a materialist future with expanding pleasures. They look for materialist peace in luxury, having an ultimate pleasure in satanizing others. They want to separate themselves as far from Mother Nature as possible.

A natural consequence of their cult for the Holocaust is that they don't love themselves. How can they love themselves when they despise their predecessors, their history ? Following their definitions all Europeans were racists prior to WWII. All Europeans were pre-Nazis, thus they are doomed to be hated by Humanists.

Not only Europe was racist and Nazi, but the entire world, thanks to the English and their Empire, based on White dominance. Also the Americans' Founding Fathers were racists. Today English and Americans are moral mutants. They need to clean their past by attacking the Germans of the 20th century.

Exposed to inner vacuum they compensate their nothingness by pretending they love all humans. Actual wars show that they despise the diverse peoples of the Earth.

94. What imperative measures are necessary for a decadent Europe ?

White self-haters destroy the Europeans' self esteem. The result of Humanist dominance in post-war Europe is catastrophic. The Europeans do not have mental resistance against the enormous cult of the Holocaust, a death cult concocted and directed by Humanists. The Europeans are driven to despise own culture and heritage. They turn relativistic, materialistic, anti-spiritualistic. They end up seeing economics as ultimate ideal for the society. Humanist vandalism must be stopped.

95. Why is there little official interest in accepting you in the post-war society ?

We are rather inexistent in the consciousness of Democratic politicians. Letters sent to the Parliament after 2001 remain unanswered. Politicians are obviously afraid of addressing the Nazi children topic. They are not primarily afraid of a resurgence of Nazism, neo or old. They feel fear for not complying with the Law of Modernism. The Law of Modernism demands increasing social move, change, unrest in order to create in a not distant future the Paradise of Equality.

Nazi descendants who represent old families, who are root conservative, rooted in the soil of the tribe, who are guards of social stability, serenity, social predictability through maintenance of a necessary social hierarchy, we are simply too different from the type of modern democratic politician to be accepted as humans. That is why we are sons of our parents, sometimes described as Nazi progeny - naturally meant as the Devil's progeny. Democrats execrate Devils, but at the same time depend on the cult of them in Holocaust centers.

Politicians in Modernist Democracy are mono-dimensional. They all drive in the same direction, faster and faster, in order to reach the Globalist Mono-State where all individuals are equal, equally happy, full of food, sexually satisfied - thanks to social liberalism, endless social care and materialistic wealth. The State of Abundance is guaranteed by Capitalism, the only state financed secular religion. In the dreams of the Modernists all tribes are blended and all cultures and religions mixed.

Where there is no difference, there is no plaint - and no life. Fewer and fewer believe in the Humanist-Democratic concoctions. The Marxists worked once for the accomplishment of the desired classless society by destroying Capitalism. The Humanists have blended Marxism and Capitalism and run for the same lie : Classless society. They can only maintain the credibility of the concoction Marxism-Capitalism by constructing an enormous threat : Nazism, Fascism, Traditionalism. To obtain their morbid goal they have to accelerate the satanization of European traditionalists.

Why should Nazi children complain for being repudiated by such politicians ? We are of course proud.

96. Why are you excluded from debates within the Catholic Church ?

When millions of Christian Europeans became Nazis and Fascists after the Bolsheviks' revolution of 1917, their argument was that Communism threatened the bases of the Western world's values. Further progress in Europe of Materialists and Nihilists had to be interrupted.

The losers are credited no worthy arguments after 1945. The losers' main explanation of protecting Western culture is simply rejected and disallowed by the victors. The Humanists, both the socialistic Humanists in the East and the liberalistic Humanists in the West, had a common revolutionary goal of transforming the Western culture from top to bottom. In the beginning of our 21st century the Western Humanists have gone globalistic by amalgamating Communism and Capitalism.

The power of amalgam-Humanism is today both enormous and rotten. Its supporters possess the Western culture, therefore appropriately called mainstream culture. All "values" are measured for capitalistic profits. It's a rotten culture because there are growing dissatisfactions within the old Western societies. As the Humanists demonize Traditionalists there can come to no renewal or change in the mainstream culture.

A consequence of power is that the Humanists see little difference between conservative Catholics and Nazis. As both are opposing the Humanists' social project they are both seen as representatives of dark forces from the past. Since Catholics have lighter luggage from the history of WWII, the Catholics have now to fight in order to distance themselves from the Nazis. They have to grasp any occasion in order to show greatness in their anti-Nazi attitude. Thus the Catholic Church does not even dare to address the Nazi children topic.

The Church is in conflict with itself. Only liberalistic Catholics are officially accepted. Conservative Catholics are seldom allowed to speak within the Church. One can observe priests throttling priests in order to get rid of the Nazi ghost inside the Church and inside themselves. An ordinary dispute is about knowing whether the Church was enough anti-Nazi before or during WWII. Thus, neither the men of the Church nor the Humanists can admit the main argument of the millions of Christian Anti-Revolutionaries for rallying in Nazi and Fascist parties.

So, both Christians and Humanists abhor our families, our basis. It's so easy for them to put all Counter-Revolutionaries in the pot of Evil. It's so comfortable to feel the vast move of the Humanistic mainstream. The Holocaust is to utmost support for getting good feelings. Those who devote themselves to the Cult of Death get individual and social levitation. In the Holocaust humane thoughts end; words end; language and poetry end. Sublime feelings of the great Evil take a firm hold of the individuals. What is principle of Death cults.

97. You are rather hostile to Holocaust centers. Why?

Continuous constructions of Holocaust centers postpone a necessary reconciliation process after WWII. Six decades without a move toward a European restoration is already too much of lost occasions and wasted time. The post-war era has been and continues to be a tragic one, not only regarding the losers' children, but concerning the winners' descendants as well. The destructive status quo of victory celebrations with antithetical loser demonizations will and must come to an end.

The Holocaust centers are based on Western social sciences. Center directors are proud to state that there are no reminiscences of religious constructions, religious feelings or religious perspectives in the scientifically social-historic researches permanently undertaken in the centers. But indubitably the Holocaust centers produce feelings of guilt in the hearts of the Nazi descendants. Guilt feelings are heavily draped in religious contexts and have religious connotations, due to the European Judeo-Christian past and to most peoples' religious feelings.

Whatever the directors of Holocaust centers pretend, guilt feelings get to immeasurable individual dimensions because guilt itself is a religious concept. The word is psychologically rooted in religion. In this uncertain realm between religion and social sciences there is a lot of influence to get hold on for power dreaming contemporary politicians. Politicians can easily transform guilt power into a political weapon, something they have practised over a long time.

The Western societies are heavily secularized in the 21st century. The modern democracies are built on the ideal of economic growth and materialistic wealth thanks to Capitalism. Idealized Capitalism is pretended ruled by the theoretical Human Rights. After decades under Humanist rule more than the WWII losers and their descendants can observe that Capitalism has turned into a system ruled by itself. All values are measured by financial profits. More and more goods, even social goods, are privatized and transformed into merchandise. Guilt becomes merchandise. Guilt is produced for the purpose of profits.

Guilt producers should know that guilt as a product evolves into hate - hate against the producers. Descendants from both sides of WWII participators are soon to become war victims. There are too many reasons why Holocaust centers should be brought to an end. They cannot stay as Temples of Irreconcilability while their constructors say the centers stand for protecting Humanity.

98. You Nazi descendants like to live in peace on earth, don't you ?

The Humanists have a project of establishing eternal peace on Earth, to elaborate an earthly paradise. Christians have as we know their Paradise in Heaven. Since the Humanists are human mutants, by own definition being more knowledgeable and morally superior to all predecessors, they have to manipulate for radical change of society. Humanists pretend to love the humans more than non-Humanists do.

Nothing is sacred for the Humanists, were it not own idealism. Nature is not holy. Unborn babies are not holy. Family is disrespected. Our forefathers' strive is disregarded. Ancient lineage is worth nothing. Real differences between men like racial differences are obliterated; old words like respect and tolerance become superfluous. There is no alternative to their world, nor in this life nor in next since God is nullified. Only exists one project : Global standardization of all societies. They call this new world society a multicultural society in order to hide an evident monocultural result.

In humanistic mind the world is no longer a fighting arena for men who through death eventually reach Paradise. The world is an arena for social scientists who legally can satanize all opponents. Attacks against humanistic plans are characterized pure Evil. It follows that the Humanists' project is considered a holy one. All resistance shall be annihilated thanks to demonization of humans in education and in media. Since the world shall be no more a fighting arena for free men, female values take over. The society is feminized.

Social feminization is a project of sucking up the human societies into a Global Womb where everybody is lulled and tranquilized because directly fed by the mother body. Stereotyped multiculturality can surreptitiously come to realization when feminized societies lull people into prenatal existence. Individuality is fake because nobody is born. Modern Humanism is an enterprise of wombifying the entire manhood. Of course there will be "peace" on earth when the Humanists have methodically corrupted all free men thanks to sick use of Human Rights. Human Rights destroy the rights of men. We don't accept fake peace where men of different ideals do not have equal rights.

99. How do you characterize modern Humanism ?

Modern Humanism, the -ism with the nicest name, is the most criminal ideology the world has known. It is based on the worst ideas in both Commercialism and Communism, taking the entire world in its possession by mixing death cult and self-interests with altruism, giving the fatal consequences we know and which more continents slowly discover : generations who grow up in cultural wilderness, in self-contempt, contempt for the nature, contempt for God. Europe is in mental ruins after the ravages of Humanism in the 20th century.

100. How do you see the future for Nazi descendants who continue to fight for traditional values ?

In Norway as in other European countries modernists rule the official culture, a consequence of social liberalism which became dictatorial ideal in 1945. Norwegian Modernists, they be Social Democrats, Communists/Socialists or Rightist economic Liberalists, want a maximum of transformations in Norway as in the rest of the world. They want political, social and cultural changes having a devotion to changes per se. They unite in despise for the past. They dream of the global multicultural/monocultural society, a world scaled shopping center. Materialists like to own and to spoil, globally and universally, while cultivating the naïvety of equalness.

It is not impossible for us Traditionalists to come to terms with such futuristic wild men, because new generations always oppose a stereotype way of life. For the time being there are more chances for continuing a sound separation between the two Norwegian cultures. Necessarily, slowly, traditional culture will attract young persons who are fed up with endless modernistic experiences turning culture into non-culture.

In this perspective the Modernists can have their decadent lifestyle. They can have their right to travel around the globe during every vacation in order to experience Globality. They can continue to construct their enormous shopping centers in order to have their useless gadgets. They can continue to satisfy their auditive avidness with globalistic rock music. None of their entertainments give deep satisfaction, not even capitalistic football.

Traditionalists who respect the past, the family, the fatherland in which we are rooted, we will have to fight for having clubs where we exclusively can cultivate our ideals. Maybe we will have to go back to the Norse language, just like the Jews who restored Hebrew, or the senior officials in the Vatican State who express themselves in Latin, or at least used to do so. Old languages are main source to historic identity. Traditionalists must consequently have own schools.

We know that Globalists are unable to tolerate us, since they have their sacrosanct Project. They are the world's false Democrats. They are Democrats on condition that they alone shall possess. In such way the fight for ruling our society continues unbroken from Second World War. The fight might continue until doomsday. It's the old European fight between Modernists and Traditionalists. To strive for balance between the opponents is obviously better than to go for war.

101. The Nazis have been judged by the international Nuremberg War Crime Trials, the International Military Tribunal for Germany. Do you Second Generation Nazis oppose international law ?

The victors pretended and their descendants still pretend universal backup for the legitimacy of the victors' war actions, including their right to doom losers for posterity. Their rightness beliefs are just beliefs, confined to their brains filled with egocentric interests. You simply can not at the same time dominate in acts and in judgement over the same acts. The last exercise demands listeners, partners. Losers can not be eternally doomed and at the same time be listeners, partners. It's a fake situation in contradiction with real fairness. To judge losers after a civil war like WWII is blackmail. The losers have then no possibility for self-defence.

This is one of the reasons why reconciliation is an imperative demand after a civil war, an exercise which shall not and can not be ignored. Sixty years with ignorance of reconciliation is simply too long time. Both victors and losers are humans, equal participators in historic strive. There exists no such thing as just, fair, disinterested war. Victors rambling around first with arms and afterwards with judges are turning themselves into historic ridicule. Only thanks to Western media they have maintained the illusion of seriousness during six decades. We Second Generation Nazis are fed up.

102. Why has the history of WWII mainly turned into a Death Cult called Holocaust ?

This question leads to the core explanation of Western cultural mainstream phenomenon. The majority of Western academics and other mainstream zealots rush into the gas chambers and crematories in order to find the Lugubrious, the Horrible Truth, the Shame, the Unbearable. They always find more than they expect and end up with feelings of gratitude. They practise Death Cult in order to avoid the lightness of present days' Materialistic life, felt as unbearable as well, albeit attractive. In the lugubrious world of systematic Death all correct Westerners meet together - excited by the Evil sensed in Nazi descendants, Revisionists and Holocaust Deniers. The Dance of the Dead can go on.

These religiously excited correct Westerners, correct because they are conventional mainstream followers with a hideous need of bullying non-followers, they do not think too much over how their Humanist-Democratic Civilization has given more and more wars instead of peace in the post-war world. They don't like to think over the fact that their main organization, the United Nations, gave stolen land to the Jews after the war. The actual crisis of the Middle East is a direct result of the 1945 mess which conventional Westerners perpetuate. How wonderfully peace work could be achieved if new generations of Western academics and non-academics would chose to enter the crises of today instead of getting brain numb in the crisis of yesterday.

103. Don't you sensationalize yourself calling you "Nazi children" instead of "Children of Nazis ?

We have been forced on our way toward liberation to confront devilish stigmatization with devilish words. "Nazi" is the most devilish word in contemporary vocabulary. It is used in order to freeze somebody's soul and to expel him from social life. The word was specifically wounding when we were young in the fifties and sixties. It meant social outlawing. Our purpose by integrating the word has not been to hurt people but on the contrary to heal, knowing that with modern pressure from the media and with the victors' intransigence we could never succeed in fleeing from the Nazi stigmatization. We have been thoroughly sensationalized with the Nazi stain, since we were born, thanks to our humanistic politicians, their social workers and psychologists in the post-war democracy. Which choices did we have then for mental release ?

First the liberalist ideologists - made up of those fanatic capitalists and communists who won WWII militarily - have been celebrating their moral excellence during sixty years by smearing the Fascists and Nazis together with their entire families. They have been smearing us with all the Evil of the universe without ever thinking that celebrations, smearing and lack of reconciliation were and are harmful for the progeny. Then the victors have chosen to ignore the psychological damage which the stigmatization of Evil has caused in the character of Fascist and Nazi descendants.

Today we have managed to integrate the Nazi word forced upon us. We have achieved mental health by own integration work, step by step, as a simple necessity for surviving in our own culture. We are indeed Nazi children, or Nazi descendants. The Nazi appellation has gotten new significance through us of second generation : it unites all virtues and goodness from our forefathers. It is stripped of all harmful war propagandistic significance. We have washed the word's post-war significance with own blood, own lifelong distress, our forced and unjust expiation.

"Nazi" is for coming times the rallying word for Germanics of old European descent, even if some of us prefer the more correct "Traditionalist". However, the appellation "Traditionalist" might be too weak in a world of human wolfs practising clash of civilizations - in the name of Humanism. The "Nazi" appellation has gotten strength, and is giving us descendants strength, as a logical result of sixty years with demonizing peace process.

From us the Nazi word goes further to all tribes of the earth, Jews included, in order to restore ethnic pride for ethnic survival. We do all have a common interest in protecting us from humanistic Anti-Racists who manipulate for a unidimensional global culture based on race mixing. But we do not eat children of mixed blood. We venerate them as newcomers among us. They have specific challenges for working out own cultural traits. We are the collaborators the victors never were when they established their sort of peace in 1945. We are European restorers, restoring the necessary link between present and past, restoring the relationship between Europeans and Europeans.

104. What do you think about on a new year's eve ?

Heading toward a new year in a new millennium people are confronting the choice between lightness of being free from history and weight of wearing ancestral identity. In the West there are leading habits as a result of post-war ideologization and cult of war achievements : Liberty, liberality, self-gratification, consume. After sixty years of modernistic social practise it's time for looking back. A new millennium cannot be entered with trivialistic steps.

105. What challenges do you see for young persons of European descent ?

Many young Europeans are encysted in a dream world and lack forces for attacking our times' reality. One reason might be that our Western commercialist culture provides them with sickening amounts of unrealistic movies, unrealistic reality TV and endless amounts of technically sophisticated computer games. And there is in modern culture little distinction beween childhood games and games for youth and adults.

The main reason why our youngsters have enfeebled forces is that they lack cultural security. It's too natural that young persons in our culture or rather non-culture feel insecure and often chose escape from reality. European politicians have conscientiously abrogated their cultural heredity and instead given them the insane ideal of "pluriculturality".

When a culture has gotten sick, has become decadent due to political misadventures, only new politics can restore European cultural health.

106. Do you Norwegian Nazi children feel at home in Norway ?

No, we don't feel at home; and we are not at home. We are foreigners in Norway. As long as an officially celebrated reconciliation between descendants of the civil war opponents is not implemented, we remain foreigners in own country. That is the result of post-war politically intransigent irreconciliation. They call it Democracy, but it is an exclusivist Democracy. Norway is only for persons adapted to pluriculturalistic Humanism. This post-war Communist type of Humanism is a global ideology pushed forward by the war victors since 1945.

We want a differentiated world where independent peoples (Völker) and ethnic groups (races) can develop own cultures with respect toward their forefathers. Modern Humanism as an exclusivist ideology is a world dictatorship which forces instead of invites peoples. Second generation Nazis oppose modern Tyranny called Democracy.

107. Does Nazism have any theological implications ?

Certainly it does, but how can a non-theologian answer the question ? In 1962 two forces gathered in the Vatican : Catholics and Humanists. The last ones were the victors of the Second World War, the representatives of a liberalistic, modernistic Europe. A third force was then necessarily "present" with their non-presence : The Nazis, the members of the antithetical Europe, the Traditionalists, the losers. They were the big unmentioned "participators".

In order to cleanse the theological atmosphere after WWII the conciliators needed the Nazis as garbage can, just as the surrounding secular new powers needed the Nazis for their cleaning purposes. At that very moment the Nazis were upgraded theologically. They were estimated important as representatives of Evil. They were conciliatorily satanized.

The Jews were given satisfaction for Christian anti-Jewish attitude since the foundation of the Church. Historical repressions of the Jews were recognized by the Church as wrong steps both morally and theologically. As reparation toward the Jews the Old and New Testaments were equalized. Christ as Messiah for the Jews lost, and the Nazis as racist dark power grew in significance.

Most parts lost in the Second Vatican Council : Jesus as Messiah and as Savior of the Jews, the Catholics as followers of the New Testament, the Jews seen in the salvation perspective of the New Testament, all coming generations of Traditionalists.

Those who won were the exclusivists : The Zionists (theological exclusivism) and, as a sequel, the Nazis of the extreme Schutz-Staffel ideology who reduced God to ethnic particularity (blood exclusivism and theological exclusivism). The latter won in diabolic significance, thereby giving legitimacy to the first.

The threat of a new world war due to the unbearable situation in the Middle East, is intrinsically rooted in theology. Though, the second generation Nazis know that the reign of cynical Capitalism, rational Illumination, dissipation of identity, sexual debauchery, darkness of materialism and general cultural decadence in our modern times will always be met and fought down by spiritual light. We have consequently chosen the Night Cross as our symbol.

God reigns over the races.

The only true multicultural and multiethnic places on the earth are the Vatican State and Jerusalem. Time has come for a Third Vatican Council.

108. Talking about Jerusalem many Westerners are afraid for the future of the Temple Mount. Many Christians are pushing for the reconstruction of the temple in order to accelerate the coming of Christ. Any comments ?

Reflections over the biblical Last Days are difficult. The language of the Prophets and of Christ can not be read as mathematics. Could it be that the Third Temple is one built in the hearts of the Jews ? If that is the case, many Christians are in contradiction with the message of love when they talk, explain and act.

109. In which ideological landscape do the second generation Nazis find their position ?

The Marxists promulgated class struggle as a method to obtaining classless paradise. The Western super-Marxists after Second World War and the modern Capitalists have widened the field. They promulgate gender struggle as method for obtaining sexless paradise. Simultaneously they promulgate race fight, fight against the Whites, as a means to obtaining raceless paradise.

So much struggle for similarity can only end up in death. Life depends on variety. The ideologists who are planning and implementing this culture of death, call themselves world saviors. And the Whites believe them. It's obvious that the second generation Nazis have a role to play.

110. Is globalism a step forward for the humanity ?

In the 21st century people have become so much stirred together and blended, both because of media and of travel practices, that feelings of human magnitude, of wholeness and entirety have turned into an intoxication. Humankind has gotten religious overtones due to its newly felt great dimension, due to new awareness of magnitude in peoples' head. The dimension of humanity is a wealth, and the Western media celebrate humanity as such a wealth.

Those who lead the way in the world wide media trends have therefore enormous power for influencing the moves of mankind. When mankind vibrates in joy over own greatness, the single individuals are lifted by joy of floating in endlessness of identicalness. Trends of music, of clothes, of language and living standards stretching over the five continents increase the individual's inebriation. In such a drunkenness individual freedom becomes pure illusion.

Intoxication on the level of humanity, tuned by songs like "we are the people", is of course a threat against the humanity. It is dangerous for the functionality of the global communities when the social elites have been made passive or have been wrecked by world-wide democratic fanaticism. Too few persons remain able to advise or to warn, and too few have the talent to make themselves listened to.

The state of insobriety opposes conscious awareness. The peoples of the globe are for historical and technological reasons stirred into a new era. For how long will the mass hysteria and the mass inebriation last ? Experiences will sooner or later give results and correct the direction of the societies. Old families' consciousness says that the more a human mass is floating freely, the more it needs leaders who can govern.

To throw gasoline on the bonfire during this era by manipulating for more and more globalization, can be very short-minded policy, and is a foolish operation undertaken by certain States in order to consolidate own power. The peoples of the world need a break in the endeavor for globalization. They need to establish independent, corrective social structures, both culturally and economically.

With alternative social solutions old virtues obligatory for the well-being of our communities will reappear : Tolerance, Respect, Modesty, Patience and, not the least, Love. The victors of 1945 have during too long time ignored the importance of such virtues. Victory intoxication of 1945 and globalization zealotism of the 21st century are not coincidental happenings, nor are they fostered by accidental forces.

111. How can you Nazi children have a function in modernized Europe if you don't adapt yourself to Modernity ?

We are representatives of a different Europe. We are ambassadors for the sunken land. Modernists call our Europe the tribe dependant, Middle Aged, freedom despising darkness which they righteously forbade in 1945.

Against all odds we Nazi children managed to survive, appeared in the nineties through the autobiography "The Boy from Gimle" by Eystein Eggen. From then we represent, if the world likes it or not, the forbidden past and the outraged families. We pretend necessarily that we possess social values and virtues from old Europe. The 1945 hysteria threw out the baby with the bath water.

Europe needs today legitimate rights to pre-war traditions. Europe needs its Christian tradition which provides the continent with clarifying spiritual light. Europe needs freedom from anguish whirled up by the Humanists' never-ending death cult called Holocaust.

More and more people observe on the contrary that Modernism with its meaningless demands of freedom - always under the iron heal of Capitalism - represents a more extensive darkness. Rational reasons for a reconciliation between European Traditionalists and Modernists are more and more evident.

112. Can modern democracies under the ideology of Human Rights be morally abject ?

The Western double set of morals has reached cosmic dimension. The hypocrisy of the Westerners exceeds all borders in our 21st century. They build a world empire thanks to economic and military global dominance at the same time as they preach human rights and worldwide democracy. At the very moment a country refuses to bow for the imperialists' world policy called "Human Rights" they are set under sanctions and at the end under bombing fire.

To hide their imperial will and to maintain the play with double standard, the Western "free" press must be manipulated by political modern cadres. This is possible thanks to capitalistic ownership structures. The free press must divert people endlessly with black and white stories. The West is good because it is democratic and driven by generosity to free peoples from non-democratic, non-liberalistic bounds.

The infantile black and white story telling has its origin both in American self-indulgent Far West mythology, popularized in cowboy movies, and in American WWII mythology when the Americans went on a trip for saving the world, for giving all peoples "Freedom". We know since long that the trip's main reason was empire building in cooperation with the Englishmen's empire modernization.

Hitler did not want a Germanic world empire. He wished a world of different races and tribes and of sovereign cultures. Thereby it is imperative for the hypocrites to heap upon Hitler all evils and vulgar power ambitions of the universe. Such propagandistic manipulation is called diversionary manoeuvre. In order to hide own lousy purposes, you point to lousy purposes of others. The Capitalists' and Socialists' demonization of the Nazis is a political game on a high level. The Nazi children are hostages.

113. Do you have any comments to the demographic recession of ethnic Europeans ?

It's a pity to witness the Europeans' auto-genocide. It's caused by the ongoing satanization of the European Traditionalists through the cult of death called Holocaust. This endless Holocaust atmosphere makes impossible any ingenious will and initiative for a reconciliation. By satanizing the politically necessary European counterparts, the counter-revolutionaries, the Traditionalists, all power is given to the irresponsible Modernists, Anarchists, Libertines and Hedonists.

The Europeans are still under the yoke of the liberalistic ideology imposed by the capitalistic revolutionaries of 1945 and the cultural revolutionaries of 1968. Their grip over the media has made their cultural revolution permanent. European youth is taught in schools that they shall have no feelings of loyalty toward their predecessors. They shall free themselves from all structures from the past. Christianity is outdated. They shall only believe in their individuality and in self-realization. All pleasures are allowed except the one of defending the survival of their tribe. This exercise is called racism.

The Europeans ignore by own rational persuasion the existence of races and have taken the idiotic expressions "multi-ethnicity" and "multiculturalism" as social ideals. They thus ignore the nature. Those who ignore the laws of nature will be destroyed by nature.

114. Why do European politicians have fluttering regards when confronting international and European Muslims' discontent ?

The victors of 1945 have managed to satanize the very spine of the European population : the old families conscious of the values of European tradition and of the necessity of long lined policy. All those who fought against the Anglo-American imperialism and the Soviet Communism in the 20th century have been stigmatized as inferior and evil humans.

American globalistic living style and commercialist culture is dominating Europe after decades with media pressure. At the same time the Anarchists and Communists of 1968, inspired by Lenin and Mao, are dominating European mass media, schools and universities. The amalgam of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communist Humanism is a potent globalist ideology.

The modern Humanists have tears in their eyes when thinking of own generosity and of the beauty of their globalist mission. When their project of race and culture mingling is being opposed by traditional Muslims outside and inside Europe, the European politicians understand nothing. How can they understand anything ? They have burned the bridges to own past. They are living in futuristic dreams. They are sons and daughters of aggressive imperialists with an irresponsible consciousness of hippies.

115. Are the Germans stupid enough to repeat Nazi policy one day ?

If Hitler re-awoke from his Berlin earth where his body was burned in 1945, looked around himself and saw the modern reality, he would choose another policy than classical Nazism for making the world a better place for the humans.

Travel facilities and mass media have mingled people from different cultures together. The humanists will say that the direction toward multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism is a blessing for the humanity and that this direction is humanity's only way toward salvation, toward an end of classical wars.

Hitler would not agree with the Humanists' views. He would first of all see the morbid monotony of Western humanistic mass culture. He would note the enormous difference between poor and rich under capitalist reign. He would complain about the falsehood of peoples' democratic influence, specifically regarding the ownership structure of the media and the manipulated power of the mass media which goes in the interest of Capitalism and not in the interest of the people. He would deplore the vulgar secularity's attacks on everything religious.

Hitler would make an appeal to all peoples of the earth in order to save the cultures from the depravations of amalgam-Humanism, the ideological mix of Capitalism and Communism. He would tone down the values of the Germanic causes and head for international cooperation of all races and cultures in a wealthy fight for the survival of all. Are there reasons for different reactions of modern Germans if the victors' military and cultural occupation forces once would leave Germany alone ?

Satanization of Nazis, fundamental in Western humanistic culture, is a political play with the Devil. As long as the Germans are deprived of own history and own culture, there is a risk that young Germans go back in history in order to find political solutions, living reasons and identity. Such a regressive, ahistorical identity would be made up of anger, frustrations, intransigent claims. If such mentality turns into acts, it is called revenge. Some Humanists will think that they can run away from their enormous responsibility. But the most sensitive will understand that time has come for a true reconciliation with the second generation Nazis.

116. How did Evil come into the humanistically developed West ?

The post-war classical explanation of Evil is Hitler. He arose from nowhere, just fell into the world in order to gas Jews, kill all non-white races, conquer the entire world under his dictatorship and establish hell on Earth. Most Western teachers, journalists and democratic politicians still accept this simplistic explanation.

A more historically correct explanation is that the survival of European tradition into the 20th century, a century which Modernistic Humanists were conquering with their belief in Communism, Capitalism and Human Rights - superbly contradictive policies - , met unexpected resistance to their cause and went materialistically and metaphysically wild. Modernists defined themselves against Traditionalists and established then the opposition Good/Evil. Due to the Capitalists' need of world dominance for capitalist effectiveness, in order to maximally enrich themselves, they talked more and more frenetically about Human Rights. Talks of Human Rights give a varnish of altruism to egoists.

A world conquering policy for the greedy needed a cover for their expansion. The cover was Human Rights. We got imperialistic Humanism. We got the Humanists, morally self-defined as absolutely good. Traditionalists with belief in spirituality, in old society as a value, in social hierarchy having different zones of social responsibility as a value, became Evil.

Humanists have during the last decades described the history of White peoples as an endless process of evil acts : enslavement of non-White peoples, disdain for the weak, burning of non-believers, oppression of women and children, imprisonment of homosexuals and torture of minorities. White history teachers enjoy finding examples and proving White peoples' black past. They are excellent White self-haters. The more they denigrate own history the quicker they advance and become professors and humanistic researchers at Western universities.

We Second Generation Nazis have necessarily another view on the dichotomy Good/Evil and on its implementation in social life and history. After surviving the Humanists' de-Nazification process, we see ourselves as heirs of European traditions and defendants of these traditions.

1945 was a moment of explosive enthusiasm for the victors, the internationalist Communists and the internationalist Capitalists. They started their cleansing process in order to make their victory everlasting. They organized racial cleansing in all Communist areas expelling 18 millions Germans from ancestral land. They undertook a mental cleansing called de-Nazification in the rest of the Western world. They suffered of hubris. They satanized their opponents. The Humanists thought they could annihilate the others - the European Traditionalists.

They almost succeeded their mental cleansing. The Second Generation Nazis did not awake until 1991, having been threatened to non-existence during 46 years thanks to transference of guilt both from the victors' side and the losers' side. The Nazi children hardly dared to live, at least consciously with their proper history, and more and more often they awoke with an identity of being children of the Devil.

The Humanists' worst weapon against us nationally and racially rooted Europeans was the "race" word. Racism, belief in races, became pure Evil. With academic-scientific research concoctions the Humanists managed to make it a sin for White to prefer White kinsmen. Their method of satanizing Whites while the satanizers themselves were White will be a topic for non-Humanistic researchers for decades to come.

The Humanists are obviously excellent satanizers. They have succeeded to drown not only numerous Nazi children who had minimal forces of resistance after the war, but also to drown White European youngsters in general into drug abuse, alcoholism, miscegenation, homosexuality and suicide. The more the statistics of White Europeans show recession the more the White Humanists jubilate. And they are unable to understand why non-White peoples scorn them for lack of self-dignity.

In this over time extensive FAQ-answers development, sufficient characteristics have been made of the Humanists' falsehood, their blasphemous doublespeak, their political ambiguity, their moral bigotry - being at the same time world champions in humanist generosity and materialistic world conquerors. But one explanation should be added regarding the Humanists' biggest arena : the UN. The victors erected this humanistic world organization as a monument to their victory over the devils, to their generosity (while millions of anti-Humanists perished in the de-Nazifying camps of Eisenhower, Churchill and Stalin), to their everlasting reign of Capitalism, Democracy and Humanism.

The first act which this Organization managed to execute was the establishment in 1948 of Israel on stolen land. Never have White people been able to commit a more anti-Semitic act in times of peace. It was an anti-Semitic act in the right sense of the word directed both against the Palestinians and the Jews.

This act of falsehood will have nefarious consequences on the world affairs for decades to come. The anti-racist Humanists managed to accept ethnic and religious cleansing of Palestinians at the same time as they organized a permanent war situation for the Jewish settlers.

It is comprehensible that the Humanists need Nazis as devils in order to hide own insufficiency. The tragedy of the Nazi children is a consequence of the Humanists' de-Nazification program implemented from 1945, but we are also victims of the Humanists' post-war political failures. The more the Humanists get frustrated the more they have to hate some others. It's a childish psychological play.

The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has proposed a part of Germany as a better place for the Jews than actual Israel. The President talks for millions of Muslims if this could be a way of ending a permanent war situation in the Middle East.

We Second Generation Nazis propose rather a part of England or a State in the US as a new homeland for the Palestinians. Humanists must be willing to pay something for their political failures. May be even Nazi children then could get mental repose.

117. Do you defend the West during actual international conflicts of civilization ?

The West is decadent and consequently sick. How can I defend a sick "civilization" ? But Second Generation Nazis will fight to repair the sick West, to restore the values of Old Europe.

After 1945 the West is governed by capitalists and communists, amalgamated into Humanists. The Humanists have exaggerated power because the traditional point of view which once was defended by old European families, has been demonized and excluded from official discourse. A civilization which does not look for balance between opposite ideals within own population is helpless when meeting other civilizations. Western people are castrated and unable to understand the others.

The Humanists have one ideal which is materialistic progress. All other ideals have been relativized in order to suit the progress. People of sense understand that Relativism is not enough for proclaiming culture or civilization. Relativism is nothing that can endure time; relativism gives no basement for higher structures necessary for a civilization.

To fill their cultural emptiness the Humanists use Human Rights and Freedom of Speech. Which rights prevail in a materialistic setting of emptiness ? The answer is the rights of the strongest capitalists, those who own the opinion fabricating media. And which speech gives sense in relativistic setting ? The concept of freedom has no meaning under rule of Relativism.

The West can not be healed before a reconciliation is implemented with the Second Generation Nazis.

118. Do you despise the Human Rights ?

I love the Human Rights. They protect - to a certain extent - every human being born on the earth. But individuals need something more than Human Rights in order to grow, develop, learn to admire the fantastic symphony of God's creation in all its aspects.

It's the Western post-war teaching and the twisted use of the Human Rights which I criticize and condemn. The cultural Communists together with some post-war neo-Christians - Christians who mix Humanistic-Capitalistic empire and Christian world mission - believe that total equality among humans is ideal. They replace reality with doubtful idealism, social reality with divine equality among biblical saved.

A society is a complex hierarchical structure built on human differences and not on human equalness and identicalness. People are in fact different, have different talents, and therefore have different social duties. The post-war Humanists are lying when they say that persons of different age, different sex, different race and culture are identical. Reality is not fictitious and fiction is not reality. The old human societies built on different geographical living conditions and on beautiful racial differences shall not be destroyed and vulgarly reshaped into ice-cold modern democracy based on Western communist identicalness.

The Communists were fighting for a classless society under the dictatorship of the Proletariat. The post-war Humanists are heading for a classless, sexless, raceless society with old culture and religion as just individual ornamentation. The Communist world empire disintegrated. The Western Humanists' world empire will do the same, for the blessing of the world citizens. More and more world citizens see that the Western materialistic culture is decadent. Even Whites start to see it, although not yet teachers, journalists and priests.

The Human Rights must be counter-balanced by laws which protect the races, the cultures and religions. The UN, basing its mission on the Human Rights, is only protecting the individuals, while the surroundings of the individuals are rotting. Africa has been under Humanistic influence during various decades with disastrous result for the Africans who more and more have become dependant on Western capitalistic "aid".

The UN must be replaced by a world organization which defend the living conditions of the individuals under autonomous cultural dictate. Today the individuals are exposed to all sorts of capitalistic tricks and capitalistic-humanistic standardization and materialistic emptiness. Individuals, also in the 21st century, need contact with their past, need to love their ancestors in order to respect the differences of the peoples of the world. Whites should really be more modest and stop vulgar "humanization" of the globe.

119. What do you think about the organized travels to Auschwitz for European school children ?

Auschwitz is the anti-religious Humanists' main temple in Europe. The Holocaust centers they erect all over Europe are only subdivisions. It is of prominent importance for the Humanists to send as many White youngsters to Auschwitz as possible - as pilgrims to their main Death Cult center.

Why don't they send only Nazi children to Auschwitz ? Humanists believe that the Nazi children do not exist, that the de-Nazification process liquidated their existence. Alas, they are not far from the truth !

Nazis or not Nazis, for the Humanists all Whites are tainted with Evil. In order to develop Europe to become part of the paradisiac Global Village, a world standardized place where all humans are identical thanks to the Humanistist ideal of Multi-ethnicity and Multiculturalism, the Humanists need to brainwash all young Europeans.

In Auschwitz and similar but smaller Holocaust centers the youngsters learn to despise Christianity and old European culture. Satanism as brainwashing procedure functions. Most Europeans have Nazi or Fascist family members. Transference of guilt can take place.

If you want to destroy aboriginal peoples like Whites, the best way is to take away their self-esteem, their inherited identity. Once they are humanistically liberated, they can be reshaped to adapt to any new social principle.

Capitalism needs subdued peoples, slaves who don't ask political questions but who drift in the "democratic" mainstream goodness of the Humanists - the cultural cadres for the new World Capitalism. The cadres know how to entertain the masses with endless rock concerts, endless liberal TV shows, endless football matches.

Where are the voices from the old European families who once protected the mass individuals from vulgar mass manipulations ? Where are the old aristocrats ? Unfortunately they have left the political stage where they once defended and developed our traditions. They must have joined the decadence in order to comply with our days' growing Materialism.

Actual European youth has an excellent opportunity to enter the stage on the condition that they become conscious about the Death Cult trap.

120. How can it be that Westerners are not aware of their cultural decadence ?

Artists express this decadence since decades (43), but the Humanists and the artists themselves are clever to explain away art manifestations. Media celebrity and art prices give easily impression of cultural progress, stability in quality, success based on popularity. Capitalism and Materialism measure everything on shortly termed profits. For materialists modern arts have little meaning outside the capitalistic profit system. Since alternative cultural quality measurements have been banned since 1945, there are few possibilities for wider understanding and for corrections. But genuine post-war arts speak for themselves, reveal to more and more observers that anti-modernism is intrinsic to Modernism. Growing numbers of Western artists are depressed and desperate, something many of them manifest by own decadent life style.

It's true though that most Westerners are blind regarding comprehension of their culture, their political road, their treatment of Nature. With no sense for sacredness, the modernists have reduced nature to a place where they can enter for endless materialistic profits notwithstanding how harmful the intervention might be for the nature. Cultural decadence hits necessarily own living conditions in all aspects, and at the end hits our home : the Earth.

Catastrophes which have happened the last years show decadent Western reactions. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or droughts are by many modernists interpreted as evil manifestations of a deeply evil nature. They say that such catastrophes prove that God does not exist. They don't believe in God but they believe in Evil. Everything is going down, ad undas, to Hell, they think. Consequently they have to enjoy life maximally during their living days, permitting themselves all sorts of perversions. The honk-and-drive ideology is one of materialists who believe in nothing but joy and comfort. Such way the Western decadence is aggravated, and the modernists get more blind for every year. They refuse all responsibility. Peoples from other civilizations have really something to teach Western democrats.

121. What irritates you most when reading about WWII ?

The Nazis are always in a setting of Evil. It's intolerable. The Nazis allegedly started the war in order to kill Jews, non-Germanic races, minorities. The lackeys of Western Cultural Revolution of 1969 are deliberately twisting the European history in order to manipulate the new European generations.

Intelligent persons know that this way of telling the history of the 20th century is false. Modernist policy called Communism occasioned WWII. The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was necessarily fronted by counter-revolutionaries. War obsessed Communists had simply to be stopped. The Counter-Revolutionaries were the Nazis and the Fascists.

Communism was the aggressive ideology of the 20th century - not Nazism and Fascism. Communism was threatening the European culture in all its aspects, from family structure to Christianity, from tradition caring institutions to White pride, a pride as necessary for Europeans as Black pride is for Africans.

The Humanists who have conquered the European culture after 1945 are professional liars because they have the political agenda of a Global Materialist Empire which they hide under endless speeches of Human Rights. Slowly White anti-Nazis awake from their manipulated dupery.

122. You have written that the West is uncivilized since 1945 (73, 74). Can you explain your thoughts ?

Let me give two examples of barbarism in post-war Western capitalistic "culture".

1. When victors have beaten kinsmen and brethren during fair fights of war, a reconciliation must be sought after some decades in order to re-establish normality in social life. The losers' children must be accepted on the same level as the victors' children if evil blood shall be avoided in future generations. The communist and capitalist winners are still far from an idea of reconciliation. The consequence is tragic life for millions of Nazi children - Europeans who do not dare to show their face, to tell their stories, but who hide themselves even when sixty years have passed.

2. Norwegians do not protest when the beaten Saddam Hussein is ridiculed in Norwegian newspapers, whether the newspapers are socialistic or conservative. When the Norwegians' dearest allies, the Americans and the English, have militarily destroyed a country, in this occasion Iraq, and turned their leaders into utmost humiliation, time is over for continuous humiliation. But Americans, English and Norwegians do not stop their barbaric laughter. They have no introspection of own lack of civil taste.

Such examples make it impossible to call the Western commercialist power a civilization or a culture.

123. What do you mean by "racism" ?

Racism is awareness of a person's origin. The diversity of human history is primarily reflected in physical characteristics or race characteristics of persons.

Post-war Humanists refuse to see such characteristics because they are busy with preparing the world citizens to be slaves under "democratic" Capitalism. Capitalism needs undifferentiated mass individuals, and the Humanists who are the servants of Capitalism, push all peoples toward their theoretically raceless, classless, sexless and ageless paradise. Humanists nurture a phobia towards human differences, suffering of differentiaphobia. They boast of being racially color-blind. They are aggressively anti-racists when they meet persons aware of their race and proud of their race.

Anti-racists contradict human history and the reality of Nature. They are dangerous fanatics who accept no communication on the topic of Racism. Within short time they will be wrecked by the free peoples of the earth and by Nature itself.
There is good enriching racism and there is vulgar destructive anti-racism, in spite of what Western media say.

Peoples of culture and of racial pride have to get together in order to stop Western global imperialists who do not only despise their own culture and race but who logically despise any culture and race on earth.

Traditionalists and second generation Nazis have a huge work of restoration ahead. Of course human differences are dangerous when misused and leading to extreme actions. But extreme actions were first undertaken by fanatic internationalists and anti-racists in the beginning of the 20th century.

Christians have age old ideals like tolerance, patience, magnanimity and love when dealing with opponents. Of course such ideals are hard to fulfill. The ideal of post-war Humanists is satanization of opponents.

124. Who owns History ?

Only strong persons or strong peoples own history. To have that privilege, be strong thanks to history or to be historically conscious thanks to strength, gives political percussions among the peoples of the earth.

For aware persons it is obvious today that the Humanistic ideology forced upon all Europeans after the Civil War of 1939 - 1945, is dispossessing the Europeans of their history, consequently dispossessing them of identity, culture and strength. Europe is committing civilizational suicide.

Post-war Humanism is enemy of history as it is enemy of Christianity, because both history and religion pay respect to the past, make us obedient to old rules, entertain solidarity and love for family members and ethnic members from old days. Our days' Humanism built on materialism and sciences has to fight and destroy such old systems because they appear as impediments to materialistic-capitalist expansion and progress.

It follows that Humanism is anti-European, anti-White, anti-any-race, anti-Spiritual. Humanism encourages actual decadence, destruction of Christianity, decay of family values - because all such values belong to the past. Humanism wants and needs the suicide of European civilization. Humanists reached their first objectives with the victory of 1945. But there is still active racism and active Christianity after the German defeat. Therefore denazification and dechristianization of Europeans, a planned policy, are accelerating.

To guarantee that the rests of European civilization vanish, the Humanists abolish the history of White race. Follow some humanistic anti-history practices :

Also false history gives strength, at least for a while.
Obviously no White can love his history after such doses of cultural self hatred if taken during childhood and adolescence, gotten in all schools and from all media. When Whites have no supporting history any more, they are forced to look for inspiration in the future. That is exactly what Humanists want. "A multicultural society does not mean that we are unlike groups who live separately side by side. It means that cultures get together and develop, that new cultures take form", the Norwegian Minister of Culture and Church Affairs wrote in Aftenposten 8th of April 2006.
Humanists think that old and steady "separate" cultures are fit for the rubbish bin.

It is strange to acknowledge that Europeans have been fooled by Humanists during decades. One important reason to this weakness and abandonment must be hidden in the depression following the defeat of the Traditionalists in 1945. For millions of old European families the defeat was inadmissible. When Traditionalists sooner or later awoke to the catastrophe, they acted selfdestructively. This selfdestructive attitude is unfortunately still in full vigour. It is simply favoured by Humanists.

In 2006 official Norwegian policy is to consider ethnicity as outdated. The actual government is socialist, humanist. Humanists have right to outdate realities. They manipulate our reality in order to create their humanistic paradise : One Race, One World, One People. Those who oppose this awful dream are stigmatized as "racist", "anti-democratic", "anti-Semitic".

Ceterum censeo Humanismus vulgaris esse delendam.

125. The word "integration" is used again and again in our democracies. Which meaning does the word have for you ?

For root conservative persons like us second generation Nazis, the word is a trap, an invitation to immigrants and socially lost persons to join a fake "ideal society". When representatives of the post-war Humanistic establishment use the word, they always have in mind to destroy people's integrity before integrating them.

Historically and psychologically the word signifies reentry of a person or a group of persons into the main body of the society, a return to normal social living situation after somebody's forced existence in the outskirts of normal life, somebody's forced diaspora. Politically in the West of today the word means a forced transformation of a person's inner feelings and destruction of inherited cultural belongings - both processes called "liberation" - in order to transform persons into "free individuals", identical individuals fit for our mass society ruled by Humanistic cadres, servants of the Capitalistic oligarchs.

The word "integration" is a snare for catching immigrants to join the pretended warm, good, rich and happy mainstream Western capitalistic "free" society. The post-war Humanists have a hidden agenda : mixing of all races and all cultures in order to liberate the individuals from their ancestral bindings. When the individuals have lost their historic roots and identity, when they are "free", they have become perfect slaves for the Capitalistic oligarchs. These new masters of the West want to own the humans through all kinds of mental superstructures and emotive arrangements for the mass individuals : Globalistic mass music, often called "modern ethnic", uniformed mass opinions formed through the mass media owned by the oligarchs, uniformed religions relativized to nothingness by Humanistic social scientists, trash TV in multiple channels world wide, industrialized tourism, industrialized globalistic culture, industrialized opinions of right and wrong, industrialized descriptions of the Nazis, monsters of all living humans.

The challenge for the Westerners today, and the real meaning of integration, is to find back to a viable culture for White people. Their own culture is rotten, serving meaninglessness, relativism, tastelessness, arrogance. More the Westerners are exempted from proper inherited qualities, more they dream of saving the world, of going globalistic. The effect of satanization of Nazis has been satanization of the satanizers : All Whites, both victors and losers, are victims of self-hatred. It is enough to look at Western modernistic art to understand the catastrophic situation of Western "culture". But if that is not enough, people can look at the statistics for White birth rates, equally catastrophic. Our youth prefers free eroticism rather than children. Whites must reintegrate themselves before they can integrate citizens from other cultures.

126. Are you second generation Nazis peaceful or combative ?

Life on earth is meant for combats, combats in order to resist human inertia and human dumbness. The global victors of global second war, who were the white Americans, the English and the continental European liberalists, head for an economic and cultural world empire in the 21st century. Their efforts for accomplishing their world destructive objective go parallel with efforts for repressing own non-compliant population, like overt descendants of Nazis and Fascists. The victors are usurpators and liars when they dare call their policy "Democratic".

Of course we confront international gangsters who call themselves Humanists and Democrats. It would be a sin against our divine moral laws to permit usurpators to destroy our inherited societies and our beloved earth with its diversity of human cultures. Islam is a divinely blessed force which confronts Western anti-cultural and materialistic imperialism. Resistance to globalistic conquering ideas of "One World" created by the WWII victors and launched when they established the nefarious United Nations, is greeted with warmth.

The day humans are lining up behind one ideal, one ideology, one culture, one policy, they lose their indicators to know who they are. We humans depend on differences given us during millennia to maintain our capacity for thinking, choosing, developing, repairing. Differences among peoples save us from globalistic uniform stupidity favored by "non-white", "anti-racist" Whites after WWII. People are not living for socialistic welfare and rights. We are living for stretching ourselves toward higher ideals, ideals higher than materialism and Human Rights.

At last our Western post-war culture starts to show cracking in its metallically shining surface of auto-satisfaction. Negatively loaded expressions like "political correctness", "mainstream", "consensus of opinion" and "Western imperialism" are more and more frequent in media and among common people, indicating that we are threatened with some sort of ugly non-democratic forces favored by our own leaders. Such expressions have their origin in Western monolithic ideas of "Humanism", "Human Rights", "Global Democracy", "World Opinion". Once these ideas were positively loaded words. They are not but positive any more. We are in a new phase of Western political life.

127. Why is the West sick ?

Post-war Hedonistic Technocracy

The West is sick because Westerners have chosen to enjoy materialistic comfort, liberalistic social pleasures and scientifically experimental excitements rather than to fight for the maintenance and development of their ancestral culture. Westerners disregard the Nature as a holy temple, have lost modesty in their attitudes toward natural environments necessary for keeping balanced exchange. They turn a blind eye to Sanctity, practice no devotion if not for their own holy Individuality. They show no interest in enriching themselves through worship of God.

This is but the superficial beginning of an explanation of Western sickness. So far, the explanation concerns bewildered persons who at a stage of life choose opportunistic ways and prefer to be free from heavy luggage, like teenagers who stroll around committing all kinds of errors due to strong bodies and naive minds, but who sooner or later are capable of correcting their erroneous locomotion.

Religious Causes for Western Bewilderment

Westerners of our 21st century are, alas, incapable of corrections because they have completely lost their adult mind. Since the Romans converted to Christianity during the reign of Constantine, the Westerners or Whites have developed a civilization rooted in Jewish monotheistic religion. They have based most of their thoughts and sensibility on stories of the Old and New Testament, giving predilection and primacy to the New or Christian Testament, simply because Christ develops the Jewish religion from a tribal one to a universal Faith of Redemption for all humans, through His sacrifice.

Due to French rationalism, called enlightenment, developed through the last centuries, and owing to a series of revolutions in various countries, Westerners have abrogated God and instituted Humanism, a rational belief in own powers. They have invested themselves with divine capacities of futuristic conquests based on their objective, rational sciences.

They consider themselves as mental mutants thanks to "successful" mental liberation from the past. They pretend they are more intelligent and more moral than their antecedents. This mental liberation or mental revolution is of course but pretense, an auto-creation, just mental play. Reality remains for them an untouched realm, since reality is bound to our past, hidden in our past and part of our past.

Religion has given the Westerners taste of anti-religion. Satanism of opponents is the result. Being addicted to Satanism they are also addicted to religion, but to a distorted one. They keep themselves going with all sorts of oxymoronic duperies, like Christian Science, Spiritual Humanism, Liberation Theology, Positive Satanism. They have developed a cult for antonomies like National Multiculturalism, anti-racist non-racism, white anti-Whitism etc. Of course the Rationalists want to be complete, to own everything, to possess religion in order to surpass religion. They wish to include the opposite argument in order to be completely victorious intellectuals. But first and foremost the Western rationalists are ignorant. Unconsciously they are biblical executors, executors on behalf of the Old Testament.

Power of the Old Testament

In their process of "liberation", the Westerners have lost, not only themselves, their identity, a harmonious attachment to mother earth, but also their pretended rationalism. Jewish religious power, the exclusive power of the Old Testament, has taken grip over the Western rationalists, driving their naive minds to "understand" what are Jewish thoughts but not to understand what are own interests. Enlightenment has become endarkenment.

Despite some training in atheism since the Renaissance, despite the French Enlightenment, urban academic Westerners have in the 19th and 20th century maintained awareness for biblical impressions. When Jewish Communism - a Zionistic Jewish ideological intermezzo before Israelite nation building in Palestine - conquered modernistically bewildered, anti-traditionalistic and rationalistic Western minds throughout the growing masses in the towns, biblical faith was not yet eliminated among the Modernists. Most of them were sons and daughters of Christians.

When the Jews appeared, in 1945 and thereafter, as competitors to Christ in a sacrificial, expiatory sense, Western rationalists chose the Jews. The Jews licenced the war arguments of the Westerners, legitimized their final victory over the Nationalistic Germans and Italians. Jewish history added millennia to their ideological war reasons. Western Modernists quickly fell under the charm and strength of the Old Testament. Jews appeared to many Westerners as more futuristic and "free" than old fashioned Christians. Jews could be both orthodox and Communists. Many non-Jews turned into super-Goyim, i.e. non-Jews seen in a purely Jewish perspective.

Jews place all Goyim on one and the same level, indistinctively. When Whites or Westerners have jumped over own racial reality pretending non-existence of races, calling themselves anti-racists, they are just behaving as Goyim for the Jews. The Westerners do not see the absurdity of their anti-racism. The human ocean of individuals is divided in streams, in races, something all non-Whites see and are proud of. When Whites have become non-White and anti-racist, they have in fact become super-White and super-racist. For rationalists to live with triumphant non-rational convictions must give sickening results.

Progressively Whites condemn and despite own culture and own race, because deep inside they know that they are fools. At the end they condemn own body color, and body. Drug abuse, depressions and subsequent body negligence like obesity must also be seen in this perspective. Westerners' rationalism has turned anti-rational, in an anti-religious, absurd way. It is definitely not easy to free oneself from history, culture and race and, through historic, cultural and racial liquidation, to institute oneself as world champion.

Collapse of Western Rationalism

So, what are Jewish inner thoughts ? Can I as super-Goy, as Germanic, as second generation Nazi, utter thoughts about Jewish thoughts ? I can, but I will always fail regarding Jews' own opinions - because Jews are different. When Western Liberalists and Communists, both "rationalists", conquered old Europe in 1945, they wanted to establish a new world based on human identicalness. They have not yet acknowledged that their equality project is religious. They "free" themselves from Christ and tribal loyalty only to fall into the biblical concept of non-Jewry from the Old Covenant. They have fallen from own history into Jewish history. They have become estranged from own identity, have collapsed into Goyimness, Goyimism or Gentileness, Gentilism. They adapt, unconsciously, to Jewish world philosophy based on the Old Testament.

I remember myself standing in the yard of my primary school in Oslo, in 1959, celebrating that the UN adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The UN had been established by the Whites in 1945 in order to "protect" the non-races of the world. We had to sing something like "We are all equal, we are all black and White and Yellow and Red, but that is on the surface..." It was a nightmare of rational collapse, sensed by a fourteen years old boy.

Rationalist Westerners fought world wars for giving a specific land, Israel, to a specific, distinct people of irrational religious belief. At the same time they fought for identicalness of all peoples and for deconstructing and dissolving all mental and physical frontiers and borders between peoples.

In order to fulfill their generously "rational" work of democratizing and humanizing the peoples of the world, they gave stolen land to the Jews, through the United Nations. It was, in fact, world history's biggest act of anti-Semitism, by US law today equal to "Crime against Humanity". And today Whites wonder why there are conflicts in the Middle East. And they are of course not able to understand that a fence had to be built sooner or later between different peoples unjustly treated by Whites. How brainless shall we accept White leaders to be ?

End of Victory

Jews and White anti-Nazis, not only Nazis and Fascists, are losers after 1945. It is paradoxical, since anti-Nazis appeared as victors that year. Jews are losers because they embraced the treacherous gift given them in 1948 by the White war victors. The Jews were not sufficiently perspicacious to unveil the treason. Jews are furthermore losers in our 21st centure due to rampant world wide anti-Semitism. With their Holocaust card played strongly in all fora during the second half of the 20th century, with subsequent dominating economic and cultural influence in the Western world, they are at a low ebb regarding sympathy from Goyim.

Jews have gone too far as guilt distributers. Few peoples like persons continuously provoking feelings of guilt. But depersonalized Nazi children like them, together with Old-Testamentical Christians. They are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, have become guilt addicts. So, what have the victors, Jews, East-Europeans and Westerners, done with their denazifying piece ? What have they sown and what are they harvesting ? By their arrogant and aggressive attitudes towards the losers they are now catching anti-Semitism even in the countries of the winners.

The victors of WWII are bigger losers than the Nazi families when over sixty years have pased. They have lost the peace; they are progressively losing their gains. The future is not theirs, and they have no baggage. When our Nazi fathers lost militarily, we Second generation Nazis lost life opportunities. But European Tradition gives us forces for better days.

Rebirth of Tradition

At least Jews have shown us the way to go. Jews go for history, faith, difference. Whites go for the opposite : Vulgar fashion, relativism and identicalness of all races and cultures called multiculturalism. Whites are continuous losers after having destroyed their ancestral culture and thus lost their souls.

Human Rationalism lost with the Whites' struggles for being rational. It's time for new generations of both Jews and Whites to shake hands with Nazi descendants in order to re-evaluate traditionalist principles and ethics, now based on the New Testament, since the Old Testament together with White Rationalism have lost the game of decent world policy.

128. Have you collaborated with your parents when forming your group ?

In 1991, when we started our rescue and emancipation manoeuvres to free ourselves from the psychological terror directed democratically against us by the war victors, a campaign called "denazification", we thought indeed we could collaborate with our parents. We did not then know what psychological mechanisms rule among war losers. Eystein Eggen was the first here in Norway to acknowledge parental hostility against their offspring. His efforts to explain to our fathers the impossible life conditions of the second generation, did not only meet ignorance, negligence and refusal, but anger.

We spent a long time trying to understand our parents' mental motives. Mr. Eggen had to write a book in order to come to terms with the hostility and to penetrate the enigma of family enmity. Thus "The Boy from Gimle" was born, in 1993. Second generation Nazis should have to confront the first generation firmly. Such intergenerational battles are not unknown in history or in psychology. But the struggles are normally effectuated at an early stage of the children's life, most often during teenage years.

The time for normal emancipation had been messed up by the post-war hardship which Nazi families suffered. We could simply not during our teenage years attack fathers who daily licked wounds brought upon them by the hostile new establishment. Children went often into a mute contract of loyalty with their fathers, even though the fathers could be harsh toward their offspring due to war experiences. For creating a distinct, independent generation, it is fundamental to fight with parents, mentally and symbolically, at one moment of life. We got the opportunity close to the age of fifty.

Intuitively or unconsciously our parents prepared our postponed generational liberation. A kind of Law, an inbred law of mental action is triggered when a generation of men has lost a war. The war losers shun their own offspring due to deep feelings of guilt. Fathers have lost as fathers. They have betrayed the ancestral rule of family defense. War losers feel shame, often at an unconscious level. The feelings are proportionally more unconscious as the fathers act aggressively in daily family life. The Family Law of Losers gets its most interesting significance when the fathers' hostility against the offspring is beneficent in the long run. Without this law their would be no possibility for true conservative policy.

129. Do you see a future for Europe ?

Of course Europe has a future. Europe has a great future on condition that the inhabitants understand that revolutionary talks and practices are deleterious. They were deleterious from their start in France in the 18th century. But once the Europeans understand, will they act accordingly ? This is the challenge of the West six decades after WWII. Will Europeans stop their endlessly fashionable reformation of school programs, cultural institutions and community organization ? Will they start to see history as fundamental cooperator ? There is no future for institutions where short-sighted reforms blow away the traces of progress. Trustworthy, sustainable future is built on respect for the past.

Europe is a marvellous project, from the high civilization of Greece starting three thousand years ago, through the Roman Empire, the Slave, Germanic and Celtic adaptations, the nation building during the last millennium and up to the scientific and technological conquests in the 20th century. These conquests gave humans great ideas - ideas which politically stranded on the failure of "freedom revolution" from 1945 and onwards. In opposition to Communist victors who openly praised "Revolution", the Western victors hid the reality and called this revolution "Democracy".

1945 is the fatal year in European history, fatal for the Europeans but also for neighbours close and far. It was the year when technology and economics mixed with materialistic fixation and revolutionary nonsense gave birth to the populist idea that old civilizations were old and out and that Europe was the continent of modernity. Entartete Kunst or Modernism tells us today the truth. The ruinous consequences of the 1945 revolution are innumerable. When sixty years have passed, Europeans slowly awake to the dreadful truth that Europe does not have other values than sustainable growth and sexual freedom. Europeans believe less in God and more in money. They have no respect for their history, for their forefathers. They have wrecked not only the reality of race, but the concept of race. They give birth to less and less children.

Now scientists and economists know that "sustainable growth" is a fake project. The West can still enjoy materialistic comfort a decade or two at the expense of continuous poverty in "Third World" countries. The West can enjoy the nature for a short while until contamination caused by non-respect and greed ends up with shortage of clean products. We can have peace until non-White neighbours are sufficiently fed up with Whites' talks of Human Rights and Democracy while they conquer the world with help of military threats or Humanistic interventions.

Globalistic Europe with no other faith but that in own materialistic prosperity and luxury deserves to die. Symbols and signs of a dying civilization are paramount. There is only one way which might save the Europeans. It goes backwards, toward beauty and elegance lost in history. It is the way of Tradition which deals with the right of all peoples to progress in sovereign manner and rhythm. It is the way toward an order built on divine and ancestral faith. The project of humanity is not the technocratic Western one. The project is one of sovereignty and specificity of all peoples, of all cultures. Together on the earth peoples shall form beauty of differences, not ugliness of capitalistic multiculturalism built on individualism.

130. Will miscegenation, mixing of races, win over racism ?

Certainly not. European miscegenation is a short phenomenon of anti-White hysteria among Whites in the aftermath of WWII; that means six or seven decades. White victors managed to make racism a banned Nazi word and Nazi practice, a crime against humanity confined to anti-liberalist German life tradition. The victors had to diabolize the losers, those who really fought for peoples' independence and difference. They diabolized them in order to shape a "free world", a non-racist world, fit for American-English business advances. Pop-music and vulgar anti-religious Western fashion try since the war to level out all cultural differences on the earth. Americans and English, through their Communist-Capitalist business schools, try to consolidate the former English Empire by modernizing it to be of global size, of all peoples size.

But it is in the interest of race mixed children and adults to have relatively clean blood lines visible on fathers' and mothers' side, in order to enable them to appreciate the differences. If the entire humanity should become a red-yellow-black-white mix, the appreciable variety of differences, both visible differences and mental differences, would get lost, to the detriment of all. It becomes clear for more and more peoples that the English-American Modern Empire might be good for the USA and England but not for the rest of the world. A sound opposition to vulgar globalist planning is once again awakening.

Tribe peoples have a great time in front of them. The tendency is evident in Europe where Scots, Lapps, Basques, Galicians, Bretons etc. enthuse about ancestral culture. They are digging up old traditions in order to challenge our new millennium. Tribe peoples have to fight in order to survive. Otherwise they know they will disappear. Larger groups like Germanics and Latins show apathetic tendencies. They have sinking birth rates on the statistics. Many young Germanics and Latins seem to prefer building the American-English Empire. They have been under especially aggressive anti-racist propaganda directed against them by the Empire because they constitute majorities where there are minorities. Notwithstanding the effects of denazification directed against Germanics since 1945. The Empire builders have thought that by attacking majorities and feigning protection of minorities, they could develop the Individualism necessary for the Empire.

The Jews have shown and show the way to all European ethnic groups by building their new country in the Middle East with their specific millenary culture. The Jews are among the WWII victors and they use the victory for consolidating tribalism and Jewism. In this purpose they are erecting strong frontiers. Some say that Jews are double, that they are both Imperialists and Israelists. In their hearts they are certainly Israelists. But they need support from other tribe groups rather than from volatile "Globalists". They discover today that they have lost the sympathy of many former European pro-Israelite leftists.

131. If you, Mr. Klüwer, had lived in the thirties and early forties, would you have fought for Adolf Hitler ?

European Fascism and Nazism were normal, necessary responses to a historical process in the early 20th century. When the revolutionary ideology of Communists got into power in 1917 threatening the entire Western world, necessary reactions were unleashed. Extremists had to meet extremists in order to work out a balance. Sound, cultivated Europeans of conservative lineage joined the Fascist and Nazi parties all over Europe. I hope I would have joined them if I had lived in that period.

You will now say that I have learned nothing. Happily, thanks to meetings with Nazi children, I have been able to rethink Democratic, Humanistic history writings meant for dominating Europe. I have de-learned Democratic Truth. Europe cries today for an alternative to the technocratic-, business-minded victors who are bragging of possessing pure moral, of practicing global righteousness. After sixty years with governance less and less people believe in their unfair, tasteless Materialism.

But the Nazis and Fascists lost the war, lost the grip over history, you will argue. The answer is that they lost militarily but certainly not ideologically. There we are today. European Nazis and Fascists sacrificed themselves to give a signal to coming generations. The battle over our families, tribes and peoples is not won once and forever. American-English materialists and liberalists together with revolutionary Marxists are today losing control over the minds. Their governance is over. Europe will find back to old principles, to the best for its inhabitants and its neighbors.

Since European traditionalist ideology, modernized as National Socialism in order to fit to the 20th century, has been repressed and even satanized during six decades, this ideology will logically return with force. It is not necessary to be smart to foresee coming mental earthquakes in Europe. Some call it "paradigm shift", but it is in fact the counter-revolution following, with historic necessity, the 1945 revolution. Neither are revolutions nor counter-revolutions fun, specifically when no attempt toward true reconciliation are sought after battles among brethren.

132. How come that Jews, Yankees and yankeefied Europeans cooperate in international politics, apparently without needling each other ?

If the world had become peaceful due to their cooperation, we would bless them without further comments. But the contrary is the case. A third world war is threatening because of their political manipulations. This appropriate question leads us to the core of post-war concern : It is in point of fact not the Holocaust which tortures the West. It is the self-renunciation. Modernism and so-called rationalism have driven generations of new rich Goyim to choose Zionism before Christianity, Materialism before Spirituality, Jews before Christ and Christian forefathers.

Zionism is a Jewish ideology for materialistic power. Brits, Americans and commercialist Europeans have chosen to cooperate with Zionistic Jews instead of Nationalistic Continental Europeans, in order to modernize the former British Empire, to make the Empire an even stronger world power, a globalistic power built on technological Capitalism. Christian Zionists and business-goyim have met on a low materialistic level. They all find Jewish Zionists interesting for global objectives. The Old Testament seems more attractive for materialists than the New Testament.

In the game of globalistic power both Jews, Brits, Americans and European commercialists become losers. They lose their identity, their roots, their spirituality, their dignity. Our cultures become estranged. Jewish Zionists get westernized, they lose their Jewish spirituality. Zionized Westerners or Goyimists become hostile to their own culture. They simply drown in self-inflicted Holocaustification. Zionists, they be Jewish or Westerners, destroy themselves because they venerate gold more than God. It is time that second generation Nazis and second generation Zionists form a front, a mental front against devastating Globalism.

133. You have an important number of Asian and African immigrants in Norway. What are the reactions of native Norwegians ? Are there open discussions ?

The majority of Norwegian politicians, journalists, artists, teachers and priests, that means all those who carry their opinions to the public, are exuberant about the "New Norwegians". They see a new Norway coming, a paradisal Norway full of internationalism, multiculturalism, relativism and race diversity. Behind this jubilation for social, ethnic and mental change in a small formerly unchanged population, there is a dream of abandonment of all historic duties, like the obligation for Norwegians to be Norwegians. Surrounded by ethnic non-Norwegians, these Whites feel greater, more international, more correct, a bit non-White. They want to free themselves from everything small and reducing like nationality and ethnicity.

The power directing these poor modernistic individualists is the brutal culture coming from the wealthy USA. Small nations are easily impressed by strong ones. Norway has been under American influence since the Americans won WWII. Hollywood, Disneyland, rock music and all kinds of super stars fill the Norwegian brains leaving little space for autochthonous ideals, for European ideals. Modern Norwegians respond to American taste like the dogs of Pavlov. They react eagerly with conditioned reflexes to the credo of Liberalism of 1945 and Socialism of 1968. Since the USA is the empire of consumerism, Norwegians are consumerists. When they accept non-Europeans as citizens, it is on the condition that these new-comers become consumerists as well and that they enjoy Western life style and arts.

Slowly the immigrants are repressed under the demand of integration. Intellectually the Norwegians talk of diverse cultures under democratic rule. Practically they want the newcomers to live and to be like Westerners. Of course some of the second and third generations of immigrants adapt to Western style. They drink, have casual sex, divorce, consume, love Hollywood, dislike religion. They are "free" individualists. Responsible persons within their culture dare to express concern from time to time. The westernized are often called coconuts because they are brown on the surface but white inside. They are drifting persons losing their ancestral culture. And the Western culture which they adapt to is more than questionable. It is noxious for old cultures. It is noxious for the individuals in the long run.

It might be appropriate to call Whites who run from their ancestral culture, "peeled litchinuts". They are white on the surface but have a brown kernel. The expression fits for most Western intellectuals. They have chosen a non-White identity. The big question is to know why the Westerners are fleeing from their own culture and why they are so fond of torturing immigrants in order to force them to integrate. The Romans did the same error in the last centuries of their empire, when expanded borders included all sorts of non-Europeans. The answer is to be found in the premises for the World War II. The opponents were racists and non-racists. The Americans and Soviets were non-racists. When they won, they had a hidden agenda : Materialistic World Order.

To come to the position of super-power the USA had to fabricate an ignominious lie. In the "peace" time after 1945 the victors exaggerated the already exaggerated war propaganda. They said that Hitler wanted to eliminate all non-White races in order to rule over the entire world. From that moment the word Nazi became synonymous to mass murderer. The filthy lie was spread all over Europe through films, books, magazines, newspapers, schoolbooks. The victors' organization United Nations helped spreading the filth. The result of the lie is overwhelming : 100.000.000 mute Nazi and Fascist children, 500.000 mentally and physically tortured Nazi soldier kids, and last, but not least the anguish for Nazism among all white colored peoples. At the end Whites have anguish for themselves.

Mutism is the root of all evil. Anguish is cause of uncontrolled, inconsiderate attitudes, inconsiderate politics. How can "peeled litchinuts" rule over non-White peoples ? They are incapable of ruling over themselves. How can Whites who fear being White work for making non-Whites happy ? There are necessarily no conditions for open discussions about race and culture in Norway. Post-war Whites have one dominant behaviour : Prostration in front of non-Whites. The behaviour can be called kindism because it expresses a delirious form of being kind. They prostrate because they have lost their self-esteem. Unconsciously they feel guilt. Before Westerners can think and feel openly, the West has to deal with the imperialistic lie about Nazism. The fight today is between collectivism and individualism. Traditionalists care for collectivistic values. Capitalists care for individualistic values. After 60 years the playing cards have been redistributed.

A minimum of Respect for races and cultures must be established before communication can start. As long as Westerners refuse to see the reality of differences, refuse to see themselves as different, they continue to satanize Whites who celebrate difference and who dare to be different. This forum is made for coming to terms with the harmful opposition between Europeans and Europeans, but also for reducing hostility between Whites and non-Whites. Our forum is meant for being a free space for all kinds of opinions regarding tradition, in order to create a basis for reconciliation after a century of ferocious Modernistic ideologies.

134. What is actual Western Policy ? What are the implications of Modernistic Policy ?

The White West has become a pluricultural project, the conclusion of the victory of Liberalism in 1945. The unification and uniformation of the world has started. In Europe each country seen separately has less and less political importance. The countries count first of all in a continental perspective. Differences shall be diminished through continental political measures. But also distinctions between Europe and other continents shall be reduced, culturally and racially.

When Europeans have stopped to invade non-European areas, non-Europeans start to conquer Europe. Modernistic Europeans welcome the move, facilitate the counter-conquest. Modernistic Europeans believe they are mental conquerors; they believe that the newcomers will adapt to European values once they observe happy Europeans in their continent. Anti-White Whites who won WWII practise a revolutionary policy. Social structures and mentalities from the past shall be abolished. Modernists are ideologists of One World, of a massified world. The political principle are the Human Rights. They give equal rights to every single habitant on the earth, his or her endowment, devotion and loyalty to the common tasks notwithstanding. Ancient separations between cultures and peoples are caducous when massification has become the ideal. Modernism or Materialism as political principle, a Western invention, shall rule on premises of Western initiative and beliefs.

The Human Rights fit perfectly for implementing the Western Materialistic World Conquest. They are ideal for erecting the World Empire of the Westerners. The Human Rights abolish all prior social structures built on the capacity and devotion of the individuals. New world companions are all equal, have no duties except consume and shall pay no respect to the past. In the New World Order there shall be no hierarchy, the ideologists pretend. Many persons already deduce that a massified world society is a hell. The new society must fatally be directed by a hidden hierarchy. The ideologists call the new society democratic. It is of course not democratic when the cadres, the oligarchs, the Bilderbergers, are free of responsibility.

Western Materialistic Idealism or Humanism is a historic catastrophe. It is anti-spiritual, it enslaves peoples instead of enriching them, instigates hysterical consumerism, destroys the environment, favors sick eroticism at the expense of sustainable birth rates, develops stress and psychosis, accelerates decadence. People do not understand that it is degrading just to be consumerists. Materialism is a diabolic utopia. The adherents think they are good when they invite newcomers, when they organize mass migrations. Many Catholics think Humanism is a positive force inside the Catholic Church. They do not see that the serious meaning of poverty is spiritual poverty. Europe is more and more becoming a cultural desert. Human Rights pervert people. Western Democracy is a pathological invention.

When race conscious non-Whites come to Europe they first of all discover the cultural poverty of its consuming inhabitants. They quickly start to despise Europeans. How can they avoid despising them when they note that Europeans despise themselves ? Most immigrants understand that the Western worldification project, with instigated miscegenation, is a dead end. Big ethnic groups like Chinese, Indians, Slaves, Semites, Africans and Native Americans will survive. Is it forbidden to suppose that the initiators of the worldification project, the Whites and the Jews, are those who will perish ? Is it all about a visualization of a theological fight between the Old and the New Testament ? The New Testament is anti-materialistic, love nurturing. And it is family friendly, race friendly, history friendly.

135. How can Humanists maintain their power over Western minds ?

Holocaust is a dark religion. This post-war death cult, internationally institutionalized thanks to the United Nations, invites artists and journalists to commit ritualized descriptions of Evil. Post-war Western establishment needs such arts and texts in order to dope the inhabitants. With regularly diffused expressions of Evil the victors of WWII can maintain their glory.

The West has never been more hierarchized since the Humanists got power. Once in power they could officially pretend that all social hierarchy had been abolished thanks to Democratic rule. A hidden hierarchy functions better than an overt one in times of dominant mass media. Death Cult gives force to the hidden cadres. These remain both strong in power and free of political responsibility.

Cadres need lackeys. Journalists and academics, often history professors, are perfect in this role. They pour out descriptions in black and white of European history. They are true preachers and cult masters of this new Western religion. They can, for example, gather in one article Alfred Dreyfus and Adolf Eichmann under the common clue word "process". The two men express perfect opposition. The first one was judged unjustly and the second justly. The first was Jew and the second German. Dreyfus was Zionist and Eichmann Nazi. Dreyfus is a symbol of high Western civilization and Eichmann one of civilizational collapse. The first has become a Western hero and the second a global Devil. The presence of a Nazi devil adds glory to the hero. Or, the hero doesn't really function without a blackened counterpart.

In an article written for Death Cult, the words Communism and Capitalism have either a positive meaning or they are omitted. Adolf Eichmann fought in a war provoked by expanding Communism and Capitalism. Both ideologies were and are revolutionary in the sense that they mock passed values and passed social structures. They are ideologies for New Social Orders, and they have been above moral scrutiny during too long time.

When Communists and Capitalists won the war in 1945, they started their demonization campaign against the losers. They have now been satanizers during more than sixty years. Second generation Nazis dare saying that enough is enough. History in black and white is unworthy of honorable humans. But you can never protest against the journalists being death cult priests in the media. You will immediately be stigmatized as anti-Semitic. Second generation WWII Zionists, second generation WWII Capitalists and second generation Nazis should gather in order to stop stupidity.

136. Are the WWII victors happy with the result of their peace ? Have they implemented their dreams of social freedom ? Are they satisfied with their pluriculturalized Europe ?

WWII victors have jubilated during six decades after having crushed the Nazis and destroyed Germany. The victors have also denazified the Nazi and Fascist offspring all over Europe and thus mentally mutilated one hundred million descendants. They have taken revenge over their opponents. They should be filled with feelings of pride and dignity.

But we all know that the victors' own children and grand-children are bewildered. They are not proud of being Europeans; they do not feel any dignity as civilizational constructors. The victors have lost their victory. Their descendants have inherited amounts of pretense and no reality.

European culture is void. European civilization has gone into liquidation. The victors' offspring have no identity. But the victors are too coward to confess own deception. How deep shall the victors sink ? They are incapable of seeking reconciliation with the Nazi descendants and they are too coward to confess the Western cultural collapse.

Poor Europe. The victors fought for freedom and dignity. Due to their post-war policy they are harvesting slavery and shame. Slowly they are losing their self-respect.

137. How long time are you Nazi children supposed to going on crying ?

This is an appropriate question. The Organization of Norwegian NS Children is a protest movement. We protest against what we perceive as inhumane victor celebrations in a pretended humane democracy. We continue to protest until our voices are heard. Once we are heard we want to bury World War II by means of a celebrated reconciliation.

We do not have that much time for crying, at least not for ourselves. Anyhow, it is always wasted time crying for oneself. But of course we spend some time crying for Europe which is slipping down the slope because of cultural decadence.

What is surrealistic thinking about is the number of us in Europe and consequently the grandeur of our silence. Fascist and Nazi descendants amount to at least one hundred million Europeans.

138. Why is the West such an insupportable place to live in for Nazi children ?

Western moral guidelines what matters history are too heavy. After WWII the victors are continuously celebrating themselves and their moral basement : Human Rights and Democracy. How can the victors be so self-important ? The Victorious White Gentiles have stolen the idea of uniqueness from the Jews. They see themselves from an Old Testamental point of view. According to the Old Testament the Jews are God's Chosen People; consequently their history and events are unique happenings - for them. When the Holocaust of the 20th century has been promoted to historic uniqueness and is celebrated as unique by both Jews and Gentiles, the Nazis and their children become unique as well, by knock-on effect or contagion. The Nazi children's strain becomes unique, thus insupportable.

Since the dawn of humans on earth, vagabonds through history who we all are should know that moral excellence depends on moral praxis. For politicians and political systems it is not enough, alas, to refer to excellent rules and excellent ideas, like Democracy and Human Rights, to become excellent or sanctified. Those who own the modern media own modern Democracy. It is that simple. Western democracies are fake as long as the media are not free from hidden capitalistic manipulations. Or, said in an other way : Capitalism and Democracy are contradictive systems because under Capitalism the demand of profit goes before the demand of environmental and social balance. The World War II victors have sneaked themselves into the Old Testament in order to catch superiority and uniqueness. It is time to drag them out or to throw them out. They are misusing the Bible and they are abusing the Jews.

139. The children of Nazi soldiers call themselves "war children". Are they afraid of backlash effects if they use the "Nazi" word ?

Undoubtedly they are afraid of additional harassment. No word in Western civilization burns like "Nazi", due to the connection between Nazism and the Old Testament. When the Nazis after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 dared confronting the Jews because of their involvement, the Jews turned the inside out of Christianity and accused later the Nazis of unique crimes against Humanity. Lenin and Stalin were at the same time exempted from similar accusations. World history's utmost evil was packed in the "Nazi" word, even Communism committed five times as many mass murders as Nazism. After 1945 the White victors were not slow in adapting the Jewish strategy. Consequently Nazi children are victims of mental terrorism because they can not talk about their pains without getting additional pain through social stigmatization.

We Second Generation Nazis understand very well why the kids of Nazi soldiers have invented and use the euphemism "war children". Their childhood and adulthood have been a hell because they were linked to unique Evil and had little if any family support. At the same time we deplore that they are missing the point by always running from the reality. The reality for Nazi soldier kids and Nazi children is that we are systematically harassed by the Western denazifying democracy at the same time as we are ignored as Nazi children by the Humanistic establishment. The Humanists say that we simply do not exist as Nazi children since we have been "saved" by their Humanism and therefore have melted in their "good" anti-Nazi system.

Consequently all social researchers and academic historians will propose to Nazi soldier kids and Nazi children to use euphemistic appellations. Those who bow for the Humanists are forced to remain silent and only to exist through reports concocted by social scientists. Dictionaries will tend to omit the expression "Nazi children" and thereby avoid the reality of one hundred million mute European Nazi descendants. Dictionaries will rather concentrate on non-unique war children throughout history. No uniqueness shall be attributed to Nazi children. Post-war Humanism has its specific practices and laws. As a closed system it can not admit direct opposition and critics of its revolutionary origin. Willing satanizers like journalists and teachers will, if nobody stops them, continue to be heroic lackeys of ongoing oppressive Capitalistic Democracy. They will continue to demonize/nazify and invisibilize opponents. If we of Nazi origin want to fight a way out of imposed nonexistence, we have to take the bull by the horns and make the stigmatizing word ours.

140. The Catholic Church in Europe seems to retrograde while the sector of non-believers and apostates expand their numbers and influence. Is Nazism behind this development ?

Certainly it is. The Nazi and Fascist parties throughout Europe of the early 20th century expressed resistance against growing anti-religious Communism. Most members were Catholics. The oldest conservative families and the strongest believers gathered behind the Nazi and Fascist banners in order to protect Old Europe. When the victors have chosen to satanize both Fascists and Nazis it is unavoidable that the Catholic Church is being satanized as well. In our 21st century it is a pity to observe Catholic priests who defend the Church by saying it was anti-Nazi. Unfortunately the Catholic Church is deeply demonized because the Nazi parties are demonized.

The atheistic force of Humanism has entered the realm of spirituality. Atheism presents its lie of human equality as reality in our democracies. The spiritual world is hierarchical, offering each individual his or her destiny in a greater perspective than the social one.

While the situation is like it is, the free churches of more or less charismatic tendencies seem to grow in popularity. They are communities without historic responsibility since they had little influence in pre-war societies. Consequently the big Evil does not float over their gatherings and ceremonies. Spirit seeking persons in our modern times will rather enter such churches than join the big Church of pre-war Europe. Meanwhile the European cultural decadence progresses, because culture depends on overt relations between passed and present time.

141. Why are Westerners tired of being Westerners ? What is the reason of Western self-abandonment ? Which is the core generator of Western cultural decadence ?

Western civilization is a great civilization. From the Greek magnificent classical era 500 years before Christ, through the civilizational achievements of the Roman Empire, over to Charlemagne and the Holy Roman-Germanic Empire, and further to the great empire of Spain in the 16th century, to Russia of the great Tzars and Tzarinas, to the British Empire, and I omit so many examples, the Westerners have so many successes and have had so many challenges.

With the expansion of Communistic/Socialistic Humanism from 19th century the song has changed. The aim of this modernistic imperial ideology was not longer territorial or spiritual greatness, but universal dominance. The dominance was based on individuals, called "individualism". Persons rooted in ancestral cultures were told to become happy "free individuals". The main Evil was the proper European culture with its millenary social structure and hierarchy based on faith and family.

When the Nazi and Fascist counter-revolutionaries all over the Western world lost their great counter-attack between 1939 and 1945, something totally new occurred in world history. Western socialistic Humanism amalgamated with Capitalism and Zionism, turned into a real materialistic power aiming global dominance. The first political expression of the New Power was the Western Cultural Revolution of 1968. Critics have since long labeled the Humanists' search for power a "New Empire".

It is fantastic to consider how Humanists, who have turned universalistic, feel free to admonish traditionalists for being territorialists and sometimes expansionists during history. Thanks to their permanent admonition of others the new Capitalistic oligarchs can feel free from bad conscience when aiming globalistic influence and world power - at the expense of local patrimonial cultures.

The Capitalistic oligarchs and their smart academic cadres knew that Western mentality was not thoroughly conquered just with the materialistic revolution of the Marshall Aid after 1945 and the Cultural Revolution of 1968. The Traditionalists were crushed militarily but not mentally. Hence the Nuremberg Trial, the endless satanization of the losers called denazification, and a growing criminalization of everything traditionalist.

The main weapon of the Humanists, developed in order to achieve total power over the Traditionalists, was and is Guilt. Such a weapon is fantastic in its efficiency, on the condition that the aimed peoples are sensitive to guilt feelings. Christian Europe is a perfect area for paralyzing people with guilt feelings. Specifically traditionalist families who are truthful to Christianity are sensitive.

Humanists are indeed cynical activists. They say they are rationalists and therefore non-believers. They say they want to give mental freedom to peoples. But they don't step aside for black religious anti-humane coercion when they feel it opportune. The Nazi children came under their dominance at a stage of life when they had the least capacity of defense. The Holocaust cult or Death Cult swept over Europe from 1960/61 in form of horror books, horror movies, horror radio programs, all made up of evil done by the war losers, all aiming the Nazi children in schools, in social events, in daily communication.

The victims portrayed in the Holocaust campaign were always Jews. Slowly Jews got the position of Christ in the youngsters' imagination. The Nazis who had killed the Jews became not only world history's worst criminals, but also executioners of God's Chosen People, a crime which by manner of killing and by number of victims surpassed the position of Christ and the significance of Christ. (Christians know though, that Christ redeems and that Jews maintain memory and feelings of offence.) Guilt feelings started to work. Academics in the 21st century continue to add energy and light to the Death Cult ceremonies in order to maintain power over European Traditionalists.

More and more people know that Western Humanists are hypocrites. They talk of individualism, Human Rights, equality and democracy at the same time as they establish new hidden world cadres. They play the guilt card in order to protect the Capitalistic oligarchs from feelings of responsibility as well as from juridical responsibility for their misconducts. Instead of being tired the Westerners should be angry.

From 1948 when the Western rationalists and war victors gave the Jews their Holy Land by taking the same land from the Palestinians, the Zionists can in a way consider their efforts crowned with success. The Jews have in a way accomplished their Zionistic aim. From that year Zionism has become superfluous, should be replaced by traditional Nationalism. All Western Goyim should know that the UN committed an anti-Semitic act in 1948. The UN is responsible for the most dangerous conflict in our times. It seems that it was not so smart to destroy European traditional Nationalism in order to establish Middle East Nationalism. Was it smart for Global Materialistic reasons ? The European culture suffers.

142. What is race and racism ?

Race or Racism involves blood. Blood creates respect and loyalty - loyalty and respect for father and mother from whom we have our blood. When further down the line of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers the family has gotten a common feature, expression, color and character, the living descendants' consciousness of this character, color and feature grows. Culture adds effects to the specificity of the family, the clan, the race. Culture and blood are symbiotic.

Such way our humanity has developed diversity in order to give us all challenges, variety of communication, richness of comparisons, and ultimately meaning to us all. Our differences express our possibilities, deepen our consciousness, add beauty to our features and trust in our capacities. With differences of color, differences of character are gained. Our capacities of loyalty and tolerance are developed through challenges.

This is why modern plutocrats or oligarchs have to destroy racism or blood loyalty, in order to establish their global empire of One Order with One Race, One Culture and One Humanistic Capitalistic Elite, so that this elite or these cadres can rule undisturbed. Globalistic Humanists with their revolution mythology want to retrocede our diversity to a common pre-human magma. This is darwinism the wrong way round. They dare call themselves guarantors of social development.

143. Is non-White immigration into White nations a sequel of Holocaust ?

It is certainly true. But world conquering White Humanists who dominate temporarily the Whites' culture will say that the revolutionary Human Rights originate world transmigration in order to establish One World, One Race, One Culture, on the basis of secular Materialism. In order to conquer all ethnic nations in the world except Israel, the Humanists think it is fair to start by opening up own nations, as a signal for a future world empire based on dissolution of all ethnies or races.

But this nightmare of a future being prepared for us all, would never be undertaken without Holocaust. Holocaust is the main tool for forging the Humanistic World Empire. This coming world empire resides on the recent Zionistic ideology which divides the world citizens in two parts : Divinely chosen Jews and Materialistic Goyim. The first shall rule and the second shall produce. Producers need neither tradition nor religion. They shall just be apt for Modernity.

Holocaust is a Death Cult, and the proper of death cults is to produce fear, guilt and submission. This Death Cult might be more or less inspired by some interested Jews, but it is manipulated into politics by White Humanists. The result of the guilt weapon is overwhelming. Whites have become afraid of own culture, own traditions, own past. Then there is no reason why Whites should protect ancestral land any more.

On the contrary, non-White conquerors who attacked Europe in the past are seen as heroes. Europeans who in the past fought for land and influence are seen as criminals. Arabs and Turks once threatened Europe. The very White resistance to these intruders is rendered suspect by modern academic historians, all useful idiots for the new ruling Western cadres. Now there is no reason why non-European new-comers to Europe should be seen as different from the intruders of the past. They are heroes for Westerners who despite themselves, a logical consequence of their abandonment to a Death Cult.

Humans deserve something better than Western Materialism. In a world of quick communication and transport, peoples of different race and culture are necessarily intermingled for the pleasure of everyone and for the interest of all. The challenge now is to give all peoples "Jewish rights", i.e. rights to venerate own culture, own religion and own country. Shall Western Zionism and Western Humanism be allowed to reign over the World Peoples' Democracy ?

144. How far are Westerners from a reconciliation between Modernists and Traditionalists, between Socialists/Capitalists and Fascists ?

Happily the victorious Materialists, Relativists and Internationalists founded the Jewish State Israel in 1948. By founding a state contrary to their own ideals they have sawn down the branch they sat on after the victory of 1945. They have betrayed their anti-nationalistic, anti-racist and anti-religious ideals.

Happily the internationalist Jews meet themselves in the door after fifty-eight years as citizens of a racist and religiously supremacist State. They now need to explain why they hated Nazis and Fascists already in the 20s. The Nazis and Fascists defended indeed own nation, own race and own religion.

The victors of WWII and the professionally victimized Jewish people float in the intolerable lightness of existence when over sixty years have passed since the World catastrophe. The first have committed morally suicide by establishing that which they said they had to destroy by all means during WWII. The second, the Jews, have lost all political credibility when they after the foundation of their State have continued to be inciters for internationalism, global migration and anti-racism.

Is it possible to contradict yourself more, to betray your ideals more, to destroy more the fruits of victory after having gained the biggest one in world history ? Terms like "Traditionalism" or "Fascism" are now necessarily vibrating in the void after a de facto renunciation of the victory, as far as the victory was obtained by and for principles. The Nazis and Fascists were at least consequent in their defense of the ancestral character of Europe.

The times are more and more ripe for a long expected reconciliation after the world war. This is why I started the first paragraphs with "happily". Inherent contradictions in the Modern West indicate that older patterns of our White civilization must be adopted. But the victors will need some time to fully understand their incompetence regarding principles and praxis. By the way, more and more Westerners are asking themselves why the West has to initiate all these wars in other continents.

Today it is up to big race conscious states like China, India, Pakistan and orthodox Russia, all with dissuasive atomic weapons, to take over the world governance. As states with race consciousness they are the only credible powers to save Israel from incompetent policy of world leading Jews and goyimistic Goyim. They might also help the West out of its contradictive, self-destructive attitudes.

Israelis, Zionists and Jews in general do not have many friends in anti-religious, anti-racist Europe. At least, second generation Nazis understand the Jews' care for blood, soil and religion. There are other Europeans who suffer under the anti-national, anti-racist Capitalistic/Socialistic ideology of the UN. One hundred million Nazi and Fascist descendants remain silent on crucial topics in our civilization. It is time for replacing the anti-Fascist UN by a new organization caring for a World Peoples' Democracy.

145. Allied forces raped three million German women and children in 1945. Previously most civil centers in German towns had been systematically bombed for terrorizing effects. What mental impacts had these actions on surviving Germans in the aftermath ?

Humanist academics never ask such questions. They have instituted that Germans were the demons and the Allied the liberators. The Allied never committed crimes against Humanity due to the principles of Humanistic war history.

We can only guess which consequences the Allied treatment of Germans have had in a long run. The strong Americanization of West-Germany and the efficient submission of East-Germany to Bolschevik ideals make one think. Accompanied with the general muteness of twenty million German Nazi descendants there is no doubt that the roots of posts-war European "Democracy" are very little democratic and have non-democratic effects on generations to come.

A Norwegian journalist wrote August 2006 :"If we demonize a country, a people or a head of State, everything becomes allowed. And simultaneously we let loose the demon in ourselves."

146. Any comments to the revelation that Günter Grass was a member of Waffen SS ?

It is no revelation. Those who wanted to know, knew it decades ago. Leftists did not want to know. They used Günter Grass as their man in order to magnify the automatic process inside Nazi families which consists of transference of guilt from Nazis and older Nazi children to younger family members. It was useful for the Leftists to let Nazi families be paralyzed from inside, by own psychic forces of anguish. Grass became a perfect German denazifier or satanizer since he had to run from his past. The more he nazified or demonized others the more he felt free from his Nazi past. His freedom depended on active repression of truth, of memory, of feelings. He transformed denazification into a litterary fashion, the reason why he got the Nobel Prize in litterature. Grass has reached a standard of German self-hatred which is only challenged by his compatriot Niklas Frank, the famous parent-loathing Nazi child.

In Norway we had a professor with the same run-and-smirch-for-hiding syndrom like Grass. Harald Ofstad demonized Nazis professionally while never clearly revealing that his father was Nazi. He necessarily produced anguish in younger Nazi children, thus being loved by Norwegian Leftists and other denazifiers. There are so many examples of the Grass/Ofstad type, many still running and smirching.

Anyhow, older or younger, Nazi children are all victims of the Western orchestrated Death Cult called Holocaust. Only an active Death Cult can transform humans into mental ghosts who repress everything they love, including contact with real life. Men can not run from their past. It is a leftist illusion. Germans should mourn their dead instead of running around falsly mourning the dead of others.

Why does this "revelation" pop up now in 2006 ? Post-war Leftists are unsatisfied with their role in history. They were never historic initiators. They have just been flies on a rotten meat, Europe being a rotten peace of meat after 1945. They feel intuitively that they will be erased from history in a short while. Therefore the once strong feeling of solidarity among Leftists is vanishing. When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.

147. What do you Nazi descendants think about actual terrorist threats against Western civilization ?

There is no such thing like "Western civilization". It was banned in 1945. It was replaced by Capitalistic Socialism, also called Humanistic Democracy because based on the Human Rights of the French Revolution. This political system got power in both Western and Eastern Europe when World Communism collapsed in 1989.

With a little bit of psychological introspection it should be possible to view this Western system as expansionist and intolerant. Humanistic Democrats say they have the key for the best political system ever found in the universe. And they want to force it on all old cultures of the world except some scattered indigenous tribes. They use their protection of these tribes as proof of post-war Humanism's democratic practices. Jews constitute evidently such an indigenous group protected by the Humanists.

We Second Generation Nazis can only state that the world has become a more dangerous place to live in after the political takeover of Modernists in 1945. The West is threatened as well as non-European old beautiful human cultures which have developed through millennia. The West is in fact threatened because millions of Westerners are in opposition to the wild Humanists. Why are one hundred million Nazi and Fascist descendants mute over sixty years after WWII ? The most logical interpretation is to see them as terrorized to muteness by compatriots. The Death Cult of Holocaust is a burden which is neither very nice because of its dimension nor very democratic because of its classification of good and bad persons.

When the world is threatened by terrorism and people are in fact terrorized, both mentally and physically, there is one key to solve the problem : reconciliation. The West is sick because of exaggerated Modernism practiced by Humanists. Westerners have no longer rights to let Christianity direct their social, political environment. Westerners have no longer right to venerate their forefathers, their history. Westerners have no longer right to be proud of being White.

There must come to a reconciliation between traditionalists more or less hidden inside our population and the striving Modernists. An unease is more and more evident among the populations of the West. Accelerating migrations over all boarders is not diminishing the unease. Both immigrants and autochthonous become victims of hidden agendas belonging to capitalistically sprouting plutocrats. Are we ready to letting such persons define Western civilization ?

If the West manage to heal itself through a reconciliation after the Western civil war also called WWII, the Westerners will become wiser and hopefully stop their brutal conquest of the entire globe in the name of "Globalistic Democracy". Such a project is nothing but Neo-Colonialism or New Empire. By the way, we should no more let the revengeful Old Testament overshadow the light of the New Testament.

148. The Holocaust Center of Oslo opened the 23rd of August 2006. What are your reactions ?

When a Holocaust Center opens in the West, the post-war establishment is vibrant of joy, pride, self-indulgence and eager. The reigning Humanist cadres, the Liberalists and Capitalistic Democrats find in the Holocaust the assertion that they are on the right side of morality, history and future policy.

Alas, the Death Cult of Holocaust is caducous, transitory, as are all Death Cults, as are the frenetic Humanists roaring around in the old European civilization, or what is left of this civilization. Wise Jews know that Holocaust is a limited time for mourning, not a basement for making policy on an earth where all peoples have gone through holocausts or are just now suffering a holocaust.

A Holocaust Center is controversial. Its historians are manipulating history in order to make it fit the moral ideals and the political interests of the WWII victors. They play down the horrendous death rates caused by the victors in order to diabolize the "perpetrators", the Nazis. They systematically diminish the casualties caused by the carpet bombings of German towns choreographed by the Allies. They ignore the number of deaths in the outdoor camps where German soldiers were concentrated in order to suffer after their defeat. They try to hide the number of deaths occasioned by the Communists before and after the war.

Some say Communists killed 180 million peoples and Nazis 20 million. There are necessarily so many examples of violence committed by the victors - because communist revolution is bloody, and war is war. Honest Jews admit by the way that they were central participators in the big European conflict, that they were not innocent. A Holocaust center is not made for reality but for manipulating policy. It is a center of satanization. Its historians pretend that the Devils, the Nazis, just popped up in history of unknown reason. Or, they say that Hitler was born evil and infected half of the European population.

What is important for a Holocaust center, or a Death Cult center, is to distribute guilt to one of the war factions. The Nazis get it all ! They are unique perpetrators in world history. The fact that European countries were menaced by Communist rising or the Red Army for a destruction of their inherited culture, is of no interest for post-war academic historians. That European countries had the right and the duty to self-defense, is ignored. That the Nazi and Fascist parties were centers of organized defense of European traditions, is considered a lie. Academic historians working for Holocaust centers are ideologues and not researchers.

If Israel had existed in the first half of the 20th century and had been threatened by the first waves of Communism, they would have defended their State exactly as did the Germans, the Italians, the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Hungarians, the Greek etc. But we are living in illusionistic Leftist times where a new bourgeoisie, the Humanistic cadres, shout out their hatred against every Nazi and every Fascist, considering all and every single as non-humans. They have painted history in black and white. Curiously they have chosen white color suitable for themselves.

A Holocaust center guarantees a postponement of a reconciliation desired by Nazi descendants as well as by other groups of Europeans. The originators of the Holocaust Center in Oslo were the same who officially welcomed the Nazi children in the post-war democracy, the same who talked about the necessity of a reconciliation after WWII. As soon as they fulfilled the plans for the Center they systematically stopped talking of reconciliation. No institution is more ignorant and repressive of reconciliation than a Holocaust center. Such Centers are, unfortunately for Europe, Temples of Irreconcilability.

149. The majority of Europeans agree that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most dangerous one in our starting century. It might trigger WWIII. Do Nazi descendants have any opinions about this post-WWII conflict ?

The WWII victors built a New World upon the old European world which they during war had demolished physically through bombings and invasion, and which they soon were going to destroy mentally through denazification meaning satanization. The New World's first expression was the organization of United Nations established in New York 1945. The organization was built on the broken back of traditionalistic Europe, it was a pure expression of capitalistic and communistic Modernism. Its intention was also reflected in the architecture and in the inner decorations mainly made by Communists.

The first important act committed by the UN was to establish Israel on land stolen from the Palestinians. Never have Westerners committed a more anti-Semitic act. This land robbery and consequently this false generosity towards the Jews should establish permanent unrest in the Middle East. Because the war victors chose Materialism (Eastern Europe) and Holocaustism (Western Europe and North America) as new ideals, they created a mix of strategic oil desires and Old Testamentic prophesy fulfillments. The two consecrated ideals amalgamated soon and turned into actual Holocaustic Materialism. The ideologues of the religious-laical amalgam call themselves Humanists.

The success of this amalgam ideology has become enormous. Former traditionalistic Europeans run for being free, liberalistic consumerists. Others react by becoming Christian Zionists. Tragically these Christian Zionists have a vicious impact on the political situation in the Middle East. This post-war Humanism is extremely dangerous for the world peace. It instigates materialistic greed, ignores the values of Nature in balance with our developped societies, despises the need of peoples' duties in our societies. But it stresses human rights until absurd consequences.

Have the war victors satisfied the Jewish Zionists' hunger for "biblical" land with Israel as gift ? Old-Testamentic and Materialistic war victors accelerate efforts for an accomplishment of globalistic plans : One World Empire driven by the axis Washington - Tel Aviv. Americans and Israelis accompanied by the European Humanistic establishment pretend they want to create peace in the Middle East. They want to humanize the region, they say. They are bringing democracy to patriarchal Muslims, they say. Insightful persons know that they are looking principally for world power through free markets unaffected by culture and religion.

The war victors have lured honest Jews into endless conflicts with neighbors. The conflicts are both religious and land related. The creators of the conflicts are mainly interested in Jewish sacrifice in order to harvest own profits. Among the Western profiteers are Jewish Zionists who do not live in Israel but who have interests in the major Western banks and international companies. The losers are spiritualistic Jews, Christians of the New Covenant and, of course, pious Muslims.

Now Christian Zionists think that the Jews must be allowed to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount to give place for the Third Temple. When the Third Temple is built the Second Coming of Christ is expected. Such a project is not helping peace in Middle East. This is a naive way of understanding the prophecies. It is more likely to believe that the Third Temple shall be constructed in the hearts of Jews.

The Middle East conflict might be one which is not post-WWII but pre-WWI. The entanglements of this conflict are without limits. What is sure is that the war victors have been playing with false cards since 1945. The West pretends today that they are defending humanity, democracy, fair laicism, scientific rationalism and Human Rights. This is all lie. The West is drawn into religious implementations which they do not dare to admit. Holocaustism or Holocaust Death Cult is one of them.

Cult of Holocaust and erection of Holocaust centers is not a humane or rational way of dealing with religion or with honest laic policies. Such centers guarantee a continuous postponement of reconciliation, central in Christian ethic. Satanzation is not a humane or rational way of building a new world. It is an anti-Christian way as well as an anti-rationalistic way.

Western Materialists who use prankish words like "humanity", "democracy" etc., are nurtured by hatred against Christianity, by anti-religious fanaticism. Some adherents of humanistic Materialism call themselves Christian, but they are Christian Zionists looking for power, worldly power, just like Jewish Zionists who have an other aim than Jews who follow spiritual Judaism.

Second Generation Nazis think that the victors of WWII are the only responsible for the dangerous situation in Middle East. Neither Israelis nor Palestinians shall pay for the mess. The war victors shall. Once they have duly repaired their offense, their duty is to dissolve the rotten UN and to help the peoples of the world to shape a World Peoples' Democracy. As a basement races and cultures must be acknowledged and venerated. A new organization must be raised with a name like "Organization of United Races and Cultures". But at once victor descendants should seek reconciliation with Nazi and Fascist descendants.

That Whites accept being reduced to non-Whites in order to comply with the anti-racial, goyimistic ideal of the Old Testament promoted by post-war Humanists, is an irrational choice and therefore a scandal. In the Old Testament non-Jews are insignificant. They have neither race nor culture. Racial suicide is a bad omen. It is harmful to all races of the world, including to Jews. The more people we are on the earth, the more we need variety.

Western Humanism, a supremacist ideology which strives for destruction of ancient cultures and for frenetic Hedonism, is a threat wherever it gets a position. In this context Humanism is a threat to old Arabic cultures in Middle East. Only decency and criticism brought forth inside our Western cultures can stop a coming catastrophe. Frenzied Modernism must be counterbalanced by Traditionalism.

150. Revisionists are put in jail in Germany and ten other European countries when they question gas chambers and the 6 million officially. Are you happy with that ?

I am not happy with the Holocaust Death Cult neither when celebrated by Revisionists nor by Humanists. It is a modern Dance of Death, different from the medieval. The medieval Dance of Death was a memento mori, a signal to the living that they should take care of life and not go frenetically into Hedonism. The Modern Dance of Death is doing the opposite, asking for more and more depression among people, more and more lugubrious Holocaust centers, more and more drug abuse, more and more irresponsible joys and life escapades - in order to free Westerners from guilt feelings. The Holocaust Death Cult divides people in two : the good and the evil, the righteous and the wrongdoers, the correct and the incorrect. It is an inhuman game. Humans are neither totally good nor totally evil. We Nazi children know that it is too hard for people to believe that they are totally evil. But it is also too hard for people to believe that they are totally good.

Christ with His promise of redemption from guilt is dead or dying in the hearts of Holocaustians, of Holocaust celebrants. Killing Christ is the main purpose of Holocaust celebrations. His death in the hearts of Western Modernists gives them access to pure Materialism. Nazi children are suffering from this death madness as well as all honest Whites, all peoples of the earth, and finally the Jews. The acceptance of Jews to participate in Christ killing celebrations forces the Jews into a Christic position, forces them to take the role of redemptors. It is a Jewishly unaffordable and non-desired task. The more Holocaust centers are built, the more Goyim will be happy, and be happy with the role of Jews, seems to be the innermost thought of Holocaustians. The opposite is the fact. Westerners get sick and anti-Semitism is rampant.

Revisionists might say that they oppose the Cult themselves, that they strive for deconstructing the Holocaust and for healing the West after history's most bloody war. But in fact they are strengthening the Cult through opposition, just like the beast is adding grace to the beauty. Revisionists are mostly counting bodies in death camps, arguing about "realities" which happened around seventy years ago. They don't acknowledge that the Holocaust is a cult, something more than history, more complex than history when having turned out to become a religion. If the West is going to stop the sickening Holocaust Cult, a wish of reconciliation among the descendants of WWII participants must grow. We Nazi children have never got support from international Revisionists. Maybe it is because they feel that we disregard their archivistic efforts. Of course we don't disregard past realities. But Westerners must concentrate themselves on living persons before dead ones.

It is a sad fact that more and more revisionistic Europeans are getting locked up in jails having been condemned for thought crimes. Such treatment of opponents proves that Western Humanists are desperate. Evidently something is rotten in the kingdom of Western Democracy. The Holocaust cult produces madness, irrationality, inhumanity. Revisionists who are sent to jail will one day come triumphally back as heroes. It is not certain that the atmosphere then will be favorable for reconciliation. Humanists are frenetically hammering nails in their own coffins. How can we help them to decency and rationality ?

151. How come that Western Humanists believe that they are superior to other believers ?

With the victors' consolidation of power after 1945 the West got a new ideology : Supremacist Humanism. This ideology is by Westerners thought so perfect and good for humans that it takes religious dimension. The victors have become lay missionaries. They want to force it on every people living on the earth. They joyfully accept the use of violent methods, like bombs, their favorite weapon of persuasion.

Supremacist Humanism has been forged as a world conquering mental weapon by amalgamating Communism and Capitalism. The amalgam was veiled during the hallelujah years of Cold War, but was steadily processed in schools and institutions like the Frankfurter school of philosophical thought, the political science department at the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics. But there were hundreds of other centers working for the same aim of Western world domination.

In the early sixties another material was added to the amalgam : guilt for the Holocaust through cult of the Holocaust. It was an anti-Christian component because when Christianity releases from guilt, the cult of Holocaust enslaves to guilt. The guilt component was necessary in order to destroy the Nazi families and denazify the offspring. In the sixties a new Nazi generation got to adulthood and could have challenged the hegemony of the Humanists.

After the entrance of Holocaustism into Supremacist Humanism nobody in the West is able to protect traditions against devastating cultural Communism and Capitalism. Non-complying Westerners are diabolized and pacified with the guilt weapon. They are socially paralyzed when labeled "Nazis", "anti-Semites", "fundamentalists", "dangerous reactionaries", "ghosts from a violent past" etc. Such outlaws have few possibilities to stop humanistic madmen. From then frivolous irresponsible Humanists are free to devastate everything cultured.

It has not been enough for the humanistic manipulators to spread the "holy" message of Democracy and Human Rights to all corners of the world thanks to their ownership of international media. Non-White persons have been invited to settle in the West. The Humanists have started a Campaign of Migration in order to create One Multicultural World. Majority cultures, considered poor mono-cultures, have come under attack. They are labeled evil because allegedly fearing foreign impulses. As a consequence minority cultures are celebrated as superior to majority cultures.

Mixing results a core interest among Western modernistic Humanists. The presumption is that a society based on mixed races, mixed cultures and mixed religions is superior. Honest adult persons know that endless intermingling ends up in mess. They also know that in a messy society, a messy culture and a messy religion there is no distinctive scale for people to climb in order to perfect feelings and thoughts. Indistinctiveness and relativism make such a society depressing and unlivable.

Still there are Westerners who do not understand that the Western imperial nonsense culture provokes necessarily anger among peoples of different cultures. Westerners scratch and scratch their heads in order to understand why it is OK to blasphemize Christianity and not Islam. Humanists are so self-confident that they believe all people are like themselves. Mainstream Whites should be grateful for every hostility against their death race. Since Westerners themselves seem incapable of corrective engagements, they should be glad that foreigners interfere and tell them that mixture and mess is a dead end road toward the future.

152. Why has temperature gotten so high when Western intellectuals discuss Islam and immigration ?

Western intellectuals have welcomed non-European immigration to White countries since the Cultural Revolution of 1968. One of their happiest and most celebrated slogans was "Tear down the fences !". The sixty-eighters set the standard for actual Western ideology : All humans are equal if only they are freed from history, traditions, religion and ideas from the past. The sixty-eighters still cherish the revolutionary "laws" from the tragic French Revolution of 1789 : The Human Rights. The Human Rights are timeless and placeless and are therefore fit for universal nonsense.

Being totally equal to all cultured peoples of the world, revolutionary Westerners think themselves welcome in all cultures. They started to travel extensively from the 70s in order to discover Humanity, defined by themselves as a global community of mellow persons. They studied "anthropology", looked for drugs in Mexico, India, North-Africa and Bali, and discovered very quickly that Western culture was dull. They found that faraway cultures were exotic, exciting, beyond ordinary Western culture and therefore superior. And, what a chance : Non-European cultures were open for Western money. Exotic foreigners were smiling gently whenever travelling Westerners uttered something humanrightly philosophical.

All foreigners were later welcomed to the West because they were so lovely and accepting. So, since three decades the direction of travelers has changed. Now exotic foreigners are settling in the West, not in order to find exotic pleasures, but with the motive of getting access to modern equipments. Westerners have turned a blind eye to the materialistic desires of immigrants. Westerners have invented "Pluricultural paradise" as main motive for all human life. Therefore race- and culture mix have become mandatory. Westerners monopolize attitudes, ideas and desires of all peoples and force them into their academically anthropological garden for lifelong usurpative joys.

But, immigrants from non-European countries have never asked for so much love and care. Non-European peoples prefer ancestry, own costumes and traditions. The majority of them abhor Materialism, Nihilism, desacralization, abstract Humanism, Western "rational" mentality, Commercialism, trash art, relativism. The main concern of immigrants is to conserve own culture and religion in a prospect of being entire persons, persons with integrity. From the first moment they cherished the idea of erecting own temples. Did Humanists think that foreigners should come to the West naked and wild like figures from novelistic past ? Did they mean that pluriculturalism was a deep pond made for drowning primitive savages ?

Maybe the good Humanists thought that the newcomers wanted to integrate or assimilate once they discovered Western "superiority" in all life aspects. Pluricultural Paradise means westernization since the premise is that non-Westerners shall integrate or assimilate to this abstract Western ideal. Today Humanistic intellectuals turn angry because immigrants oppose the premise. More and more immigrants do not want neither assimilation nor integration because they have since long seen through the Western decadence. They accept Western money but not Western decadent culture. Is it forbidden to take economic advantage of White Humanists who have gone wild in the matter of culture ? Decadent Whites are lost either they feel free and enthusiastic or are exploited and angry.

From the outbreak of our new millennium Western Humanists go to war against the oldest cultures in the world in order to upgrade them to Western technocratic and anti-spiritual standard, which means decadent standard. Western intellectuals were already angry because of lack of willingness to integrate among non-Western immigrants. Once Afghans and Iraqis defend themselves against Western incursions and brutality, they are immediately labeled terrorists. It is a shame to be White in the third millennium. Western Humanism has turned out to become a global scandal, a sickness. It is time for Western Traditionalists to awake and to make alliances with decent peoples from all cultures in order to save ancestry and spirituality. Time has come for repairing what can be repaired. The more angry Western academic intellectuals become the better. Their anger is irrational, shall soon turn outside in, will then burn out for the sake of peace on earth.

153. You Nazi children seem to deplore living in the post-war democracy. Doesn't this democracy give you all rights including the right to express your opinions ?

Western Democrats live inside a protective glass bulb of naivity and delusions. They believe they are the best humans in the universe, the morally most exquisite. In fact we live in times of irrationalism and Satanism. Democratic historians practice history in black and white, they present Nazis as devils and anti-Nazis as angels. Academic social scientists present society as a hell when it is under an order of völkisch values, patriarchy and Christian clergy. The situation is opposite when a Western society is under rule of small ethnic groups, immigrants, feminists, homosexuals and other minorities. Then the society is paradisiac. When a civilization is under continuous change and running towards futuristic ideals while trashing stability and traditional permanence, mainstream intellectuals and modernistic artists are enthusiastic because sure of new and better life quality. Once a society is respectful towards ancestral rule, the same "civilizers" are disgusted.

Let me give one example of democratic Humanists' bigotry here in Norway. When they had locked up the Norwegian Nazis in labor camps and started a witch process against other family members, they could slowly concentrate on treating Nazi children. The children were brought to schools where denazifying teachers with new denazifying books could freely ruin the families' unity. Many children were harassed to such an extent that suicide, alcohol excesses and social incapacity later became frequent. Was there in the post-war Norwegian democracy something like a protective institution, an ombudsman, for the ostracized Nazi offspring ? Two horrible miscarriages of justice in post-war Norway were both carried out against Nazi children. Per Liland, son of a Norwegian Nazi member, served fourteen years in prison for allegedly murdering two drinking companions in 1969. He was acquitted of both murders in 1995, died few years later. Fritz Moen, born 1941 of a German Nazi soldier and a Norwegian woman, was imprisoned for murder of two girls in 1976. He served eighteen years in prison. In 2006 he was acquitted for the two murders, one year after he died.

Black and white history teachings are of course murderous. Since the Humanists have introduced Satanism as favorite history diversion, millions of Europeans are outlaws. Devils' children do not have the same protection as politically correct Europeans. Recently there has come forth in Norway critics against jury panels practised in courts of law. So far no criticism has been based on the fact that in media ruled modern society members are politically brainwashed due to black and white history fashion. Media brainwashed citizens have nefarious impact in courts with jury panels, specifically if there are devilish implications, that means if the accused has a Nazi background. When slaves of Western satanistic media consumption get into a jury panel - God bless the fool who lives on the black side ! We second generation Nazis know that Norwegian acts of Satanism just form the tip of the iceberg in European context.

154. Where does Europe go ?

Europe goes into an era of stabilization after the political catastrophe of 1945 with following decades of anti-European experimental frenzy. In 1945 the Modernists won, to the detriment of traditionalistic counterbalance.

Communists could freely continue their self-destructive experiments on hundreds of million humans around the world. Some historical analysts say Marxism with its raw anti-human political implementation killed around 180 million humans. Here we have world history's worst crime against humanity, only that this crime is not to be found in history books reviewed by Western Modernists.

Old Europe was in 1945 invaded from the West by cynically liberalistic Capitalists. They devastated Western Europe culturally and socially. They cultivated the hatred against old autochthonous patriarchal structures and replaced old values with modernistic abstracts like "market", "profit", "sexual freedom", "feminism" and "Human Rights". All resistance to this americanization, presented as "liberation", was labeled anti-democratic, anti-humanistic, dangerously reactionary, Nazi. To help blackening the remaining forces of Old Europe, the Americanizers duped the international Jews and developed the new mental weapon of Holocaust Guilt. The conception of Holocaust was forged at the end of the 50s and launched as campaign in the early 60s.

An enormous mess aroused because of this policy of guilt or strategy of guilt. The history of WWII was rewritten. Nazis and Fascists were no longer anti-Modernists and defenders of Old Europe. They were Jew gasers. Nazi policy was reduced to irrational Jew hatred. We from old European Christian families were left with no luggage in the history of humans. We were stigmatized as non-humans.

Thanks to the Holocaust campaign it was no longer difficult for the Modernists and other Americanizers to paralyze traditional policy in Europe. The cult of minorities could start. The Modernistic aim was to destabilize the European civilization at the most profound level. Europeans had no right to be European in Europe because they prevented non-European elements from having their Human Rights. After the Western Cultural Revolution of 1968 the academics found their main topic : Hatred against everything European, including of course Christianity. European self-hatred as consequence was unavoidable, thanks to the power of Western media. At last, in 2006, dangerous European self-hatred starts to become an issue and gets cultural and political attention.

These self-hating European academics could never have reached to political and cultural influence and power without the help of irrational forces. It was not enough to pretend being children of Rationality invented by French revolutionaries in 1789. They came to believe they were rational creators of a new world society. The Rationalists married the irrational Holocaust Death Cult. They became the most virulent priests of the Cult. European academics were children of Christians and had probably an inner need of feeling good while killing European spirituality, while killing Christ. Therefore they became Satanists, with a strange cult of Satan and the Evil. It was strange because Satan was Hitler and Evil was Nazism. Never have rationalists gone more wild in the matter of rationality. Today they try to escape from their obvious contradiction by hating Israelis, their former Death Cult coreligionists. They are making fools of themselves even more.

Europeans discover today that Europe is sick thanks to civilizational contradictions on the continent. Europe fell sick in 1945, but modernistic illusions brought forth by the media made Europeans blind. It was first in 2006 that the modernistic contradictions became evident for the majority - thanks to immigration. Immigration was a rational consequence once the Modernists from 1968 had raised Pluriculturalism as an ideal for Europe. Illusionistic Leftists and Liberals thought really that deeply religious peoples coming from old civilizations outside Europe would embrace Modernistic Relativism and Modernistic Anti-Spirituality once they saw "the best of societies". They thought the newcomers would marry Western ideals and integrate.

Most religious immigrants in Europe see that relativism and anti-spirituality is a threat to themselves. They turn anti-European, stay nevertheless for economical reasons - or for spiritually missionary reasons. Their hostile sentiments do not cure when they understand that modernistic Europe helps the Americans bombing and repressing their race brethren in Asia.

A multicultural society as a good way towards the future is in our days revealed as a lie. Modernistic Europeans feel themselves threatened by what they have brought about. They are slowly forced to abandon their "rationalistic" anti-humane policy. They will have to rethink European Traditionalism condemned as pure Evil. Evidently History is a brutal teacher. Spirituality is not dead because materialistic academics want it to be dead.

155. Europe is not sick, as you Nazi descendants believe ! Europe is one of the few areas of freedom ! And its economic and political force strengthens every year by including more and more countries !

You are millions who think like this, the very thoughts which make Europe decadent. It might be true that Europe's economy is healthy for the time being. But European culture is absent. Europe might be politically strong for the time being. But this political strength is built exclusively on economy. And it is militarily dependant on NATO, an organization dominated by the US. So, Europe is sick because of its dependence on an other country, because of its lack of old culture, but first of all because of its new "culture" called Humanism.

The European Humanists, you may also call them liberalistic Democrats or cult members of the revolutionary Human Rights, are immensely convinced that they are missionaries for the best political and cultural system in the world. They don't see alternatives to their own belief and cult. They pretend that the era of ideologies is over. They are blind to the fact that they are promoters of a Western materialistic ideology. If they happen to refer to an "abstract" opposing ideology, they immediately label this one fundamentalistic, something frightening, Nazi or Islamistic.

European Humanists do not stand the idea of Difference. They don't tolerate Difference. Difference does not fit into their vision of Human Rights, and they want to mainstreamize or homogenize the world. That is why they are dangerous ideologues who threaten the world peace. Since they are companions of the US through NATO, they are directly responsible for the "Humanistic" wars actually led by this country. They are not only threatening the peace on earth but also the old cultures. And last but not the least the are threatening what is left of Old Europe. They simply hate own roots, their own cultural past.

Who made the post-war Europeans so fanatic, so mentally sick, so self-destructive ? The answer is to be found in the amalgam of Capitalism and Communism which was brought forth by the Western Permanent Cultural Revolution of 1968. Today the revolutionaries dominate Western press, radio, television, schools, universities, welfare institutions and even thinktanks. Of course they need lackeys in order to possess such a fundamentalistic power. Even their own descendants run for them, unable to free themselves from parental dominance. What is the bad spiritual power dominating such Europeans, making them slaves for something they are unable to grasp and understand ?

Europeans are mentally captured by the Death Cult called Holocaust. Holocaust is a spiritual element in the amalgam Capitalism - Communism. Holocaust demands the Europeans to live eternally with feelings of guilt. If a European happens to feel different in atmosphere, sensitivity, taste or pride, he is immediately reminded of Holocaust. Then he must take the clothes of the anonymous, of the eternally vagabonding lost human being, the goyimistic man. The goyic or goyimistic person has interiorized the correct Holocaust feelings. He has become a living ghost who shall for ever venerate the dead. He is therefore not permitted an independent identity. And he has lost his inherited own feelings. All he has gotten is materialistic, economical pleasures, like fashion, travels, food, better living standard, free sex. He is a disgrace to the free peoples of the world and to his predecessors.

The bigger Europe gets in its economic-materialistic strive, the more it gets lost. A Humanistically "open", prostitutional and self-destructive Europe is bound for coming catastrophes, not only for its own ethnies but also for its immigrants from other cultures. Is it a bit weird that Nazi children are among those who say they can correct the direction of Europe drifting as a ship of fools ? In the mind of Humanists we are, if not cause, at least expressions of Evil. But do anti-spiritual Humanists have authority in times of decadence ? In such times wisdom can be possessed by abominated outlaws.

156. You pretend that you are independent of paternal Nazi influence. If so, what are your gains in actual strive for traditional values ?

If we Nazi children had cooperated with our Nazi parents we would have been blocked in their old days world views, we would have been unable to fight freely for Traditionalism in our days. Veterans are called "veterans" for specific reasons. They have delivered all their forces in a specific time for a specific aim. They have done what they call their duty. They represent the past for the relative interest of their descendants. They do not devote themselves to future political planning.

Continuous ideological war
World War II did not stop in 1945 because it was not a traditional war about land and borders. It was a fight between Modernism and Tradition. It was an ideological war. Tradition did not end because of a military defeat. Tradition continues as a mental conviction and a mental predilection in the head and feelings of countless Europeans. WWII was a civil war. The front divided citizens of all regions and places. It divided even members of same family.

Strategy of repression
The unconditional victors needed the Nuremberg Court in order to frighten the Nazi descendants. Afterwards they had on their agenda continuous denazification of Europeans, specifically of us Nazi children. Their only way to rinse the minds of traditionalistic will and feelings was to diabolize Nazism and consequently Traditionalism. Modernistic victors had hopefully the best of intentions during the war when they fought for making life better, less antagonistic, for the Westerners. But their incapacity of thinking in terms of reconciliation ended up with a mental hell for us Nazi children. When Western Humanists transformed natural Jewish grief into a Death Cult called Holocaust, life became impossible for millions of young Europeans.

Destruction of balance
Modernism needs Traditionalism and vice versa. European genius depends on a balance between these extremes. With the Holocaust campaign and the erection of hundreds of Holocaust centers throughout the Western world, Europe has become an unbalanced place, a place for brutal irresponsible Modernism in all political forums and cultural institutions. Western Democracy has become a noisy arena for unconditional modernistic plots and entertainments. European Traditionalists working for a balanced Western policy have simply been scared to death because of metaphysical guilt due to the Holocaust Cult. They do not dare to participate in political debate.

Difficulties of restoration
Somebody has to repair Europe, to restore a lost balance necessary for the well-being of the continent. Second Generation Nazis have the aspiration, the will. But do we have the forces ? We can under no circumstances depend on our veteran fathers. They have no interest in the burdens of their offspring because these burdens appeared as a post-war phenomenon. Holocaust Guilt is our burden. Our veteran fathers do not know what it is about. They reject majestically the hole Holocaust story. Even Winston Churchill, not exactly a Nazi, rejected the Holocaust story by never mentioning gassing of humans in his written works. The veterans' war exceeded the Holocaust.

Generational mixture
Nazi veterans participate now in meetings of reconciliation both on the Western and the Eastern front. Some Nazi children do also participate in these historically necessary happenings. But the Holocaust burden for young Europeans does not diminish after these encounters of opposite fighters. The Holocaust burden hits progressively the descendants. The more the Nazi children run after the veterans, the more they are entangled in illusory historic greatness. They disappear in generational mixture. They end up thinking they are themselves veterans. They are victims of political inconsistency regarding their future.

Dangerous choice
Norwegian Nazi children who stand by the side of our parents - there is even an organization for the children initiated by our parents as a response to our independent encounter in 1991 - risk to find satisfaction just with revisions of past events. They have an apolitical agenda. In our time when official devastating denazification followed by morbid Holocaust Cult battles around us as a hurricane, Nazi children loyal to parents choose to be non-political. It is an appalling choice. They just admire the impassible posture of their veteran fathers, now nonagenarians or dead, instead of fighting for own generation.

Sick Death Cult
As long as veterans rule in the West, there will be no correction of actual fatal Western politics. The West needs Tradition which vanished in 1945. To reestablish Tradition it is necessary to debunk the Holocaust Guilt with its paralyzing effects on young Europeans. Post-war Veteranism, whichever side, is part of Holocaustism. Many of our Nazi veterans do not understand that their children must go their own way, a way leading out of regressive war hysteria. Nazi veterans' best attitude is discretion. Meanwhile some veterans from the Allied side take pleasure in blackening the Nazis. The more the Nazis were evil, the more righteous was the victors' cause of war.

Peace and Reconciliation
Young Germans are enigmatic. They do not revolt against the Holocaust Cult. Are they still under influence of their veteran parents ? Today we need young Europeans liberated from veteranism willing to fight for abrogating WWII. The first objective should be to deconstruct Holocaustism and to end morbid excretes from its centers. The second is to restore the balance between Traditionalism and Modernism.

157. Is Death Cult basement of Western post-war culture ?

Strategists know that political power over common people depends on right use of myths and conceptions from the past. Man is not a newcomer on earth. He is anchored in the past, has his customs from the past, has his loyalty to past family members and family history. He is a result of long lines through history. Traditions have been shaped as defense and security for individual life. Men thrive inside tradition and feel bewildered and depressed in a foreign world.

Modernism is based on rupture with values from past times. Modernism depends on revolutions, by Marxists called "historical necessities", and needs elaborations of new mythology. Revolutionary strategists have had to develop methods in order to capture the interests of the citizens. They have had to present Modernism as a better political option than Traditionalism. The success of Modernism depends on making future attractive. The success depends on effectiveness of propaganda. The more the Past is blackened and the Future is painted in rose, the more the Future is desired by common people.

Corrosion of ideals
Since there are more and more wrecked revolutions in history, like the French and the Bolshevik, strategists have problems when reusing revolutionary glorious terms. Universalism, Freedom, Sciences, Rationality, Human Rights, are still relatively positive terms. Progress, Materialism and Equality are also belonging to the revolutionary stock of ideals. But they are turning negative in our new century. "Progress" is associated with pollution and social confusion. "Materialism" expresses a lack - lack or privation of non-materialistic dreams, of spirituality. "Equality" becomes ridiculous in a society with growing gap between oligarchs and common people.

From Grief to Cult
American and English Materialists who won the war together with Communistic Materialists wanted a materialistic world empire, an empire which substituted or modernized the former English Empire. Their strategists knew they had forces against them : The Catholic Church, important old families of European Aristocracy, vast traditionalistic social segments with loyalty to past virtues throughout all European countries. The latter resisters were also mostly Christian. A new Western establishment needed a new bait in order to catch the Western masses at the same time as they needed a mental weapon in order to paralyse opponents. When the strategists chose to elevate the Jews who perished in German camps to the most exquisite victims of world history and to stigmatize the Nazis as world history's worst criminals, calling the Jewish tragedy "Holocaust", they were smart in the short run. Could the irrational propagandistic guilt weapon - the Holocaust - serve as central motion power for an ideology based on Rationalism and Sciences ?

Gods of Materialism and Commercialism
Europeans were tired of death and destruction after two world wars. They chose the easy way. In post-war times of technological advances thanks to the weapon industry during the war, in times of enormous needs of homes and everyday utensils, the Europeans were pushed towards Modernism consisting of money and goods. Materialism grew in the minds while Christ diminished in importance. The new language of commercial publicity favored consume more than Christian values. Holocaustism had an easy way to the souls. Holocaustism did not interfere in materialistic questions, gave free access to consume, to money wealth, to materialistic greed. The only duty was to respect Jews, love Capitalism and to hate Nazis. When money wealth gave access to schools and universities for thousands of children from lower classes, the students embraced new academic teachings. They venerated revolution and sexual freedom. They abhorred Christianity and family tradition.

Death Cult
The strategists of post-war establishment were smart in the short run when they paralyzed Christians in their inmost religious contemplation. For Christians Christ is the most innocent victim. Christ lost in religious importance because of competition from six million gassed Jews. Since the 60s when the Holocaust was launched, Christianity has lost in influence all over Europe, specifically in schools, cultural institutions and media. But the strategists were short minded because a living people like the Jews, like all other peoples, are unable to live up to a sanctified role. To elevate Jews, live or dead, to a level of mythological greatness is fake policy, irrational history. Jews have strength and weaknesses like all peoples of the world. It is almost as difficult to be children of perfect victims as it is to be children of perfect mass murderers. Today some Jews are complaining about stress because Westerners expect perfect behavior of them.

Permanent Cultural Revolution
As written above Revolution must represent something good, a gain for the humanity. Revolution is a central word in modernistic ideology. Revolution is the central practical constitution of Modernism. The ideologues fabricated a new kind of revolution when they nurtured the ideas of students in the mid sixties. A participating think tank was the Frankfurter school of philosophical thought. They simply developed the best of all revolutions : Permanent Cultural Revolution. It is doubtful however that Revolution has become a more benign political system for humanity since it was made permanent.
An answer to the question about the basement of post-war Western culture is that it is double : Holocaustism and Permanent Cultural Revolution.

Veterans and Academics
Veterans and institutional academics meet in common Death Cult. Thanks to Holocaustism Western intellectuals compete with veterans in venerating dead. You simply do not become a Western intellectual without having sworn loyalty to Holocaustism : The belief in world history's most innocent victims and world history's most evil humans. It seems that the whole Modernistic Project depends on this new religion of Death and Evil. Modernistic cult of limitless Freedom chosen by Western post-war leaders as substitute for traditional religion needs new mythology. Holocaustism is the answer. With Holocaustism men are forced to choose between absolute salvation and absolute perdition. Those who oppose Modernism sin against the Holocaust victims. Apostates or resisters are associated with world history's worst mass murderers and are quickly evinced from influential positions.

Fundamentalistic Modernism
The result of Holocaustism is that so-called free citizens of the West are tyrannized by a more fundamentalistic ideology than the one which oppressed former Soviet citizens. Western Modernism is a concoction of pretended Rationalism and fake Religion. Anti-religious East European Marxists were fair enough not to bring feelings about innocence, guilt and shame into their social sciences. How come that West European intellectuals are without inhibitions when it comes to accepting mixture and rational contradictions ? Modernists pretend that they execrate sentimentality while having devotion for Rationalism. What about irrational guilt feelings which they force upon innocent European Nazi descendants ? Maybe they think that Modernistic Paradise justifies all means. But can such mentality be called Democratic ?

Civilizational tensions
Modernists basing their policy on Holocaustism and Permanent Revolution become in our new century more and more hysterical due to growing resistance from non-European anti-modernistic cultures. Modernists thought they could conquer the globe thanks to pretentious ideals like "Absolute Freedom" and "Absolute Welfare". Even Westerners know that such ideals are fugitive when men try to make them real. Man does not live for Hedonism. Westerners reveal themselves more and more as uncultured persons living for noisy entertainments and materialist substitutes. One may think that the more they drown themselves in alcohol and destroy themselves with drugs, the best it is for the rest of the world citizens. But their children are innocent. They have to be saved from destructive Modernism. And life on the globe is endangered with pollution.

Collapse of hysterical Modernism
More and more modernistic Westerners reveal themselves as plunderers of other cultures and other peoples' inherited goods. Naive Modernists may believe that they do something good when organizing mass immigration of poor people from "third world" countries to the West. Immigrants know that Western Capitalistic rule and dominance have socially and culturally impoverished their home land until degrees of life threatening catastrophes. They do not go to Europe because of love for Europeans or for European policy. By the way love is not part of modernistic ideology. On the contrary : Holocaust feelings make Modernists hate themselves. With an accumulation of hatred coming from all parts, there is hope for short-lived monomaniac Modernism. Wise persons know that a society heading for future must be based on love. Values like love and duration are non-existent in the philosophy of Modernists since they are bound up in Permanent Revolution. Growing rebirth of Tradition will save Europeans from Modernistic hysteria.

158. Do you think that Western fixation on Universalism and Globalism threatens local values ?

Definitely. Post-war Humanistic Democracy has promoted such universalistic and relativistic ideals that our societies suffer. Man must be given the opportunity to experiment group attachment before he truly can call himself a world citizen. Human history is stored in group histories. The universe is timeless and, so far, humanless. The Humanist goes the wrong way. He believes he is "world citizen" just by saying so. Such "world citizens" are but confused Westerners.

Western schools brainwash young people to believe that belonging to a tribe, a race, is something evil. Schools are thereby teaching evil and practicing evil. Immigrants of non-European cultures living in Europe have since long seen through Western hypocrisy. They know that sentiments of group attachment constitute the core material for building a multicultural world society. They refuse more and more openly to integrate into Western relativistic societies with leaders who have a hidden imperial agenda.

The world society is happily older than liberalistic Humanism. Post-war Humanists try to level out the world cultures, to destroy tribe attachments for the purposes of capitalistic world domination. They think they can regularize races out of sight. The Humanists should prepare themselves for an enormous backlash. To challenge both God and Nature is too much even for Western academics.

Whites are called racists by Western Humanists if they dare enjoying own ethnic group, ancestral culture, old patriotism. Culturally conscious Whites are satanized by being stigmatized as racist Nazis. Meanwhile immigrants laugh of how Whites treat Whites. The more messy the white culture becomes, the more access the immigrants will get to Europe, they think. Immigrants are wrong on this point. The Humanists provoke hatred among Whites, so far a funny spectacle for foreigners, but this hatred risks to turn against the immigrants.

Is there a way out of Western Humanistic degeneration and Evil ? Of course there is. When it comes to respect for own culture, Whites must learn from the immigrants. They must follow the immigrants' attitude, upgrade own traditional customs and revive respect for own ancestry. Regardless of the Materialistic Revolution of 1945 with its following mass migrations and Western hysterical anti-Racism, technology would sooner or later have interlaced tribes and races from all world corners in Europe. Humans are curious, want to experiment racial exoticism. Closeness of human differences shall be no threat. Intermingling of races will be of no threat once Whites respect both themselves and immigrants. Respect and Honor are central values in a world society. Post-war Humanists neglect this truth.

As long as Europeans play world police, foreigners will feel rights to move into the West. As long as Europeans admit Humanists to dominating their central institutions, foreigners will feel a mission to save Europeans from anarchy and godlessness. White post-war political attitudes and practices are a catastrophe for Western culture. But these attitudes are also a catastrophe for the world. Western Traditionalists must cooperate with non-White Traditionalists in order to make the world a safer place for all of us. We need an Organization of United Races and Cultures which can replace the modernistic, corrupt and technocratic United Nations.

159. Do you see an end to actual cultural misery in Europe ?

Judeo-European Modernism
Diaspora Jews living in Europe have during the last 150 years worked for achieving two aims. The first aim was to restore Israel. The second aim, instrumental for the first aim, was to modernize Europe by means of revolutions. To lure Europeans, intellectual Jews played the freedom card and provoked class struggles. Millions of Europeans were charmed by Marxism and fulfilled the second aim in Russia in 1917.

Judeo-European Zionism
Traditional Europeans resisted, first in Russia with the White Russian counter-revolutionary forces whose fighters had to flee to China and Western Europe during the 20s. Counter-revolutionaries in Western Europe gathered in the same decade under Nazi and Fascist banners and fought during WWII until they were crushed in 1945. Zionists and Modernists won the war thanks to Soviet Communism and English-American Capitalism. The first Zionist aim was achieved in 1948 when the State of Israel was established - on Arab land.

Judeo-European Holocaustism
Since Israel was established on stolen land and confronted millions of Arabs, and since Soviet Communism threatened the religious State of Israel with anti-nationalistic ideology, Western Modernists and Zionists developed a new weapon, a mental one : Holocaust Guilt. Resistance to the Zionist cause was paralyzed by an obligatory Death Cult brought about through Western schools, media, and through the Modernists' Organization of the United Nations. Second generation Nazis and Fascists were blackmailed by demonization.

End of Judeo-European political experiment
Never the world has experienced a more bloody century than the 20th. Jewish Zionists together with European Modernists created Communism, liberal Capitalism and anti-Christian Humanism. They provoked the counter-revolutions, crushed Old Europe thanks to North-American interference, continued to satanize European inhabitants for over 60 years. Zionists and Modernists thought they sowed peace, tolerance, positive sentiments for Jews. Today the catastrophe is evident : Chaos in the Middle East, common fear of a third world war, rampant anti-Semitism, European decadence, global pollution, disastrous birth rates in the West, depression among millions of Nazi and Fascist descendants.

Rebirth of European Traditionalism
Western Modernists are abandoning the Judeo-European adventure. European socialists feel less and less sympathy for the cause of a nationalistic religious State in the Middle East. Christian Zionists are also becoming fewer due to accelerating de-Christianization of young generations. And those who awake to Christianity will probably no longer become Zionists. Overt Nazi children can bridge the growing gap between Jews and Europeans since we do have sympathy for archaic minded people.

160. Do you have comments to the expression "White trash" and its growing use ?

When White Humanists see degenerated Whites, they are delighted and join those who call them White trash. The locution pops up more and more in Western press. Humanists are delighted because visible White degeneration confirms their central thesis about White people's moral inferiority and deserved disappearance.

The address of the phrase has to be turned around. The trashers are the real human trash, that means the Modernists who dominate White cultural institutions and who provoke White decadence.

White Humanists are Holocaustic White-man-haters with mental remains of Christianity. But the remains are perverted, of perverted Christianity. They believe they are going to heal the world by dissolving all races, by abrogating all patriarchal culture, by forbidding all values transmitted from the past. They think that post-war Humanism is better than Christianity because it celebrates equality on earth.

Their first allegation is that races are selective, exclusive, aggressive against those who fall outside the distinction, like those who are of mixed race. Humanists want of course to dominate non-White races sexually and not only economically and culturally. They are hedonistic mixers.

Their second allegation is that a social-scientifically fabricated man free of race, identity and history will be much more able to handle politics and to defend man and humane attitudes against violence and dangers.

European Nazi descendants know the efficiency of Humanists' humane determination. After more than sixty years Humanists are incapable of arranging an encounter between the European opponents from WWII, between people representing the permanent and necessary opposition between Modernity and Tradition. Although we Nazi descendants in Norway are politically advanced because we were the first to organize ourselves independently and to go public, Norwegian humanistic academics did not invite one of us last year when they organized a conference under the generous title "Overcoming the past". Academic Humanists are provocative human trashers and give, as long as they stay in power in the West, bad augurs for future societies.

161. What happened to the old European aristocracy ? What ways did aristocrats take after the debacle of 1945 ?

The questions are very apropos. Doubtlessly European integrity and culture would have been in better shape with the presence of opinions, taste, spirit and challenges from aristocrats in political and cultural debates. Aristocrats, as aristocrats, are simply inexistent.

The explanation must be that they were highly compromised with the today politically wrong vitalism of the 20th century, that they were deeply engaged in the forces of Nazism and Fascism. To which extent the European aristocracy was Nazi is difficult to know since humanistic researchers and other modernistic intellectuals are uninterested in the question.

It is true that the presence of aristocrats in our societies after the Materialistic Revolution of 1945 became absurd. The new ideology was Equality, Commercialism and Jewish Death Cult, such "values" being diametrically opposite to old European aristocratic taste and reason. This absurd non-European reality explains also the behavior of post-war royal families, specifically of those who have chosen to stay in democratic power. Most of their members go the opportunistic politically correct way. They marry ordinary people as far from aristocratic circles as possible in order to show to the Humanists in political power that they support equality and fight distinction, elitism and hierarchy.

The royal family of England - still in "power" - designates feverishly new members of the English aristocracy among rock monsters and other pop artists. Their choices are significant for the absurd life of aristocrats in modern society. Aristocratic taste is meant to oppose the vulgar, the popular, the opportunistic and politically correct. It would of course be better for the members of royal families living under democratic compromise, to stop all contact with dominant humanistic politicians.

Aristocrats should since long have contacted Nazi- and Fascist descendants. Our Organization has in fact corresponded with some, mostly of Nordic old families. Their way of life was odd, chosen in pessimistic mood. Homosexuality was frequent. With such a way they could assure that no blood of theirs survived in future societies, obviously seen as permanent degenerate societies.

Temporal political debacles, defeats and other losses shall be of no great importance in an aristocratic spirit. An aristocrat knows that history is a series of ups and downs, that life itself is a matter of permanent engagement and combat. An aristocrat sees the long lines of his history, of his people. Political depression is anti-aristocratic. Our Organization of Second Generation Nazis exhort new generations of European aristocracy to engage themselves in actual battles for the survival of European Christian civilization, for the survival of our peoples.

162. Do you feel lonely when you go countercurrently in times of rough mainstream thinking and Humanistic exclusivism ?

To stand up against and to work against the monolithic monster called Western Humanism is of course challenging. Englishmen and Americans have won too many wars in recent times. When they crushed the Germanic resistance spirit in post-war years with the weapon of Holocaust Guilt and developed their Globalism made of Materialism, Commercialism and Human-Rightism, there was no space left for free thoughts, for alternative societies, for real Democracy, for Nazi children.

It is not a catastrophe to be alone when you look around you and can observe how the Judeo-Western Humanistic monster ideology loses day by day, even in our Western hemisphere. Ongoing despotic power starts to show cracking in its well cleaned face. Racist regionalistic movements pop up from under the surface : Indians and Blacks in America, Basques, Catalans, Occitans, Bretons and Lapps in Europe, just for giving some examples. Also racist groups of immigrants present themselves more and more clearly and show their ethnic and religious preferences.

The losers are the Humanists with their falsum of "Pluriculturalism". It is a pure invention made by Communist social scientists. Non-Racism is counterfeit nature, opposite to what Nature has developed through millennia. Anti-Racism has so far been the main slogan of Humanists. The slogan has no effects any more. Intelligent persons know that it is irrational, made by dreamers for use in a children's sandbox. Humans like to recognize physical and mental specificities and to venerate their own. Even young White people start to appreciate their origin, there family, their history. Genealogy as hobby is becoming more and more popular among Whites. Family, tribe and race are synonymous values necessary for knowing human history.

Soon the Western Humanists will be trashed exactly like the Communists were trashed in 1989-1990. Then we who are proud of ethnic belonging, we who are racists, will need a new world organization, one which replaces the UN and which cares for the world peoples' ethnicity, traditions and religions. Western post-war Humanists pretended that they developed a society free of mobbing. Instead they started to mob themselves, the Whites, the Nazi children who they knew were mute. None should be mobbed because of physical aspect and opinions, the Humanists pretended. But there was one exeption : If a White said he was racist. Since 1945 it has been a duty to out him from the society. It is time to let the Humanists feel the results of their own mobbing weapon, for educative purposes and not for entertainment.

It is a human right to live in a ghetto with kinsmen. It is a human right to say no to Humanistically practiced Pluriculturalism. It is a human right to show pride for your own race, especially inside your ghetto. Ghettoes should as much as possible embrace historic boarders where the ethnic groups have lived for centuries. It is a human obligation to say no to the Western ideology of continuous industrial growth. It is a human obligation to fight Humanistically organized world pollution. It is a human obligation to fight Humanistic Hedonism and populistic non-culture. Once you respect own ghetto or country, it is an obligation to respect the countries of other human ethnies.

163. Rich White people adopt more and more children from so-called third world countries. Is it a human right for rich Whites to do so ?

Western Socialists and capitalistic Liberalists do certainly think it is a human right to have access to the entire world for own salvatory purposes. In our old tribes it has never been a right to have children. When you are rich, liberal and White, it is different. With Western accelerating decadence, both socially and morally spoken, it is time to minimize the access of non-Western children to the West.

Children are the holiest "material", spiritual material, under the possession of humans. All life aspects must be measured before families are allowed to adopt children. Western society is today a playing ground for experimenting White academics. They showed no responsibility when they went crazy in the 20th century, killing millions in the name of Communism and savage Capitalism - not included the years of WWII. Their experiments were mostly executed in countries outside Europe and North America.

Family coherence, family structure, is more and more rotting in the West. Since the Materialistic Revolution of 1945, other life aspects than family integrity are cultivated. Money is the new God, and educators in schools venerate nothing but Rationalism. A new race rose from the ashes of 1945. This new race is non-racial, non-spiritual, non-traditional and non-responsible. Non-White governments should get a contract with White families who adopt their children. When adopted children have grown past the childhood, the governments should get a Human Right to suing White families who admit youngsters to drift and sink in Western decadent society.

164. You say that Nazis and their descendants have been thoroughly satanized and still are satanized in post-war democracies. Are there other reasons than anger against Nazis, anger for their war actions, which can explain ongoing satanization ?

The main reason for the demonization of us from the Nazi side, is to be found in the frenzy of efforts made for hiding contradictions within Western politics. The West presents itself as Humanistic, Rationalistic, Secular, Democratic - free of past compromises, concessions to old days hierarchy, religious prejudice. Western post-war Humanistic ideology is thought to be unanimously venerated, embracing all its citizens in a mainstream flow toward a better future for all humanity. 1945, the year of Victory, revealed first of all the force of European Communism. Communist victors had been supported by English-American capitalistic Liberals. But other forces were competing, like young Zionism and old Christianity. Let us try to reveal contradictions within Western mainstream ideology.

First contradiction : The Old Testament wins over the New Testament.
Communists and Liberals made a feast out of smashing religious, aristocratic and traditionalistic influence on European politics. This influence had previously been strong, essetial. But Old Testamental liberal (!) Christians, especially those living in the US, forced anti-religious Communists and Liberals to comply with the aims of international Zionists. The Zionists were capitalistically influential and had gotten political power by helping to finance the expensive victory. The first Zionist aim was the establishment of Israel. Old Testamental American Christians could dictate Fascist European New Testamental Christians.

Second contradiction : Religion wins over anti-religious victors
The Soviet Union, the enormous war winner, supported the establishment of Israel during the 1947 UN debates. Anti-religious and anti-nationalistic Communists welcomed a new nation based on millennially old religious convictions. The same Soviet Union was in these pre-cold-war years the first supplier of new intellectualism to Western European academics and teachers. The explanation of the Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gromyko for supporting the new State of Israel, given in a speech during the UN Partition Plan debate of 14th of May 1947, was never published among Soviet citizens.

Third contradiction : Rationalists win over metaphysical Evil
During the first post-war decades new types of Communists turned up in Western Europe. They appeared in day light in the mid 60s, intensely supported by philosophers from the School of Frankfurt. Many of these Western Communists, now called Leftists, traveled to the new Zionistic State in order to help the birth of a new rationalistic holy man : The Kibbutzist. Kibbutzists thought the Zionistic State was a new Communistic State. Communistic Kibbutzists thought they could save the world from all evils. First they wanted to extract from social life all devilish reminiscence of Nazism and Fascism. Jews were pure, the Leftists thought. The Jews were men of light - survivors of the darkest era of manhood : The Nazi Era. Anti-religious Communists were religiously inspired by cohabitating with Jews in Israel.

Fourth contradiction : Rationalists become black and white believers
The Holocaust Campaign started in the 60s. Holocaustians, dominantly Leftists, preached that humanity consisted of two types of humans, two types whose difference could be rationally, scientifically proven. There were on the earth anti-human Nazis and humanistic Socialists or Communists. Nazis were thoroughly evil and Communists thoroughly good. Socialist Israel was the land which smelled of milk and honey. Non-Jewish Leftist Kibbutzists could prove it. They had experimented the purest human solidarity in the Kibbutzim. Zionists were, they thought, Communists who fought for the dissolution of all borders and differences among humans.

Fifth contradiction : Liars are truth speakers
Western leftist militants have never been able to comprehend and to admit own misunderstandings regarding social and historic realities. They popped up after WWII for challenging their warrior fathers with empty revolutionary brag - many of them being Nazi children on the run. Their lies and naiveties concerning Zionism are simply too big for them to be recognized and assumed. Of course they are afraid of the words "racist" and "anti-Semite" - if applied on themselves. They like to be revolutionaries but are afraid of not being politically correct. They are persons of mist and darkness. However the Leftists have found one exit from their self-dug cavern, threatened as they are by political humiliation. They can accelerate blaming the Nazis and Fascists for own historic faults. They can make the Nazis so demonic that the Nazis get the smear of the Leftists' political errors and shortcomings. They can diabolize other humans - in the name of Humanism ! In fact they are also diabolizing humans in the name of Communism and Zionism. That way Western Leftists are destroying the future of all three ideologies.

Sixth contradiction : Anti-Zionistic Leftists support Zionism
Leftists are frenetically supporting the establishment of Holocaust Centers all over the West. Neither Zionists nor capitalistic Liberals have reasons for protesting. Here we are at the sad conclusion : Anti-Zionistic Western Leftists have driven forth the construction of anti-Western Zionistic Holocaust Centers. Leftists, Capitalists and Zionists meet in the darkness for giving tributes to an anti-Christian God of revenge. Satanization of enemies has become a permanent black mass in the middle of our old European civilization which used to venerate the virtue of Reconciliation. When Western "Rationalists" are covering shady anti-rationalistic inclinations while in cultural power, the political consequences become strange : Western decadence, growing anti-Semitism and dangerous international unrest.


Westerners are being duped by Western "democratic" politicians, media, intellectuals and pedagogues to believe that they belong to a warm, including, humane, victoriously mainstream ideology called Humanism. Western Humanism is not warm, including, humane. This ideology is based on satanization of humans who have alternative political visions. Western Humanism appears as mainstream just because opponents have been satanized to remain silent on controversial political questions. Controversial questions are first of all White race or White ethnicity, and White traditionalism.

End of Nazism invites to an end of Holocaustism
Some nostalgic fanatics might say that Leftists are useful idiots for restoring Nazism in Europe. Since Leftists destroy what could have been an inclusive post-war society, they open the door for antagonistic forces. Second Generation Nazis do not want more destruction and decadence. We want reconciliation. We want to cooperate with Leftists once their inner mist is gone. Nazism was militarized Traditionalism made for fronting invading Communism. Communism has rotted by itself, is a self-trashed ideology. We do not need militarized Traditionalism any more since Communism has vanished. Only Holocaustians like Jewish Zionists, Western Leftists, plutocratic Capitalists and Zionistic Christians (all calling themselves Humanists) talk endlessly of historic fearful repetitions during their black mass celebrations in their Holocaust centers.

Human diversity
What the West needs is freedom from orchestrated Satanism. Political satanism consists of satanization of humans, or denazification of Nazi and Fascist descendants by means of endless holocaustic guiltification. Western Holocaust Centers must be closed down. Europe needs a reconciliation since Western post-war Humanism is neither humane nor rational nor secular nor democratic. This ideology is contaminated with old testamental revengeful conceptions, as far from rational thinking as possible. How long shall we let Western false Humanism be mainstream and victorious in our societies ? When are we going to construct the lacking bridges between people ? We Westerners need roots, feelings of belonging, self-respect, tolerance of own diversity as well as foreign, optimism. White people need first of all children. Western pop culture must stop its celebration of "No Future". Other races do not win by a decimation of White people in the West. Non-White majority in the West is not a senseful aim. It is madness. The most valuable richness we have on the earth is our human diversity.

Love goes before intellectual questions about Humanity
Love is choice, exclusivity. Love is not common, commonly inclusive. There is a qualitative difference between global humanity and ethnicity, family. You shall respect humanity, in the name of tolerance. Family and kinsmen shall be loved and cherished. From the cult of what is close to you, you can later aim at larger abstracts. Humanistic intellectuals go the wrong way around. They start with the universal humanity and do never reach the small man with specific care. Love lacks in the West. How then can Westerners save the world by preaching abstract Humanism ? They must start by saving themselves. They think they can rescue the peoples of the world with technocratic and economic procedures. As if our mysterious world was driven by economy and technique.

165. Explain us why you pounce on Humanism and Humanists !

A very rough type of humans got in power in the West after the debacle of Nazis and Fascists. They were not Christians. If so, they would have been obliged to seek reconciliation with the losers after a while of victorious euphoria. They were not conservative old-timers. Such people would have stopped prolonged winner celebrations out of taste for the reasonable, the decent. They were not Communists, since Communists did not get in power in the West but only in Eastern Europe.

Westerners who won WWII thanks to Eastern Communists were Modernists, Capitalists, intellectual Marxists, Libertines, Jewish Zionists and Old Testamental Christians. They all like to present themselves as Humanists. I would not miss an opportunity calling them by their self-chosen name. None of these Humanists wanted compromises, an old-fashioned truce or Reconciliation with the traditionalistic losers. Western victors felt that they were at the beginning of something great : A New World, a New Man. 1945 was just the beginning of a global conquest. The year 1945 was the start of a Materialistic Revolution in the West, first effectuated in Europe through the denazifying program called Marshall Aid. Also the rest of the world should be blessed with Materialistic Revolution. Marxist revolutions were preliminary revolutions.

The first political act done by revolutionary Materialists or Humanists was the establishment of the Organization of United Nations. The Organization was conceived in London at St. James's Palace in June 1941. The name was given by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the "Declaration by United Nations" given the 1st of January 1942. The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26th of June 1945. The Organization of United Nations backed the Nuremberg Tribunal which hanged war losers in the name of "We the People of the Nations...". It is not so difficult to understand that with such an Organization governing the entire world after 1945, we Nazi children can expect no invitation for Reconciliation coming from their side. The United Nations is a permanent manifestation of victor celebration, of victor hubris. "We the People of the Nations"... People who are not included are thoroughly excluded - in the name of Humanism. Excluded are non-humans and must be hanged or brought to silence by means of UN organized satanization.

The first marvel committed by this self-praising victor organization is the establishment in 1948 of Israel - a Westernly wanted land set up on stolen Arab land. This UN resolution is the greatest anti-Semitic settlement ever executed in history. The creation of Israel was signed by the Nations of the World. Who are the most guilty for the act ? Second Generation Nazis mean that the war victors are the only responsible. Honest Jews and mistreated Palestinians should together claim reparations. But such reparations should not include weapons like atomic bombs which Humanists, among them Norwegians, have conveyed to the region. The Middle East must be completely reorganized after the catastrophical policy of the UN. London and New York should be given to the Jews as compensation for a greater and free Palestine for Palestinians. Also must Palestine be rebuilt, with Palestinian plans and architectural preferences, all costs granted by former Allied governments.

Humanists have been clever to organize themselves in clubs and associations all over the West. Norway has its Humanist Association since 1956. The American Humanist Association is an ONG with direct access to the United Nations situated in New York. Muslims do not have the same access to the world Organization. Neither have other religious groups. God believers are restricted to lover levels of the humanrightly UN hierarchy. It is in the interest of the Humanistic anti-religious ideology to to be the exclusive provider of goodness to the People of the Nations. Humanists are systematically attacking and reducing the power of old religions in the world. In Norwegian newspapers they have regularly announcements inviting youngsters to quit the Church of Norway.

Humanists are so good that they do not need religion, metaphysical dimension. The notion of guilt aiming the self does not exist for Humanists since they are completely good. They are fundamentally nice and free of guilt just by helping all the People of the Nations to become Humanists. They are reflected as the best humans by all post-war Western institutions. Their political thinking is correct, as are their actions. When a great-hearted Humanist dies, his mortal remains are too important to be buried in a traditional grave. His ashes need to be distributed over as wide areas as possible - as veneration of his goodness and as blessing for global Humanistic Paradise. But the main dream of the greatest of humans is to have their ashes sent up in outer space as universalistic dust in a belief of becoming big as God, and eternal. Humanists know how to show humility.

166. After 1945 individuals are more free than ever before in history ! You Nazi children should feel gratitude.

This is an extra frequent utterance coming from our surrounding interlocutors.
Under the massification process of humans organized by Humanists since their victory of 1945 in order to accomplish their Pluriculturalistic Paradise, the individuals become more and more lonely. Under despoctic rule of Human Rights administrated by self-proclaimed masters of politics, there are only two classes : Masterdogs and Underdogs, Humanist Cadres and massified serves. In a "free" relativistic non-culture freedom has no meaning. In a "culture" which has dissolved and nullified all group identities among people, the individuals are doomed. They are not liberated and lifted to a higher social life when this social life has lost its blood veins. Individuals are brutally abandoned to the care of bureaucrats in an official welfare system which is denuded of love for the individual.

Since 1945 the Humanists have systematically been destroying group identities and group relations. First the family has been under attack. Family is an institution from the past which modernistic social scientists abhor because of uncontrolled hierarchy and lack of equality and modern rights among members. Accelerating numbers of divorce in the West is considered being a progress by the same scientists. And the fewer children couples freed from family relations get, the more non-local people can immigrate and pluriculturalize the indigenous group. Humanistic cadres talk of progress but mean regression to a pre-racial human magma of de-spiritualized equal individuals.

Indigenous tribes or ethnic groups are under attack as far as they are of white color. To cherish a color identity is something of the ugliest attitude a White can have. Humanists will immediately remind him of the evils of the white race, like slavery, imperialistic wars committed by the Romans, Christian crusades, burning of witches, oppression of women and children in Christian families, anti-Semitism and Holocaust. To mention the word Germanic as a word of positive identity is as bad as saying you are a Nazi. But the social scientists are eager to cherish tribes which are of non-European origin, like Jews, Gypsies, non-White immigrants. They are presented as heroes living inside the white majority, a majority defined as being of lesser value and designated as a threat against superior minorities.

Since some Humanists start to discover that their Free Society is a catastrophe for individuals, they are shameless enough to point to patriarcally living immigrants while saying to Whites that immigrants are needed. They show how Whites should maintain social traditions and life values. Poor Whites. They are driven around like beasts. They are doped to false happiness in their decadent afternoon waltz. They have not yet gotten strength to resist their "liberating" oppressors. As youngsters of immigrants are the first to feel the emptiness of Western culture and the coldness of Western society, they organize themselves in protective hierarchical gangs. Then White youngsters have to go to the universities to study the gang phenomenon in modern society. Their academic teachers are the same who during decades have planned the misery.

167. Do you think that anti-Nazi organizations like Simon Wiesenthal Center, Anti Defamation League, The Nizkor Project and Searchlight Magazine are important in our Democracy ?

In the West there is a myriad of organizations to controle Nazi resistance or Nazi activities. The United Nations is the biggest one. They are of course made for preventing recrudescence of Nazis, for fighting Nazi inspiration among Western youngsters. Our parents are blackened as much as possible as preventative signal in Western societies. A second objective is to paralize Nazi children. Victors are normally afraid of counterattacks coming from children of beaten warriors. In history there are examples of physical destruction of children. Humanistic victors have chosen mental destruction of Nazi children. Because these organizations have never asked themselves about the effects of their satanization on Nazi children, they are guilty of harassment of children in post-war times.

Most of the organizations are Zionistic and anti-Christian. They are anti-Christian because the word "reconciliation" does not exist in their vocabulary. When we humans have done awful things earlier in life, we are tracked by own conscience. Some live their last years with terrible repentance for what they have done, some at such a degree that they get the life of their old age destroyed. But Zionists and anti-Christians reject words like "conscience" and "repentance" and ignore the reality behind the words. They do not acknowledge respect for elderly persons. In the name of holy Humanism or in the name of the Old Testament they think they can pursue aged people to the end of their days. They think that claming reparation and getting revenge is a main task, age notwithstanding.

Zionists and anti-Christians explain that when they track Nazis for the rest of their days, they give example of decent conduct to people of the earth. The catastrophic consequence of their attitude and actions is of course abolition of decent respect for elderly persons. Not even dead are respected. Zionistic Humanists would find delight in opening graves and hanging skeletons of Nazis or shooting them again and again, as a Jewish Zionist said on Norwegian television in 2005. And Western societies can continue their way toward social neglect and depravity.

Anti-Nazi organizations do not stop their activities with tracking old Nazis. If they find a person who dares to defend a Nazi old-timer, the bastard risks as well to be harassed for the rest of his life, if not ending in Western prison. Imprisonment of Revisionists has already started. The number of revisionists locked up in Humanistic prisons is unclear. Some talk of several thousands. Famous among them are Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Ditlieb Felderer and David Irving. Post-war Humanists are obviously desperate. There is no reason why they should stop with sending Revisionists to prison. The next tracked might be traditional Christians, and of course Traditionalists.

Humanists who talk about Democracy are lying. When Humanists lock up in prison persons carrying old days values or alternative values, they are henchmen for a Modernistic Despotic Plutocracy which has gotten in power. Many will be bewildered when thinking about the result of what was called the big liberation war against Nazi despots. The victors have simply built a new Tyranny which they call democratic. The only way to hinder further race toward a Western dictatorship governed by almighty Humanists, is to counterbalance all Humanistic organizations by contrary organizations which can supervise the Humanists. The UN needs an anti-UN organization. The Wiesenthal Center needs an anti-Wiesenthal Center etc. In real Democracy it is fundamental to supervise supervisors, to monitor monitors.

In real Democracy an institutional tracking of criminals would since long have pursued anti-Nazis like Communists and Liberal Capitalists for their crimes against Humanity. Communists and Liberal Capitalists could freely rape and violate Nazis and Fascists after 1945. Millions of Germans were raped and killed during the "peace" process of 1945. Under despotic Humanism it is illegal to mourn them, to honor them as suffering humans. Academic Humanists treat them as incorrect humans in order to celebrate themselves as correct. History will soon label acts committed by Humanists "crimes against Humanity". Close to two hundred millions have been killed in the name of Communism during the 20th century, and not one responsible has yet been brought to justice. How long shall we suffer under anti-humane Western Humanism and under false Democracy ? We Second Generation Nazis are waiting for a Peace Treaty.

168. What is Holocaust for you ?

Holocaust is a Black Kettle used for boiling humans alive. Opponents of the post-war victorious ideology are thrown in the kettle for punishment and destruction. They are boiled in the name of Jews who perished during WWII. The Black Kettle, or Holocaust, is both a political instrument and an ideological or religious center. It is said that the Mayas of ancient Central America had death ceremonies on the top of their pyramid temples. The Maya ceremonies had the same objective and the same social effects as Modern Western Holocaust : Submission of all members of the society. If the Mayas were bloody, the Holocaustians are mentally sadistic.

White young people are sent to Auschwitz or to Holocaust Centers in the neighbourhood in order to comply with the rules of hedonistic Humanism. The travels are organized from the highest political level. In Auschwitz or in the Centers they are supposed to have nervous breakdowns so that Nazi evils shall form the bottom of their believes for the rest of their days. The more youngsters have breakdown the more successful the trip is considered. The young persons are surrounded by professional Holocaustians like teachers, priests, historians, Communists, Jews, anti-Nazi veterans and other kind of Humanists. Many young persons go into durable depressions. It is important that they do not get psychological help, because nothing shall cure the Holocaust depression. Holocaust depression is considered normal and therefore obligatory. This form of pushing youngsters to depression centers shall continue as long as there is human life on the planet. At least this is what Holocaustians believe and want. The hole ceremony is profoundly disgusting, as are all death cults.

The Three Pillars of the Black Kettle of Holocaust are Zionism, Materialism and Anti-Christianism. The three -isms are cooperating, as are the legs of an iron kettle. Zionism supports Materialism and vice versa. Jewish Zionists have a contradictive behaviour. During more than a century they have fought for establishing and strengthening the first religious State of modern history. At the same time they have fought for de-spiritualizing Europeans. Hand in hand with non-Jewish Modernists they have succeeded "liberating" millions of Europeans from traditional life. These millions of anti-Christian Modernists form the third leg of the Black Kettle. They seem to be happy without traditions. But they depend on the Holocaust Cult.

The necessary counterpart of the Holocaust is the Golden Calf, an Old Testamental symbol of anti-religious behaviour and debauchery. The Golden Calf and the Black Kettle of Holocaust, now with wheels and motorized, form an Axis of Evil. The Golden Calf pulls and the Black Kettle pushes. The Wagon Monster's worshippers say : "If you are not with us, you are against us". They continue their anti-humane Humanism saying : "If you are against us, you are anti-Semitic terrorists". It means that they are as evil as Nazis. And the "Correct ones" start boiling the opponents in the Black Kettle. Today the followers of the Monster Cart are mostly attacking Semites, different tribes of Arabs, by calling them anti-Semites. Game is over. The time of this sinister cortege of Holocaustians is approaching its end. A half century with evil anti-humane machinery is enough.

Western Materialists with global aspirations are profoundly anti-religious. The "clash of civilizations" which is the name some naive academics call global tensions of our century is nothing but an ongoing war between Western anti-religious ideologists and vast non-Western religious populations. It is a sad fact that Western Christians have submitted themselves to the practices of the Black Kettle. Millions of Protestants have turned Old Testamental and support Zionism. Most Catholics have as well opened their hearts for anti-religious Humanism.

The only way out of this dark ceremony of anti-spiritual forces goes through a renewed faith in the New Testament. Europe was once a spiritual force at the same time as a political force. Today Europe is just a political entity but with more global aspirations than ever. Without spirituality Europe is heading for dissipation of its integrity, for destruction of its old civilization. Anti-Spiritualism will also cause the destruction of other old civilizations, in the name of One Global Humanism, or One Global Tyranny. Second Generation Nazis will cooperate with anybody who cares for Jews and for Western citizens and who sees the dangers of Holocaustic Materialism.

169. Do you think that the reality of Holocaust can disappear ?

I do not think it can disappear. It has been disappearing for the last fifteen years and is soon gone. When Nazi children appeared in the official room in the early 90s, the victors' denazification program with use of Holocaust Guilt had failed. We were not supposed to be real and exist in post-war positivistic times. We were supposedly liberated from our awful family connections and should be happy consumers in post-war democracy. We were meant to be thankful because liberated from parental tyranny. But we were not happy, notwithstanding Marshall Help and growing materialistic wealth in earlier war ruined Europe. We were no robots which the victors could buy and administrate freely. Humans need their particular history and their particular identity. The victors had stolen our history and our identity by using Holocaust pressure. We took them both back, irrespective of Holocaustic reverence and duties. We freed ourselves from indicted parental Guilt which we were supposed to inherit.

What has been considered Holocaust Reality was a political, religious and cultural manipulation concocted by Western war victors, Zionists and anti-Christian Humanists, for domination reasons. The Reality was launched in the beginning of the 60s as a guilt weapon against resistant Nazis and Fascists, but also against Nazi and Fascist children who should for ever be tormented. Holocaust developed quickly into an ideologically suffocating fog for all Western inhabitants. Holocaust Fog has hindered Westerners from seeing their own reality during half a century. The character of all fogs is that they are labile, disappear with sunrise. Holocaust is immensely irrational with its celebration of uniqueness. As if Russian, Polish, Hungarian and German losses were not unique for them when tortured under militant Communism.

Zionism aimed at European nationalism from the first moment. Zionists backed the anti-Christian Communist Revolution of Russia. When Traditionalistic Europeans gathered for a counter-revolution, Zionists and Jews came normally under pressure. Because Zionists and many Jews were central in forging anti-Christian Modernism and Socialism, and also participated in militant Communism, it is preposterous to talk about Jewish or Zionist innocence regarding tragedies of the 20th century. Jews suffered horribly during WWII as did all war participants. Men are supposed to take their own grief and not to push own over to others.

1945 was a year of rejoice for the war victors but also a year of mourning for the dead. Each war participator cared for their own dead up to the late fifties. Communists, Englishmen, Americans and Zionists licked their wounds separately. Also the losers were allowed to mourn their millions of dead even they had to abstain from open celebrations. But the victors looked ahead for forming a new world under their order. With the establishment of Israel in oil rich Middle East, Western Capitalists saw perspectives of materialistic conquests. What should have been a religious state for Jews became a materialistic stronghold for Capitalists who dreamt of worldly power. Having developed the atomic bomb, they shaped the Holocaust weapon in order to globalize victory. The Holocaust is world history's first media based mental weapon of mass destruction - with terrorizing effects on human minds. The perfidious mobbing process has now destroyed children and adults during half a century.

Materialism betrayed both Jews, victor children and Nazi children. Actual Western politics are almost as miserable in Europe as they are miserable in Middle East. Real policy is betrayed in the name of money profits and materialistic growth, is sacrified on the altar of the Golden Calf. Western arts are in majority depressive. Artists do as always their job : They warn the society against useless values. Western schools are in majority losing their grip with young people. Modernistically cultivated equality and irresponsible pedagogic experiences, together with endless bowing for market, business and profits, make teachers' job impossible and class situation chaotic. Then we have the official health care system which is slowly rotting. We could go on with other examples of actual Western Decadence. We live in post-Modernistic times. We do also live in post-Holocaustification times or times of Holocaust campaign collapse. There is a lot to do in Europe, both morally and politically. Traditional values must counterbalance modernistic irresponsible pretensions. Tradition is awaking now when the holocaustic suppressive Guilt weapon is losing its force.

170. What are the main political challenges when we enter 2007 ?

Humanists are boiling up a global porridge which they call the Alliance of Civilizations. They want to force their food on all individuals in their intent of fabricating Mass Citizens. All cultures and religions shall, in the name of the Alliance of Civilizations, be controlled and directly administrated in such a way that none is stronger or more influential than others. During its last breaths Humanism is relativizing all principles and values in order to become sovereign Master of the world.

But Humanism will lose due to its lack of belief in something - belief in something beyond itself. Inwards itself its belief is strong enough. Humanistic aim and creed is Hedonism. Hedonism is Alpha and Omega for Humanists. A lady from the USA, Constance Cumbey, asks sharply whether Western globalistic campaign is about a war on monotheistic religions. Since all these religions have the same God, it is rather about an old human rebellion against God. The odds are somewhat high.

All good people of the world should now gather in order to relativize the Western relativizers. The Materialistic victors of WWII shaped in 1945 the best of organizations in order to dominate the world : The Organization of United Nations. Its basement is the chart of Human Rights taken from anti-Christian French Revolutionaries 150 years earlier. The United Nations favors laicism at the expense of religions. How long shall the religious peoples of the world accept organized international prejudice and disadvantage ?

We need an Organization of United Races and Cultures which can replace the modernistic, corrupt and technocratic United Nations. The platform of Western civilization is not Rationalistic Materialism invented by the WWII victors. Rationalistic Materialism is a worldly ideology based on the power of the capitalistically richest and on endless consume by massified individuals. Its sermon of multiculturality and individualistic freedom is nonsense. The platform of Western civilization is our rich history, Christianity and hierarchy built on community obligingness and respect.

171. Western Humanism is the strongest ideology in the world at the beginning of the 21st century.

Western Humanism is doomed. "Implosion" was the word used for expressing the collapse of the Soviet State in 1990. The word can also be used for expressing the collapse of Western democracies. In their dream of world conquest the Democratic Humanists are subjecting themselves to foreigners - in order to reach foreignity. If all humans define themselves as foreigners, identify themselves as fundamental foreigners, there will be nobody at home, there will be no homish people. At that moment there will be nothing more to defend, and nothing to be afraid of, since there will be nothing to lose.

If humans give up their group identity and home feelings, they have philosophically conquered the world. The world conquest has been implemented through self-obliteration, through a total globalization of oneself, through implosion. The inner dream of the Humanists will then come through, because implosion and explosion are similar forms of destruction. When Western civilization disappears in a global culture, Humanists feel they have reached the last degree of Humanism and have manoeuvred for a complete humanization of the world. Our civilization has exploded to fill the earth following the pretense of universality of Western Humanism, but has in fact imploded.

All decent persons know that Western Humanism and Western globalistic pretense are disastrous for our societies. The Humanistic way of thinking is perversely naive. The Humanists make themselves blind in order to obtain the illusion of seeing everything everywhere. They have not yet understood that their better part, Marxism and Communism, failed disastrously in history. They continue their childish policy as if Communism was still historically real and dynamic. Humanists will talk and write more and more feverously but with always fewer admirers. History is a redoubtable master. History shows no mercy.

172. From whom do you expect answer when asking for reconciliation on a Nazi premise ?

Nazis and Fascists were normal European citizens. They were made abnormal by the war victors who pretended exclusive rights to normality. This fashion of abnormalizing losers is of course historically frequent, or normal, during a lapse of time following victory. Now we have seen the victors manoeuvering their victory during more than six decades, and they are not only still stigmatizing the losers as abnormal, devilish or satanic, but they are enhancing the joy of stigmatizing them. Second generation Nazis' invitation for reconciliation is then an act of normality within a feverish mainstream of victorious hubris. We expect positive answers from all decent persons, regardless of race and culture.

Over the years we have gotten warm greetings as response to our reconciliatory appeal from a lot of persons belonging to different cultures. A lesser number has written openly in our Forum. We have had encouraging correspondence with people from India, South America, Jews from North America, Russians. People conscious of their race and culture have no anguish contacting Nazi offspring. It is otherwise with Whites who have been brainwashed in Western schools and by Western media from their earliest childhood. Many Whites prefer to believe that Nazis were so evil that they got no children.

We do not expect positive answers from post-war Humanists. These persons have elevated themselves to a class of super-Westerners who feel a right to transform all societies in the world to make them fitting their own idyllic Materialistic society. In our 21st century they are bombing non-Western countries in the name of Humanism. As long as these Humanists form the Western cadres and direct domestic and foreign politics, the world societies are in a permanent conflictive situation. After a euphoria of equality of all humans and cultures, we need to restore the attitude of respect for human differences regarding race and culture. Second Generation Nazis do not want a global dictatorship of similarity.

More and more people see that color blindness is not a step forward for the humanity but a political trick for domination. Family structure is basic in all societies. Tribes and races have during millennia developed their specific human character, attitude and taste. Color blind Western Humanists have formed a prerogative of despising what is culturally different in stead of admiring these differences. A new tendency has awakened in Europe : Local tribes discover their rich past. Scots, Bretons, Lapps, Astures, Saxons, Livonians etc. awake and rejoice over their rich ancestry. Only the specific persons belonging to these tribes are able to resist Humanistic mass culture which destroys on purpose cultural differences in the name of One Humanity.

Second Generation Nazis want to inspire and help all tribes who fight for their integrity by resisting Materialistic Humanism with its globalistic pretense. Whites need to discover how post-war culture has become disgracefully monocultural thanks to White owned media and academia. Therefore we Second generation Nazis need first of all a reconciliation with children of the victors. As long as this necessary and normal reconciliation is being postponed, White culture continues its fall into decadence, its despise for real history, its satanization of the losers of World War Two.

173. How will you characterize the twentieth century ?

We talk about the ideological century. Peoples of 20th century were brainwashed by ideologies fabricated in the West. They were brainwashed thanks to mass media. Communism and Capitalism were the principal ideologies, and they dominated the media. Both matured during the 19th century and culminated in the 20th. Both ideologies pretended to be rational. But since a third ideology cooperated with them, Zionism, which was of non-European origin, Communism and Capitalism became in fact deeply irrational.

Western Capitalists manoeuvered under the banner of Humanism, Democracy, Human Rights, Free Trade and Liberal Individualism. Eastern Communists manipulated for world power by waving the flags of Freedom, Humanism, Equality, Rationality and Human Rights. Deep kinship relates the two ideologies. Communism and Capitalism are two aspects of One Modernistic Ideology. Ideologists from both took pleasure in presenting themselves as Humanists.

Communism culminated in 1949 when Mao Zedong took power in China. From that year Chinese were systematically brainwashed by the Communist Party's cadres, just like Russians had been brainwashed after 1917. Capitalism culminated also just after 1945 with the brainwashing of all Europeans through denazification, and with "help" of the Marshall Plan. Amalgam Humanism, a mix of Liberal Socialism and Liberal Capitalism, culminated in 1990 when Communism imploded in Soviet Union. When one of the two basic Modernistic ideologies was scrapped by History, a new ideological image had to be launched in order to fulfill the Materialistic Westerners' global conquest. We got the dictatorship of Humanism.

Communism and Capitalism were revolutionary movements. They operated by destabilizing each country on the earth, with the aim of later removing or minimalizing the countries' borders and then mentally possessing the inhabitants. Citizens were individualized in a process called "liberation". They were liberated from the "oppression" of their hereditary traditions. The aim was to destroy people's loyalty to the past. For this objective all means were allowed, both physical and mental terror. Communism and Capitalism were indeed monstrous globalistic ideologies.

The German people were the only sufficiently organizable to offer resistance on a continental scale to Modernistic madness. They were threatened by Modernistic ideologies from East and West and had to react out of peoples' duty of auto-defense. Their reaction, or counter-revolution, was deeply anti-ideological, even though Western academic historians say the contrary. When the Germans lost in the world war and in the European civil war, the road was open for ideological culminations.

From the first moment Communism and Capitalism cooperated. One can say that Communism could not operate without Capitalism and vice versa. Therefore the Russian Revolution was financed by capitalists. It was not a miracle but a plan when the two amalgamated, partly in the 70s and 80s, wholly after 1990. In 2005 Humanistic leaders from East and West met in Moscow in order to celebrate the fiftieth anniverary of their common victory.

The 20th century can also be characterized as the Jewish century. The Jewish ideology of Semitism cooperated deeply with Communism, Capitalism, and Humanism, the amalgam. Zionism culminated with the foundation of Israel in 1948. Zionism's world power after the establishment of the religious State, was obtained through the mental power exploited from Holocaust, the Zionist Death Cult.

One can discuss whether Holocaust, which turned into a dominating system often called Holocaustism, has been an independant ideology or just a political instrument for Zionists and Humanists. At least Holocaustism has been close to a religion, a religion meant for modernistically brainwashed Goyim. Holocaust was quickly transformed into a fuel both for Communism and Capitalism.

Thanks to the Zionist Death Cult, history has been written in black and white since 1945. All guilt for failed politics during the 20th century has been pushed over to the Nazis and Fascists. It was dexterous of the Communists and Capitalists to push their responsibility for human catastrophes over to others. Communism and Capitalism are responsible for the worst century in the history of mankind.

Our 21st century is proper for deconstructing the Western ideologies, for chasing them from our societies, for cleansing them from the minds of peoples. Europeans need to restore respect for themselves, for human differences, for their traditions. They do also need to awake for the dimension of spirituality. Spirituality has vanished in our Western societies due to endless academic deconstructions of our traditions and faith, always in the name of Materialism or Rationalism.

God save our children, kinsmen and world citizens from the destructive grip of Humanistic cadres ! Help us God replacing Materialistic cadres with leaders of faith and moral !

174. Are you against or favorable to cultural and political fundamentalism ?

All classic civilizations have a fundament in the past and are naturally fundamentalistic. A real civilization is built on loyalty to the past. Post-war Western civilization is revolutionary and not classic. Since this Western revolutionary movement has turned permanent, is persisting since decades, it may also be called fundamentalistic. It is therefore nonsense when Western Humanists scorn foreign politicians for being fundamentalists. Western fundamentalism is the aggressive one.

Western Democrats and Humanists work for permanent world peace by forcing Western modernistic ideals on all peoples of the world. Since some decades Western leaders have opened the borders of our old nations in order to invite non-Europeans for settlements. The thought behind is to assure world peace also by this means. When monocultural, homogeneous local societies are equalized in short time with different ethnic groups and different cultures from all over the globe, there will at the end be no separate culture to defend. Neither will it be attractive to conquer neighbours who are totally equal to yourself.

Western Democrats and Humanists say they work for world peace, and many of them believe it probably. But these Humanists and Democrats invest at the same time more and more in new and better weapons. A civilization based on Materialism does not neglect nice income from sales of weapons while talking peace. People should start to ask themselves whether profits or peace is the most important for our Humanistic leaders.

In order to accelerate the process of social modernization Humanistic demands are explicit : Religious and ethnic group feelings have to be brought down if a new world built on Individualism, Rationalism and Materialism shall be shaped. Christians in the West do not understand that they are duped by Humanists.

It is a fact that the modernization of Europe did not happen without wars. An implementation of a multicultural Europe was first possible after the Second World War. Anti-modernistic Nazis and Fascists were brutally slaughtered by the victors. Nazi supporters and Nazi children were systematically denazified after 1945.

Such a fundamental transformation of Europe can hardly be called democratic. It is also difficult to assert that the democracies established in Western Europe after 1945 have become functional when sixty years have passed. Resistents to the modernization are stigmatized as Fundamentalists, Anti-Democrats or Nazis and consequently rendered passive and outlawed. A good Democracy should not need to satanize ideological opponents.

Thanks to immigration the new leaders of Europe have to confront and deal with non-European Fundamentalists. How can Western Humanists communicate with Fundamentalists from other cultures when they are unable to communicate with Traditionalists from own continent ? In real Democracy communication with and respect for differences is a main objective. Shall Western Fundamentalistic Humanism have exclusive power ? If so, where is the space for the celebrated Multicultural Community ?

It is an international scandal that Western Fundamentalistic Humanists invite non-Western Religious Fundamentalists to participate in forums, debates and official meetings when Western Humanists hide their absolutistic intentions and thus profoundly mock the foreigners. Since fundamentalism exists, it has to be taken seriously. Respect for differences must be restored. Difference prevails, not equality. Differences create meaning, life. Equality creates death.

175. Do Second Generation Nazis have something to say around the Mohammed drawings of 2006 ?

All civilized peoples react against foul disregards, at a top level in past times called lèse-majesté. Therefore the Muslim civilization reacts against Mohammed drawings published by Western media directors who know that Muslims are against visualizations of their prophet.

Before 1945 Muslims and Westerners were culturally separated and could operate independently regarding opinions and reciprocal critics. After 1945 Western civilization is claiming global superiority. Western leaders have designated themselves to operate as global police on the basis of Human Rights. They have also organized massive non-European immigration to the West in order to demonstrate anti-racist and anti-culturalist policy. With other words : Muslims are welcomed as Westerners, as equal citizens. Islam, Judaism and Christianity - like all other religions on the globe - have been relativized or equalized. They are equalized under the umbrella of superior Humanism, but Humanists avoid to say this.

As a result it is Humanism's responsibility to control equal respect for all religions in the West. When Islam is humiliated by Humanist newspapers or other media, it is up to Humanism to repair the grief of the offended. When Judaism and Holocaustism are humiliated, it is also up to Humanism to repair the grief.

But Humanism is both relativistic and superioristic. This Western ideology despises equally all religions except Holocaustism. Muslims, Jews and Christians are all fooled. Humanism operates in terms of materialistic profits. Two opposite types of Fundamentalism are confronting each other : Religion opposes Materialism.

Some low-clerical Christians, specifically Protestants, take advantage of the situation and tease Muslims by reprinting offensive drawings. Such Christians are cowards. They seek protection under the umbrella of Humanism which despises Christians even more than Muslims. They have not understood ongoing Humanistic manipulations. Humanists want to destroy all religious social power by inviting believers to pull down each others.

176. What makes Western democracies so ice cold for many single individuals ?

Materialism, Rationalism and Sciences do not carry intrinsically any appeal for love, since love is an undeterminable, non-rational matter. This is the reason why democratic Westerners do not like to use the word, at least not when they refer to politics. All the more they love to use "Human Rights". But rights is something you have to claim continuously. Weak or disabled individuals do not reach the authorities with their poor claims. Therefore the post-war Democracies are particularly cold when dealing with weak and poor.

Those who established the Human Rights as norm for social life in the West, have an enormous responsibility. They are obliged to guarantee that somebody always administer the Rights. This requires a State which is good, humane. But democratic Westerners do not like the State, the Nation. They prefer the Global Human Community. This is how two clichés meet each others : Human Rights and Global Community. Clichés do not bother with neither love nor hatred. They are abstract, rational matters, fabricated by scientists without human responsiblity.

Old European folk communities were based on common history, common interests, common responsibility. The social body structured by natural hierarchy was functioning with love and care, but of course also with discipline. Modernism - which means Marxism, abstract Capitalism and irresponsible political Futurism - has broken all bonds, killed all sentiments of love. Modernism has replaced the social body with fragmented individuals who have nothing but abstract Human Rights to lean on, nothing but a diffuse Global Community to live for.

177. Which kind of fundamentalism is the most damaging on the globe today ?

Good life on earth is the mostly threatened by post-war Western Humanism. Religious fundamentalisms have persisted during centuries and thereby shown their capacity of dealing with nature and time. Western Humanism is based on rationalism, sciences and technology. It cares for Materialism and its inner functions alone. This Humanism looks at history with despise, feels free from all bonds to past values, has no responsibility what so ever to own past civilization. This ideology has taken the all universe in its possession. It experiments with everything and everybody, including life itself. It shows no mercy, no respect, no modesty regarding non-materialistic values. This ideology has killed God and History. Only Future shaped by their own irresponsible brains prevails. Humanists say they care for human life through the Human Rights. Actual pollution, arms race and Western decadent culture prove the contrary.

178. How do you see the encounter between religious fundamentalism and humanistic fundamentalism ?

European Modernists or Humanists do what they can for demolishing the influence of religions and of ethnic group feelings around the world. It must be said that also Christians have eagerly joined this wave of despise for everything non-modern. Such Christians believe that they live in symbiosis with the Humanists, that Humanism is a fruit of Christianity. In a way the globally aggressive Humanists are doing missionary work for Christianity, some Christians believe. They have not understood, or do not want to understand, that if the world becomes thoroughly "humanized" by post-war Humanists, the world will also become systematically de-Christianized.

Then it is better that Christians cooperate with devotees of other religions. In spite of everything we have more contiguity with religions than with the expanding Western Materialism and Nihilism. Conservative souls should understand that religious faith is the main wrapping of tradition. Rejection of faith means desertion of tradition.

But Humanists and gullible Christians continue their reckless drive on religions and cultures. When a person of non-European race has married Western Modernism and committed some public writing of wreath against original culture, Western press turns ecstatic of pride and praise. The person will be hailed as a hero of Humanity. The good Humanists and Christians can subsequently not understand why their hero is disliked by race conscious and culture conscious people of same origin. They cynically turn a blind eye to the possibility that their hero is threatened with death.

Humanists say they are anti-racists. They are also anti-culturalists. And they are globalists. With other words they are unbiased, are on the side of everybody, are friends with everybody, love all people. This is what they pretend and say. Non-Western peoples who note the growing materialistic power of Whites on the earth, can only react with despise and hatred against Whites.

The ideology of Humanism menaces Europe both from inside and outside. Post-war Humanists despise everything of old European culture, wish that cut off and burnt. They want to finish with old Europe. Because the Humanists raise hatred against Europe on all continents, they are also responsible for gigantic threats from outside.

From which damned part of the universe does this self-despising, self-destructive and culture bashing Humanistic ideology come ? Is it theologically anchored ? Does it seek the execution of a divine chastisement ? But which god is so anti-Human ? It is really time for a reconciliation between Traditionalists and Modernists in view of a change of direction for European policy.

179. Are you a pessimist regarding the West and Westerners' future role in the world ?

To protest as a Nazi child against the society of WWII victors has been like confronting an enormous concrete wall. There is a reason why most Nazi children remain silent. We were outlawed, we were wreckage of a forbidden world. The ideologues of denazification and New World Order wanted us inexistent for eternity. The Organization of Norwegian NS Children was born in an atmosphere of desperation and enthusiasm. We represent Old Europe, the Sunken Land, our common European traditions. The war victors' children are more and more lost in a confused modernistic world, more and more desperate and totalitarian, only heading for materialistic power. As legitimate Traditionalists we get good signals from all sides. We can allow ourselves to be inclusive. Our optimism grows.

Second and Third generation war victors are afraid of own past. They have gotten politically weird, have become ideologues of a Global Materialistic Fundamentalism. They name protesters and opponents as Terrorists. They want to force on all world citizens an ideology of egalitarianism or equalism which consists of forced race blindness, gender blindness, age blindness, talent blindness, etc. All natural differences have to be ignored. Their ideology claims also one language : English. The Human Rights is the crowbar used for forcing down all protective fences. If such a devastating ideology is allowed throughout the world, all cultures and religions will die over a short time.

Only Jews seem to go free from Western ideological terrorism. They can use the Holocaust as an alibi, continue to build their country of difference and sovereignty and yet join the White ideologues in uniformizing the cultures in other parts of the world. It could be an idea that all White Goyim join the Judaism in order to get free from Western anti-cultural policy. Some Nazi children have already done so. But the choice is not nice regarding Jewish difference. And it is not a good choice regarding Western cultural restoration.

But Western counter-revolutionaries should not be optimistic when it comes to intellectuals, academics. During more than sixty years they have shown that if they can obtain academic titles and well paid positions in their university duck-ponds, they are willing to sell their soul to the new Materialistic World Ideology. Most Western intellectuals are lackeys and charlatans, morally spoken. No rebellion will come from their side. But what about the artists who generally are hopelessly bad paid in the West, with exception of some chosen ones who convene the Capitalists ? What about Christian believers ? What about all those who are race conscious and family conscious ? They have all to win with growing resistance to the fanatic equalists or egalitarianists. Sooner or later an enormous rebellion will come in order to save world diversity from the claws of monoculturalism, euphemistically called multiculturalism.

180. Why don't Nazi children feel free after so many years ?

Most Nazi children are prisoners of the past. We who started the first independent organization for Nazi children in 1991 must admit that the large majority of us are still mute about family history. The few who have been overt and open to the Nazi past have not managed to penetrate the shell of protection which our comrades have constructed from early childhood. Some could think that the traumas of Nazi children are fictitious, that these persons are ordinary citizens who just prefer silence. We who have met many of them over the years can attest the contrary. Their muteness is not a result of indifference or free choice but of fear.

It is certainly not easy to analyze persons who hide, who refuse to talk about complex and hurting familial and social matters. At least I would rather trust Nazi children who extrapolate from same living experiences than I would trust anti-Nazi academics who more and more dig into our topic. First I would say that Nazi children in hiding fight with two kinds of shame. They are shameful because of their history which is officially called criminal, criminal of first class crimes : crimes against Humanity. These crimes are more and more celebrated through Holocaust commemorations, the new black religion of the West. The other shame is due to their silence. They are shameful because they hide.

Shame produces hate. Hate is a desperate way of evacuating forces of self-destructive shame. Hate is then automatic, fatal. Such hate operates irrationally, is directed against anybody who deal with the Nazi child. Wife and own children might be hated. Parents can be hated, even when dead. But first of all outspoken Nazi children will be hit. They threaten the ones in hiding with identification, create fear of recognition. Outspoken Nazi children add to the shame of those who constantly hide, since overtness demonstrates that fear and shame can be dominated, have been dominated by some. The result of this conflict between overt and mute Nazi children is that the beautiful and necessary social value of solidarity is inexistent among them. Muteness costs.

Among many Nazi children the feelings of hate are introvert, are directed against themselves. This category of children will often say that they love their parents. The more they love their parents, the more they will hate own generation. Many Nazis despised their children because they saw no opening, no light for their own lives, for their own social participation in post-war society. They encysted themselves. Some Nazi children have tragically managed to imitate them. Instead of freeing themselves from a political and cultural prison they identify with their parents and lose own freedom. Second generation becomes prisoners of the past. Such Nazi children are fatalists. They don't see that history is dynamic, brings ideologies and creeds up and down following History's own majestic rules.

Muteness and parental identification ensure that also the second generation remain losers. This is the tragical aspect of the history of Nazi children. Only painful introspection, steps out of the closet, opening up of heart and mind can save them. As time passes by, the challenges of individual and social healing is handed over to the third generation.

181. How is your mood for the time being ?

There are many good signs in the air, in the time. Young persons are more and more on our side. We have reasons for optimism. The big task for Europeans is to rediscover history. It is a task of joy. Our history was annulled by insane Modernists. The Modernists' relatively successful construction, Communism, has been wrecked by History itself. Consequently we can say that history is on our side.

Followers of Synthetic Humanism, people believing in the wedding of Communism and Capitalism, still try to profit from the cadaver of Communism. They have no reference to past beauty, truth, goodness. Their only success is materialistic growth which encumbers citizens of our world's industrially advances countries with enormous amounts of gadgets, stress, drug abuse and pollution. Materialism with its results has stopped to fascinate Western youngsters. They miss their history. They miss family contact. They miss an aim for their lives which goes beyond material possession.

Loyalty to our forefathers will be restored. All Westerners have reasons for rejoice. Life quality literally drowned under Materialism. To rediscover our life values rooted in the past can only give new forces, optimism, sound engagement for a better world. Post-war artificial Humanism is dying. It's a blessing for all tribes and cultures, for all decent individuals, that a false ideology vanishes.

182. What is wrong with Western democracies ?

Western democracies are built on Human Rights of the French Revolution. This revolution degenerated to become a human scandal. The revolutionaries came up with the idea that a society could function free of hierarchy. This lie has been forwarded up to our time by Western social scientists and other irresponsible liberalists. Scandals have followed, right up to our time's Western War on Terror. Scandals will not stop until Western Humanism is decrypted, deconstructed, trashed.

Man has a deep instinct and need for submission. Man needs leaders. Modern democracy deprives people of this necessity, of this joy. Genetically, and deeply gotten from our mother's care, we have incrusted a taste of serviceability, a longing for usefulness, kindness and unselfishness. This inner spirit of serving is the departure for religious practice.

In modern democracy people's real leaders are kept hidden and thus ordinary people have nobody to honor, to admire. People are lied to and told that they are leaders themselves. It is a paradox that a people's democracy is anti-people, anti-democratic. In political matters responsibility is the most important value. The hidden leaders of modern democracy can by definition not be responsible. Hidden leaders will always and automatically blame the voters for political misadventures.

Protestantism can be considered a first step toward modern democracy. Individualism in front of God was established. Religious leaders and the Church were released from their heaviest responsibility. Some centuries later politicians saw their chance. They too could be freed from direct responsibility and at the same time strengthen their social power. There is a reason why so many Protestant Nazis converted to Catholicism after 1945. They knew that Protestant priests were more cynical than Catholic priests to the destiny of beaten Nazis.

Political governance by representation demands visibility of the leaders and responsibility of these. The idea of sameness of governed and governors is monstrous. Such sameness is violence against the people. And the fake Western cadres continue their irresponsible governance from hidden, privileged places. The cadres are made of Plutocrats, Academics, Bilderbergers. They call themselves "Humanists".

A people's democracy will vanish sooner or later. When naive individuals are lifted up in a position of power, their naivety will quickly cause political disasters. When populist and vulgar predilection becomes rule and norm, social degeneration or decadence is a logical result. The West is there. But the situation is even worse. We are deadly threatened by manipulated policy, manoeuvered by secret leaders. A false aristocracy has taken power. False aristocrats do not love ordinary people. They are irresponsible players.

How else could Old Europe have become a playing ground for multiculturalism ? Has the death of European culture ever been a political case for voting ? Of course not. Our cadres of Synthetic Humanism tell people that multiculturality is too big an issue for being decided in general elections. Never in history of mankind citizens have been more fooled. And Western democrats continue to worship Democracy.

Hard-core democratic citizens belong to the middle-class. They have privileges obtained from the Humanistic Cadres. Ordinary people get nothing, except cheap TV programs, hysterical mass entertainments, drugs, gadgets. Ordinary people can dislike certain powerful politicians. But they abhor hidden people of power. They like leaders who they can identify with, from whom they feel warmth and love, and who they can love.

183. More and more children who are born of participants of WWII, who have felt or feel a burden thereby, call themselves War Children. Why do you persist using the term Nazi Children ?

There is a question of category. We are of course all war children. Losers' children however have additional pains and challenges, pains that victors' children do not have. Now WWII was not an ordinary war. It was so far the biggest tragedy of modern human history because so many countries and peoples were involved. The defeat of the Axis, der Untergang, was the most brutal and tragic defeat of world history due to the force of the weapons and to the number of soldiers. It was also the biggest defeat because of the unconditional manners and policy of the new Western masters.

World War Two did not stop in 1945. The peace was not peace for the losers' children because the victors criminalized them as well, treated them as enemies. The criminalization started with the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials and continued with permanent de-Nazification all over Europe. This chastisement was strengthened with the launching of the Holocaust in the beginning of the sixties. The victors had then gotten new globalistic desires and needed a new weapon of mental mass destruction in order to accomplish their political aims. The black religion of Holocaust, a Death Cult with holy bodies made for eternally vilifying Nazis and Fascists, served well the process of materializing the world societies.

We Nazi children who have fought ourselves free from the grip of this religion of Evil by going out officially and challenging mainstream opinions in the West, know that the world is under the heals of new despots. In Western mainstream culture governed by mass media and academic lackeys, all categories have been systematically destroyed. We shall all be "equal". "Nazi children" shall not exist. All shall be "war children". To restore order both mentally and socially, to restore history, difference of thoughts and opinions must be clearly expressed. Therefore I call myself Second Generation Nazi. The West needs Nazi children, second generation Nazis. We have strong enemies. But we have more and more friends.

184. Why do Western media so often vilify Christianity, classic Western culture, our predecessors ?

Western white journalists have a predilection for vilifying own forefathers, own race. Who are the profiteers of post-war Western self-hatred ? I see two causes for this mental sickness which is spreading in the West.

1. Media inspired self-hatred is a cover-up for Western imperialistic activities. Press directors who are among the humanistic or imperialistic cadres prefer journalists who express self-hatred. Humanism and self-hatred are equalized. Their simple psychological intrigue is to characterize Westerners so self-abandoned or unselfish that it becomes unlikely for non-Westerners to see that there is going on an imperialistic war led by WWII victors.

2. Beside this psychological cover-up, it is in the interest of plutocrats or oligarchs that inhabitants in the West become slaves of the presence, persons of no history, no integrity, no identity. Such persons are more receptive to publicity, to political instructions presented in the media. That way they can be manipulated to become perfect consumers in a materialistic society. They are ideal individuals in a world wide commercialistic culture.

Since the West is in a decadent move, many people have gotten a taste of anti-cultural, anti-classic, anti-spiritual life style. They prefer noisy diversion rather than demanding culture. Decadent persons will not waste time on old challenging culture. They will create their own, fit for the moment. Despise and irony regarding old expressions become fun. Inherited culture costs, must be handled with care, carried, worried for, developed.

Modernism with no connection to tradition is a social sickness. Humans are not made for being slaves of plutocrats. They are not happy with a life as consumers. The West can only survive by inner spiritual revival.

185. Second World War, was it Hitler's war ?

Of course it was not. Already the Russian Revolution was not a revolution of Russians. Materialism has grown in the West for centuries, since the Renaissance, but was moderated by Traditionalism until the French Revolution. When Jews discovered the French Revolution, they got inspired. The Jews saw the outbreak of raw Western materialism as a good instrument for Jewish power and Jewish freedom from non-Jewish races and nations. In the following century they developed Zionism, an ideology which in political practice combined Materialism and Judaism. When Zionism met ideological capitalism in the US, Western capitalists were astonished and uplifted by the Jewish zeal, enthusiasm, strength. A new world event started : Modern Capitalistic Imperialism. It was ideologically founded on the French Revolution with its despise for spiritual values and its cult of Freedom, Individualism, Human Rights.

Marxism was a materialistic ideology which was launched as a first step of Global Capitalistic Imperialism. It operated with cadres, just like Imperialistic Capitalism does. The only difference was that Marxism in its propaganda honored the Party in stead of the Capital. In this perspective Capitalists are more honest than Marxists. They honor the Golden Calf directly, without disguise.

It is an absurdity that millions of Christians support Capitalistic Imperialism while knowing that Humanistic-Zionistic Capitalism is a materialistic, anti-Christian kind of belief. Some say seventy million Protestants in the US are Zionistic. Zionistic Christians follow the Old Testament rather than the New. They look for the Second Coming of Christ by strengthening Israel and planning to build the Third Temple. They refuse to see that the Third Temple is the body of converted Christians to come. Also millions of Catholics have turned oldtestamentic after the Second Vatican Council, while others have become modernistic, laicistic.

Post-war years did not serve serenity and spirituality, but bewilderment - and Materialism. Liberation theologians preach that Christianity and practiced Marxism are equal in the eyes of God. It is a fashion among some Catholic priests to pray for Humanism rather than for Christianity, wishing Humanistic liberalism to enter the Old Church in order to modernize its whole archaic structure. It is pitiful to see how Christians assist de-Christianization going on in the West.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa says that US-Israel-NATO's final war for world power started after 1945. He could also have labelled this ongoing war Capitalistic-Zionistic. Chossudovsky counts the capitalistic wars from Korea through Vietnam, Indonesia, The Congo, Sudan, Nigeria-Biafra and Rwanda. But he omits the European Civil War of the 20th century. Chossudovsky says that the casualties of the capitalistic-imperialistic war after 1945 amount to more than ten million people. It is historically an error not to include the Russian Revolution and WWII in the capitalistic strive for world power. The number of casualties will then surpass three hundred millions.

The question of guilt for wars and for war crimes will have to be revised. But a more important question is how to stop Western aggressive world policy which continues into our 21st century. Both Jews and Europeans of Christian descent need to be liberated from this disastrous mix of materialism and religion which Freedom-Capitalism represents. And people in the rest of the world deserve freedom from Capitalistic Freedom even more.

186. Do you believe Nazi children's destiny is unique ?

Nazi children's destiny is unique as long as the Holocaust is celebrated as unique, or as long as the Nazis are celebrated as uniquely evil. Normal humans understand that celebrated unique evilness is hard to bear for offspring. Humanists and Western academics refuse to understand something so simple because they are carrying an ideology which depends on Satanism.

Rational Materialism is a globalizing ideology and its supporters need the force of salvation mission for implementing their world conquering aim. Since the Humanists believe they are rationalistic, they have no constructions or arguments for goodness other than materialistic welfare. They can concentrate all their twisted mental forces on evilness which they use for smearing opponents.

If the world one day will experience the disaster of Global Materialistic Hegemony, millions of new "Nazi" children will awake to our pains, to lack of a mental home, to lack of roots, of human normality. They might be called Terrorist Children. The world will then see the construction of thousands of new Holocaust Centers necessary for distributing guilt to opponents of the Humanists in order to keep those world citizens eternally passive, depressed.

Humanists are intransigent. They hate races, specifically the Germanic race, and they attack all cultures which prevent the flow of goods and workers necessary to their Materialistic Paradise. In order to stop sick Humanism and the awful war for world power which Humanistic Westerners are practicing, people all over the world should give new strength to their roots, their local history, their race, their family, clan and tribe. Diversity saves the world. Monocultural Humanism called Multiculturalism destroys our dear, necessary planet Earth.

187. Do you find resonance of your traditional ideals in contemporary artistic expressions ?

Mainstream Western arts oppose Tradition frenetically. Artists have sold their soul to Materialism and Modernism, worshipping the Hideous, the Rupture with the Past, with History. They are nourished by Hatred for everything ethnically White. Such artists believe they are humanistic. They are wrong. They are anti-human. They spread Depression and Anguish, being nightly servants of the Death Cult called Holocaust.

In Oslo this February of 2007 there is an example of hideous theater being performed at the Nation's most prestigious scene, the National Theater. A German instructor, Sebastian Hartmann, has been welcomed to present Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. Hamsun got in 1920, three years after the Russion Revolution, the Nobel Price for this novel. He celebrates man's participation with the earth as a contrast to the destruction of the yeoman, the free farmer, der Freibauer, celebrated by the Communists after 1917.

In Hartmann's production the inner, poetic life of Hamsun's characters has been systematically destroyed to the benefit of violent action. Nothing poetical is left, but technically noisy stage happenings occur rhythmically during four long hours. Because the West since 1945 lives in the cultural worship of money, industry and city, the countryman must be presented as a rough creature of pre-civilizational manners. A yeoman with his respect for nature and ancestry threatens the feelings of superiority which characterize WWII victors and which are at the bottom of Capitalistic Westerners' strive for world power.

Political correctness, or mainstream post-war Humanism, has thoroughly been taken care of at the National Theater. Knut Hamsun is the "enfant terrible" of post-war Norwegian culture since he was a Nazi artist. He was consequently heavily condemned in 1945, with punishments including correct bonfires with his books. When the theater's administration asked a German for the staging, they knew they could relax. No Europeans are more historically infantile than German artists when it comes to interpreting counter-revolutionary manifestations of last century.

Arts reflecting European Tradition are by definition counter-cultural, are therefore not welcome in our monocultural, hateful democracy. The national press which is enthusiastic about Hartmann's Growth of the Soil, is symmetrically mute about counter-cultural manifestations. Artists who produce counter-cultural arts wil find no living in their work. Or they will have to leave Norway, like some artists have done.

And the public ? Are the public happy with the hysterical and rude performance at the National Theater ? They seem squeezed between the theater's good reputation and the positive reviews given by mainstream journalists, not knowing what to believe or how to react independently. They look apathetic, accepting without protest simple jokes from sixth-form comedy acts which continuously appear on the stage. Norwegian public have since long been brainwashed and accomodated to accept bad taste. From a world beyond Hamsun is smiling.

188. How do you see today's frequent debates over European identity in view of globalizing changes ?

Ordinary Norwegian politicians, they be social democrats, conservative or liberals, believe in the USA as guarantor of Western freedom, progress, future. Most of them have given up Europe as an independent political entity. Only old-fashioned Leftists believe in a Europe free of American influence. But they also believe in a Global Village, just like kids believe in Disney Land.

The catastrophe of 1945 hovers inside all Western European minds. They have not yet awoken to the fact that Old Europe lost and died, that the sovereignty of our continent disappeared, that our culture was corrupted by irresponsible American Commercialism. In order to conjure historic facts Europeans are forced to double their efforts of satanizing Hitler, Mussolini, Pétain, Franco, Quisling and their millions of followers.

This stupid performance of demonization is getting evident in all debates where Islamism is targeted as a European threat. Europeans have slavishly followed the rules of America with open borders for flow of capital and workers. Europeans have on top of this madness developed the idea of Europe as a multicultural crossroads for the entire world, with a consequential hatred against everything majoritarian European.

Do Europeans have reasons for fearing non-European cultures and non-European citizens ? They have asked for their arrival ! They have destroyed as much as they could the identity of Europeans, all for the aim of creating a New World embracing Europe, a Europe for everybody, a Europe where all cultural differences, including the European one, have been reduced to decoration.

Anyhow, some Europeans, even politicians, awake to the fact that something is wrong. They awake to Blue Monday. Non-Europeans in Europe do not want to adapt to Western mono-cultural Materialism. They bring with them their faith, their race consciousness, their pride. Europeans result bewildered, like children who see their plays destroyed by reality. They run mentally toward America who once "saved" them from European Nazism.

But America is even more lost than Europe. Americans are heading toward world domination by all means, including war against Third World Countries. Americans have no longer economical independence for being world masters. They have not a sustainable culture for dominating religious masses in the world. They have only the dictatorship of materialistic Human Rights.

Since the American invasion of 1945 Europe has been misled. But European politicians get frozen when they realize their misery. Satanization of old Europeans practiced during two generations is now destroying the satanizers. They can not act, they can only double their lies.

Such is the situation in our 21st century at the moment of obligatory cultural paradigm shift, also called Restoration. Religion, race, family, ancestry, social hierarchy, cultural belonging, all these social values will come back. The law of mental repression is the return of thoughts repressed. Americans will easier than Europeans manage the change of direction. They have not satanized own citizens at the same extent. In fact the paradigm shift has already occurred. Westerners need time for discovering such a cultural revolt.

189. What is wrong with the Modernists ?

Modernists, or Humanists, live in a trance of imaginary changes. They mean that man of tomorrow is different from the man of today. Therefore we can not identify ourselves with our forefathers. Loyalty to the past, to predecessors, is logically false, is a misconception, Modernists say. Ancestors were not like us, they were different creatures. We have evolved. History as a way toward self-knowledge is dead. Man can only understand his contemporaries, be reflected by them in order to get a broader view of himself.

Modernists stare like predators after all changes around them. Climatic changes are viewed as proof of colossal changes everywhere, included inside themselves. Man must therefore accommodate himself to both inner and external alterations. Each variation is regarded as a gift from the god of Modernism. Modernists who live without feelings and registrations of great changes, get depressed, become like drug addicted who miss their drugs.

Alterations can be negative. It does not matter since they are modernizing our lives. The modern is good even the alteration is bad. It is a belief, a conjuration. We just have to adapt, run for a better future. Norway might disappear as a state, Norwegian as a language, Norwegians as a people. It is just natural that our surroundings change, that comfortable habitudes disappear, following Modernistic thinking.

Those who operate on the background of Modernism, Modernism as philosophy or ideology, an ideology of changing for changing, are political manipulators. Their strive for power is evident : People who float in constant modification are easy to manipulate. They have no anchor cable. They go astray. They have no ideals. They have no other meaning in life than consume, material comfort, easy pleasures. Their temples are supermarkets and beach hotels. Individuals who have been flattened by the Modernistic-Humanistic ideology are perfect slaves of our times' money priests, the plutocrats.

The manipulated masses miss social love. Love is identical in man, has been the same since man was born in the dawn of Time. Nazi children know what loss of anchor cable means, what loss of social love means. In an unsteady world, in an ice-cold modernistic society, we seek the stable, and warmth, in Tradition.

190. Is there a Norwegian political party which you support ?

Of course there is none. The political parties which were reintroduced in 1945 had to subscribe to the victors' ideology. This ideology had and has three pillars : Materialism, Modernism and Individualism. Nothing from past times shall be privileged. With other words the French Revolution with its Human Rights was implemented all over the West in 1945, making 1945 a year of revolution. Soviet victors toned down Individualism in favor of the Proletarian State. Otherwise there was little difference between Eastern and Western Materialistic victors. Both strived for world power. Western victors had in addition a forth pillar, which was Zionism. But both Western and Eastern victors agreed on steeling land from the Arabs in order to introduce Westernized Jews in the oil rich Middle East.

Zionism developed in the early 60s into a new religious-laic faith ment for Goyim : Holocaustism. Holocaustism has since then functioned as a guilt machine, producing sufficient guilt for paralyzing any survival of European Tradition. Even the Catholic Church had to bend knee for the new faith. The Church went laic and holocaustic at the Second Vatican Council which opened in 1962. Nazi children have no space in post-war society. This was agreed on by the victors, not to leave any independence for the losers and the losers' offspring. Post-war democracy, or democratic parties, result inexistent for Nazi descendants. For us this parliamentary democracy is a satanizing one.

Somebody might ask what we Second Generation Nazis mean by asking for reconciliation, which is the very purpose of this internet site. Do we want an annulment of the Nazi defeat, a repression of the fact that our fathers lost ? Of course it is not our intention or interest to get back onto the political stage through a non-historic back-door. But civil wars, and WWII was a such one here in Europe, have their own rules. One side is not exclusively victorious for a long while. Policy meant for peoples is not that simple. Modernism and Traditionalism are brethren, in Europe they have been participating brethren since centuries. Both these valuable attitudes are important for enriching a country, a people, a community. Civilization is made impossible if only one side is allowed. A reconciliation does not mean that one of the sides shall give up its specificity, its character. If so happens, it is called oppression or mental cleansing. Europeans start to see that something is wrong with our culture. The victors need the losers.

191. Don't you see a difference between Left and Right among Western parliamentary parties ?

Nothing is more unveiling regarding Western policy than debates over non-White immigration to Europe. Such debates become more and more frequent, even among politicians. Until recently debates over immigration were considered incorrect or Nazi, due to the Humanistic idea and decision that races are inexistent and that modernized Whites are and shall be color blind. Reigning Humanistic ideology has since 1945 made Europe an experimental area for elaborating a New Man in a New World.

Strong immigrants have from the beginning challenged the Humanistic nitwits by refusing to adapt to their New World plan. More and more immigrants keep and protect their ancestral customs and religion. Because of their growing numbers, Western cadres are getting shocked. How can it be true that somebody refuses and rejects the Humanistic Mission for World Domination ? Western Humanists pretend they have found the key for universal administration in the Chart of Human Rights of the French Revolution. Now some non-Westerners dare to oppose to the key discovery, to the universal goodness proclamation ! Such persons can only be characterized Terrorists, even before they have committed any act of opposition. Humanists, the masters of the universe, have their right to protect themselves through preemptive strikes against such people.

This is what has been going on all over the world since the Humanistic Revolution of 1945. The Humanists have been conquering the world through wars called democratization actions or Human Rights missions. The self-proclaimed goodness of the new world masters can under no circumstances be criticized. The masters can not be suspected for having secondary plans. Their goodness is so huge that no other political or cultural attitude reach up to it, can compete. Here is an example of Humanistic goodness taken from own experience : Humans calling themselves Nazi kids and who proclaim that they have been satanized ever since the Humanistic victory of 1945, are absolutely inexistent in humanistic minds. Humanists are blind to proven facts that something is wrong with their policy. As a consequence they just call us "war children" and have us on their agenda for psychiatric or chemical treatments in coming times of total goodness.

Two political world powers, Russia and China, are threatening the Humanistic World Conquest, or at least slowing down the speed of global Humanization. Therefore the Humanistic War Organization called NATO has the right to encircle them and to establish atomic rocket bases as close to their borders as possible. NATO war in Afghanistan is going on for this purpose. The Humanistic World Conquerors do also need energy in order to fulfill their global mission of humanization. For this reason they have endless wars going on in the Middle East and in Africa.

In the perspective of global war or global pacification undertaken by the West, there is no more any opposition between Western political Left and Right. Western parliamentary parties have all subscribed to the Human Rights ideology of 1945. Dominant similarity of Left and Right becomes evident when their political representatives discuss immigration. Both agree to the plans that terrorists against the West must be stopped through world wide actions. Rightist politicians run to the US asking for more and quicker protection. Leftists run to the Humanistic organization called UN in order to get the same protection. None of them dare criticizing on a deeper level ongoing Humanistic wars. Both loved the UN-NATO war on Serbia in 1999.

Thanks to Western Humanism and the mental feeling of superiority which this materialistic ideology triggers in Western minds, our humanity is running toward WWIII. All people of mental stability should now take action in order to stop this Western humanistic threat against our humanity. Non-parliamentary movements must be formed. Christians must find back to their original strive which is spiritual and not materialistic. Christians who support UN-NATO wars are endorsing Materialism, not Christianity. Power must be taken from Humanistic plutocrats and given back to the people. Mainstream or political correct journalists must be pushed out of positions in Western media. Discussions around immigrants or emigrants are uninteresting in this perspective. All races and cultures are concerned. Fake Democracy is threatening the world cultures. Summum jus summa injuria.

192. Do you feel a discomfort of your culture ?

Of course Second Generation Nazis feel discomfort of post-war culture. This culture gives no space for European traditionalists and for the descendants of counter-revolutionaries of the 20th century. Post-war culture is unbalanced, dominated by Modernists who are incapable of collaborating with traditionalists. They are devoid of feelings inspiring steps toward a reconciliation. Post-war culture is not our culture. We feel it as a foreign one. It is a harassing, ice-cold culture. It is cold not only for Nazi descendants.

Why are victors and victors' children incapable of moving toward a reconciliation with beaten brethren ? Do they think they are victors for eternity ? Are they totally spoiled by the vice of Hubris ? European Modernists have become opposed to their own old culture. They have turned revolutionary, just like the French Modernists of the 18th century. They have also turned anti-religious, specifically anti-Christian.

But the victors' hatred against the losers of WWII, where does it come from ? Once you have beaten someone, normal human behaviour is to show a minimum of pity. Since the war's end in 1945, the hatred has increased. There must be some hidden reasons inside our culture. As I have often written in this FAQ site, I mean there are metaphysical reasons behind, or religious reasons, reasons which are contrary to the Modernists' way of thinking. To point out humans as devils the way Modernists are doing with Nazis and Fascists, is already a pervertedly religious, or anti-Christian practice.

Modernists call themselves Rationalistic, Scientific, Materialistic - superior to religious people. They are liars. Never in Western history people have been more penetrated by irrational, religiously perverted attitudes than Modernists. With the help of advancing Zionism in Western culture from the beginning of the 20th century, Modernists have turned Old-Testamentic, like Jews. But they are pseudo-Jews, fake Jews, fake Westerners, pseudo-Rationalists. They are Materialistic slaves, dispossessed of own liberty. They are dancers forced to turn around the Golden Calf.

Gilad Atzmon writes in "From Esther to AIPAC" that something is deeply wrong with the Jewish Zionists as well. He applies the diagnosis of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the Zionists. They are Holocaustic at a religious level. He says : "Within the Pre-TSD an illusion pre-empts the conditions in which the fantasy of future terror is shaping the present reality." (Jewish Archetypes). Zionists have an aggressive anguish of future annihilation of the Jewish people. This anguish is not nourished by realities in the past but by imagined future catastrophes. This fear gives the Zionists rights, Human Rights, to apply their fear to the entire world, to get their fear institutionalized in world wide Holocaust Centers.

Our wild Western Humanists have imitated the Zionists in this perspective. They help the Jews building their Holocaust Centers because they feel themselves threatened, by Nazi spectres from the past and by the awful Nazi brood from a close future. Materialistically saint peoples, Zionists and Western Humanists, advance globally hand in hand in order to make a better world for all tribes and cultures. They say so. The nonsense is without limit.

The Jewish segregation Jews/Goyim, a segregation made of suspicion towards intruders, of anguish for foreigners, in order to protect the proper tribe, has been stolen by the Humanists in order to give them an illusion of exclusivity, of chosenness, as well. Their segregation is Humanists/Nazis. Humanists have to exclude eternally the Nazis in order to feel themselves good, chosen. What is disturbing in this philosophy and in this practice is that Western Humanists and Nazis are of same ethnic group, come from same families. It is not so easy to be exclusivistic Modernists.

The Zionistic way has given another strange result in Western Modernists' attitude to life and world. The Modernists have adopted the anguish inherent in Zionistic behaviour. But instead of being afraid of foreigners like Palestinians, Iranians etc., Western Modernists are afraid of themselves and their own culture. As a result they try to be non-White, non-Westerners, anti-tribal, anti-racist. It's a pity to see the degradation of Western culture since the Modernists got in power in 1945.

Everything authentically European has seemingly to be changed in order to fit to a globalistic future. Modernists hate the past and run toward the future dreamt of as Global Village. But we are all soon going to die in Disney Land. Because the Modernists' anguish is growing since they feel anguish for themselves. They have developed a perverted delight for own destructive sentimentality. They love feelings of guilt for everything White men have done during history. They love the Holocaust. They can simply not get enough of it. They love the end of the world because they feel themselves guilty for it. Western artists and technicians prove this with eschatological films and video games which come in growing numbers, which pollute all cultures of the world.

193. Modern Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary these days. The Treaties of Rome were signed the 25th of Mars 1957. What are your comments ?

This is a wrong date for celebrating Modernity in Europe. The Morgenthau Plan should be the real political happening for celebrating materialistically unified and culturally freed Europe. It was presented the 25th of September 1944 and implemented as soon as the Germans surrendered. Millions of humans were sacrificed for the holy intention of a New Europe. The Morgenthau Plan was a repetition of the Peace Treaty of Versailles which had already occasioned despair, starvation and death in Germany.

The real plan in 1945 when Eastern and Western conquest forces met in the ruins of Germany, was unity of the victors. The plan was that both forces melted in one big institutionalized globalistic revolution. The Morgenthau Plan was an expression of such a world-Materialistic agreement. But the Soviet State had turned Nationalistic under Stalin, specifically during war, and challenged the Capitalistic Western Modernists who were even more globalistic than the Soviets. It was a typical conflict of allies.

The conflict between the world conquering allied powers occasioned that the Morgenthau Plan was moderated in 1947. This conflict between Western and Eastern Materialists was rather artificial because both Soviets and Western Materialists wanted a thorough transformation of European culture as well as of all patriarchal cultures in the world. They could so easily have cooperated, was it not for nationalistic feelings.

The Marshall Plan was formed unilaterally by the Western world conquerors. The Marshall Plan started the Modernistic anti-European adventure the 5th of June 1947. At this date the Secretary of State George C. Marshall gave a speech at Harvard calling for an American plan to help Europe recover from WWII. Commercialism, liberal individualism and revolutionary Human Rights were forced on all Europeans. Denazification laws from the Nuremberg Court helped implementing the Materialistic Revolution. The mental pressure on traditionalistic families was soon to be intensified thanks to the Death Cult of Holocaust launched in the early 60s.

When Europeans today celebrate the European Union with the Treaties of Rome, they try to hide the American basis for the whole event : The Morgenthau Plan and the Marchall Plan. One lie produces another. Never in history Europeans have been more enslaved, enslaved to non-European globalistic plans. As long as NATO is functioning as military force in Europe, the US will have the last word in all questions regarding world policy. As Europe for the time being is subdued, depending on American military forces, all celebrations of post-war treaties are anti-European actions.

There will be no authentic Europe continuing its millenary free culture without the participation of Nazi children, thanks to an explicit ceremony of reconciliation. All revolutionary -isms boiled out from the French Revolution are just illusions in the heads of experimenting social scientists. Everybody sees today that young Europeans have lost the meaning of life, historically based on family and children, through intellectual noise produced by researchers. New strong and beautiful European youth will soon awake and react. The 21st century is the century of counter-revolution.

194. How do you estimate the role of Sixty-Eighters in modern history ?

For Europe the role of Sixty-Eighters is still nefarious. The Sixty-Eighters infect all cultural life, from schools to Parliaments and back to universities and schools. Since I belong to this disgraceful generation myself, being twenty-two in 1968, I know what kind of contradictory feelings which overwhelmed my immature brain in that period. Over distance in time I cannot see that others of my generation had luckier moves, experiences and choices than myself. We all reacted or repressed reactions out of historic despair, generational distress.

Notwithstanding which side our parents fought for during WWII, we of second generation needed to free ourselves from the myths of our warrior parents. They simply did not leave us oxygen for own life. They talked and talked about war miseries and war heroism. We were reduced in all aspects, were dwarfs in history, being born with or growing up with peace instead of war. Our parents, without being conscious about it themselves, despised us. War gives humans specific energies.

Thus, we had to enter the scene, make ourselves visible, showing our parents that we existed, proving for them that we were capable of actions, foolishness, anger and heroism, just like our procreators. But our entry in history corresponded with a historically dynamic vacuum. Europe was physically and spiritually drained after history's worst war. We thus missed to encounter history and had to enter an artificial stage which we simulated being reality.

Some of us copied the Communist Revolution or followed distant Mao Tse-tung, others ran into exoticism and flower power with help of drugs. Others again converted to Maran Ata, Hara Krishna or Jehovah's Witnesses. Most of us ran in all directions at the same time with the result of missing all moves. We became zombies of a home-made despiritualized theater, of a fatally accepted world, turned into parental replicas without air. We were necessarily often incapable of educating own children since we did neither dominate our small surroundings nor ourselves.

So far this description shows just beginning brush strokes of my generation's misery. Those of the Sixty-Eighters who pretended being cadres for a new Communist Revolution happened to be embraced by the real hidden Western leaders, all from American-Zionistic circles. These post-war real leaders needed the Sixty-Eighters as useful idiots for their materialistic global design and purpose. The Sixty-Eighters spoke solidarity and equality among all humans, sang cute songs of Human Rights, talked revolution for the glory of Humanity, thus making it easier for the Western oligarchs to enter new countries and new cultures with their commercial, capitalistic strategies.

Most of these post-war Western Disney Land Communists have today jobs in powerful international corporations. In full contradiction with their materialistic and exclusive positions they continue to profess their communistic nonsense. They have never been forced to correct their stage plays made for parental opposition in the 60s. With all their contradictions and lies they have necessarily had a tragic impact on European Nazi children, sometimes being themselves Nazi children. They have never won consciousness after their generational revolution of 1967-1968.

The politically active Sixty-Eighters have excelled in producing lies, and in repressing truths. It cannot be an exaggeration to say that they are world history's worst suppressors. Especially when coming from old European families with Nazi and Fascist engagement, the Sixty-Eighters have systematically transformed individual history, family history, local history into some sort of absurd pseudo-revolutionary fairy-tails. I invite you to read the best essay ever written on this important topic in European history. For the moment the text is only in Norwegian : Familiefortrengninger by Eystein Eggen. This essay shows the foulness and tragic consequences of post-war family lies regarding European traditional culture. In the year 2007 Mr. Eggen is also publishing essental documents in the following web page : Writing and liberating "The Boy from Gimle". This is also a must site for persons who want to discover family lies as well as to measure official repression of truths in post-war Norwegian history.

How was it possible for the Sixty-Eighters to fall so deeply in self-depravity ? They became masters of historic suppression in stead of being liberators for themselves and others, what once was their explicit aim. In arts, social sciences and history teachings they have perverted everything what our culture has offered us of valuable art and spirituality during millennia. They have blackened everything beautiful and replaced the beautiful with modernistic noisy nonsense. Our Nazi families have become the Devils nest, and our parents, uncles and siblings have become demons. Europe has turned out to be the morally darkest place on earth. In a wide perspective, through contagion, White men in general become devils. Anti-Nazi practices or hatred against Nazis hit back on the self-proclamed humanistic Humanists. The Sixty-Eighters' anti-humane portrayal of WWII losers turns out to be self-fulfilling, ends up with dehumanizing the entire West.

At the same time as they jumped up in the sky of liberating joy in 1968, the Sixty-Eighters fell under the shadow of the newly launched Holocaust. They quickly read the religious laws of this looming Death Cult. They started to feel genuinely good the more they blackened the Nazis. They cried when they heard about the Holocaust in Germany but locked their ears when the millions of victims of Communism were presented. The Death Cult of Holocaust was to become the new religion for these youngsters who nevertheless boasted of being the most rational generation in history. The Sixty-Eighters fell easily into irrational darkness as they had already lost contact with reality. They had lost contact with real history at the moment they played young cadres for an old concluded revolution. The Sixty-Eighters became preys for ghosts.

These contemptors of everything traditionally European have today dominating positions in European culture. They even possess the institutions founded for practicing altruism in our societies. We then reach the summit of burlesque tragedy : When miserable kids of Nazi soldiers, stigmatized and socially tortured during the entire post-war era, ask for some sympathy after six decades in the shadows due to constant harassment from the Sixty-Eighters, the same Sixty-Eighters offer to help them to join our society. Depravity practiced since 1968 has made these obnoxious intellectuals blind to own monstrosity.

How long shall young Europeans suffer under such decadent creatures ? Communist Sixty-Eighters are still teachers in our schools, lawyers at our courts, social researchers at our universities, artists for our common social rooms and owners of art galleries, priests in our churches, psychologists in our hospitals, journalists for most of our newspapers, influential politicians, editors, cadres in our hidden globalistic think tanks and institutions, lackeys for "our" plutocrats and oligarchs. Hasn't the time come for a new direction for Europe ? Can we admit a Europe consisting of cultural swamps where the spirit is nothing but gliding dots of mist ?

195. What is wrong with Humanism as ideal for all peoples of the world ?

Everything is wrong with modern Humanism, an ideology which Westerners are forcing on all peoples of the world. This Humanism is based on the false idea of a socially free individual. Humanism is equivalent to political individualism, or individualistic democracy. Such a policy is tantamount to an invasion into the individualistic sphere of everything official. In Western Humanism it is intrinsic that the private shall be official, be officially owned and officially protected through ever more electronic control systems. There exists no opposition between the two spheres. Individuals reflect the greatness of the official. This similarity is exactly the ideal of Humanism : Global Village, Family of the Left, a world without individual differences. Or with other words : The Dictatorship of Equality, the Dictatorship of Identicalness.

There are of course strategies for implementing this ideal of modernistic Dictatorship. Like Western democracy functions today, anybody can stand up and declare himself as a minority. It is sufficient to be a newcomer with a foreign culture, a non-Western immigrant in a Western society. Or it might be an individual who can prove or show some kind of particularity, like physical or sexual deviance. With this particularism raised to a status of minoritarian exclusivism they can claim rights at the expense of any surrounding majority. Minoritarians can in fact destroy all majoritarian groups which refuse to be including, which resist in celebrating the newcomers at the same level as members of the original community.

Minorities alone would of course be impotent in such social struggles of power. But the Humanists meddle in the affairs, become their supporters, attack with eager all authentic cultures, especially if these cultures are made up of Europeans. We get a mob rule of minoritarians, blessed by the Humanists. This is also an expression of the Dictatorship of Individualism. The Humanists are guarantors of the least common multiple culture. They operate consciously, want a human ocean which at the perfect end shows no signs of individual difference. At the best there shall be no difference of gender either.

Most people can discern platitude fro culture. Culture reposes on the cult of differentiation, on distinction, on exclusivism. Since exclusivism has become forbidden in the West, the Mass Culture is now invading our old societies and is heading toward a zero degree of quality. This is how the post-war Western empire of Materialism succeeds. It is an empire which despises everything of quality. It loathes the nature. It scorns life. At the end this empire will drown in self-contempt. The Death Cult of Holocaust which the Humanists honor as exclusive religion has to end up with fatal logical results. Death cult opposes cult of life.

196. Show a link between the Old Testament and Modern Holocaust commemoration !

Religious vs Secular Fanaticism
Humanism depends on Nazism as White depends on Black. Humanists soak all Nazis into a demonic soup, have done that since the early decades of the 20th century, but especially after 1945. Reasonable humans know that such an absolutism in human matters, in human descriptions, belongs to religious fanaticism as far from Christian appeal of love as possible. But how can Humanists who present themselves as non-religious, be as fanatic as certain religious sectarians ?

Contagion and Intermingling
There must be at some level a contagion between religious fanaticism and modern secular Humanism. It is a mystery that historically liberating lay movements like Communism and Humanism both operate against own goal, own intention. The intention should be respect and tolerance for everything human. But religious fanaticism intermingled, transformed laic policy into extreme and hateful historic opportunism.

Humanism as Excessive Idealism
Communism and modern Humanism are both excesses of Christian teachings and attitudes, attitudes of equality in face of God, inclusiveness of all humans in God's plan, equality of brethren in the worship of God. In metaphysical sense all humans are necessarily equal. If used in politics and social affairs the belief in equality turns excessive. Humans are simply different in talents and shall have different social roles and duties. Tribes and races are historic and physical realities that shall be venerated and respected. Humanism disrespects human reality. Humanists also terrorize people who oppose their ideology of fabricating a human undifferentiated magma.

Old Testament's Chosen
Christianity has its roots in the Old Testament, in Judaism, in the Torah. Three thousand years ago the Bible recounts how God saved the Jews from slavery in Egypt. The Jews got their Passover which in Europe developed into Christian Easter.

The LORD said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt,
“This month shall stand at the head of your calendar;
you shall reckon it the first month of the year.
Tell the whole community of Israel: On the tenth of this month every one of your families
must procure for itself a lamb, one apiece for each household.

They shall take some of its blood
and apply it to the two doorposts and the lintel
of every house in which they partake of the lamb.

It is the Passover of the LORD.
For on this same night I will go through Egypt,
striking down every firstborn of the land, both man and beast,
and executing judgment on all the gods of Egypt-I, the LORD!
But the blood will mark the houses where you are.
Seeing the blood, I will pass over you;
thus, when I strike the land of Egypt,
no destructive blow will come upon you.

New Chosen
God saved his people, the Jews. With Christ one thousand years later, with His sacrifice as lamb for all believers, the new Chosen People includes ethnies from any corner of the earth, people of different history. Some Jews will accuse Christians of having stolen their tribal God. In a way they are right, hence there is Jewish hostility against Christians. In our modern times Humanists and Zionists have always cooperated, even one can discuss whether their world views and world plans are opposed or not. They unite in their disgust at Christianity.

Conflicts between Jews and Goyim (non-Jews)
No doubt there has been contagion in human psychology between the celebration of this Biblical narration and the interpretation of history of the 20th century. Both under Egyptians and Germans the Jews have found themselves in constraint, in retribution. God knows for which reason the Jews were taken to Egypt as slaves. Did they steal too many goods from Egyptian caravans ? No people on this earth lives without committing sins. On the other hand it is in the capacity of humans to understand why European counter-revolutionaries, the Fascists and the Nazis, got in conflict with the Jews. The Jews had since the early 19th century opposed European nationalism and Völkish strives and had manoeuvred for Socialism, Communism, Internationalism.

Conflicts between Materialists and Traditionalists
Once you enter the stage of politics, there are certain logics, certain consequences to be aware of. Jews were not innocent of the political struggles in Europe in the 19th and 20th century. They were on the contrary feverishly active. They lost, won and lost again during the political developments, as everybody else. In 1945 they won an enormous victory, together with the Communists and international Oligarchs or Capitalists. From that moment it was attractive for both Communists, Zionists and Capitalists to smear and dishonour beaten Nationalists. Traditionalists became exclusive evildoers in the history of 20th century, and the Jews became exclusive innocent. If Communists and Capitalistic Materialists did not believe in divine punishment of the Nazis, they never really opposed the idea and the hope. The Zionists, they believed in divine punishment of the Nazis, their Goyim opponents, because they wore the memories of such examples from the Old Testament. Their actual Holocaust Centers, spread with the help of Humanists, serve as Commemoration Temples.

Old Testamental Satanization as a common post-war project
The delight of dehumanizing the losers of WWII was so great during the happy years of post-war rebuilding that it didn't bother if the realm of religion and secular humanistic policy was mixed. Like the Egyptians had the plan of keeping the Jews in endless captivity, the Germans had had in mind to exterminate the remotest final member of the Jewish tribe in the famous gas chambers. Thought the victors. The evilness of the Germans grew to religious heights, surpassed the evilness of the Egyptians. We Nazi children are obstructed with this continuous celebration of evilness over sixty years after WWII. We dare to protest.

Christians as Satanizers
Whatever Western Academics say, the counter-revolutionaries of the 20th century fought for preserving European traditions including Christianity. Strangely, people don't like to talk about Hitler as a Christian, a Catholic. Now, most people know that neither Communists nor Humanists are big fans of Christianity. But due to some curious reason they have gained Western Christians for their cause. Stories from the Old Testament have entered the game. Humanists want to be as Chosen as the Zionists, are dividing people in Chosen and Demons. Christians think that the pretentious and overambitious Humanists, the new false Chosen, are religious. Christians join the Humanists, and have thus become among the most passionate satanizers of Nazis. How long shall this non-Christian attitude prevail in the churches ? Has the virtue of reconciliation been wrecked in the churches of the 21st century ?

Western Contradictions
"Where the starting point is crazy minimal, the outcome is often highly original", says Ibsen's Peer Gynt. Today the Zionists' collaborators, different kind of Socialists, the Humanists and the Christian Zionists, have invested enormously in one new State : Israel. Some say it is a mostly tribal State. It is a fact that it is a religious State. Capitalists are not too sorry that this new old-fashioned State, established by mainly anti-religious and anti-Nationalistic war victors, is situated in the most oil rich area of the world. So, it must feel weird for Zionistic Christians to join laypersons and for anti-religious Materialists to join fervent religious people in the continuous celebrations of the Holocaust and the Holocaust State. These self-contradictive Westerners depress millions of other Goyim. At the end they must depress themselves. Happily there are honest Jews who see the madness of this materialistic misuse of Israel. For the time being there are not so many honest Christians. When will hearts of flesh replace the hearts of stone ?

197. If there is decadence in the West, there must be mental depression. Can you present and explain actual modern depression ?

After 1945 when the German resistance failed, Europeans came under the dominion of two forces or two ideologies : Communism and Capitalism. The two ideologies had many common interests with common ambitions for world power. They were both modernistic movements in the meaning that they were free from responsibilities and duties regarding Christianity and traditional culture. With the end of the Cold War in 1990, due to collapse of the Communist Empire, the two ideologies amalgamated and became Globalistic Capitalism. This Globalistic Capitalism manoeuvered throughout the world under political programs as Liberation, Democratization, implementation of Human Rights, establishment of Humanism. Its aim and intention was and is a Materialistic World Empire under control of the US.

Without traditional culture and religion it is normal that Westerners are or get depressed. Slowly they discover how much WWII was a civilizational catastrophe. The victors got wild with their modernistic ideologies when all traditional forces were annihilated. Commercialism, materialistic fashion, capitalistic football, economy based health care, commercials and advertisements invading official places, media based democracy, G8 meetings free of political control, obsession with money and idolization of the rich, all such kind of modernistic measures taken for satisfying liberated Westerners show today that traditional culture is unique and irreplaceable. More and more Westerners discover that their life has become void of meaning. Emptiness is what mostly characterizes Western modern culture. Mass depression accompanied by mass departure into illusions is the logical result.

In our 21st century the last surviving ideology of Modernism, Materialistic Humanism or Communistic Capitalism ruled by oligarchs, starts to meet resistance and tough opposition, both politically and militarily. The religious State of Israel which is supported by non-Israelite Materialistic Humanists and Christian Zionists needs to pay back its costs. Israel answers by consolidating its power in oil rich Middle East. The State is consequently incapable of establishing peace with neighbours. Few thinking persons are really surprised of the escalation of violence in the region. Not fewer persons were surprised when Muslims attacked the towers of World Trade Center in New York, a center which financed the military consolidation of Western modernistic interests in the Middle East.

When Americans call the ruins of the Twin Towers "Ground Zero", they mistake history and they dupe their own intellectual clarity. Not only Americans are losers in this impossible strive for world power in the name of Human Rights. Half of the European population has been losers since 1945. The rest of the European population, those lured by American Capitalistic and Democratic Freedom Ideology, are also now awaking to a blue Monday. Europeans are on the road of losing their ancestral culture. As already said, there is today an awakening of the culturally catastrophic situation of the West. The Ground Zero for Westerners is not the one pointed out in New York. Our Ground Zero was and is Berlin, and it happened in 1945. Today the material ruins are not visible in the old German capital, I dare say the old European capital. But cultural ruins are visible everywhere in the West.

There is today a mental similarity between American Blacks and European Whites. One may talk of a fellowship of social depression between Blacks and Whites, not only in America. Just like many Blacks since centuries have felt and may still feel themselves depressed because they were imported to America against their will, as slaves, many Whites are slowly also finding themselves lost and void of own history. When White Americans joined Socialistic and Liberalistic Europeans in crushing the European popular rising against anti-ethnical, multicultural Communism, they participated in the destruction of own culture and history. The Humanists have today managed to destroy, through satanization of racism or race awareness, even the consciousness of being White, they be Latin, Germanic or Celtic. Our tribal pride has naturally been replaced by anguish since we have to hate what we naturally love. During thousands of years we have developed pride and identity for being apart among our human brethren. From 1945 all Whites are prohibited to feel White, to recognize their Whiteness.

One might say that this Western decadence with growing mental depression is merited because Westerners have enslaved other peoples. But during history most tribes have practiced slavery. Whites have not been neither better nor worse than other races. We earn nothing in adding to our modernistic depression a depression for being more guilty than others because of misdeeds in the past. Time has come to look for a better future for all tribes who want to preserve own genuine culture. Our humanity is culturally rich only if we preserve our differences. Let us strive for a reconciliation between Modernists and Traditionalists and work for a common better destiny for all our races, both culturally, economically and environmentally.

198. How can people have interest in satanizing somebody ?

When you are lying on a high level, you have reasons for demonizing those who might point you out as a lier. You have too much to lose if you are unveiled. If it is the question of a person or very few, you can kill them or hire one or more professional killers to do the job. If the persons who threat you with exposing your hoax are too many, you use political satanization, mass satanization. This is what the Nazi children's fight is about : to get free from the victors' Freedom policy.

Political blackening has been going on in the West since 1945. The Nazis fought for saving the ethnies from slavery and destruction. The enslavers won militarily but did not want to present themselves as enslavers of the world peoples, even not in the name of Capitalism or Communism. Since they could not kill all the surviving Germans and that the terror against them during war was not enough, they invented Satanization and Holocaust as mental weapons of mass destruction.

The Nazis were depicted as monsters, devils, non-humans. They were the planners of world power and enslavement of all humans. They were the monsters who wanted to destroy the ethnies of the world. And their children were the evil Nazi brood. This Nazi brood has remained silent during over sixty years. One can say that the victors' demonization campaign has been successful - in their eyes.

All arguments have been set upside down in the victors' propaganda. When they talk about peace, they mean war. When they talk about freedom they mean slavery. When they talk about Human Rights they mean own Non-human Rights over humans. When they talk about democracy they mean plutocracy. When they say anti-racism they mean hatred against races. The game is over. The hoax is exposed for all who want to open their eyes.

The victors did not manage to kill all their enemies. They did not manage to terrorize them with their carpet bombing of civilian towns, general rape of German women, world history's worst ethnic cleansing from German Eastern provinces and on purpose starvation until death of 1.7 million German soldiers in the summer of 1945. The victors did not succeed in demonizing their enemies. The Nazi brood managed to awake. The hoaxers are designated. Post-war era will soon be over.

199. What do you understand by Modernity ?

"Modernity" in actual political and social context means Consumeristic Dictatorship and Human Monoculture. The market, the media and morally free minoritarians make the law. Western culture is under pressure of irresponsible players. Social and moral catastrophes are visible everywhere, but it is incorrect to mention them. Christianity is receding, but it is incorrect to talk about de-Christianization even among Christians. The very power of incorrectness in the official room shows how post-war politicians have managed to govern the official debate and to weakening and forcing off the political stage non-desired voices and arguments. The same politicians who render suspicious, by all means, debaters with traditionalistic views, are those who most often call themselves Democrats.

Second generation Nazis are survivors from the past and necessarily interested in protecting and saving what can be saved from our old patrimony after the takeover by Capitalists and Communists in 1945. Due to the internationally satanized Nazi word, we are very seldom invited to express ourselves officially. Instead of being representatives of an interesting, rich and authentic history and culture which in time goes far beyond WWII, we are smeared with the populistic Nazi word in order to make the smearers morally attractive and innocent of all taint. This cheap manner of manipulation has been going on for six decades. Democrats and Humanists are obviously unable to survive without using living and dead humans as trash cans.

In modernistic Norway, a land flowing of milk and honey from oil dollars, the most radical voices for blessing Modernity come now from highly integrated non-European immigrants. Materialism has reached non-European souls, what since the beginning of post-war Capitalism in Europe has been the Capitalists' objective and desired result. But in a world threatened by modernistically monocultural devastations due to media, travels and human tendency of imitating exotic manners - people try to appear original and different i our mass culture - it is obvious that Traditionalists have an important role to play.

Humanity is rich only through its cultural differences. These differences must be protected just like natural environments must be. Young people who have traveled through the world and seen what is to be seen of modernistic urban culture and life will desperately seek authenticity. Culture is not only a question of pleasure and vacational relaxation. Culture is something to care about in order to hand over to our descendants a certain history and life experience. Love for our family must reach our forefathers. The very history depends on past culture. A people without history and authentic culture ceases to be a people.

200. Is the concept of Evil stable in post-war Humanistic thinking ?

Designation of Evil as political weapon
Evil or evilness can be an enormously powerful political weapon if addressed properly. This is a weapon which relies on two dimensions, which combines the realm of political science and the realm of religion. Evil gets double force because it grows out of social power as well as out of irrational power. All is about how to stigmatize or strike somebody you want to annihilate with evilness. Your supporters will be engaged until the inner center of their sensitivity, into their soul, and follow you wholeheartedly on your annihilation mission.

Evil is something threatening, is a social Threat, a general Threat. Evil is something too big for ordinary persons to deal with. It threatens life, it might threaten the whole society and the future of the society. Only a Mission of extirpation of the Evil is proper. Such a Mission is justly called Liberation or Salvation. One who has designated an Evil is already few steps from being Liberator and Saviour, or at least being participator in a Holy Mission of Liberation.

The two paragraphs above can be read as an explanation of American participation in world policy during the 20th century. Big Evil was Nazism. The Liberation Mission was America's participation in the World Wars. The Saviours were the Americans. They fought exclusively for Freedom, even Freedom for their enemies. Since WWII the missions of the Americans have mostly been effectuated in other continents. Muslims are now those who must be liberated. The most ferocious of them are stigmatized and called "Islamists". They are representatives of Evil. Americans and Europeans, through NATO, have been bombing their supposed centers during years, with the obvious result of having doubled the number of representatives of Evil.

Threats as Political Fashions
At this moment, in the year 2007, an American former candidate for presidency is touring the world in order to expose a new Evil, this time a non-human one : Global Warming. How can this new salvation mission be explained ? Who gave the Americans the role of saving the world peoples from Global Warming ? Is there a connection between former and new American missions in world affairs ?

American world missions are not missions of altruistic liberation, missions for liberating the world peoples from abuse of power. Their missions are of course made for securing American interests. After dissipation of the British Empire in the aftermath of WWII, the US saw an opening for entering and redressing an empire. They could fill the gap, renew the British Empire, but now on the premises of North-American interests. Their manipulations for world power was of course veiled by their ordinary and well used propaganda. Non-American interests were presented as evil. After the Americans' victory over Nazi Germany Americans had fabricated a reputation of being liberators. People start to know that most post-WWII wars are wars manipulated by the US in order to strengthen their world power.

In the 21st century the Americans encounter more and more hostility from the world opinion. Not only their wars against Evil Islamists are in heavy troubles. Since decades their moral, religious and economic ally Israel is in serious troubles. The two countries Israel and America (USA) are today so intimately allied that a proper name of the two is Isramerica. The establishment of Israel was forced through in 1948 by the Organization of United Nations, an Organization established and dominated by the US. Israel was erected on stolen land, and the American Zionists have for this reason never been able to establish peace.

In world opinion Americans and Israelis are no longer liberators but international troublemakers. In order to repair their image, they have been forced to find a new constellation of their hero role against Evil, a new combination of Evil - Liberator. Global Warming is excellent for this use. If all peoples on the globe can feel being threatened by this new Evil - American TV will be helpful for visualizing the end of the world - Americans might once again appear as world saviours. The strategy is pretty. Hollywood is already trained in visualizing disasters like Holocaust, biblical Tribulation and other apocalyptic End of the World sceneries. Holocaust industry has gotten a follower. After the ongoing brave story of American leadership against Global Warming there will come an American Mission against threatening meteors. It will be a sign that Americans are begging for renewed sympathy from the world society.

Diminution of Zionistic American authority
Will people hostile to Isramerican world policy be influenced by this new charm campaign led by Al Gore ? Will they become more acceptive to American world dominance ? It is doubtful. American Holocaust movies do not function any more, just like old Westerns with White settlers fighting against Indians do not work today. It is a question if American culture in general is functioning as ideal for the rest of the world. American culture has become too materialistic, too populistic, too vulgar and often too violent. It is true that European post-war culture is by no means any better.

What about American Christians within our Christian world society - do they act for peace rather than for American materialistic power ? It is said that 70 million Americans are Christian Zionists. They do not seek peace in the Middle East. On the contrary, they want a greater Israel, destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and physically rebuilding of the Third Temple - as if such means assure peace in the region. American Christians are in a process of discrediting Christianity in its entirety. The Third Temple should have an other meaning for Christians. The Third Temple is under construction with Christian hearts as bricks.

What about American race policy ? After their destruction of Hitler's Germany Americans have been teaching the world about the necessity of abandoning the value of race in peoples' search for identity. The US was a melting pot - all enthusiastic Western anti-racists said. Now Americans have accommodated the depiction of their racial reality. Today they talk about their society as a racial patchwork quilt. The difference of races give nice colors. The Melting Pot was an empty phrase which has been trashed and thrown on the History's heap of waste, like the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and former Soviet have been thrown at the same garbage heap. People are not color blind. Most of us like to recognize individual features, both physical and mental, within the broader features of our tribe and race.

So, now the wheel of history has made a turn. The attempt of the Germans to establish a world scale patchwork including all peoples of the globe is again the most realistic way of organizing races and tribes in our world society. The German model has de facto been adopted by the Israelis. But as long as the Israelis are unable to establish peace with their neighbours, they have a problem with explaining their Zionistic Humanism. Zionistic Humanism is for the time being not fit for international use. Why don't we accept a renewed meeting with the past, beyond American predilection for cultivating Evil ? Hitler's model of a world society of Völker is definitely better than the American ideal of world wide individualism subjugated Capitalism.

201. Where do you situate the Nazis and the Nazi children in relation to God ?

We are all children of God. But when we were liberated by the Zionists, the Americans, the Englishmen and the Communists in the year of 1945, we were all branded as the Devil's children. With the coming of Holocaust in the 60s, our diabolized position was institutionalized internationally. We became unholy with the Holocaust. We are religiously degraded. We have gotten Holocaust Temples erected for commemorating our eternal Evilness.

Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg, January 27 1891 - August 31 1967, was a pioneer for establishing anti-Germanistic and anti-Nazi anger in the West. He worked during years in the US and France raising funds for Communism, being a prominent member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. During WWII he wrote leaflets like these :

The Germans are not human beings. From now on the word "German" means to use the most terrible oath. From now on the word "German" strikes us to the quick. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day ... If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, or if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German in the meantime. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another - there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days, do not count kilometers. Count only the number of Germans killed by you. Kill the German - that is your grandmother's request. Kill the German - that is your child's prayer. Kill the German - that is your motherland's loud request. Do not miss. Do not let through. Kill.

Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the German women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill!

After the war, in the summer of 1945, 1.7 million German soldiers were killed by starvation and lack of medical care in Allied consentration camps. Millions of German women and children were raped by the Allied forces, and not only by the Red Army as Western historians invent and like to think. And 20 million Germans were racially cleansed from their fatherland in Eastern provinces.

Much might be said about Ilya Ehrenburg. But his poetry and war propagandistic exclamations are basic to post-war Humanism. His "Black Book" written with his friend Vasily Salomonovich Grossman is an essential book for the founding of Western Cult of Holocaust, the new Western Death Cult which is ruling post-war Humanism. Compared to non-human Nazis described in this book any post-war criminal becomes a saint. The Black Book donated the special diabolic atmosphere to the Nuremberg Trials where our leaders were hanged. The book gave also the diabolic atmosphere we Nazi kids experienced during our upbringing.

Ehrenburg saw the holy figure of Six Million gassed Jews already in December 1944. Ehrenburg's birth day the 27th of January is now celebrated as the international Holocaust Day. If it is a coincidence or not, doesn't matter for us Nazi children. Ehrenburg should be celebrated in the West as founding father of the Humanistic New World which arose after 1945. He gave breath to the post-war death cult. He gave breath to hatred celebrated by Humanists. He gave anguish to the Nazi descendants. He separated us from God.

A Norwegian Protestant bishop, Eivind Berggrav, was quick to take the tone given by Ehrenburg. He baptized the Norwegian NS members "Devil's Children" in 1945. In Norway he was important for the official aim of inserting anguish in the Nazi brood. He too helped separating Nazi children from God. The satanization of Nazi children is not a way of speaking. It was a premeditated project worked out by both political and Christian authorities.

But why hasn't the Catholic Church banned the weapon of guilt, stopped political practice of demonizing people ? I have personally questioned priests and bishops on this topic, in Norway and in France. They answer that the Church has more important problems to deal with than satanization of Westerners. Immigrants and their welfare are important, they say. White mental exiles in own countries are not. Of course Catholic clerics are afraid of the Nazi children topic. They produced us by collaborating with Fascists and Nazis before and during the war with the motive of protecting us all from anti-Christian Communism.

Pope Benedict XVI is brave in his charge as Church leader being himself a former Nazi Boy in the Hitler-Jugend. He knows therefore perfectly well how we European Nazi children feel under the pressure of the Holocaust Cult. Everybody can understand the Pope's dilemma. If he does something for alleviating our pains he will automatically be accused of restoring Nazism. Holocaust-Humanism entered the Church during Vatican II. Even from inside the Church - if not inside himself - he is paralyzed from helping us.

But we Nazi children have the child dimension. Already from our childhood we wore the alleged sins of our fathers. Already as children we suffered the stigmatization of the good Norwegians, the good Europeans, the holy victors. Our child dimension brings us close to God because of God's words : "Let the children come to Me". Let us all pray for the demonizers.

202. What is Nazi children's most unsupportable pain ?

The worst for us is to not belong to history. Getting old, emptiness recoils upon us - instead of lived life.

Muteness - forced upon us by our disgracious victors for fulfilling their old denazifying or demonizing program - leads to emptiness in a person's social mind and social heart. Emptiness creates anguish in the person's psyche, in his personality. A human is a social creature who needs social participation. Once you deprive a person of this participation by not respecting his cultural particularity and social memories, you suppress his integrity, purge him of his humanness.

This brutality has been going on in Europe since 1945 - due to neglect of a legitimate truce followed by reconciliation. We live under the heels of political oppressors. They like to call themselves Humanists and Democrats, but they are ferocious operators for a New World Order based on Materialism, Capitalism, Cadrism, Oligarchism. Of course they call this new World Order "World Democracy". Religions shall be taken away from our official room and left for persons' decorum, reduced to some anodyne after tea ritual for each single individual. Love for our fatherland is forbidden. Our identity rooted in a history of rich family lines which offer stability in thoughts and manners, shall be replaced by an identity based on change, a mobile identity, something totally opposed to the character of identity. This new creation of fluid identity is certainly useful for Capitalists who need individuals with constant necessities and demands.

In April and May 2007 there appear articles in Norwegian newspapers concerning cultural behaviour, educated taste or gentlemanry. The articles are written by academics. The essence of what they say is that a modern world demands modern citizens. A changing world needs changing people. Modernists acclaim Modernism and welcome changes per se. The more a person welcomes changes the more the person is educated, behaves gentlemanly. "A cultivated person is always ready for changing his opinions. She or he has never stable guidelines", we could read in Aftenposten recently. Such sweetness of openness to the "World" gathers immediately crowds of academic flies. A euphoric rustling is heard all around from teachers and other humanists when they talk about the new meaning of gentlemanry. If these persons are so happy for changing themselves they could start by changing their dependence to the Holocaust Death Cult. But they need black and white history, they need Devils and Jews, they need angelic Modernism and diabolic Tradition.

We are all fooled by a post-war misconception of Modernism, and of political manipulation of this misconception. Modernism is only valuable if balanced with Tradition. Since 1945 European Traditionalism has been diabolized with obsessive use of Zionistic Death Cult. There will be no balance in Western culture before a reconciliation with Nazi children is welcomed and celebrated. There are for the time being more people in the US and Great Britain than in continental Europe who understand that 1945 was not a year of victory for Western culture, who see that Western culture is sick. People in these two victor countries are not so obsessed by or tortured by the endless denazification campaign unleashed during the Nuremberg Trials.

The victors are in a strange position. In a way we Nazi children are their perfect citizens. We are floating around in materialistic surroundings with fear for ourselves. We have no identity and are therefore dependant on cultural fashions which are endlessly invented by Western Capitalistic Fashion Bureaus. We are nervous wrecks because afraid of history and of ourselves. Consequently we are constantly in need of new forms of drugs and entertainments. We do not protest against our oppressors. If we did, we would reveal deeper layers of our identity and get scared. But the cadres of Modernism can anyhow not use us as models for the social masses. We are impregnated with diabolism due to their nazification or satanization investments through Holocaust Cult. The masters of Modernism, the anti-cultural investors, know that they are destructors because producing human wrecks. They try to hide their anti-human activities by calling themselves Humanists and Democrats.

Time has come for more Nazi children to take our history back, to break the wall of muteness which our oppressors have constructed around us and inside of us. Victor children need our company. Together we can repair the catastrophic tendencies of monolithic Modernism. Together we can prevent our politicians, social scientists and manipulating historians from destroying our common Western culture.

203. Who are brainwashing Westerners ?

Europeans and Americans are brainwashing themselves. They have chosen to be persons who they are not. It sounds strange. When you pretend to be different from who you are, you play with your core card, your identity. For the masses of Europeans the change of identity, or the cosmic explosion of the identity, happened after 1945. For many in the US it happened already in 1917 when Americans intervened in WWI. The Americans won the war and could impose on Germany the infamous Versailles peace. They paved the road toward WWII. When the victors of WWII destroyed Old Germany for a second time, both Americans and victorious Europeans got a new identity. They became World Liberators, New World Constructors, Defenders of Minorities, Global Citizens, Pseudo-Zionists, Humanists superior to religious believers.

It is necessarily challenging for people to be victorious repeatedly and over many years, over a whole century. It is especially demanding when you have designated compatriots as your enemies and defeated fellow citizens. Your feet might take off the ground and you start to levitate. You might become hero in your own eyes and own conviction. You become a victim of hubris. The victors of WWII say often that we of Nazi descent are prisoners of the past. As if the victors had already made a New World. Victors believe that the world has changed as a result of their greatness. Such thoughts are extremely silly. Of course we are all servants of Time, children of God, dependent on His will. Victors are not endlessly victors, just like losers are not endlessly losers. History is an intricate play of alternation, necessary for human social life. But how can Westerners have become pseudo-Zionists ?

Everybody should know that Zionism is a Jewish ideology. It should be rather impossible for non-Jews, for Goyim, to become Zionists. Of course their might be non-Jewish supporters of Zionism. But Western pseudo-Zionism is a mentality, a fake ideology, which is stronger than ordinary supporter mentality. Pseudo-Zionism has gotten religious attitudes and characteristics. Rationally considered it should be paradoxical for anti-religious, materialistic, scientistic Westerners to believe in something which is related to religion. But the fact is clear : Westerners have succumbed to Jewish Zionistic Death Cult.

Following this bizarre non-Western Death Cult you are criminal on the highest degree if you have militarily confronted Jewish Zionism. Zionism has managed to promote Jews to be a human specie superior to ordinary humans. Jews are the most innocent persons on earth, pseudo-Zionists pretend. To fight a Jew is therefore a criminal act. To fight a European traditionalist is a duty - following the law of Modernity and Progress. Honest Jews understand that this is injurious to the Jewish cause and civilization, and they reject this impossible pretense of being endowed with exclusive innocence. Jews were as awful as any Goyim in the social process of modernization of the 20th century.

How can it be that Jewish Zionism has had and has such an enormous impact on Western minds and Western mentality. The main explanation is certainly related to Christianity, the religion of Western civilization during two thousand years. Christianity is intimately knitted to Judaism and the history of the Jews. Both Jews and Christians have a strong sense of guilt, personal fear of committing sins against God, personal pain of feeling guilty for God, guilty for breaking His laws, His order, guilty for opposing His wish. When Modernism in the 20th century for many people replaced God by sciences, millions of Westerners continued nevertheless their awareness of guilt, their sensitivity of own insufficiency.

When the Holocaust was launched by Humanist cadres in the beginning of the 60s in order to paralyze any attempts of European traditionalists to regain social influence and power, modernized Westerners were happy to use the traditionalists, the Nazis and the Fascists, as dustbins for in this way getting free from own feelings of guilt and insufficiency. The more they painted the Nazis black, the more white they felt their own minds, attitudes and behavior. Thanks to continuous celebration of Nazis as devils through the growing Holocaust centers, both Christians and de-Christianized Westerners can feel saved, free of guilt, close to the Supreme Being. The Devils are stigmatized once and for all. The rest goes free. Humanist cadres, the Holocaustians, the pseudo-Zionists knew exactly which card to play for dominating the souls of Westerners.

Nazi children are and have been mentally brutalized by Western pseudo-Zionism rather than by Jewish Zionism. There might be an element of cover-up which has given pseudo-Zionism its force and mentality of irreconcilability. Pseudo-Zionists have stolen from a non-European people a non-European mentality. This they try to hide by intensifying their Zionistic eagerness. They have lost own sense of decency and moderation. Jews are necessarily exclusivists in cultural and religious matters in order to protect and maintain their particular culture and religion, what they have done during the centuries, especially after dispersion from their home-land under the emperors Trajan and Hadrian. The pseudo-Zionists have cultivated this Jewish force and particularity in order to oppress politically own countrymen, own clan members, own family members. They have gone wild because they demonize own countrymen with westernly irrational arguments. When Westerners stigmatize Westerners as beings of total evilness, when so-called Humanists satanize humans, we are confronted with an attitude which is beyond religion, beyond rationalism, beyond civilization. When are we going to end the Great European Civil War ?

It is sad to say it, but the brainwashed in the West are the victors and the victors' children, not Nazi children. Victors' descendants are those who have lost their identity in a modernistic society which permanently pushes citizens toward insane materialism, toward globalistic voracity. Post-war Western "democracy" offers citizens a non-culture made of noisy satisfactions ruled by media fashion instead of offering culture based on respect for our ancestors and our history. Post-war Western society cultivates Death through the Zionistic Holocaust which produces hatred towards persons of traditionalist mind, of non-compliant mind, of non-modernistic mind. The West is today an aggressive, demonizing, uncultured power which threats all peoples and cultures in the world with their unidimesional globalistic project of purely money based life on earth. When are Westerners going to stop their practice of preemptive strikes against peoples of different culture ? Isn't one bloody century with this political practice enough ? Do we need Americans and other pseudo-Zionists for saving the world ?

204. How is it to be an outspoken second generation Nazi in Norway ?

It has been extremely satisfactory to break down officially the social silence hiding our existence, a silence imposed upon us since we were born. Before Eystein Eggen in 1991 announced our existence in Aftenposten with his article "Lost Generation", we had only been overt within circles of friends. This year we could meet with other Nazi children and form our Organization of Norwegian NS Children. We have made our way back to history, back to society, back to our own identity which had been stolen from us. Eggen often tells about his feelings when writing "The Boy from Gimle" : "I felt I was hanging on the vertical side of a cliff and had to kick in the rock for getting a platform for my feet." Our surroundings were hostile, both from the victors' side and from our parents' side. It was a miracle that the book was finally published (1993).

It has also been challenging, because you meet the dark side of persons due to the satanization of our topic. When you attest a blood link to Satan, people are scared, behave irrationally. First of all our targeted group, our Nazi brethren and sisters, can be hostile to our project of social visibilization. They have spent all their life hardening their personality, constructing a carapace around their flesh, blood, and soul, for in such way running from their identity. When they see a comrade in free air talking freely, some get angry. Their self-destructive project shall not be obstructed by free life, troubled by normality. Some of us might be described as polar bears. They think they belong to the North Pole. If we manage to lure an exemplare down to warmer areas, he will run back to his cold loneliness at the first negative remark. All know that taming adult polar bears is a rather vain project.

Then we have the so-called normal persons : democrats, academics or other humanists of mainstream extraction. When they learn that you are of Nazi decent and at the same time hear that you defend European traditions, they immediately respond by concluding : "You certainly think that gassing of six million Jews was a good idea." Such a comment comes automatically from Western democrats, just like Pavlov's dog after being conditioned. Satanization of Nazis during six decades is giving predictable reflexes. This is why we second generation Nazis refuse to see Western democracies as democratic. No Nazi party of last century had in its program the elimination of the Jewish race. Post-war satanizers work by tricky amalgam : When six million Jews were gassed to death all Nazis knew about it and wanted it. If you protest against this illogism you are anti-Semite. And Nazi children are guilty of race annihilation once they say who they are.
How long shall Westerners cheat and be cheated ? How long shall we suffer under false post-war academic rationalism ?

205. Why are post-war Humanists hysterically afraid of Nazis, Nazi descendants and Neo-Nazis ?

Post-war Humanists have destroyed Christ in Western official social life and invested in His diametric opponent, Satan. Since they do not believe in anything transcendental, they have had to make Satan immanent. As victors in world history's worst war, they chose to make real humans representatives of his majesty Satan. They chose to make the war losers become devils, to invest the Nazis with satanism. Since the West after 1945 then is crowded with devils and devils' children it is normal that Humanists are hysterically afraid of their own investment, of their own demonic creatures. Deep inside they know that they, the Humanists, are Satanists, investors of demonic forces into humans, creators of embodied Evilness. Humanists are afraid of themselves because of their practiced demonic capacity. They have reasons for being afraid.

206. How do Humanists manage to repress their home made devils, i.e. Nazis and Nazis' descendants ?

Humanists had long-time hoped that Christians should do the job for them, since the main task of Christians is to eliminate Satan in the world, in their life. They were right during the first post-war decades. Nazis were stigmatized and outlawed first by some Christians, mostly Protestants. The Catholic Church did not participate in the mad demonization of humans wanted by Humanists until the Second Vatican Council in 1962. From this year, also Catholics participated in demonizing our Nazi families. With the accelerating de-Christianization of young generations in Europe at the end of the 20th century, there is no more general fear of demons inside the population. Contemporary Pop Culture of humanistic fabrication is even flirting with demons. What would be the next invention by Humanists in order to maintain the repression of Nazi families ?

Academic Humanists took over the job when Christianity got weaker and even Christians started to doubt about the reality of the Devil. All Western universities became productive centers of scientific proofs displaying Nazi evilness. The worst sin of the Nazis in the eyes of Humanists was to believe in race, tribe and family. Racists were labeled devils, criminals against the law of "Humanity". The Humanists re-invented the law of Human Rights, already used by the very humane French revolutionaries and, later, by the even more humane Bolshevists in Russia. But it is of course non-conform with humanistic policy to discuss crimes committed by revolutionaries. It is much more democratic to paint history and humans in black and white. With the institutionalization in the West of the Human Rights, equality of all humans is not only a dream but an obligation. It is unlawful to refuse anybody from any society on the precondition of family, tribe and race.

Since the Nazis fought for maintaining nations and Völker before the war, they became unlawful after the war. Their ideals were simply criminalized. With Humanism a new absolutistic ideology has usurped the power in the West. To question the holy laws of Human Rights is criminal. It is therefore with pride and joy that we second generation Nazis reject the Human Rights as unique laws for administrating human societies. It is a duty for all humans to fight for the survival of their tribes and races, and to respect their families. We understand that Human Rights and the principle of Equality of all Humans are important for materialistic oligarchs, plutocrats and smaller capitalists. Capitalists and Materialists need slaves for their materialistic house, for their global welfare state. But man is not unidimensional. We do not live for welfare alone. Man has a spiritual dimension. In order to take care of the entire man, we need laws which counterbalance the Human Rights. We need the Racial Rights, or the Tribal Rights. And we need a free Church.

Do people need to feel criminal because they oppose the exclusive ideology of Humanism ? On the contrary. Exclusive reign of globalistic Humanism is terrorism against race conscious peoples, and it is harmful to the world societies which need their history, myths and traditions. It is a duty to fight such a modern type of terrorism against peoples and cultures. If people shall be successful in their fight against the new Western usurpers, they must be conscious about the usurpers' main weapon : The guilt weapon - taken from the cult of Holocaust. In order to infuse bad consciousness and feelings of guilt in their opponents, the Humanists have borrowed the Zionistic death cult of Holocaust and made it their own death cult. Strangely the Jews have not protested against this theft. Humanists have become pseudo-Zionists and Holocaustians in order to destroy Christianity and the White race. They have gone wild with the productions of their Holocaust industry, with the result that most White people today feel ashamed for what they are, guilty for passed crimes of their antecedents, depressed for being White.

The time for a grandiose revolt against the Humanists is approaching. We don't need pseudo-Zionists in the West. We don't need White self-haters. We don't need unidimensional Materialists. We don't need White imperialists who strive for establishing One Messy Pluricultural World Society. We don't need spiritual dwarfs in central positions of Western culture.
What we need is a World Organization of United Races and Cultures which can replace the criminal Organization of United Nations which established Israel on land stolen from the Arabs, and which at the same time is undermining nations and national borders. Sixty two years after WWII the Humanists are threatening the world with a WWIII. They are incapable of admitting own shortcomings and failures. They are first of all incapable of admitting own mind of materialistic voracity. They are extremely dangerous because they go on with their detrimental world plays believing they are good and therefore are saving the world.

207. Do you mean that post-war Humanism is on its way out ?

Humanism as reigning ideology is soon gone. It failed by pretending being unlimited, universal. Nothing is more limited than thoughts of humans talking about universalism, absolutism, final truth. Such humans go right into the trap of hubris. Humanists won a too big victory in 1945. Their spirit and thinking got sick of their feelings of own greatness. It is not that easy to be masters of the world, to believe being masters of the world.

The world is still too big for the single man, even he calls himself Humanist. What are the Humanists going to use the world for ? Do they think that a welfare state on a global scale makes humans happy ? Are humans happy in welfare houses administrated by Social Democrats ? Will humans ever accept being patients under a regime of self-proclaimed Humanists ? Can Humanists give the world and life on earth a meaning ?

Humanists have nothing to give humans but Equality. Many of us in the West who during 62 years have lived under the regime of Equality are sick of the pretense and false play performed by humanistic ideologists. Have people in Western democracies gotten equal life conditions due to the policy of Equality, of Human Rights ? On the contrary, it is principle in Capitalism, the very locomotive for creating the paradisiac humanistic society, that differences between humans are increased instead of being diminished.

Humanistic flowery rhetoric picked from the French Revolution is about to collapse in the minds of contemporary citizens. People are fed up with the double speak of Humanists, with their hypocrite attitude. They wage war against third world countries in the name of Humanity. They bomb countries which do not submit to the humanistic laws. In Western countries the devastating social results of increasing use of drugs and alcohol among youngsters is presented in pop culture as funny social decorum. Israel is presented as a beacon of Humanism and Democracy among Muslims. Rotten Capitalism is dominating more and more Western culture.

It is now up to world citizens of old cultures to bury the monstrosity of Modernistic Western Humanism before it is too late, before the explosion of a WWIII. Ceterum censeo Humanismus vulgaris esse delendam.

208. Pope Benedict XVI has in May 2007 chocked Western intellectuals by saying that Christianity purified American Indians. Second generation Nazis should be chocked as well.

We are pleased by what the Pope has said, are not at all chocked. Catholic Spanish priests Christianized Indians from the beginning when Westerners discovered the new Continents. Spiritual purification, meaning Christianization, was a main task among many men of our culture. The Spanish and Portuguese priests did what the Gospel is teaching. Fanatic Humanists of our times see the move of history differently.

Western Humanists are self-haters. But at the same time they are materialistic conquerors. They hate Western history and bless own manipulations since they entered the political scene in the 20th century. Their greed is unlimited. Their interest is unidimensional, Materialistic. Once they grab commercial and energetic resources around the world, they are convinced that they do it for the sake of Humanity. Their only mission is Materialism.

Pope Benedict XVI is representative of Old European culture. Western modern intellectuals are Materialists, heading for nothing but Materialism and not for cultural concerns. They say they spread Freedom, Humanism, prosperity. But in the wake of Humanism there is nothing but Modernism, Liberalism, so called Freedom. Humanists have no answers to the big question what freedom is for. They can only hate what they do not understand : Spirituality and traditional Culture.

Today White intellectuals are those who need to be purified.

209. What is wrong with American self-criticism ?

Americans have awakened to a political fact : They are surrounded by enemies both from faraway countries and from inside their own country. And they have less and less friends in the world. They are in need of political allies. For the time being they have to wage war in an ever more friendless world. They call it war against Terrorism. Could they avoid to wage their wars ? Not as long as they harbour the new American dream of possessing the world.

Americans find out that their political regime is changing as a result of their world politics. To dominate a friendless world, to conquer the world without allies, demands a political regime which belongs to the opposite side of slow functioning Democracy. How can Americans spread the gospel of Human Rights throughout the world at the same time as they deprive own citizens from these Human Rights ?

American political self-criticism turns first of all against dictatorial tendencies of actual Federal Government. It seems that Americans want world power while they maintain the dream of freedom at home. Critics who want both world power and freedom at home are naive, inconsequential. People who want to obtain an objective cannot refuse the necessary means leading toward that objective.

Critics who work on a more interesting level think that the leading American ideologies, Zionism and Capitalism - both resumed in Humanism, are corrupt. They have discovered that Jewish Zionism together with American pseudo-Zionism favor Israeli-American interests and are detrimental to Palestinian interests. Such critics are able to see that American practices of Human Rights are hypocrite. But the same critics are unable to go into recent history, to see that Americans, through the UN, stole land for establishing the Zionist State of Israel. When shall we meet an American able to analyze the history of post-war political hypocrisy ?

A third group of American critics hostile to official policy led from Washington are Revisionists and Neo-Nazis. This group is the one which is most likely to be unencumbered by Zionism and Capitalism in criticism of American ideological history. But so far we miss to see Revisionists and Neo-Nazis who bother to denouncing own family members. Persons who criticize the ideology of own country must start by attacking own family members : fathers, grand-fathers, uncles... Afterwards they can criticize politicians. Awkward steps in history hurt.

So far American self-criticism seems superficial. The West needs a reconciliation after the Western civil war called World War Two. Americans must just take their time. Many American critics see that something is wrong with America. They should also see that something is wrong with the West. They have to include Europe in their political consideration after having interfered twice in fatal European conflicts. To hide own failures by demonizing opponents from civil war is monsrous when so-called peace has reigned during 62 years. Demonizers will soon get the taste of Demonism. They will have to drink own bitter brew.

210. Were there good Nazis in Norway, like Claus von Stauffenberg and Oskar Schindler ?

Certainly not. Officially spoken all Norwegian Nazis were or are horrible. Otherwise there would be no Nazi children topic. Norwegian victors, so-called Jøssinger, purified the country and the air from day one of their new liberal and humanistic regime launched May 1945. The purifiers have made life rather impossible for Nazi descendants - if these descendants ever got the idea of revealing family history for other reasons than vilification and contempt.

But Norwegian Nazis have at certain occasions been accepted by Humanists in TV programs and newspaper columns for explaining their criminal thoughts and actions. One of them, Bjørn Østring, leader of the Nazi Youth Movement NSUF and lieutenant on the Eastern Front, has been able to officially expose his beliefs May 2007. He has calmly explained that he loved Vidkun Quisling. He has said that he fought for Norway after King Haakon and the Socialist Government fled to England at the Germans' arrival April 1940. He still venerates Quisling in his memory.

Mr. Østring is a sympathetic person. He stands by his feelings then, by his conviction then. He appears to be a rather normal person instead of a monster. The Humanists play quickly their predictable cards. They argue : "Didn't he know about the mass execution of Jews ?" And : "If he didn't know, he should have known." Under such attacks many Norwegian Nazis cede and blame the Germans. There we are in 2007. Humanists still use Germany as a garbage can. They simply hate the idea of a reconciliation. Poor Europe ! We Nazi children expect sympathy from all but Humanists.

Weren't Stauffenberg and Schindler Nazis ? Of course they were. They fought against Communists, Modernists, Liberalists, like all other Nazis. If they avoided fighting Jews, this doesn't mean that they were anti-Nazis. They simply concentrated on fighting other enemies who surrounded Germany. Maybe they saw that Jewish Zionists were as nationalistic and traditionalistic as themselves. By the way, when Schindler used Jews in his factory, the products were meant for Nazi use. Can we expect more good Nazis ? Humanistic demonology evaporates if devils become angels.

211. Do you mean that your parents are victims of monsterology ?

Not only our parents are victims of humanistic demonism, of modernistic cult of devils. Nazi descendants are victims as well. It is in fact forbidden to write normally about Nazis, about Nazi families. Nazis have to be vilified, be monsters, in order to be accepted in history, appear in books, documentaries, articles. It is true that most Nazi children under this regime prefer being absent from history. But can we accept censored history, humanistically manipulated history ? Hasn't peace reigned during decades since 1945 ?

We are all witnesses to repression of non-correct history, to invisibilization of Nazi descendants, to restraint of traditions in all countries of white population. We live under despotism of academics, under feverish abstractionism regarding social life, under anti-elitism carried out by a Western cultural elite, resulting in massification of the individuals, in vulgarization of our old European culture. Western politicians are still manoeuvering for a classless society, for a society free from all distinctions, free from religion and traditions. World peoples shall be reduced to two categories : massified Goyim and elitist Zionists bolstered by pseudo-Zionists called Humanists.

Modernistic social manipulators, academic theorists, futurologists who hate history, the past, they have of course just hidden the real political power and structures of power by repeatidly serving through the media nonsense stories of democracy, social freedom, classlessness, equality and humanism. Oligarchs owing the media, the new elite, do this in order to strengthen own power. Fake communist cadres, the oligarchs servants, have assailed post-Capitalistic society for elitist domination. They have made themselves invisible by pretending being humanistic servants for the global masses. Bilderbergers are discrete, well educated, very humanistic, perfect democrats who work for a futuristic paradise for all humans. G8 (Group of Eight) is their political forum. They act free of democratic rules, exempt from democratic control.

An elite shall first of all be visible, distinct. Only then it can be responsible. A society doesn't exist without power structure, power lines. It needs a hierarchy, as all structures in nature. The world belongs to Nature, even Humanists think both the world and Nature belong to them. The society of the Middle Ages was pyramidal, all feudal masters as well as clergymen, craftsmen and peasants, were responsible both for their people and for their king. People were bound together for common protection and common welfare. A sheaf, a bundle of harvested grain stalks, is an old European symbol of richness and fertility. Fasces, a bundle of rods tied together with red ribbon, often with an axe inside, is an old symbol of authority. Modern democracy is based on lies about liberty and equality while the political elite is hidden. Such policy is a monstrous system of duping people. People need and want to be bound together by visible bounds.

The result of WWII has not been good for European culture. Anti-Traditionalists got all power in 1945. Only efforts for a reconciliation with Second Generation Nazis can re-establish the balance between Modernity and Tradition, the two necessary locomotives for Western culture. Exclusive Modernism makes people alienated, indifferent to own culture, deprived of feelings of solidarity. A reconciliation in view of renewed collaboration is urgent.

Western youth has lost the sense of solidarity with their forefathers. The basis for real culture is vanishing. Our youngsters have fallen into the idle dance of permanent cultural revolutions. The Humanists are applauding. Old Greeks had a wise ideal of knowing oneself. Modernists do not have a oneself. They don't have a center. Their identity is fluctuate, always adapting to the last fashion in order to comply with the materialistic reign of plutocrats. Modernists have only a futuristic earthly paradise as guideline for life. This place is a fata morgana which moves further the closer you get to it.

212. Is demonization of Nazi families an indispensable exercise in Western Democracies ?

Satanism is vital for Western democracies. It was used against Germans by democratic Americans already during WWI, and is since then repeatedly activated by the same against enemies. NSDAP, Serbian Democratic Party, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah were or are labelled as diabolic terrorist organizations because they oppose a world dominated and dictated by Americans. Since the Americans' victory in 1918, Americans are dictating what are good and wrong ideologies for human societies on our globe. There is only one correct Globalism, and it is so-called Humanistic. There is only one correct citizen, and he is an individualist, a free individual.

Americans see the human masses as a multitude of free individuals once the masses have been freed from non-conform ideologies. Germans are today free, and there exists nothing like Nazi children. But White Western individualists, human beings raised in democracies demanding equality, feel themselves more and more lonely, unloved. Western democratic citizens have lost their history. Their history was racist, elitist and religiously irrational, and had therefore to be wrecked. Europeans have further lost their feeling of being a distinct race. Many try desperately to look like non-Whites. Europeans have also lost their family community as they go wild in their search for individual freedom and happiness.

Since Western oligarchs need uncomplicated workers from the masses, they invite for endless migrations over the continents. When non-White people migrate, they do it for the sake of money, not for the sake of individualism or liberalism. When Asians, Native Americans and Africans come to Europe, they come with their race consciousness, their culture, their pride. White individualists stare in wonder when they see them. Whites miss then their own race consciousness, their own culture.

Intuitively Whites understand that they have lost something essential. Thereby they feel ashamed. In order to bear their shame and to tame growing aggression against themselves, they look for relief in the Nazis, in the Nazis' families. Nazis become their waste can, their underdogs for relieving own self-hatred. It would have been easier for White individualists to live without meeting non-European immigrants. They could then have moved unconsciously toward own destruction by use of drugs, working stress and exaggerated eating, but without hatred. When they meet foreigners they can measure own emptiness, see own inner desert.

Immigrants give Whites feelings of cultural and individual inferiority, of psychical misery. In order to keep up their daily mood, Whites need their regular dose of Nazi brutality. To supply for these needs the West has established Holocaust Centers. In these Centers there are relentlessly working Humanists, well paid by the State and by oligarchs. Humanist Nazi researchers supply the media with ever more monstrous acts committed by Germans or other bad Europeans. A love-hate cult of Nazis becomes like a cultural dope for Western massified individualists. The Nazi dope is, like all dopes, a rather negative one. This cultural dope of White Evil gives temporarily relief. But at the same time it aggravates the feelings of inner misery. Holocaust stories are a real mental drug in the way it creates addiction to harder doses of Evil the next time Whites have need of it.

We Second Generation Nazis do not appreciate this political degradation of the West. We do not like cultural terrorism directed against humans. We do not like vulgarization of humans. We do not appreciate ongoing satanization of our families. We do not like Materialism as substitute for Spiritualism in Europe. We do not like the ongoing cult of Equality which only serves a politically hidden elite.

213. Is modern psychology helpful for Nazi descendants ?

Nazi children are victims of a political plot manufactured under the Nuremberg Trials of 1945. The victors wanted to eradicate independent, proud European Traditionalists and created for this reason the Denazification Plan. With this aim they had to pacify the Nazi descendance. The Western victors' world view was to establish global market for Western products, globalistic free trade, and globalistic free individuals as workers and servants for Western Materialistic wealth. They did not tolerate political opponents after their victory. The world should be governed monopolistically, something which forced the victors to present their system as World Democracy, Free World.

Denazification is part of psychological warfare in the way it produces and spreads guilt in innocent offspring in order to control, oppress and own. Denazification means nothing but Satanization. For historians it should be interesting to know that the implementation of this warfare was launched in so-called times of peace. The Denazification Process was the first "peace process" implemented by democratic Humanists in post-war times. Modern politics use modern sciences. Psychologists who would effectively go into the reality of Nazi children would have to deal with politics, with Modernity, with new manners of human manipulations and domination. Very few of them are free and able for such a work, considered actual wealth of Holocaustism.

Democratic psychology or psychiatry is as scientific as was Communist psychology in Soviet Union. It serves the System. Social sciences are thoroughly manipulated in our modernistic post-war times. Jewish or Zionistic psychologists interfering in depressions common among Nazi children are particularly possessive and self-applauding. They are simply servants of imperialistic Zionism and pseudo-Zionism. Pseudo-Zionistic or Goyimistic psychologists are not much better. They think they are moral because they support Zionistic psychology. They go even deeper in morbid veneration of Holocaustic Death Cult than do Jews, simply because they are pseudo-Jews. Their guilt weapon both paralyses, tortures and kills among innocent citizens.

214. Are you children of war losers also losers ?

Because of the permanence of victors' Holocaust celebrations many of us Nazi children have felt being losers. The meaning and purpose of the Denazification Process together with Holocaust celebrations have been to fabricate loser children equally as losers. All this guilt distribution through holocaustification, all this guilt transference on second generation, is a political plot orchestrated by victors who think their victory is rehearsed for permanency this way, galvanized and better guaranteed for enduring future. But those who galvanize a victory instead of seeking reconciliation with citizens are governed by feelings of instability, of uncertainty, of inner misery.

Generations must first of all live in their own time, identify themselves with contemporaries. Each generation has to rely on their time, get the identity of own generation, of being a separate generation. This is especially important for children of war losers. Justice or injustice, legitimacy or illegitimacy in war happenings and in war reasons have little value in the long run of history, as generations favor values differently following the change of ages and the needs of new societies. Only one thing is sure : debacles caused by parents must be abhorred by the children. A defeat must be pushed at a long distance by children of losers. A loss suffered by a parent generation must be isolated from the children's generation - by the children. In this way new forces will grow in the offspring for celebrating life, for always fighting new necessary conflicts on earth, with a fated alternation of victories and defeats. Children who stick with the generation of parents, inherit the parents' defeat, are paralyzed by the parents' defeat, are stuck with their loss. A paralyzed generation is not in the interest of societies.

Loser kids must take issue with their parents in order to overcome the parents' debacle and failures. This might be painful. It is especially painful for Nazi kids who during childhood observed so closely their parents' sorrow or clumsiness while satanization of the entire family was intensified. Only by separating themselves from the parents, by fighting themselves free from the parents' heavy losses, the kids can earn their freedom, constitute themselves as a free generation. Thereby they can transform defeat into victory, at least into individual victory. Through a liberation from parental defeat and misery, the loser kids prepare the society for communication with the victors' children, in order to be able to celebrate together a reconciliation. Victor kids have also wounds and scars inherited from their warrior parents. Warriors are warriors, irrespective of the final issue called victory and defeat. Thanks to a conclusion with the parents the conditions for future revenge will hopefully crumble away. Conflicts based on revenge are horrendous, are unworthy of Europeans.

During a period there are loser kids - small kids of parents who have lost a war. There is no such entity as a second generation of losers - once the second generation has constituted itself as independent and free through an explanation with the loser parents. We in the Organization of second generation Nazis want to communicate both with victor descendants and Nazi descendants. Europe needs all of us. A future prepared one-sidedly by victors and victors' children does not satisfy Europe's new generations. Those who want to see can already observe frustrations among European youngsters who are anxious for their future.

215. What is the difference between a person's repression of history and a person's necessary distanciation from history ?

It is all a question of historic consciousness and social communicability. Nazi descendants must free themselves from Nazism. Diabolized Nazism eats their souls. They must also free themselves from Zionism and imperial Humanism, Nazism's opponents. Millions of Europeans are still afraid of Nazism as historic reality, as social fact, as family history. Consequently they are full of awe and veneration for the victors' ideologies : Zionism and Humanism. Exaggerated fright and exaggerated veneration are both mentally inhibiting attitudes.

Europe is sick due to one hundred millions of unconscious Nazi and Fascist descendants. Persons being mentally unfreed are producing and supporting actual European Moral Mainstream, celebrated by Western media, Western schools, Western academics, Western churches. The power of Western mainstream culture reduces freedom and causes fake democracy. Millions of Europeans are afraid of being themselves. They are reduced to being childish political players easily overwhelmed by manipulating mainstream cultural authorities.

Nazi descendants must take back their history, become owners of their history in order to be released from existential fright and childish subjection to victors' moral majority.

216. Has liberal individualism which overran the Western world after 1945 made us all sick ?

Surely liberal individualism, inherent in Materialistic Humanism - basement for post-war Western democracies, is one of the poisons which destroy the West. Materialistic Humanism, with its aspirations of a pluricultural world culture, of One New World cleansed from races and tribes, poisons and destroys the old world societies, the cultures, the religions and at the end the "free" individuals. Other modern social poisons are Capitalism, anti-Spiritualism, Holocaustism and pseudo-Zionism.

The ideologists behind Western catastrophic materialistic ideology pretend that they create equality and happiness. Instead they create empty and bewildered individuals, individuals with floating identity, who strive egoistically for happiness in a society stripped of values other than money. While these emancipated individuals roar around in inner and outer emptiness, social and economic inequality grows. It is not a paradox that those who talk about equality prepare inequality. The New World is planned madness administrated by Western democratic leaders.

Another poison destroying the West is anti-Spiritualism. It follows of Materialistic Humanism that spirituality is opposite to its immanent values, threatens these values. But humans need to enjoy a quest for spirituality. Individuals are not things nor numbers. Now when family relations are weakened and long life marriage is replaced by casual partnerships, the meaning of Love vanishes. Western societies get colder and colder under the permanent rule of money. They call it "sustainable growth".

It might appear unreal that Nazi kids formulate critics regarding the post-war democracies which should make us all so happy and free. But we Nazi descendants are first of all those in our societies who have rarely discovered free individual life. We have been forced to silence since we were born. We are automatically harassed if we talk about our families, our experiences. We are considered incorrect citizens coming from an Empire of Evil. Holocaustism is also a sickening poison destroying good life in the West. Holocaustism is a paradox in Western ideology. Materialists haven't recognized that they enter religion by the back-door. Materialistic Humanism joins Zionism. The result is lugubrious.

217. Don't you think that racism is an evil and race ignorance or race bashing is a valuable duty in a modern world ?

On the contrary. Racism, or an individual's consciousness and pride of own historic and geographic origin, is the main instrument for maintaining real individual and social history. It is also a main force in each vulnerable individual to resist modernistic political fashions, threats of being enclosed and destroyed in modernistic societies' constant mass streams. Individuals in modern societies are very much masterminded by TV. Old family authority has been rendered suspect in popular TV programs and subsequently been dismissed.

In the 21st century with growing numbers of humans on the earth, it would be catastrophic if all individuals felt floating and lost in the masses at the same time as White academics ignore religion and social history, destroy history and peoples' connection to religion and history. Dechristianization of the West is planned. White academics are servants for the new capitalistic elite, for the oligarchs. They favor mass culture for mass individuals. But genuine culture is based on distinction, not on relativism and mass entertainment. Religion and Culture give individuals meaning in life, joy in life.

Influential oligarchs with their hidden capitalistic cadres and servile academics, have managed after 1945 to denigrate and diabolize all what the Nazis and Fascists fought for. Hence social history, family history and race consciousness were all thrown on the garbage heap. Individuals were free first when they lost contact with inherited social patterns. First then the "free" individuals were fit for the capitalistic owners' needs.

Anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-classism or social anti-distinctism are all propagandistic instruments for dominating individuals, for making them slaves of industry and commerce. It follows that people who resist, who fight for race, class and gender are stigmatized as Nazis. It is strange to see how this simple political trick still works. Individuals are more afraid of being called Nazis than of being called slaves.

Nazis and Fascists fought for resisting violent Communism and vulgar Capitalism. Some knew already one hundred years ago that Modernity could become a political slave machinery. To be a Nazi was to be anti-Communist, anti-Capitalist. Nazi was synonym of racist, sexist, class conscious, since the Nazis wanted to protect the races, the class distinctions, the genders, the family, against destructive Communism and Capitalism.

During WWII the racist aspect was exaggerated in war propaganda and in war actions by the Axis, like the proletarian aspect may have been exaggerated by the Communists and the commercialistic aspect by the Allies. To stop satanization of opponents' policy is still mandatory for creating better Western societies. Communism is no longer a threat since it has been wrecked by History. Nazism is not a threat as far as second generation Nazis seek dialogue and reconciliation. Remains aggressive Capitalism, which is a threat.

It is strange how racism has become negative and race destruction something positive in the Western world. Most immigrants to the West are race conscious, proud of their specific race. Blacks are proud, Latinos are proud, Pakistanis are proud, as are quite many Jews of old Jewish extraction. Only modernistic Whites are shameful, do not dare to recognize their race. Therefore they create anguish among race conscious peoples of the world.

Whites become hated because they are self-destructive. Self-destructive mentality is a disease. People are afraid of contagion. Whites rightly get what they ask for : contempt and aggressive resistance. Second generation Nazis want to help Whites who seek social and historic consciousness. Whites should no longer infuriate a majority of non-white races.

On the altar used by Modernists for their diabolic Mass ceremonies the most important Christian values have been sacrificed : Tolerance for those who are different, Respect for those who are different, Recognition of those who are different, Esteem for those who are different. People who have chosen not to respect themselves can never respect others. Difference itself has been abolished. A Dictatorship of Sameness, a Dictatorship of Relativism has been founded.

Modernistic Whites, the War Victors, the Materialistic Humanists, they are so great - in fact they are the greatest in history - that they have chosen to globalize the world with their world views. They want to dominate the world with their Humanism, but of course being very humble Humanists. They are monopolizing all the world cultures. They are monoculturalizing the world. In a monoculturalized world there is no need of tolerance, respect, recognition etc. When all citizens are identic such values are superfluous. The Empire of Death reigns.

In a gloomy world without hierarchy and distinctions the human mind seeks escape. The mind turns to fantasy. Harry Potter and his likes pop up in books and films in order to satisfy dejected humans. First of all the authors need to express their boredom and exasperation. They recreate what they miss : Races, classes, distinctions, hierarchy. Many fantasy writers might be frustrated feminists. Artists who want to understand the world and not only to entertain, will soon discover surrounding realities which surpass even human fantasy. But a necessary premise for seeing realities is that artists ignore the reigning law of prohibited realms in mainstream morality. If so, they can enter the real realm of pseudo-Zionism.

218. You have written various places that the Holocaust was launched in the 60s. What do you mean by launched ?

It is a good question. After WWII there were so many victims all over the world, specifically civilian victims. During the first post-war decade all war participants used their time licking their wounds and mourning their dead, what is more than comprehensible. The launching of Jewish Holocaust served necessarily Jewish causes and newly founded Israel. But thanks to Western media Jewish Holocaust got such a dominant place that other war victims were put in the shadows or ignored. There were in addition political interests for ignoring war victims, specifically victims killed by the Communist regime. Soviet Union was on the winners' side and could adapt history to own interests. German victims became a taboo after the Holocaust was launched.

The first Jew who became famous for talking about Nazi inhumanity and extermination camps was Elie Wiesel. History texts on internet relate how he in Paris in 1954 met the conservative Catholic novelist François Mauriac, Nobel Price in Literature of 1952. This meeting was decisive for Wiesel regarding his ability to start telling about Nazi brutality against himself and against Jews in camps. Mauriac had just written the novel "The Lamb". Mauriac said to Wiesel : "You are one of God's elect". The child of Jesus, who Mauriac had written about earlier, became from this moment a sacrificed Jewish child.

Wiesel tells that he could not talk about his experiences until he met Mauriac. He had been silent about his torments during nine years. Mauriac persuaded him, helped him redacting "The Night", and launched the book in Paris in 1958 using his influence. "The Night" was published in New York in 1960 and was made mandatory reading in high schools all over the US. With "The Night" Wiesel popularizes the word "holocaust" as referring to Jewish sufferings. Together with the film version of "The Diaries of Anne Frank" from 1959, the word "holocaust" is slowly becoming "The Holocaust" during the 60s.

From the early 60s the Holocaust explained as incomparable historic event, as incomparable human cruelty, is slowly taking possession of the young minds in Europe and North America. The Nazis, but in a larger view all Germans of the Nazi era, become devils. Correspondingly all Jews become innocent victims of European brutality. This metaphysical history narration in black and white, with a humanity forever divided in sinful and rightous, has continued in a crescendo ever since, and has turned into both a religious cult and a laic cultural fixation, an ideology. The religious side of the Holocaust is simply a Death Cult. The secular ideology can be named Holocaustism. The Holocaustic Death Cult produces and distributes guilt. The Death Cult has by backlash effects or counteraction created the Mute Nazi Children. Incommunicative Nazi children make access to history impossible for millions of Europeans, and not only for Nazi descendants. The distribution of guilt, accepted by the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches, spread with the decades depression over most Whites, wheresoever they lived and whatsoever they had done.

Today the Holocaust is much more than a historic tragedy restricted to one people. It is a continuously strategic celebration, an obligatory cult in all Western countries. Holocaustism, the new secular Western ideology, in combination with the Holocaustic Deah Cult, have enormous political repercussions. Jews are given privileges as a People who was unjustly sacrificed by a pretended rotten traditionalistic Christian culture. Half of the European inhabitants, we talk about some hundred millions who fought against destructive Communism and Capitalism, are forever forced to feel guilt, to be secondary citizens, to renounce their integrity and to hand own policy over to the war victors so that the war victors' ideology can reign.

The most fantastic is that it is not allowed to talk about the enormity of political Holocaust sequels. Any negative comments regarding the Holocaust are considered distasteful if not unlawful. This situation is contradicting the central law of European rationalism. The law of rationalism demands that nothing is taboo in a modernistic society of sciences. All aspects of human life can be questioned. The fact that the Western post-war rationalistic establishment is scared of having the Holocaust Cult questioned, a Cult which says that the humanity is divided in good and bad guys, in Nazis and anti-Nazis, reveals that the rationalists are kids who have gotten lost both in humanistic affairs and in sciences, unable as they are to separate physics from metaphysics. Or, are our new Western leaders consciously playing in the inbetween realm in order to paralyze attacks from tradtitionalistic European Christians and other decent Europeans ?

How could a war tragedy become a religiously celebrated Cult ? How could a non-European religious death cult compete with and often replace Christianity in a post-war culture wowed to secularity ? Is François Mauriac's communication with Elie Wiesel an expression of a move of deep religious forces which took place in disillusioned Westerners after the tragic war ? This religious move, was it one which went from the New Testament to the Old Testament ? Did most Westerners want to feel sorrow only for Jews ? Did Westerners want to expiate guilt for bloody war actions only committed against Jews ? Was Jewish holocaust the tragedy which at last gave Westerners access to feelings of deep sorrow, feelings different from just anguish and anger ? With other words, did Westerners lack opportunities for feeling sorrow during the war and after the war ? Is it indecent to ask such questions ? Is it unlawful for Nazi children to ask ? Is it true that there is an international Holocaust police who controle correct observance of ceremony and correct submission ?

Undoubtedly the Holocaust is a monopolization of reasons for grief and mourning after Europe's worst war. The Nazis and Fascists have not yet gotten official access to mourning their dead. They have not gotten opportunities to freely express their sorrow. Mauriac pointed out what happened on a broad scale : Jewish pains became Christian pains. In Christians these pains were transformed into guilt. Christianity sanctioned religious feelings of guilt through the Holocaust. The Holocaust could never have developed and grown strong in other cultures of the world, because guilt and redemption are central dogmas in Christian faith. Guilt feelings among hundreds of millions strengthened the political part of the Guilt Movement, or Guilt Strategy, or Guilt Factory, called the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was going to be more powerful politically than religiously. Today some persons call the Holocaust movement an industry. Such thoughts divert people's attention away from more important considerations. But it is true that the Jews, the new Western moral elite thanks to the Holocaust, have gotten carte blanche for rebuilding economic and political wealth by means of the same Holocaust. And American-European pseudo-Zionists have not been slow to supporting the morally free elite and to benefiting from the new politically administrated Death Cult Power. The repercussions of the Holocaust are first of all mental. Industrial profiteering are secondary effects.

Christianity's force among all religions is Love. Christians are supposed to be the happiest persons on the earth thanks to their belief in Love as central power of the universe. God the Creator loves His humans, proven by the sacrifice of His Son in old Israel. Christianity, with God's Love message : You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself, has been punctured by the Holocaust. Westerners do not love themselves any more. They drown in irrational guilt. They are full of self-contempt, of self-obliteration, of drifts toward dissolution of own cultural heritage. Jesus as redemptive scapegoat has been replaced by six million non-redemptive Jews. In Holocaustic religion there are no such realities or values as Reconciliation and Redemption. Guilt feelings shall last forever among Goyim. But bewilderment shall also last among Jews as long as the Holocaust reigns.

Let me recount from two conversations our Organization have had in Oslo. In 1995 the central members of our Organization listened to a nun whom we met at the airport. It was the year of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of victory, and thanks to efforts to present ourselves in the media, it was at last natural to talk about Nazi children. The nun told us the story of a Nazi daughter who several years prior to our conversation had come to one of the Catholic churches in Oslo asking for permission to hang herself in the choir. She had brought the necessary rope in her bag. This Nazi daughter had learned the lesson : Holocaust had overshadowed Christ the Redeemer.
The same year we got a phone call from a young Jew. He said he felt sympathy with us Nazi children. He told us a story from his birth. His mother had cried so much of pains while giving birth. But the young man was later told that his mother had cried because of the Holocaust, not because of him. The son felt his life disappeared in Holocaustic darkness.

The 21st century gives new opportunities for love and joy among peoples of the earth. The Holocaust with its dark sides, with its lugubrious effects on our societies, belongs to the past. The time of this Death Cult is over. Holocaust Centers throughout the world should be built down, closed, as a mark of respect towards living citizens. Holocaust Centers perpetuate bad feelings, do not favor peace on earth. Western influence in the world has during the Holocaust reign become bellicose, not helpful. Imperial Zionism and parallelly imperial Goyimistic pseudo-Zionism do not invite new international neighbors to constructive common tasks. Aggressive Zionism gets its forces exclusively from the Death Cult called Holocaust. Holocaustic Zionism has become a catastrophic ideology with noxious effects on honest Jews. When Zionists consciously play with a war tragedy for political profits, by endlessly distributing guilt on other peoples, guilt will at the end bounce back on themselves. Zionists have during the long era of the Holocaust played being innocent while history tells how Jews were pioneers in Modern European ideologies which led to the European Civil Wars. It is time for the Jews to become normal citizens among other normal citizens on the earth. Today Jews notice growing anti-Semitism in the world and they quickly accuse the entire world of aggressive anti-Semittism. They should rather understand new anti-Semittism as growing resistance to their use of the Holocaust. Sooner or later the Holocaust Cult will fade away. Why not help the obnoxious Cult into oblivion ? Young Jews should participate with young Westerners for closing down the Holocaust, this anachronistic modern Death Cult. All citizens would become happier. Let the dead bury the dead !

219. International press show often sympathy with the kids fathered by occupying German soldiers. You Nazi kids whose fathers were Nazi ideologues, are not as often present in articles. Do you have any explanation ?

Second generation Nazis, children of Nazi Party members active in all countries in Europe except the Soviet Union, we are also present in the news from time to time. And we are well exposed through the internet. The soldier kids are not anchored in the old European culture the same way as we are. They are not as responsible for the past as we are through our Nazi parents. We are simply more difficult to handle. There is also the question of number. Soldier children might be around half a million. We Nazi and Fascist children amount to around one hundred million.

Many German soldier kids are drifting in the post-war democracies. They have often obscure connection to both mother and father. Many of them were, though, brought up with their mother or their mother's family. Some have also gotten contact with their father. But the rest of them constitute a large group of orphans originating from WWII. As such they are more acceptable by the democratic establishment than Nazi children who spent their childhood with their Nazi parents. We represent more directly the Evil, through uncontrolled influence from the Nazi past.

If the soldier kids are more often in the news today than ever before, it is important to emphasize that they have fought bravely for getting where they are. Until they managed to organize themselves for the first time in 1986, thanks to Per Løhr Meek, later strongly assisted by Tor Brandacher, the one who initiated the children's law suite against the State of Norway, they were as much lost in history, chased from the correct mainstream consciousness as we Nazi children were. During decades the soldier kids were freely abused upon. The two mentioned Norwegian initiators together with other persons behind the two Norwegian Organizations for soldier kids, deserve all respect for their pioneer fights against official satanization.

But when we read articles in the international press regarding the soldier kids' acceptance in modern Europe, we Nazi kids ask ourselves if they have gotten any better acceptance than we have. Western moral establishment seems to welcome the children only for satanizing them anew, more strongly, more perfidiously. How can people feel free if their connection to history through Holocaust celebrations shall eternally torture them mentally ? Holocaust Centers are established throughout the Western world in order to satisfy the Jews' wish of Yizkor, or : You Shall Never Forget. Western schools, media and churches follow up by victimizing Jews and satanizing Nazis. The purpose seems to be that neither German soldier kids nor Nazi kids shall ever feel free on earth. The question is how long the West will accept the Jewish Death Cult of Holocaust. Here follow two typically Holocaustic press articles :

David Byers wrote "Norway's Nazi Offspring Claim Compensation" in Times Online 8th of March 2007. Follow two excerpts with my comments :
"They (the soldier kids) were conceived because of the desire of invading Nazi troops to create an Aryan master race to rule the world" (...)
National Socialism was national in contradistinction to globalistic Communism or globalistic Capitalism. Western powers seeking world domination in the 21st century have always accused Germany for a mentality which they convey themselves. Byers continues his article :
"... a group of Norwegian war children whose mothers were deliberately impregnated by German soldiers as part of a Nazi plan to build a blond-haired blue-eyed race, are today demanding a payout from Oslo" (...)
The children were born of love. In Communist-Capitalist occupation zones at the end of the war kids were born of rape perpetrated by Allied soldiers. Byers knows that there were no aryan breeding homes in Norway. The Norwegian Lebensborn homes were simply nursery homes for unfortunate Norwegian girls who had fallen in love with nice German soldiers and who got illegitimate babies. Is Mr. Byers lying on purpose ? Probably not. He is just complying to the Holocaust laws which encourage smearing of Nazis. Satanization is not only allowed but a virtue and duty.

Steve Rosenberg wrote "Living Hell of Norway's 'Nazi' Children" for BBC News the 8th of March 2007. Here is one excerpt :
"It was Adolf Hitler's henchman, Heinrich Himmler, who had encouraged liaisons between German troops and Norwegian women: part of his plan to breed an Aryan master race of blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies for the 1,000-year Reich."
In spite of BBC's interest in Europe's Nazi offspring, articles like this one worsen the children's living situation. Does Mr. Rosenberg mean that Nazis were incapable of love ? Does he think that the fathers of German kids in Norway engendered babies in an atmosphere of political scheme and duty ? It's simply absurd. He smears the children with old-fashioned hatred against our families. Rosenberg pretends that Himmler, or was it Hitler, wanted blond babies. Did not their soldiers engender 200.000 non-blond Aryans in France ? He omits to say that Nazi soldiers were seen as normal men in most countries - with logical results. Sixty two years after Germany's defeat, it is time for anti-Nazis like Rosenberg to calm down, to drop Holocaustic thinking and writing.

Conserning the Nazi children of Nazi members, not children of German soldiers, Kelsey Figge, student at the University of California Santa Barbara, has written a comment which appears at the end of Figge's book essay "Guilt and the Legacy of Nazism" on Dan Bar-On's book "Legacy of Silence : Encounters with Children of the Third Reich". The essay is dated 5th of June 2007.
"Klüwer, O.W. 'The Social Challenge.' (April 2001) Accessed: May 24, 2007 This website is maintained by children of Nazis who feel they are being demonized by other groups in Germany and the world, including Jews. They feel that Europe is sick, and that they are sick because of the way they have been treated since WWII. This is an example of children like those that Bar-On interviewed may feel now even after so many years have passed. They are still affected by the legend of Nazism and decisions of their parents."
I will here just discuss Figge's comment, not his essay :
Figge is a victim of his lecturers, of his correctly Holocaustic American surroundings, the same that dictate journalist to write in a certain way for Times Online or BBC News. We Nazi soldier kids and Nazi member kids are supposed to be injured by our parents who participated in a horrific war occasioned by an Empire of Evil. This is the legend, as Figge notes. But what about present policy ? Is our post-war Humanistic culture only nice and good ? Are we in the West living in a fairy tail of Goodness, a Disney Land ?

It is fantastic to experience again and again how the Holocaust operates with twisting the reality. We Nazi children are constantly being satanized by our surrounding politicians, psychiatrists, teachers, priests, journalists and all the rest of correct Western Humanists, righteous Democrats and stubborn Holocaustians. The evil is around us, not lost in a legend from the past. If we want to ameliorate our societies, we must confront the realities of our times. The Holocaust factory of guilt and depression is one main reality. It has to be analized by authentic academics, by academics who are resistant to Holocaustic blackmail. I am sure Kelsey Figge will agree with me sooner or later.

Establishment journalists do often refer to Nazism as a civilizational collapse. In this repetitious reference there is an element of exorcism - exorcism of own anguish. Could it be that something is wrong with Western Humanism ?

220. Why are Westerners so easily duped by Modernistic ideologies ?

It is true that Communism and Liberalistic American Commercialism, or practiced Capitalism, have brainwashed Europeans in waves like tsunamis during the 20th century. Communism stirred Russians at the beginning of the century and occasioned millions of dead. Thereafter Europeans exported this deadly ideology to other continents with same fatal results. Slowly peoples have gotten forces to resist and to throw away this inhuman policy.

After 1945, in Western Europe, peoples have been brainwashed by American policy of Freedom. We are millions of Europeans who have never discovered the sweet consequences of imposed American social freedom. But we are forced to silence due to the power of a Death Cult called Holocaust. The sick American freedom ideology started also at the beginning of last century, getting its first victory with the crushing of Germany in 1918.

The big political scandal of 20th century was not Nazism. Nazism and Fascism were just consequences of the two mentioned political stirrings : American Globalistic Freedom ideology, with so-called individual emancipation, and Communism. Communism in the West has disintegrated the natural way, has been trashed by History. Then we are left with American Imperialism called Freedom. People who want a better world, know that time has come for deconstructing the concepts of Western political Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights.

Europe is the continent of both technical and political experimentations. But there is a long distance from small scale experiments to mass brainwashing of individuals and other socially devastating policies. What went wrong when the West produced two political scandals, one of them still threatening the entire world ? Why do Westerners desire globalistic accomplishment of every naive political invention ? Why do Westerners need to impose on the entire globe their secular idealism ?

I think the reason is that Westerners in addition to being inventive and instigative are the most naive people on the earth. Smartness needs probably a balancing counterpart. When the European masses during the 20th century got access to high schools and universities, they boiled over in enthusiasm for own capacities of technical and political change. Westerners got blind by their own effervescence and accomplishments. They lost totally their mind when they managed to satanize own socially important breaks called Traditionalism. They had after 1945 nobody to correct themselves. Slowly the world peoples are starting to react. In the 21st century Westerners are getting needed corrections. They start to discover that they are not loved any more. Time of glory has its limits. It is good for the world. It is good for the West.

221. How can Death cultivators, Holocaustians, so radically have invaded and possessed the old European soul ?

We were invaded from the East and West in 1945. Our families' houses were carpet bombed during years. Our mothers were mass raped. Our fathers were trialed and hanged. Those who were not killed were criminalized. It should not be that difficult to comprehend that at the end the children were dominated, possessed. But, over time, should not Nazi children have been able to free themselves ? They had been spared their life.

Under normal conditions, yes. But the Denazification Plan, concocted by the Allies in 1945, was a modern way of domination, mental domination without time limit. Europe should be endlessly controlled and manipulated. The possession of the Nazi children should last for ever. The Domination Code was set in practice in two instances. First the Nazi children's feelings of responsiblity should be awakened and sustained. Then the Holocaust should present, endlessly, our fathers sins.

The victors used Christian guilt feeling together with Old Germanic feelings of tribal solidarity and community responsibilty for entering the Nazi children's soul. Germany is, as a result, a slave country still operating on the victors' orders. We children can take off our hats in admiration for the victors' smartness. But the victors' children, do they not feel a little bit nervous for being themselves exposed to similar practices of mental manipulations once in the future ? Like modern warfare is taught, it is learned. Satanization is contagious. By the way, of what consists the "Humanism" victors talk so much about ?

222. You Nazi children should be happy for the implementation of universal human rights after Hitler was defeated !

WWII victors have now vilified and demonized the losers and their families during 62 years. But which values, what civilizational gains can they refer to ? The victors are still delirious when they talk about their Human Rights and their Democracy. These theories have still not been applied on the losers, reached the losers' families. The Rights belong to the victors. They call their Rights "Human Rights" just for having the illusion of politically applying human Universalism.

The victors' Universalism stops at the Nazis, the conservative Catholics, the Islamists, the Traditionalists, the anti-Globalists, the anti-Capitalists, the anti-Democrats. Their Universalism stopped at Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. Democracy and Human Rights are just covers for Western Capitalists and their imperialistic lust and strategies. Our Western "humanistic" victors are both imperialistic strategists and secularistic purifyers. As such, they behave like some dictators from the past. The new is that they dominate the media and have gone globalistic.

Thanks to 62 years of euphoria with universalistic and humanistic talks and feelings the victors have manipulated for becoming owners of all important Western media. Their endless self-exhibition through these media during soon a century has made them believe in own dreams of excellency. But their raw strive for world power, their self-illusions, their world-wide arrogance are in 2007 brought to light and opposed by most non-Westerners.

We Nazi children are of course happy for the approaching end of hysterical victor babbles. World War Two victors have gotten drunk of own pretense. Their regime is soon over. Their Humanistic Universalism, their Democracy, their Human Rights have been waged in third world countries as wars for grasping natural resources, for political wealth, for globalistic strategies. We are happy for the end of Western humanistic oppression. We feel deep sympathy with all victims of post-war Western Humanism. We feel closeness with opponents of Western ideology of Global Secularism, of Western Materialism.

223. Do you mean that there are still two Europes, just like there were two Europes during the decades of civil war in the first half of 20th century ?

There is a separation line of irreconcilability which goes through Europe, an ideological front, a line separating different ways of thinking life and culture. This line of separation corresponds more or less with the fracture of communication which culminated in 1945. The front line goes between nationalists and internationalists, traditionalists and multiculturalists, spiritualists and materialists, those who feel obedient to history and those who feel free from history. Today the line of separation goes between the mute Europeans and the Humanists who direct schools and universities and who own the media.

It is easy to maintain the opposition. It is more difficult, and much more challenging, to break through the defensive positions for the objective to create a reconciliation. The person, or those persons who manage such a civilizational breakthrough, the bridging of the two Europes, are destined to become the future heroes of Europe.

224. Is the Catholic Church untouched by the modernistic ideology of Change ?

It is sad to acknowledge that something is wrong with the post-war Catholic Church. Humanism, with its corollary Holocaust, has paralyzed the main message of the Church : pardon and reconciliation in the name of Christ. The Catholic Church has still not protested against the establishment and proliferation of Jewish-Humanistic Temples of Irreconcilability, also called Holocaust Museums or Holocaust Centers. Holocaustism with its anti-reconciliatory demand has conquered Western clerical authorities as well as secular authorities.

Such sad political-cultural consequences can happen when the Church operates as tart for new worldly masters and political systems. At the end the content of the Church is threatened by our world's madness. It is not easy to be Church, to administrate Spirituality in a world of political experiments. In its strive for adapting to new masters, the Church risks to change the very main message of the Bible. Populistic psychology of change has managed to influence central Catholic clerics, to contaminate Catholic theology.

The history of the Church is long. Its way through the centuries has been full of dangerous obstacles. The Church has always managed to redress its course. Central persons in our Organization of Nazi descendants are confident of repairing and restructuring forces inside the Catholic Church. How could it be otherwise in a Church protected by Christ ? It might soon be time for a Third Vatican Council, though.

225. Why are you opposed to the presence of Holocaust in our Western society ?

I am opposed to the Holocaust because it is a morbid exaggerated celebration of Death - in the purpose of orchestrating Guilt. It hurts, it destroys, instead of heals. I have now in mind both Jews and Goyim, non-Jews. The Jews were central participants in WWII, having their wealthy Organization of World Jewish Congress. All participants had during war tragic losses. There were holocausts on all sides. If the Jews commemorated their dead discreetly, I would be full of respect for their pains.

The Jewish Holocaust, with a majuscule, has become thoroughly manipulated by both Jewish Zionists and by pseudo-Zionists, that means non-Jewish Zionistic zealots who participate in celebrating Nazi Evilness. Zionists use the Holocaust for both materialistic and political reasons. Pseudo-Zionists use it for mainly political reasons. It should not be necessary to write it : This misuse of human feelings and of religion is detrimental to both Judaism and Christianity. If monotheism is under attack in our new century, we have here the main reason.

The Holocaust has become a modern tragedy for the Western civilization. With the Holocaust as guilt weapon, smart politicians can endlessly extort money and political power from generations who have no responsibility for the war. If the Jews had prayed God for help and clemency both for themselves and for Goyim, His grace would certainly help both second generation survivors and second generation Nazis. But it seems to me that the Holocaust is under control of tribal or nationalistic Zionism, with exclusivistic theological objectives. There shall be no redemption inside Judaism for non-Jewish historical opponents.

It further seems to me that Judaism and Zionism suffer of restrictions, partiality, discrimination, regarding their generosity toward non-Jews. Here I jump over the ridiculous restrictions and favouritism of Western Materialism, the enrichment of the rich, which has developed parallelly with Zionism in the post-war era. Judaism and Zionism appear as motions for tribal concerns, for concerns regarding one people. There is no doubt that Israel has become a mighty State, with one of the world's best armies. What then about the element of care, love and generosity for the rest of the world peoples inherent in all true cosmic religions ? Monotheism is cosmic, or is inexistent.

Jesus showed the world the cosmic way two thousand years ago. God made Judaism explode in order to reach and include all peoples when He sent His Son Jesus to the world. As a result Christianity is indeed universal, non-reductive, true to the hope of Love and Redemption for all mankind. The Church as an earthly Organization has of course a tormented history. But the Christian message is clear regarding inclusion of all peoples. This was certain until the tragic launching of the Holocaust at the beginning of the sixties.

226. What characterizes cultural Modernism ?

The main components of reigning cultural Modernism are social Change and Money rule. Multiculturalism and Globalism demand that people accept everything new presented as scientific and leave behind themselves everything they had been accustomed to in the past, renounce all social values that had been stable during generations. People shall not even be bothered by memories of former cultural habits. They shall run toward the Future, because Future - say the social scientists - will make everything from ancient times look obsolete, out of fashion, useless. This hysterical Modernism could also be called "Futurism for the 21st century".

Cultural Modernism or Futurism is an ideology forged forth by the Western victors after 1945. Since the Communists in the East refused to collaborate with Western financiers, refused to install free float of money and workers throughout the world, there came to a stop in the development, a period called the Cold War. The humanistic modernists concentrated on developing new weapon systems and weapon sales during this period. After 1990 the internationalist oligarchs got the power also in former Soviet Union. In the West we have now lived under the rule of Change and Money for decades. As long as the money is sufficient, nothing seems to stop the culturally disastrous progress of Modernism.

Money as durable, secure value stabilizes for the time being the neuurotic run toward the Future. But who can assure the stability of money flow over time ? Shall people have nothing else than modern fashion and money to live for, to trust in, to lean on in coming decades ? Western people show already cracking mental health. People get stressed and burnt-out because they work too much. They take too much medical drugs in order to stress down. Many depend on life-long psychiatric therapy. Even children start to use drugs. But there are of course other "tranquilizers", like accelerating consume, shopping, travels. And there are a lot of stressing entertainments within mass sport, noisy music, violent movies and computer games. When shall people be freed from this hell of social stress, life change, destruction of past culture - euphemistically called "individual freedom" ?

We come to the most demonic component of cultural Modernism : the Holocaust. The Holocaust serves as a whip against those who want to sit down and think about taking back lost values they had in the past, like Christianity, family, tribe, race, moral authority, social hierarchy, respect for differences, women's culture as opposite men's culture, solidarity instead of individual freedom. Our humanistic social scientists will say : Old European customs are carrying dark tendencies dangerous for the Humanity. The Holocaust shows us the dangers of old values like race consciousness, Christian principles, social hierarchy etcetera. And there are other pernicious habits threatening us from the past, like classism, genderism or sexism, and religious vanity, double standard, falsehood, prejudice and bigotry due to old-fascioned moral.

Humanists seem to believe that our societies' old customs and inherited values all have to be wrecked because of inherent dangers of biases. Therefore the Humanists behave morally, are better than Christians, when they throw out the baby with the bath water. Once our past is destroyed, our history banned and the Modernistic Regime of Change and Money, of Humanism and Capitalism has been established, human biases belong forever to the past ! Fresh Individualism has replaced mouldy Tradition because it is more moral ! With this biased perspective the modernistic Humanists believe they only wage good wars. We live in times of great naivety, pretense and cynicism.

227. Are you anti-democratic ?

All societies need good leaders who are independent from social and political fashions, uninvolved in populistic ideologies, but culturally well educated and rooted in the specific society's history and values. With the exception of times of war when the leaders have to be deeply involved in protective policy and absolute in their decisions, in times of peace they shall have eye for the long lines. Good political leaders have both roots in the past and visions for the future. With impartiality and tolerance they are able to mend necessary social contradictions and conflicts regarding principles among the citizens.

Since post-war Democracy is based on One Ideology, the ideology of Modernism including programs like Multiculturalism, Secularism, Rationalism and Capitalism, all populistic theories venerated after the "peace" of 1945, the West has no more independent and good leaders. Democratic voters and leaders, formed by their democratic parties, are forced to cooperate for implementing the post-war political imperative : Change the West from Christian and culturally authoritative societies to materialistic societies based on consume and individual freedom.

Western ideology of individualism and consume with global ambitions called Multiculturalism is mandatory. This fact makes the appellation "Democracy" pure illusion and lie. One should expect growing numbers of anti-Democratic protests and critics. But of course the citizens under post-war dictatorial Democracy are afraid. If they oppose the holy principles of Individual Freedom, Multiculturalism, Capitalism etc. they are quickly labeled Nazis, dangerous reactionaries, terrorists... Even if a person runs the risk of expressing himself freely, takes the chance of being socially ostracized, he will never reach to the media. The media owners are Democrats, Capitalists, Multiculturalists.

There was an interesting article in the Spanish newspaper ABC the 17th of July 2007 called "The Democratic Contract", written by Álvaro Delgado-Gal. The article writer criticizes the Social Democratic Government in Madrid for being too haughty and arrogant, showing no interest for Spaniards who are not social democrats. Mr. Delgado-Gal's critic aims at the passionate, non-rational atmosphere which reigns inside the mightiest party. The social democratic voters in communities and regions obstruct political participation of voters from other parties. And he continues stressing that the relationship between voters and leaders should not be passionate like in a matrimony. Democracy must be based on rationalism.

One can object to Mr. Delgado-Gal's opinion by saying that people in a society, notwithstanding political system, need to express passion, love, even tenderness for their leaders. The relationship citizens - leaders needs both love and reason, sentiments and rational openness. What is wrong with Spain as with the rest of Western countries ridden with democracy, is that the representatives of the Materialistic Revolution of 1945 (1975 for Spain) ridicule and render suspect everyone who opposes the premise of Materialism. Socialists are as fish in water in modernistic democracy, while traditionalists and Catholics are like fish thrown on dry soil. Socialists and Capitalists are not slow in taking advantage of their privileges of being correct citizens.

We can never get to the root, hit the bottom of Materialistic-Socialistic political arrogance without confronting the elephant in the room of Western post-war culture : the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the whip used against Western traditionalists and Christians. The only exception are the Zionistic Christians who can enjoy privileges because they support unconditionally Globalistic Capitalism necessary for running the modernistic State of Israel. Israel has become, tragically, the icon of Capitalism, Materialistic Globalism and War instead of being an icon of Spirituality. Western Holocaustic Democracy is the worst dictatorship in modern times. If it doesn't kill physically it kills mentally. Holocaustic democrats rule the West by means of guilt and anguish at the same time as they boast of being inclusive and warm. Real ideological conflicts are swept under a sticky sweety carpet knitted of false love.

228. Are you Nazi children aware of the value of equality among people ?

All values can be exaggerated. Equality among people brought to an extreme is socially and culturally detrimental. Humanists directing the Western democracies are pushing for maximal equality among people. Humanistic demand of emancipation and sameness is brought to an absurd grade when men and women shall have exactly the same role in society. It is not a surprise that humanistic societies decrease in population and non-humanistic societies increase. It may sound strange : The ideology of Humanistic Modernism seeks the death of Western societies.

The Humanists' political trick and pressure is always the same : If you are against their policy of equality, you are a racist, a Nazi, an evil reactionary person. Only Modernism saves people. Fifty years with holocaustic death cult has given results : Western young people have become afraid of distinguishing people. If somebody says about a person that he is black, Jew, American Indian or Muslim it is already a sin. The repetitive argument is that next step might be Holocaust !

One of the great pleasures on earth is to distinguish people from people. The Humanists have stolen one of our most cherished delights. Competition among tribes and races with their variety of cultures enriches the entire humanity. Humanistic extreme equalization brings death. We humans need to mirror ourselves in human differences. Then we are mentally mobilized and become able to see own particularities, strengths and weaknesses.

When in a fatal future the humanity has established the unconditional Global Village of mentally uniformed people, as a result of humanistic dictatorship, we will meet but similarity, identicalness, oneness, and we will all be interchangeable, homogeneous puppets for the manipulating hidden cadres of Futuristic World Power.

229. How will you explain that Zionism has become so strong in Western countries ?

In war time Materialism wins over Spiritualism. Nothing triggers Materialism better than war with its needs of steel, oil, industry for weapons, vehicles and craft together with all kinds of other war necessities. After 1945 the victors were high on materialistic wealth. They had in addition looted the losers' countries. Feverish Western materialists were going to meet Jewish Zionists in an apparently harmonic way.

Jewish Zionists were first of all anti-Christian, anti-nationalistic, anti-traditionalistic regarding the way Europeans were nationalists and traditionalists. Zionists felt they had had enough of two thousand years with subordination under Christianity and European nationalism. Since the beginning of the Zionistic movement at the end of the 19th century, many Jews dreamt of a destabilization of Western nations and preached and promulgated thoughts of internationalism, Marxism, Communism, Human Rights, Individualism, minorities rights over majorities, freedom from traditions, freedom from Christianity, materialistic growth by free float of money and goods over the borders, free investments over the borders, free banking, multiculturalism. With other words Zionists favored International Capitalism and materialistic Socialism.

In that way Zionism presented all the values and methods for obtaining them that the new Western materialists desired and needed. With the victory over anti-Zionistic Nazism and Fascism, Western internationalistic materialists and Jewish Zionists could meet in a euphoria over growing Western wealth in coming decades. Millions of Westerners turned falsely Zionistic. They were false Zionists or pseudo-Zionists because they had not converted to Judaism.

In addition to these millions, other millions found deep sympathy for the Jews because of the hardship Jews had suffered under the Nazis and Fascists. Many Christians can be called Zionistic Christians, and specially many Humanists can be called Zionistic Humanists because they were and are zealots of both Jewish Zionism, internationalistic Capitalism and Socialism. Zionistic Humanists and Zionistic Christians are of course enthusiasts for the Zionist cause out of own interests.

With the cult of Holocaust from the beginning of the 60s, a cult pseudo-Zionists, like François Mauriac, have partly instigated and consequently joined, Israelis, Jews and Zionists have become intimately knitted to Western post-war culture. Holocaustism has become favorite religion among de-Christianized modernistic Westerners. Post-war Humanism is mentally and sentimentally based on the death-cult called Holocaust. Preaching absurd freedom and operating for absurd freedom in the same way as Humanists are doing costs. Humanistic rationalism meets its necessary antithetical extreme in the Holocaust. Humanists endure their rationalistic coldness by means of "warmth" from a death cult.

Many Christians are as well pseudo-Zionists due to twisted theology around the second coming of Christ. Zionistic Christians think that Westerners must unconditionally support Israel because the land is necessary for the Armageddon, the war occasioning the end of the world. Armageddon must occur before Christ will come back and save the faithful. Zionistic Humanists and Zionistic Christians are main responsible for the materialistic turn Israel has tragically taken after the country was established by the war victors.

230. How do you explain the reigning anguish among Nazi and Fascist descendants when over sixty years are gone ?

It is true that many Nazi and Fascist descendants are ridden with anguish once modern history is on the program. After having talked during years with descendants in France, Spain and Norway, I have remarked an unhealthy tendency among many of them. They are on the run from contemporary labelling, from practical and popular use of vocabulary. They are deadly scared for being associated with the words "Nazi" and "Fascist" even these words represent in modern language more than half of the Europeans living in the 20th century, those who carried out the counter-revolution after 1917.

French Fascist children might be strong when recognizing their parents policy in France during the war. They will however maintain that their parents were not Fascists but French patriots. Fascists were some ugly politicians in other countries. Speaking with Spaniards you will hear that their Fascist fathers were not Fascists but Franquistas, something totally different politically spoken. Same in Norway when talking to many NS descendants. Their fathers were neither Nazis nor Fascists but supporters of Quisling. Quisling, they pretend, was not at all Nazi or Fascist, but a Norwegian patriot.

Nazi and Fascist children are all passing Black Peter over to other Nazi and Fascist children, like in the children's card game. German Nazi families take it all, get all the blame. Germany sirves as trash can for all Europe. But non-German Nazi and Fascist descendants are awkward players with history. They think that they get rid of responsibilty thanks to their play with labelling. They think they get free from the anguish that way. But their play with Black Peter has a contrary effect. They preserve the anguish in Europe. All feel shame and distress for the real words.

Time has come for going straight forward in this topic regarding the mental health of Nazi descendants, regarding their capacity of confronting real history. People must stop passing Black Peter, believing that the Nazis are always the others. The biggest Black Peter is of course Hitler, more precisely the image made of Hitler by his victors after 1945. The person who manages to restore Hitler's human face and his normal role in history, will do a good job for the state of health in Europe. When Hitler becomes a historic person among others, the demonic world created by holocaustic satanization will crumble. Der Schwarzer Peter, Black Peter, will vanish. European anguish for modern history will as well be buried.

231. How can you mean that racism is a value ?

Racism is an ideology, an ideal of preservation of the diversity of races, starting with the families and tribes. This presevation does of course not exclude evolution. But this evolution shall be a result of deep and careful traditional changes, not hysterical changes forced forth by modernistic demagogues.

The opposite ideology, the one which has the hegemony in the West since 1945, can be called Humanistic Amalgamism, Melting-Potism or Anti-Racism. This is an ideology driven by white social scientists and humanistic ideologues for at the end transforming the human diversity into One World, One People, One Culture - euphemistically called Global Village and Multiculturalism. The Human Magma which will be the result means that the long human evolution into tribes, races and cultures shall be reactivated. Amalgamism and Multiculturalism are fanatically reactionary social projects.

Democratic Westerners, the supporters of this opposite ideology and culture, have their own definition of racism. For them racism means utter evilness : planned murder of all races except the white. The relatively great ideological gap between racists and anti-racists is what Europe must surpass and heal if European culture shall have a future.

Cultures started and developed by valuing own difference. During time the members should have to revalorize their thoughts and social structure. Keeping a culture is an eternal battle. Post-war democracy, on the other hand, develops by stressing the gaps caused by the principle revolution and corollary endless conflicts. Democratic culture is a popular cult of rightous and non-rightous, of Democratic voters and Nazis, of good and evil. We live under democratic satanization.

The new "values" of Post-War Democracy are destruction of inherited culture on behalf of a revolutionary, futuristic plan : Global Hedonism. This Hedonism will be financed through Sustainable Growth. The cadres of this New World will of course be hidden, since they shall gather all political power.

232. Aren't you happy because you live under rule of peace instead of war ?

Europe has in modern history never had a more bestial peace than the one-sided, non-signed "peace treaty" administrated by the Allies in 1945. Unfortunately this peace keeps lasting. The Peace Treaty of Versailles in 1919 can be described as a peace of coziness in comparison. The leaders of the war losers were not hanged in 1919 like in 1945. The loser families were not satanized. Three million women were not politically, physically raped. Eighteen million were not geographically cleansed from their homeland. To million surviving soldiers were not starved to death in camps of revenge. Peoples of an entire continent were not brutally denazified, brainwashed, to believe that "civilization" had triumphed.

The Allies and their proud families have something of a reputation to live with in the future. It is natural that the victors and their descendants have to celebrate their peace with insistence. In Norway righteous "philosophers" brought up with the victors' "Humanism" in schools and universities, are even giving courses in peace treaty for use in actual world conflicts. Blindness is a sweet weakness for post-war naive academics. For the first time in modern European history a signed peace treaty is rejected - out of the conviction that the loser side is unworthy of human treatment. Post-war Humanism was born.

233. Why are you Nazi descendants so subjugated, socially invisible and silent ?

We have to honor our war victors, defeaters and peace administrators for their political and psychological perspicacity, for their cultural power, for their anti-democratic spirit of dominance. We do not honor them for their humanity, clemency, capacity of democracy and reconciliation. With the weapon of guilt produced by their worldwide Holocaust machinery the cadres of the post-war democratic establishment have managed perfectly their objective : Subdue opponents through shame, through psychological pains and fear of social ostracism. Feelings of shame, even forced, create silence. Nothing is better for rulers than silent opponents.

Intrinsic in the Holocaustic guilt industry is the double bind. We Nazi descendants shall be historically mute as a consequence of shame. But we shall also be shameful because we are mute. As long as Nazi children do not discover and understand this political and psychological trick, double communication or operative hypocrisy can go on for ever. First the victors make the children of their vanquished mute under life long holocaustic pressure. Then they dishonor us and laugh at us because we remain paralyzed. When will Nazi children start to feel shame of feeling shame ?

Our Organization deplores of course the actual situation. It is a poor consolation to know that our victors are drawn into cultural shame as well. After sixty years all Whites have become Nazi children because the Holocaustians have cultivated Evil as a White particularity and a White responsibility. Non-Whites do not distinguish between Nazi descendants and victor descendants. Non-Whites simply abhor a race which is dishonoring itself, which commits suicide. Self-destructive people are seen as contagious, dangerous for social health. Anti-White Whites might soon be treated as untouchables by the non-White world community, like lepers were treated in the past.

Jews should know that they are considered White by most world peoples, due to their cohabitation and following miscegenation with Whites during two thousand years. Wise Jews should therefore be able to see the scripture on the wall and start criticizing own Guilt Factories or Holocaust Centers. A prompt closing down of these centers outside Israel is in their own interest. Pseudo-Zionists in the West will of course react with despair. They have no other identity than "pseudo", no other consciousness and inclination than self-hatred. Wise people know that such people are dangerous, just follow the wind from wherever it comes. Pseudo-Zionists - Zionist Christians and Zionist Humanists - must be pushed out from powerful positions in Western culture.

234. Why do you reject post-war Western Humanism ?

Post-war Humanism or American Liberalism is based on secularism with following contempt for Christianity. But this secularism is not even secular, because insidiously from the beginning of the 60s a new religion has formed the center of Western Political Humanism. This religion is a dark religion, a death cult which oppresses Europeans under an endless weight of guilt. We Nazi descendants, and we constitute tens of millions since every single country except Soviet Union had its Nazi party, shall never get free from guilt oppression, because Holocaustism does not include reconciliation and redemption. Nazi children shall never ever find release through conciliation with our parents. Nazis are by Humanists and Zionists, the two dominant ideologues of the West, doomed for eternity.

This eagerness for dooming is necessarily a challenge for Humanists who want to be inclusive and liberal. On the topic of Nazi children they are incapable of any initiative. Zionists on the other hand, their colleagues in Western liberalism, have become more active since the late 80s. Several Zionist psychologists are dealing with the topic of children of eternally doomed. As far as I can see, they have come up with two salvational ways, one ideological and one religious. The children have to renounce any prospect of warmth, love, intimacy, agreement with their awful parents. They have to condemn them and to become overtly anti-Nazis. Stepping over the politically correct doorsill they become automatically Humanistic and pseudo-Zionistic. Since some years certain Nazi descendants go also the religious way and become Jews.

Nazi descendants being saved secularly or religiously by modernistic psychologists and other therapists have few chances for integrating parental history and deep European history. Their destiny is based on rebirth, something which alleviates the Nazi descendants from the past. They might become idols for the rest of the Europeans. Because following Humanistic and Zionistic beliefs, Goyim and born-again Europeans do not need history. They shall be "free". They shall be happily free from history and traditions. The New World Order needs New Men. From a traditional point of view history helps people giving them necessary life ballast, roots, honesty, strength, knowledge, wisdom, direction, pride. From humanistic point of view history is a burden which deviates people from the important perspectives : Sciences and manipulated future. It is true, Second Generation Nazis are not fond of Zionist Humanism or Humanist Zionism.

235. Are Europeans losing their cultural identity ?

Since the year of catastrophe of 1945 Europeans have in fact been losing their confidence in own culture. Many have stopped supporting their inherited Christian culture. It is not so strange, given the orchestrated tsunamies of annihilating critics against Old Europe coming from films, radio, books, newspapers, schools and churches. 1945 war the year of imposing all over Western Europe the American Freedom, Commercialism, Materialism, Individualism, Technocracy, Democracy, Secularism, Humanism, Zionism. The masters of this new plan for Europe completed their culturally materialistic revolution quickly by blackmailing voices from the losers' side. They launched their denazification campaign, transformed in the early 60s into Holocaust campaign. All losers became evil Jew killers ! Never has Europe gone through a more brainwashing period than the one stretching from 1945 to 2007. At last, now in our new century, traditionalist Europeans can start to protest against the blackmailers and brainwashers, at least through the internet.

The vanities of Western Freedom Ideology, of generous Western Humanism, are more and more exposed through Western international greed and subsequent wars. Western Humanism and Democracy are losing prestige in the eyes of non-Westerners. So, now we get into a period of reconciliation, of restoration and restructuration. The first example of a new time for Europe was the breakdown of the Soviet Union with following sanctification of the Tsar family murdered by the Communists. Due to the hardship under which Nazi children were brought up, we are unfortunately not many to welcome, to enjoy and to participate in new initiatives from Traditionalists. Nazi children should establish a Movement for European Identity. Technical politics are insignificant as long as European voters have lost their center, their identity. From wherever the initiative of the MEI comes, the Organization of Norwegian NS Children will back it and collaborate.

236. Can Europeans live and thrive without being racists ?

Racism - care for own tribe's particularities - is important, manifest and constant among all peoples of old culture. Democratic Westerners seem to believe that they have changed, become anti-racist after 1945. But Westerners have only favored non-European racism. They have embraced Zionist racism instead of own racism. Since the whole bloody Second World War was fought for non-European reasons, it is normal that the victors built down own identity after the victory and favored a non-European, non-Christian ideology, namely Zionism.

European "anti-racist" victors have now supported and encouraged Zionist racism during sixty years, both politically and materially. They have managed this artful policy by lying about the true nature of Zionism. They have pretended that Zionism was a democratic, racially inclusive ideology. Theodore Herzl, founder of Zionism, said already in the 19th century that a Jewish State in Palestine should be a State with a Jewish majority. Eventually, majority threatening minorities would have to be displaced. Consequently most Westerners are today anti-racist racists. The intellectually bankrupt victors have even forced loser families to become twisted, double-minded.

Some brainwashed White anti-racists discover now suddenly, after sixty years, that Zionism is a traditional form of racism - in spite of the UN's prohibition of making such an association, of using such a word regarding Zionism and Israel. All the founders of the United Nations knew that Zionists were racists when they pointed out Palestine as a coming exclusive land for a Jewish State. Or, didn't the victors know that there lived Palestinians in Palestine ? The members of the UN were just as racist as the Zionists when they gave a land with inhabitants to the Jews.

The elfin was brought in with the carriage, says an old Norwegian proverb. The proverb signifies that racism didn't end when the "anti-racist" Allies destroyed Germany in 1945. Westerners worshipped Jewish racism instead of White racism, pre-war English or German racism. It is time for labeling post-war Humanism with its correct name : Collapse of Western Rationalism. It is not enough to call the Humanists hypocrites when their academics have scientifically proved that Zionism is democratic and that Humanists are anti-racists in thoughts and acts. Humanistic social sciences are simply rotten.

Jewish Zionists have all the long since 1945 benefited from post-war White madness, believed that Whites for all times would remain irrational idiots, Goyimistic servants. It can seem that they have never gotten the idea that there is a threat of backlash, a threat of an awakening among Whites from their foolishness. Anyhow, who are responsible for the chaos in the Middle East and for other centers of conflict ? Are Jews the responsible ? Or are Western democrats the responsible ? Who create international chaos in the 21st century ?

When the victors created Israel in 1945 they knew perfectly well that the Jews wanted the land for themselves. The victors knew that the Palestinians were going to lose their land. When did the hypocrite democratic Humanists show non-fake humanism toward the Palestinians cleansed from their home land ? Seven hundred thousand were dislocated into refugee camps after their villages had been destroyed. It is weird to be Second Generation Nazis when we day by day observe the masks fall from the hypocrite victors. It is a tragedy that Europeans have behaved and continue to behave so foolishly though.

I have written before that the Jews should get London or New York as recompense for the mess originated by the untrue Western founders of Israel, founders through the UN. Since so few of the world Jews want to settle down in the new country, proving that they are well off as minorities in the West or elsewhere, it could be a good idea to make an exchange so that the Palestinians can get back their homeland. To give to the Palestinians some rich agricultural areas from the respective victor countries as recompense for their stolen land, is not such a good idea. The Palestinians have lived in Palestine during two thousand years, some of them even more.

Anyhow, World War Two Victors cannot just get away with their lies and deceit. Historic faults must be paid for, repaired. And White anti-racist racists must stop traveling around making peace in the world. Such bankrupt intellectuals make necessarily war instead. Obviously White Europeans can not live without being racists. They have only chosen since 1945 to be racist by proxy, being racist on behalf of the Jews. This is an anti-natural type of racism, evil racism, hypocrite racism because it is dissimulated. Natural and constructive racism is overt, inspiring racial and tribal pride among surrounding peoples.

World War Two Victors with their descendants and acolytes are responsible for the dangerous World War Three tension in the Middle East. They are responsible for the mounting anti-Semitism in the world. White Democratic Humanists are the real anti-Semites in our times. They mess up the living conditions for honest Jews and they offend the free culture and faith of Muslims.

237. In September 2007 there are elections in Norway. Why don't you vote ?

We from Nazi families are still being used as trash cans for the new Western elite. We are simply not included in post-war democracy, even over sixty years have passed. The Humanists need us as contrast to their salvatory image, as contrast to their salvation-of-humanity project. One Humanist axiom says that Humanists build and help, we destroy and kill. Western democracies are an illusion. All democratic parties are obedient to the wishes of a hidden elite, making party differences a dream. The elite, like the Bilderbergers, gather regularly in protected places. Their agenda is not controlled by the people. They decide which way Western democracies shall take in the future, when crucial choices have to be done. Democratic leaders follow these decisions blindly, as do slavishly the democratic voters.

The elite are mostly thought of as Bilderbergers when the topic is world economy. When the topic is culture and social values the most appropriate names are Humanists or Defenders of the Human Rights. The elite gather both socialists and capitalists. Their aim is to save the world, just like they saved Europe by destroying Germany in 1945. The elite will administrate the humanity both economically and spiritually. By spirituality the Humanists mean individual mental exercises practiced at home. Official places shall be governed by Secularism, by non-religious laws.

Slowly even White people awake from their dreams of the beauty of post-war democracies. They discover that our democracies are not democratic. They slowly apprehend that the elite direct us all through ownership of media, through their power over schools and other social institutions. They apprehend day by day that Western democratic politics include war against opponents in non-Western continents. Some understand that the most appropriate name of Modern Western Democracy is Imperialism. It might seem obnoxious : Second Generation Nazis are more democratic than "democratic" Humanists. We want people to get back their democratic rights of venerating traditions and ethnicities, simply because most peoples on the earth venerate these values.

The world needs an insurrection against the appropriators of the West after 1945. They have institutionalized their visions and interpretations of Freedom and Democracy. What we see today under the banners of the United States, the European Union, the World Bank and the United Nations is not concordant with true freedom and true democracy. After decades with illusions we have reached the new century of disillusion, with needs of political restructuration and restoration. People who vote in 2007 perpetuate institutionalized elitist powers, a false democracy.

238. You don't like post-war Western policies. But do you know what are the ruling principles ?

Important axioms of post-war Western politics are the following numbered from 1 to 12. Each axiom is a myth, a myth because pretending eternal truth. During the era of post-war Humanism all inherited traditions and values have been exposed to demythologization, deconstruction, debunking. The Humanists and their academic lackeys have avoided to debunk own pretentious axioms, own mythic truths. The Humanistic axioms have hovered over general critics thanks to the Humanists' image after the war victory of 1945. Victory itself creates myths, especially the myth of the victors' strength, righteousness and goodness. An other myth source specifically useful for modernists are the ideas around Revolution, eternal Change. The Humanists have created their main myth called Universalism on slogans from the bloody French Revolution.
Some of the myths are unlawful to question. Such myths have taken religious dignity, something which is odd considered the Humanists' pretense of basing theories on Rationalism and Secularism.

1) The French Revolution was fundamentally a good revolution.

The French Revolution was a catastrophe for France. The country was set back socially and economically with thirty years compared to neighbour countries.

2) The Human Rights are universal and can therefore not be false.

The Human Rights lack of moderation. A "world citizen" must firs acknowledge, understand, develop and take care of his close surroundings. Afterwards he can stretch his thoughts toward larger groups. Universal thoughts per se are void of significance.
The Human Rights aim individual freedom. Socially inherited values are scrapped. Old culture is replaced by sports and cheap entertainments. White majorities in Europe are to become minorities in own countries in a not too far future, in order to comply with the "universal law" of Free Individualism and Human Rights. Universalism goes before localism, say the Humanists. The Force of Cohesion must abide by the universalistic "law" of explosion. Humanism is a great -ism, since it is universal... Oh yes, the Humanists, distributors and defensors of the Human Rights, the New Secular Gospel, are even divine. They have designated immanent Devils : Nazis, Racists and other devilish opposers of post-war Zionist Humanism.

3) Democracy based on free individuals is the best political system in world history.

Democracy based on individual freedom heads toward a dictatorship of the majority. Modern democracy is anyhow fake as long as ownership of media is exempt from democratic control. Modern media create political opinions, correct opinions. Brainwashed democratic majorities end up today with leaders who work for the the hidden Zionistic-Capitalistic cadres of the West, an elite who have their agenda decided in advance. Western decadence is planned. The manipulating media call it change, based on despise for everything autochthonous White and delirium for everything mixed. How can decadence be avoided when the real leaders of the West, the free, non-commercialized aristiocracy together with traditionalists have been demonized to muteness ?

4) Secularism is better than religion as frame for social life.

Secularism ignores any greatness originated in religion. Secularism is a form of mental blindness.

5) Rationalism is a better instrument for ruling societies than Tradition.

Rationalism is a poor instrument in the art of introspection, in the art of understanding spirituality, mentality, psyche. Rationalism can only register and count. Tradition is a greater realm. It is the treasure of immensurable family values which are primordial for individuals' feelings and spiritual prosperity. Without Tradition individuals are exempt from feelings of belonging.

6) America and England have saved Europe twice by going to war against Germany.

America and England have commercialized and materialized Europe by force, at the expense of Spirituality and Tradition.

7) The Jewish Holocaust is the worst criminal act of world history.

This form of thinking is obedient to ethnocentrism.

8) Nazism and Fascism are the most criminal ideologies of world history.

Are Nazis and Fascists exclusively evil ? This is nonsense coming from persons suffering of hubris after a military victory. The Humanist victors, Zionists and pseudo-Zionists, have institutionalized a Cult of Evil. They know that their destructive materialistic ideology can not lead the West without using the axiom 7. and 8. Western post-war Humanists or pseudo-Zionists are in power thanks to the guilt weapon of Holocaust which keeps half of the European population paralyzed, silenced, ostracized into a moral dustbin. The Nazis and Fascists are considered unworthy of normal history, of normal social participation. And the Zionists together with their millions of White pseudo-Zionists dare calling their regime in the West Free and Democratic.

9) The free Western world can best administrate the earth with its societies.

The growing amount of life threatening pollution all over the earth is sufficient to reject this pretentious axiom. This physical pollution expresses the mental pollution caused by pseudo-Zionism with its Holocaust Centers.

10) The Humanists as cadres of the free Western world have the right to interfere anywhere on the globe in order to protect people from abuses caused by religion and anti-democratic policies.

Humanist cadres are militants for Western interests, for a Western empire. They mask their greed with words like "Humanism", "Democracy, "Human Rights".

11) Freedom makes people thrive. Tradition makes people stagnate.

Individual freedom defined by Western social scientists favors mental roughness, drug abuses and egocentrism, at the expense of social needs.

12) Humanists are not racists because they are anti-racists.

Anti-racism is a destructive form of racism. This racism ignores, condemns and destroys the reality of world races and world ethnies. Anti-racists are logically also anti-Semits, proven by the anti-racist WWII victors who tricked both Jews and Arabs by giving land stolen from one group of Semites to an other.

239. International press writes that the Nazi offspring claim compensation. Do you feel pity for yourself ? Do you feel confidence in post-war democracy ?

Second generation Nazis feel proud of themselves. We have survived terrorizing hostility in times of peace. The large majority of Nazi offspring does not claim compensation from political usurpers whom they despise. They have chosen silence, not compensation. Over the years Nazi children have learned to have little confidence in a political system which is unable to show openness, but only able to show hatred toward former political enemies. It is clear : Europeans need communication, reconciliation, not despise and hatred.

The international press tries to make us all pitiful, always with the aim of making the new political leaders of the West as humanely and morally brave as possible. The corps of official Western journalists and academics try to hide the reality. They say "The Nazi Offspring" when they mean "children of soldiers". Western journalists are part of the satanizing Humanism which is destroying Western culture, Western history, Western identity, Western man.

These satanizing international journalists, do they at least help the thousands of soldier kids who have, to a certain extent, confidence in Western democracy ? Of course their "humanism" doesn't reach these kids. Most journalists are only busy with their Cult of Evil, everything which sells in the commercialized West. Journalists and lawyers keep the soldier offspring away from their salons. The 12th of July 2007 the "war children" lost their case presented for the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the case which they had previously lost for a Norwegian court.

The ideology of Western Materialism, also called Humanism, depends on having immanent devils in their secular cosmology. If they stop satanizing European traditionalists, their enemies, they know that they might lose their campaign of globalizing the world under their capitalist, materialist order. More than half of the Whites are of Traditionalist descent. Outlawing through satanization is the best way of paralyzing Western traditionalists. Two generations have let themselves be politically immobilized. Third generation is gaining forces and independence. In 2007 it is exciting to observe the nervousness of our reigning Humanists.

240. The easiest way of explaining the silence of the European Nazi children is to use the word "shame". What are your comments to this shame ?

Defeat in war is always a burden for the losers' offspring. The children react instinctively with shame. The victors have since 1945 interpreted our silence as a normal reaction to our parents' evilness, naziness. They say that we feel shame for our parents' sins. I doubt that this interpretation of our silence is correct. In that case much more Nazi children would have dropped silence and joined the international chorus of Nazi critics, even though that parental critic is difficult. Victors want to minimize the losers motives and qualities, in order to decorate themselves with values.

The victors' ideological values dropped to a minimum in 1990 when the real victors of WWII, the Communists, rotted away inside own borders. The collapse of the Communist Empire is a victory for Hitler. There is no way of interpreting the Communist scandal otherwise. In our new century criticism against America, against Capitalism and Western materialistic globalization is mounting, especially in religious cultures. The question why Nazi children still keep silent then is rather mysterious. Maybe the children have gotten too old, prefer the comfort of having lives like small bourgeois. Maybe they are tired. Silence as political protest is absurd when over sixty years have passed - the reasons for protesting vanish, the meaning disappears, the involved have become invisible.

A more credible interpretation of their ongoing silence is that they feel shame of having been silent and still are. Such a shame is difficult to handle. It gets more and more precarious as the silence lasts. The victors' war propaganda and peace propaganda has been to satanize the opponents, to force them into silence through fear. They are now responsible for creating mental wrecks by use of holocaustification. In war time satanization of enemies might be normal. In peace time such a propaganda is mental terrorism and indicates lack of humanity, lack of culture, lack of taste. Democracy based on fear and subsequent silence is a strange concept. Is it Democracy at all ? Sometimes it is more difficult to be victorious in history than to be militarily losers. The last word of third generation Nazis has not yet been said, hardly the first word.

241. What do you feel for the State of Israel ?

As opposed to pseudo-Zionist Westerners who unconditionally give Israel a privileged role in post-war politics, I have mixed feelings for Israel.

First of all the WWII victors handed in 1948 a stolen land over to the Jews. The victors and the Organization of United Nations are directly responsible for sixty years with Middle East conflicts. Since the victors have the affront of calling themselves democratic, humanists, peace builders and freedom providers, they are unable to handle the Middle East conflicts politically and culturally. Westerners are politically blind, unable to see and to judge themselves. Hubris from their 1945 victory has destroyed their capacity of self-introspection. Second generation Nazis are not impressed by post-war "democratic" and "humanist" policies.

Secondly Western countries misuse the State of Israel as a stronghold for Western interests in the world's biggest deposits of oil, all situated in the Middle East. WWII victors want to dominate the world, to act as global police, to control access to vital energy sources. For this reason it is important for them to call themselves democratic, humanists, freedom providers etc. To camouflage their material and political greed it is also useful to denigrate Hitler in Western history. All globalist Humanists accuse Hitler for trying to possess the world. Consequently the Humanists have opposite wishes, self-sacrificing wishes... Second generation Nazis are not pleased with the falsehood of Western politicians.

Thirdly the State of Israel is mentally and ideologically based on Holocaust, a death cult which operates as blackmail for living people. Young Jews are educated to believe in themselves as better than white Goyim, especially better than Traditionalist Westerners, people of old heritage. They are not at all interested in seeing and understanding Jewish-Zionist responsibilities for the political decay of Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Thanks to the goodwill of Western pro-Israelites and millions of pseudo-Zionists, many Jews float on unreal ideas of history and international politics. Through ownership of many mass media holocaustifying Jews have disproportionate impact on Western culture.

It is time for young Jews, but especially for the descendants of pseudo-Zionist victors, to meet Nazi descendants on equal conditions, not on morally prefabricated conditions launched by academics where we represent the evil and Jews the good. Death cultivators should meet with the death-cultivated. Both need to awake from illusions and disillusions. The war happened to bind us together.

Thanks to the impact of Holocaust in the West most Traditionalists are or frightened and silent or fanatic flagellants. The last exercise has gotten popular even outside old Nazi and Fascist families. Self-despise and self-hatred have gained the souls of the victors' children. The West is sick as long as a holocaustic country, Israel, is given politically priority in the West. Reports like the one written by Mearsheimer and Walt, from the universities of Chicago and Harvard, which indicate unhealthy bindings between Israel and the West, are important for healing the Middle East as well as for healing the West.

Black and White history narration relying on the Holocaust must come to an end. Before Westerners can teach non-Westerners about Human Rights and Democratic Freedom our post-war politicians responsible for our decadent culture must awake from unidimensional materialistic greed and start to honor own culture, own past. They should learn about the value of Spirituality, rediscover old Christianity, a realm which goes beyond Materialism.

242. Who are the Humanists ?

The Humanists are the Western capitalistic Liberalists, Socialists, Zionists and pseudo-Zionists who won WWII. The first generation of Humanists destroyed Old Europe with bombs, ethnic cleansing and mental terrorism through Holocaust cult. Sixty two years later they are the first generation's followers, descendants and other acolytes. They meet in Humanistic clubs like the Bilderbergers and have undemocratic influence on Western politics, finance and culture thanks to, among other control systems, ownership of big media companies. Those who oppose the Humanists are labelled terrorists or Nazis.

When the liberalistic Humanists had crushed Germany and other counter-revolutionary anti-Communist and anti-Liberalist fighters, they worked for destroying all European institutional remnants from the past. They even got influence in the Catholic Church by secular conquest of its administration after the Second Vatican Council. Europe's traditions are rotting, and the Europeans have started to favor money and individual freedom before children.

Now the world is at large. With empty phrases of equality and sustainable growth the Humanists are conquering all world cultures, with a campaign which they call "humanist and democratic globalization". Germans know what the world can expect : Cultural brainwashing through TV, loss of inherited identity, americanization, freedom regime based on money, sex and other easy pleasures. Actual destruction of the balance between industry and nature - a balance necessary for life and nature - indicates what the world peoples can await regarding social and spiritual values now in the hands of Humanists.

243. Are Christian clerics unable to forgive Nazis ?

It is sad but true that the Catholic Church has gotten too weak regarding bullying post-war Humanism and Zionism to be able to protest against their demonization of our Nazi families. The situation doesn't seem to be any better within other churches. Christ gave his life for the redemption of all men of open heart. Why should Nazis be excluded by modern priests ? Since the Church has appreciated secularism after the Vatican II, in a frenetic striving for getting free from own history, the Church has now to bow for secular ideologies. Humanism depends on immanent devils; Nazis are the Humanists' favorites. Since several millions of Nazis and Fascists were anti-secularists, like anti-Liberalists and anti-Communists, Christian clerics must condemn them, even hand them over to the Modernists as right and proper Devils. Priests do not dare to defend Nazi idealists who fought for the rights of religion under the threat of international Communism. Most Nazi and Fascist leaders were Christians : Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pétain, Degrelle, Quisling, Pavelic, Horthy, Codreanu, Mussert, Salazar and others.

I have personally tried to discuss the post-war situation of Nazi descendants with Catholic clerics, but with no result. I have explained to bishops and priests how the children are squeezed between official satanization and parental disdain, ignorance or silence. Clerics react with unease and fear, often followed by aggressiveness. This situation is unbearable for a Church whose role during centuries has been to understand and to forgive. Something theologically wrong happened after the war. The Evil of the Nazis grew to an irrationally monstrous size. The Old Testament strangled the message of Love in the New Testament. The Church which had believed in the Nazi protection against Communism and Materialism, threw in the towel and abdicated from the credo of an exclusively transcendental Devil, joined the victors' hatred against the war losers. At that moment the victims of Nazism competed with Christ in the matter of innocence. Six million gassed Jews overshadowed Christ. Humanism and Pseudo-Zionism got a religiously dark victory after having gotten the military.

Can Christians ignore post-war dominance of secular Materialism ? Can they ignore the catastrophically anti-religious wealth of post-war Humanists ? Shall the Church continue to whisper to Christians to abstain from criticism of Western demonism which has become an obligatory cult ? Are Christians obliged to bow for Western materialistic consensus ? Is it anti-Christian to criticize anti-Christian democracy ? How long shall clerics abstain from clear political involvement against Western materialistic consensus ? Naivety due to non-involvement as well as silence in front of anti-religious politics are sinful attitudes. Nazi children's fight for freedom corresponds with a fight against secular demonism. It is really time for a Third Vatican Council.

244. You feel squeezed out of Western moral society. Don't you think Nazi-Germany was based on squeezing people out of their society ?

Nazis had a dream of sustaining cultural difference in the world. Attacked by internationalist Communists, internationalist Capitalists and Zionists, the Nazis had to squeeze enemies inside own borders, force many into camps for control. During the war they did the same inside their conquered territories. War time demands special strategies, special securities. All countries involved in war behave in similar manners. But Western post-war establishment continues war strategies in times of peace. They reclaim being humanist, democratic, open and including. Western people who believe in political openness in America and Europe are slowly awakening to a brutal different reality.

Nazi children and non-European immigrants have often the same experiences regarding Western freedom and democratic openness. First the humanistic governors want to transform the West into mixed societies without majority groups. For implementing this pluricultural project once secretly decided through non-democratic ways by unknown organizations, they assure the growth of immigration all over the West. But once immigrants have settled and naively thought they could maintain their ancestral traditions, hordes of modernistic academics and social workers attack them with the purpose of making them like occidental consumers with dominant international taste and habits.

This is not political openness. It is not democracy. It is not even pluriculturalism. It is oppression in the name of a hidden agenda which we can call Ideology of Modernism or Dictatorship of Modernism. Western Humanists have defined Modernism as a superior form of life which includes as little respect for past cultures as possible. People who think, who are not dupe, understand that the game is about World Materialism, World Capitalism. Modernistic Oligarchs or Capitalists want to possess people by means of money, for the sake of money. They want only two classes in the world : Oligarchs and Consumers. Their system is forced upon us by cheat and lies through schools and media. In order to camouflage their sinister aim the modernistic politicians present their project as humanistic, democratic, based on Human Rights.

It might appear like a paradox but is just a simple fact : Anti-racist Humanists are perniciously racist. They hate all races, including their own. Being Materialists they want to destroy all cultures, all ethnic tribes which care for non-materialistic values. How long shall we let Materialists rule the West ? How long shall we let them menace the globe ? They say they love the globe. They even say that they are universalistic, that they love the universe. How can we trust them when they are the biggest polluters of the globe ? How can we believe in them when they despise races and cultures - and finally man himself ? Western post-war materialistic "civilization" is a social disease, an historic perversity.

245. Do you see any reason for the general anguish reigning among Nazi descendants ? Why can they not just accept history ?

The main reason for anguish among all Whites, not only Nazi children, is the intellectual abolishment of the races, particularly the white race, decided and implemented by the WWII victors. The Nazis were evil first of all because they were racists - following the opinion of post-war academic Humanists. The Humanists insist in it and declare : Races do not exist. They mean that races were just invented by evil individuals who had supremacist thoughts and who wanted to spread hate. But, abolishment of races is a crime against Nature and therefore crime against man. All civilized peoples love their race, tribe and family. In order to hide this double crime, crime against Reality and crime against human feelings, the WWII victors have played the card of Rationality, developed into an ideology of Rationalism, euphemistically called Humanism.

WWII victors had special aims in 1945. They wanted world control thanks to this ideology aiming rational equality of all humans, and thanks to an academic rationally trained leadership, by Marxists called "cadres". Consequently humanist rationalists hated Nazis and Fascists, men of counterrevolution, of resistance, men who built their policy on tradition, arts, history, religion, awe for their ancestors, warm sentiments for their ethnic community, their race. The war victors found quickly a manner how to outlaw traditionalistic men, traditional culture. They used satanistic blackmail. They manoeuvred the weapon of guilt, in the 60s strengthened with the Holocaust, a death cult estimated for being based on historically unique Evil. History turned into morally black and white descriptions.

In the East the rational Dictatorship of the Proletariat should consist of a "classless" society divided in two : citizens and cadres. In the West a new rational society should consist of consumers and oligarchs. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 the ideology of Western Materialistic Humanism has absolute power. Slowly even Westerners start to discover the accelerating decadence of our culture, the devastating results of unidimensional Materialism. From 1990 the Humanists feel they have right to conquer the world and to destroy all opponents, like they destroyed Old Europe in 1945.

The Humanists hate specifically theocratic cultures throughout the globe. But they also hate states based on historic feelings, on pride felt by an ethnic majority. Therefore they bombed Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan. Therefore they threaten Iran. Only secular states are allowed. And secular states must abide by the new world's money rule, by the will of the oligarchs. What do the Humanists love ? They love money, subsequently oil and other energy sources. This specific love is mother of their hatred against religions and old cultures.

Our new world leaders have fantastic systems of repression thanks to their double play with rational politics and irrational Death Cult. They manipulate life in all Western democracies thanks to their ownership of the media. Persons who prefer to live under rule of religion or tradition are stigmatized as old-fashioned, anti-democratic, hypocrites, Nazis or even potential terrorist. But the worst word of stigmatization is "anti-Semite". If anti-Semites are found within the Western hemisphere, special measures are taken. First the person will be harassed officially. If he doesn't comply, he will lose chances of job promotion, have deteriorated social life. Stricken by the epithet "anti-Semite" a person doesn't belong to decent humanity any more. He is a kind of monster and can be imprisoned under charge of hate speech and thought crime. An unknown number of persons are today locked up in Western jails for such "crimes".

Threats against individuals orchestrated by Western Humanistic cadres create necessarily anguish. All non-modernistic White Westerners live under life-long stress because they are forbidden to love what during centuries has been a duty to love : your parents, your country, your community, your religion, your ancestors, your race, your traditions. Westerners are criminalized for loving their origins. If a non-complying person is young, he is re-educated in schools and universities, if brainwashing by the media is not enough. An example of Humanistic re-education came newly from the President of University of Delaware in the United States, Mr. Patrick Harker. He attacks all white students for being hereditarily racist. See "Brave New Schools" by Bob Unruh.

The deepest reason for general anguish among white people is to be found in the individuals' psyche. Individuals go through steps of protection in order to get free from the outer pressure. Since diabolism is part of the play, thanks to the Western cult of Holocaust, the individuals will swallow the first bait offered : Say No to Racism ! Most assure then that they are not at all racists : only Nazis were racists ! Walking around with this first automatic reaction of self defense, the individuals will feel more miserable than ever. Deepest inside they feel love for their own people, for their own race. They take themselves in lying. They get depressed. Again they try to free themselves from the hell of imposed Evil by talking about racism. More they take distance from racism more they will feel miserable for losing their identity. The oscillation of the pendulum between racism and anti-racism will accelerate. Anguish for the very quest for identity will be the result. Their deepest love is hit with a feeling of prohibition. Enormous feeling of anguish is born. Such is the mental life of millions of European Nazi descendants.

Western social system based on unidimensional cult of equality will soon crumble. Decent and honest persons favor their family and race before they undertake conquests into globalism and universalism. Nonsense Humanism will be replaced by a policy based on encounters and cooperation between proud and independent peoples. Men will seek cooperation through respect for their difference.

246. Can you explain why Norwegian newspapers are constantly cherishing Nazi news - 62 years after WWII ?

Post-war Modernistic Western establishment based on individualistic democracy depends on satanism, on satanization of the Nazis. Nazis must regularly be presented as extremely evil in the purpose of reassuring the Modernists of being on the right way of History. Modernists have begun to lose confidence in own politics. Their self-image is cracking, and they need constantly healing. They know deeply inside that their social organization and world policy are hypothetical, are pure abstractions, pure pretense.

Why shall Modernism be so fantastic, and why shall Traditionalism be so evil and historically obsolete ? Modernist societies have just existed during some decades during the long run of human history. One of their societies, the Eastern Communist organization, has already crumbled. Is there any reason why Western Materialistic democracy shall have better chances for a long life ?

Western post-war democracy is based on a lie, a lie against Nature, a lie against life. Extreme individualism which is democracy's fundamental ideal, has in its construction the individual as basic component. The subsequent dream of the Modernists is that all individuals are as equal as possible.

But this extreme political relativism, this abstract equality of the individuals, is at the end a refusal or an impediment of individual development and growth. A society based on extreme equality form a dead society. Society is meant as a climbing structure with the purpose of giving individuals possibilities of differentiation. Once the individuals in free competition have found their maximal societal fitness, the society in its whole will grow, be a living organism.

Modernist democracy heads toward death with its abstract principle of individualism, individualism for the sake of individualism, with its principle of absolute individual equality. Traditional society based on differentiated individuals where the individuals are subdued to the needs of the common social welfare, is a living and growing society, apt for entering and conquering our new Millennium.

It is normal that the Modernists as political losers, just being experimentalists of popular abstractionism belonging to a past century, use all possible tricks in order to present themselves as masters of the Universe. Their old-fashioned smearing of their opponents, their competitors, show even more how they have run dry for real political arguments.

Common welfare before the welfare of oneself is back as ideal in the West.

247. Have you ever experienced backlash being an overt second generation Nazi ?

First I will underline how fantastic it is to be overt regarding this last taboo in Western civilization. Silence regarding family idealism is destructive. Most Nazi children lie to themselves and to others, make thus themselves fools inside our culture. Further they become slaves under the new masters of the West : the capitalistic Humanists. If the NS descendants on the contrary show their face, talk straight forth, present for the others the feelings and the mental difficulties of belonging to our time's stigmatized and outlawed families, they will gain deeper friendships, be involved in constructive new dialogues with family members and colleagues. Such are my own experiences. As an overt Nazi descendant I meet both acceptance and challenges among numerous honest people.

But of course, since we represent something new - or old - in our repressive contemporary democracies, we ignite aggressive attitudes from some persons in our surroundings. The more these persons have responsible positions inside our society, the more they will be aggressive against overt Nazi children. The reaction of these persons is quite understandable, normal. All Westerners are today children of repressive Holocaustism, brainwashed by post-war anti-Nazi Satanism. They hate us because they have been indoctrinated with hatred.

I had a tough experience in October 2007. I had been at a conference in Berlin for so-called "war children", children of German soldiers in occupied territories during WWII. One of my employers was immensely negative to my trip from Oslo to Berlin, especially because I had found it natural to talk about the subject of the conference to the clients in order to explain why I would be absent some days. My employer has known me as representative of the "condemned by association" during fifteen years. In order to harass me, he told my colleagues that I was socially harmful because of my attitudes, and a threat to our company.

He was of course lying. Many of my colleagues are supportive regarding the struggle of the Nazi children for getting out of the shadows of history. With his negative attitude he goes in fact against the will of the Norwegian Parliament. The initiator of our Organization, Eystein Eggen, has been appointed a State Scholar because he brought a lost generation into official light. We Nazi children do not need to denounce our harassers. They are victims of "correct policy", of mainstream policy, as we were victims until we conquered our freedom.

248. Why is our modern world so crazy ?

Once upon a time Christian families in the West were independent, cultivated. Most have been seduced and destroyed by Materialism and its ideology : Humanism. In order to conquer the whole, to be global, universalistic, modernistic and futuristic, Westerners have abandoned their basement : family, history, local tradition, Christian belief, humility, respect, faithfulness, deep love. Westerners have become relativistic, superficial, helplessly individualistic, uprooted. In order to float between consume, power and everywhereness, they have developed a floating identity. They even boast about it. The Westerner is not white any more. Neither is he Westerner. He is everything he wants to be at any specific moment, even drifting between the genders. Seen from inside he is a human monster; and he is a globalistic monster, an environmental catastrophe, seen from outside.

It all started with globalism of past centuries, when the British developed the commercialistic British Empire. The dream of world conquest and world domination was lit. Still there was an element of dedication, of will to educate people, a will to spreading civilization, a desire of dealing Christian faith with non-Christians, a duty expressed in the Bible. With the 20th century an anti-Christian Materialism developed, first in Eastern Europe, later all over the West. Zionism got more and more power, both economically and culturally, and with Zionism grew a hatred against Christian values. After the first materialistic victory of 1917 in Russia, the second victory of Materialism came in 1945 when Christian and ethnically conscious counter-revolutionaries were beaten. When the Communistic idealism of the Soviet Union crumbled and vanished in 1990, Zionistic-Humanistic Materialism became exclusive reigning power in the West. Zionistic Humanists made all areas rich of energy sources to war centers, but specifically the Middle East.

The new Humanist-Zionist Empire of Materialism, led by Americans and Brits, is ever more involved in conflicts all over the globe. It is then of first importance for them to draw the attention away from their own misdeeds, slaughters and wars, in order to appear as well-doers. Thanks to their ownership of Western media they manipulate history and direct the attention toward alleged atrocities committed by others, especially by Nazis and Fascists. The politicians and adherents of the Empire of Materialism are however more and more hated by non-Westerners. Even in the West there is a growing resistance to their unidimensional "civilization", heading for nothing else but materialistic welfare. All their values are hopelessly relativistic. Countries dedicated to this materialistic ideology get in social troubles. Their modernism occasions that birth rate goes dramatically down, use of dope and alcohol goes up, uncontrolled immigration creates insecurity for all citizens, depression among own inhabitants expands.

At last Westerners can observe that this Empire of Materialism gets weaker, shows signs of ever bigger sickness, starts cracking. But it is hard to do something in the West as long as the imperialists own the schools, the publishing firms, the media in general. The Empire destroys itself anyhow with its growing number of uncontrolled conflicts. The most evident sign of inner destruction is the imperialists' growing satanization of members of own families : Nazis and Fascists. Innumerable Holocaust Centers have been established, all in the service of the Humanist-Zionist ideology which works for making the Empire of Materialism perennial. Reports coming from the Centers express more hysteria than desire of objectivity. Materialists alone would be without satanistic power since they are anti-religious. The Zionists however harbor the entire Old Testament and strike willfully against anti-materialistic supporters of the New Testament. Western materialists are today in conflict with own young generations who look for balance more than for world dominance.

249. Why are you critical of Zionism ?

Zionist Modernism
Zionism has oeuvered since its beginning in the 19th century with the objective of destroying European cultural coherence, first of all for reducing the influence of Christianity.

Zionism's main strategy was to aim for Modernity, to modernize old patterns in European societies in order to "free" people from cultural tradition. Giving Modernity healing powers against everything wrong in the society is of course pure abstraction. The Modernist experiment with Communism in the Soviet Union is a sufficient example of Modernity as a false step toward a more humane society. Never have so many people suffered so much in history for obtaining such a meagre result.

Zionist infiltration in Western culture with following manipulations in order to obtain the objective of destroying European traditional culture has been immensely successful. First Zionists manoeuvered with success in Eastern Europe in order to prepare and carry out the Russian Revolution. Afterwards they worked for spreading the revolution westwards, and in that way they triggered the Nazi and Fascist counter-revolution which should lead to WWII.

Responsible of WWII
Second World War is the most bloody war in human history. But the sequels of the war, the war victors' endless exportation of fanatic Marxist revolutions and Western Materialistic revolutions throughout the globe, ended up with more desolation, more casualties than the war itself.

To give the counter-revolutionaries the responsibility for WWII is highly tendentious, if not erroneous. Much more killings took place after the war than during the war. Some talk of two hundred million victims after 1945 in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia due to Marxism and Liberal Materialism. Hitler is accused of having killed one eighth of that number. How can historians then pretend that Hitler is world history's monster, when more monstrous acts were committed by Hitler's victors, years after these had hanged the Nazi and Fascist leaders ? Something is really rotten in the self-image cherished by post-war humanist victors.

The Zionist Century
Now, at the beginning of the 21st century it is time for making up the status of Zionism, for describing Zionism's wrongs and rights during the past century. The 20th century can be called the Zionist century for many reasons. Zionist fanatical Modernism was heavily behind both Marxism and Western Capitalism. The last two -isms are responsible for the worst destruction of social and human life ever seen earlier in history. The 20th century may be considered as a success seen from the viewpoint of Zionists. Regarding human life the same century has been a catastrophe. Zionism is necessarily tainted with the blood of the victims sacrificed for the sake of Modernism.

Who are the other responsible ideologues and politicians for the dramas and miseries of the 20th century ? They are first of all the other Modernists and Materialists who willfully followed the ideal of Zionism, the ideal of Modernity. They might be called pseudo-Zionists. But they might also be called Humanists, with the label they prefer themselves. It is natural that inhumane politicians have interest in calling themselves Humanists, thereby masking their misdeeds with a good-sounding epithet.

Enough of post-war Humanism
Zionism and post-war Humanism are still in our 21st century threatening world peace because of never-ending war waging and war preparations. But Germanic, Latin and Slave peoples do not need to accuse Jewish Zionists for the disastrous policies of the 20th century. They have themselves backed up the Zionists if not surpassed them in practicing irresponsible Modernism. Such pseudo-Zionists have been innumerable in Western post-war governments. If time has come for criticizing dangerous politicians we shall have to start with own.

Enough of zionized Christianity
With the enormous victory of 1945, even the Christian churches fell under the power of Modernism and Materialism, rather called Secularism by Christians themselves. Christians participated in satanizing the war losers, a satanization which arose to its peak during the Second Vatican Council of 1962. The Catholic Church decided to free the Jews from the Church's own teachings of helping them back to Christ, their Messiah. Christians became theologically anti-Semites, leaving the Jews for themselves with their Zionist-Materialist projects.

Once attached to anti-Christian Materialism, the world churches do not hesitate to back Zionist power in the Middle East and elsewhere. Their belief is rooted in false biblical interpretations. They believe Christ is less important than the Holocaust. They believe more in the Old Testament than in the New. They believe more in non-reconciliation than in reconciliation. They are trapped by the temples of irreconcilability called Holocaust Centers, which they support unconditionally.

Mental Terrorism
What do Nazi children think about the Zionist Century and the Zionist influence still going on in our new century ? We don't think anything. We express experiences. We are witnesses of the hardest satanization campaign ever launched in modern history. When Modernists took power in Europe in order to stop allegedly religious mental violence, half of the European population came under everlasting satanization through the Holocaust Cult.

No member of a Nazi family has ever gotten free from the mental torture. Sixty two years after the "peace", we are harassed with accelerating pressure through all "democratic" media where our fathers are designated as pure murderers, non-human monsters. We who are descendants the European counter-revolutionaries are burdened with "guilt through association". If we utter ourselves officially, we are treated as monsters as well.

Toward Honest Humanity
Balance, respect for cultural differences and peace between old cultures must anew become the leading ideals of the world. Modernity has lost its credibility for creating a better future for the world peoples. Tradition must come back as political constructive partner. It will come back.

250. Do you mistrust officially written history after 1945 ?

Of course I have no faith in history writers who have, since 1945, worked for "democratic" world power under the ideology of Zionist Humanism, an ideology which, in the name of equality, wants to reduce our complex humanity to two orders : consumers and oligarchs. Once, in Eastern Europe, the same ideologues had managed to establish a "humanistic" power which also divided its population in two unequal parts : the Proletariat and the cadres. Of course the cadres had constantly to underline the reality of a "true" equality.

The Soviet power broke happily together during its own century. The collapse of ongoing Western Zionist-Humanist world empire is approaching day by day now in our new century, thus examplifying that empires have relatively short life time when they are founded on abstractions. The Zionist Humanists have managed to stretch their period of political life relatively long time because they manipulate history, try to own the History. It is said that those who own history own the future. Just like the Soviets who had their institutionalized history writers, always writing "correct" history for the cadres, the Western "democracies" have their historians who arrange history in the interest of the Humanist oligarchs, the plutocrats. Soviets used KGB, the NKVD, the Cheka etc. Western oligarchs use academics who are chained to the cause of the Holocaust.

During the first stage of Zionist Humanist power in Soviet Union, dissidents were sent to labor camps in Siberia if not executed in advance. In actual Western democracies history dissidents are sent to prison in Germany after having been officially stigmatized as enemies of the Humanity, as anti-Semites. These victims of Zionist Humanist cruelty will soon come back as heroes. Our ideologues can not speak of democracy, openness, world humanity, inclusion, human rights at the same time as they punish honorable persons for committing "thought crimes". Our ideologues are fools and will be treated like fools.

We Nazi children are excellent examples of humans under pressure of fake History, being results of history manipulations in our "open" post-war democracies. We are all afraid of being stigmatized and ostracized. Therefore we are mute, invisible. Academics mock us because we are silent. They try to interpret our silence as proof of our bad conscience for being born of wrong persons, of Nazis. We are victims of post-war criminal ideologues and politicians who use the Holocaustic guilt weapon in order to dominate the societies. Due to the fantastic sharpness of this guilt weapon, future generations are condemned for guilt by association. Those who use such a weapon are of course false Humanists. Our actual false Humanists pretend even that they practice the Human Rights and guarantee the implementation of the Human Rights in the world. Time has come for designating the Humanists for what they are : impostors, tyrants.

251. Do you have any explanation why Western academics follow so blindly the ideology of Zionist Humanism ?

People who awoke to the 20th century as young persons, who had positions and means to study, to travel, to enjoy the material results of the industrial revolution which had been undertaken during the century before, developed huge illusions about future life, future success, future independence from hard work and duties. But the academics were few, represented the elite of the European population. They had strong family connection and feelings of long cultural lines. Many young persons with modernistic dreams joined therefore the counterrevolution in the 20s and 30s. They refused socialistic and capitalistic abstractions when they were able to preview coming catastrophes.

The big flow of new academics entered the stage of cultural influence after 1945, with visible manifestations from the year 1968 and after. They were filled with myths launched by Futurists, Surrealists and Anarchists during the first decades of the 20th century, but had no inherited decency, no capacity of criticism. Europe needed to be rebuilt after WWII. The Europeans needed schools and universities in order to develop both their capacities as producers and as consumers. The post-war academics came mostly from families of lower classes who had gotten ambitions of higher living standard.

They were ferociously modernistic, were full of illusions of own capacities, like the academics of their grandparents' generation. They were a new generation which broke with traditional life. They were easily manipulated by the ideology of Modernism. They were in fact becoming manipulators themselves, with own children as victims. The sixty-eighters became monstrously egoistic, thinking naively that they were individualistic. Own career was for them more important than children, than living conditions for future generations.

When they became adult and got social power from the 70s or 80s, they entered the Western secular religion of Holocaustism. Most of them came from Christian families and needed a moral link to past beliefs in spite of self-proclaimed independence and atheism. Some of them may even have felt sorrow or bad conscience because they supported Stalinism while knowing somewhere inside that they became responsible of Stalin-like atrocities in China, Cambodia and other Third World countries. Then it was important for them to satanize others, to satanize Nazis. And they ended up as perfect slaves-executives of the ideology of Zionist Humanism.

The question is to know whether this ideology, basic for Western Materialistic Imperialism, would have had any impact without the help of Western academic lackeys. We Nazi children have first of all been harassed by "comrades" from schools and universities. Their mixed arguments taken from the opposite realms of religion and science, from Holocaustism and academic research, made us Nazi children quite bewildered, incapable of historic discussions. If we were not monsters due to history, we were monsters due to Zionist theology. And the feast of the victors from 1945 could go on and on, with repetitive celebrations of Nazi horrors and victors' "Humanism". No Norwegian academic has so far been able to protest against the Holocaust Centers which are still developing in our countries, centers which dwell in an irrational atmosphere of cult and research.

The academic Humanists have even mixed Modernity and moral, filling Modernity with morals while evacuating morals from Tradition. They have also mutated, becoming not only more moral but also more intellectually refined than people from past centuries. The academic Humanists have become the real master race. And to be sure about their superiority, they have killed God, in their hearts.

Such persons are now leading the European masses. They act during mounting weaknesses of the Materialist Empire with intrigues and conspiracies in order to keep the key positions inside Western societies. Therefore they launch continuously the accusation that those who believe in conspiracies are victims of irrational imagination. As a result very few academics are able to formulate interesting questions and to give consistent answers to any important question regarding our common future. They just end up with intellectual Death Dance, with Apocalyptic Rhetoric. Post-war academics have lackey minds.

So, the West needs to be healed. Lackeys for a soon past empire have to be swept out from their positions. Responsibility must be restored after a century of dreams, experimentations and irresponsible adventures. Modernism is fatal when its forces are not counterbalanced by Tradition.

252. What is the most noxious effect of post-war Humanist-Zionist politics ?

The most destructive effect of the hysterically supremacist Humanism which rules the West since 1945 is certainly the destruction of Western culture. The Zionist Humanists destroy in the name of Modernity. The politicians put in office after WWII build their power on mental terrorism against the European war losers, against Traditionalists. Their obnoxious politics have ended up with terrorism against all Europeans. Zionist Humanists use the guilt weapon of Holocaust to stay in power and to exercise their abject form of cultural monoculturalism. They call it multiculturalism.

Every person who dare confront Humanist Modernity with values from Tradition is smeared with anti-humanism, anti-Semitism, "Nazism", Monsterism, bestiality, inhumanity, xenophobia, terrorism, mass-murder, gas chambers, child gassing, annihilation of races, genocide, you name it. The Zionist Humanists have now been reigning for more than six decades. All world cultures are threatened. Planet Earth is threatened by Western pollution, if not yet by nuclear pollution. A third world war is threatening the globe though due to sick American-British foreign policy in Middle East, in Asia, in Africa etc. Our humanity is threatened by Humanism, logically false Humanism.

The mental technique used by the Humanists and the Zionists is old fashioned Communism amalgamated with biblical catastrophism, Apocalyptism. They talk about equality between all humans. They talk about world peace. They talk about individual freedom. They talk about individual rights. They pretend to defend the rights of minorities, of women, of children, of non-White races, of disabled, of homosexuals, of prisoners, of retarded. They are defenders of victims of religion, victims of traditions, victims of men, victims of adults, victims of teachers, victims of marriage, victims of social leagues. Of course, they never talk about victims of Modernism, Humanism, Relativism, Freedom as carelessness, Individualism, Irresponsibility, absurd Equality, Mass politics, Mass entertainment, Mass culture.

In order to destroy our old world cultures and to favour world wide consumerism for the profit of Western oligarchs, plutocrats, they organize economic inequality and subsequent mass migration all over the continents. The post-war Humanists say that the White monocultural ethnie is a social evil because they exclude other ethnies. Majorities are evils. All minorities shall be favoured. At the end there will be no social, ethnic, and cultural groups left. There shall only be "free" individuals - in the hands of capitalistic oligarchs and Humanist cadres. Poor individuals !

Poor humanity ! Poor religions ! Poor world cultures ! What a cold world we will have with just nonsense materialistic welfare to live for. In Scandinavia we can already see how our careless Humanist politicians are running public hospitals, asylums, old people's homes, schools, orphanages. If we continue to let Zionist Humanists run Europe, we will all be responsible for our children's miserable living conditions in the future.

Let us start with the races. The anti-racist Humanists want to destroy all world races for a regressive human magma of individualists with no other identity than that of being World Citizens. Second Generation Nazis know more than others the price of losing identity and social warmth. There is a Chart which the Zionist Humanists disdain : The Rights of Belonging. We invite all racists of good will throughout the world, of every ethnie and every culture, to cooperate in order to create a new World Organization for the protection and development of the races, the cultures, the religions, the planet. The United Nations have to be dissolved after having commit the crime of giving stolen land to the Jewish people in 1948.

253. What is the link between Nazism and Catholicism ?

Nazism is militarized Catholicism. When Europe is threatened by anti-Christian, anti-ethnic forces - like Marxist, Capitalist, Zionist or Humanist Modernism - the resisting Europeans, the defenders of Western culture, need both social and spiritual energies. The core of Nazism and Catholicism is the same : Mother, father and child. Traditionalists defend the family nucleus, both the Holy Family and the race family, a family which venerates its origin through forefathers. It is therefore absolutely logical that Modernists hate Christianity and Nazism.

After the Modernists won the Great Civil War of the 20th century, they have constantly attacked European traditions and Christianity. The family is systematically despised in Western media. Sexual hedonism, modernistic egalitarianism and irresponsible individualism have taken the advance. The result is necessarily an ongoing Western decadence, socially and spiritually. How long we shall live under the rule of cultural destuctors is of course up to the Westerners themselves.

As Nazi child I have lived with an inner decadence during my years in schools and universities, and during the years when I as an adult sought a career. Holocaustism made me afraid of being myself, of living overtly with my history. I was incapable of overcoming own past, my family past. I was hunted and haunted by the mental terrorism set up by the victors of our Civil War. Western academics invaded our culture through their mass media, through their school system.

I felt myself like a zero in Norway until I met other Nazi children in 1991, when we could start rebuilding our identity despite of pollutive cultural environments. I am not afraid of my family history any more. I can be overt 2nd generation Nazi. I can be a Catholic, or at least try to be one. Overt Second Generation Nazis can confront ongoing Western decadence. Our wish is to communicate with our enemies for a future reconciliation. (See also nr. 21 and 58)

254. Who are the main operators of Western decadence ?

When WWII, our civil war between Modernists and Traditionalists, ended with victory for the Modernists, most Europeans thought of peace. The losers thought of coming reconciliation. The peace turned harsh. The hopes for reconciliation vanished. Accelerating decadence in our societies has become the visible result. This social and cultural decadence is first of all due to the absence of reconciliation. Western Civilization depends on its double forces, forces which assure coherence with the past and forces which challenge new ideas, new inventions. Dominating Modernity is catastrophic. Satanization of the traditionalists is inhumane. Western culture has become monstrous.

The Jew Elie Wiesel and the Catholic François Mauriac developed a new secularist religion in the 50s which might be called Holocaustism. This "rational" religion forms the center of post-war ideological Humanism. Wiesel and Mauriac substituted Christ with Six Million gassed and burned Jews. Christianity was subverted. In 1958 they wrote together "La Nuit", with an English edition, "Night", in 1960. The book was launched as a bible for a new "Humanity". From being a religion for absolution, hope and love, Christianity perverted into an exercise of Christian self-hatred, a self-hatred which has developed to embrace most Whites. "Intellectual" Catholics have become Humanists. The new temples of the West are the Holocaust Centers. They assure European irreconciliation for an unlimited duration.

Thanks to the work of Elie Wiesel and François Mauriac even the oldest church of Europe, the Catholic Church, went through an auto-purification, an auto-flagellation. The Second Vatican Council opened in 1962 in order to adapt the Church to the new post-war Humanist credo. Secularists should advice the old Christian authority. Secularity should be honoured on equal conditions as clergy. Holocaustism was introduced into the Church, was revered. I have spent years of my life in a Catholic convent. My Nazi parents lived in asylum with my brother and me, from 1953, in the Convent of the Dominicans in Oslo. I have therefore had the priviledge of knowing several Catholic priests and monks. I lived also one year in the Convent of Saint-Jacques in Paris in 1967-1968. I have still not been able to meet acceptance for the Nazi children's cause among them. The old Church is in the grip of Holocaustism.

So, who are the main operators of Western decadence ? To say that they are Jews and Zionists is too simple. It is a fact that Zionists do not love Christians, since Christians have "stolen" God from the Jewish Old Testament, the Tanakh. In the Old Testament God favoured Jews. Christians believe in God Who includes all humans into His reign, on equal conditions. Christians equalize races and tribes once they believe in Christ. Christians explode Israel to be universal Israel for Christians, not for Jews. Christians separate the Old and the New Testament, leaving the Jews to an obsolete religion. Everybody can understand that Zionists are angry, want revenge. Post-war Humanism based on Holocaustism and Materialism takes revenge over traditional Christians, traditional Whites. Jews seem unable to accept that their chosenness is challenged by a universal message of Love.

Jews or Zionists are too few however to represent a "danger" for traditional Europeans. White Goyim, pseudo-Zionists, are the main operators of Western decadence. There are millions of Whites who are as full of anger and desire of revenge as the Zionists. They are descendants of the old Western traditionalist elite which lost influence after 1945. Many are members of the old European aristocracy. Post-war Humanism with its Holocaust cult has castrated their forces. The more such persons are part of traditionalist families, of Nazi and Fascist families, the more they are frenetic avengers. They hate Modernistic, zionized Europe, but they are too scared and mentally twisted to say so. They do not have Nazi parents, because then they would have been mute. They have Nazi uncles, Nazi relatives. They feel miserable but restore their inner misery with hatred. They have the Nazi children as their greatest challengers, their greatest enemies. They hate overt Nazi descendants.

Such persons are talented due to inherited abilities. They are perverted due to their lies. They are unable of telling the truth about own Nazi connection. They are perfect satanizers. They satanize the Nazi children who they know are more scared than themselves. They don't like the Temples of Irreconcilability, the Holocaust Centers, but they are the most useful idiots for maintaining the force and influence of these temples. Many are academics. They are "specialists" in Nazi history. They are a pain in the ass of all decent humans. They dominate official Nazi history in Norway. Lyers and avengers together with other pseudo-Zionists prevent open communication in Europe, destroy our European culture. The lack of a European reconciliation costs more and more. The ongoing decadence accelerates.

255. What is wrong with modern Europeans ?

Everything is wrong with post-war Europeans. They are on the run from themselves, from the history, from the reality. After having thrown out the truth, they have filled the left gap with lies, illusions, fantasy, madness, entertainment. Europeans have become like irresponsible children, easily crying, unable of preparing a better future for next generations. They are just mental and materialist polluters.

First of all, Europeans are afraid of their race. They are ashamed of their reality. They have started to despise their forefathers. After 1945 they believe that race consciousness is an evil, instead of believing that race is a gift from God, a gift from Nature, a human characteristic which they ought to love, to venerate, to take care of. Most persons on the earth are racists, in the meaning that they are race conscious, race lovers. One globally identical race is a future monstrosity.

But modernistic Whites have decided that racism must be defeated, and they call themselves "anti-racists". There is no wonder that Whites see and meet "terrorists" all over the globe. They provoke themselves a global war, a war against themselves because of their anti-racist attitudes. Peoples of different culture, of different race, have reasons for defending themselves against world conquering anti-racists.

Who believes that White anti-racists are generous humanists ? If they were generous, they would stop waging wars around the globe for ensuring own geo-political interests. White anti-racists want to control all energy sources in the world. This is the reason why they are in Iraq. This is why they are threatening Iran. They have found an ally in Zionist Jews. Decent anti-materialistic Jews have become hostages of Western White Capitalism.

White intellectuals who are brainwashed slaves of Western Materialism dare give the name "Humanists" to the anti-racist Capitalists. On such a low level it should be a duty to be anti-intellectual. Normal brain doted people understand that our post-war Humanists are anti-racist for materialistic reasons, not for humanist reasons.

Being anti-racist the Humanists think that they are racially globalistic, universalistic, that they have property rights on all continents. They are superior to monocultural peoples and to peoples of one single race, monoracial peoples. It is a duty as well to be anti-Humanist. Post-war materialistic, race bashing Humanism, must be defeated.

Materialist Humanists who dominate our politics, our societies, our culture - who dominate more and more our brains because of their ownership of Western mass media, are hysterically manipulating European history. The Nazis and Fascists who fought for a free Europe, free from Capitalism and Communism, who fought for separate and free cultures on the earth, are of course the devils in the minds of Humanists.

Schoolbooks all over the West have re-written the history of the 20th century. Normal Nazi and Fascist arguments for a future Europe are smeared with holocaustism and "crime against Humanity". Zionism and Humanism are celebrated as freedom ideologies. Second Generation Nazis dare say NO to freedom on the premises of materialist Humanism.

256. Is the West addicted to Nazi evil ?

Westerners are culturally and psychologically addicted to Nazi evil. Since the beginning of Holocaustism - the religious Death Cult called Holocaust, founded by the Jew Elie Wiesel and the Catholic François Mauriac in 1958 - Westerners have been brought up with ever more and harder stories about the Nazis' unlimited evil in thoughts and actions. No other word than Satanism can express the devastating impact of Holocaustism on Western culture.

The most astonishing side of Western post-war culture, or holocaustic culture, is the absence of reflections over evil induced in the European Nazi and Fascist descendants. History tells us, despite of post-war academic manipulations and censure in order to minimize the number of European Nazis and Fascists, that at least the half of the Continent's population was counter-revolutionary.

The struggle of our Organization of Norwegian NS children is all about exposing the tremendous pains in our families occasioned by the ongoing satanization, always in the name of democratic Humanism. Many of us feel like outcasts. Black and white history narrative is pure political torture of innocent people. How long shall we suffer under the yoke of modern Humanism ?

European post-war culture is a sick culture. The voices of the descendants of European counter-revolutionary fighters are terrorized to silence, are consequently not being heard. European history is selective, false, as long as we Nazi descendants are holocaustically harassed into silence. The time of Western pseudo-Zionist financial and moral preponderance has seen its better days. Before politically restoring measures are activated by History itself, it is urgent to develop an atmosphere of European reconciliation.

257. Where can we get a copy of "The Boy from Gimle" by Eystein Eggen ? Can we obtain the book in an English translation ?

You can not get a copy nor in Norwegian nor in English. The history of this differently important book is rather fascinating, if not depressing. Whose fault is it that "The Boy from Gimle" is unobtainable and has been so during the last decade ? The book appeared as a sensation in 1993 and was the reason and background for the only novelty during the 50th anniversary celebrations of 8th of May 1995, when the topic of Nazi children was presented in all media. The answer is to be found deep in European culture of the 20th century.

In Norway the publishing house "Aschehoug forlag", publisher of "The Boy from Gimle", has had a tremendous impact on Norwegian culture, politically and literary. Norway is a small country, with a relatively recent national independence. When William Nygaard the elder (born 1865) bought Aschehoug forlag in 1888, he cut the dependence to Danish publishers who had been exclusive for Norwegian writers due to Norway's subordination to Denmark during 500 years. Aschehoug forlag became central for the national restoration and Norway's independence from Sweden in 1905.

William Nygaard the elder was a creative and passionate nationalist. He was one of the founders of the nationalist, later fascist party "Frisinnede Venstre", established 1909. He became the Party's leader in 1922 after the Bolshevik Revolution gave energy to Norwegian anti-communist consolidation. Frisinnede Venstre changed its name in 1933 to "Frisinnede Folkeparti" and cooperated with Nasjonal Samling. A third Fascist movement, Fedrelandslaget, became a party in 1933 and equally cooperated with the NS, making the number of pre-war Fascist parties in Norway to three, if not four with Bondepartiet, the party of Norwegian farmers. Vidkun Quisling became secretary of defense in 1931 when elected for Bondepartiet.

It should not be difficult for readers to understand that many Norwegians have a lot to hide, and reasons for diabolizing the NS exclusively in order to minimize Norwegian Fascist history. The actual owner of Aschehoug forlag (born 1943) has the same name as his grandfather, William Nygaard. He has filled his publishing house with sixty-eighters and other political radicals as literary consultants. They live in the illusion of superiority of Marxist morals and need Fascism as a synonym for Diabolism. The question remains whether the director himself needs to diabolize overt Nazi descendants.

One might object that the NS became exclusive Nazi-Fascist party once the Germans had occupied Norway in 1940, that the NS was the only responsible for the war actions. But what about the causes of the war ? Weren't all Europeans responsible, including the politically active Zionists ? Time has come for all Europeans to admit the past. We second generation Nazis are specifically awaiting the Zionists, that they accept their responsibility. It would help the mentally holocaustified Goyim to become more open, more true. Satanism has blocked the spirit of millions of Europeans.

The result of systematic repression of historic realities in Europe makes the cultural atmosphere obnoxious. A publisher is boycotting a writer he has himself launched. No re-edition of "The Boy from Gimle" has been undertaken. No translation has been attempted. New manuscripts by Eystein Eggen with alternative views on WWII are systematically refused. Social and historic realities are repressed in the name of morality. This attitude of repression, muffling and lies is unfortunately characterizing post-war Norwegian culture. But is the situation better in other European countries ? What about the Western ideal of Freedom ? Europeans must stop ongoing cultural repression and lies if they want to survive for future generations with other qualifications than those of being post-war opportunists and substantial liars.

258. How do 2nd generation Nazis look at the new European ideal of Multiculturalism and the subsequent project of reducing, through non-European immigration, white dominance in Europe ?

The Cadres behind WWII
After having caused the European civil war, internationalists and multiculturalists won the war in 1945. The losers' offspring had naturally to adapt to the post-war political realities. The victors have however been unable to establish a peace treaty with their enemies, their former European brethren. The victors have on the contrary diabolized the losers during six decades. Today 2nd generation Nazis feel free from imposed civil loyalty to the victors and loyalty to the victors' political program.

Second Generation Nazis and Second Generation Victors
2nd generation Nazis are opposed to the ongoing multiculturalization of Europe. We think that all parts have been cheated and betrayed, and are still cheated : The victors' children, most of the victors themselves, the Nazi and Fascist children, and the immigrants.

The victors' children suffered in the 50s and 60s of war obsessed parents. War veterans have a tendency to love themselves more than they love their children. Regarding this parental trouble Nazi children and victors' children had the same fate. We both had to go through a generational protest movement - in order to impress our war mythologized parents, in order to win freedom for our generation. But the really hard trouble for the Nazi children was the Holocaust, or more precisely the heavy feeling of guilt imposed on us due to accelerating Holocaust cult.

Manipulated anti-Nazi Americans and anti-Nazi Europeans
Most victor soldiers and soldiers' families didn't see through the war propaganda the real manipulators of war. Most of them thought that the Nazis and Fascists were the obstacles for free individuals in free nations. Communist cadres in the East and Capitalist cadres in the West had other plans : Globalization through raw Capitalism and through raw modernistic social sciences. Americanized European "freedom" fighters were as well cheated.

Illusory opposition between fathers and sons
Anyhow, the outcry and uproar of the post-war young generations took a fatal direction. Their freedom efforts cemented the program of the real war manipulators, the modernist cadres. The youngsters chose internationalism and multiculturalism as political ideal, exactly what the cadres wanted and needed. The Allied veterans were of course impressed, shocked. Their own war heroism came into weird light. The soldiers thought they had fought for free nations. Now their children show them another reality, the true war reason, that the war had been fought for destroying the free nations. Some of the "victorious" soldiers must have understood that they had fought on false premises before they were taught so by their revolutionary children.

Post-War Tragedy
The true revolutionary Sixty-Eighters were the Nazi children. They really opposed their fathers, like the Baader-Meinhof gang members who even eliminated persons from their parental generation physically. Most people can agree that WWII was a human disaster. Not so many are able to see and understand that the psychological battles and traumas in post-war times were equally horrendous. The 20th century in Europe is not one of liberation, construction, light. The 20th century is the darkest century in our history.

Synthetic Humanism
Modernism, raw Capitalism, devastating Socialism have together destroyed a once creative continent and transformed free citizens into rootless individualists dispossessed of spirituality, slaves of consume, slaves of scientific "progress". Once free citizens have become mental wrecks of materialistic publicity, of empty freedom propaganda, of nonsense hedonism.

When two generations of duped and self-duped Europeans had worked together a couple of decades, from 1968 to 1989, the Empire of the Soviet Union was mature for being trashed. Capitalist Globalism could manifest itself in 1989-1990 as sovereign conquering ideology. After the fall of the Communist Empire the cadres of Multiculturalism could double their efforts for abolishing racist and ethnic believes, inherited customs, non-democratized religions, first of all Christianity and Islam. Practically the Capitalists' "globalization" is ensured by mass immigration of non-Europeans into Europe.

Synthetic Humanism or Multiculturalist Humanism is the result of practiced Marxist dialectics. Synthetic Humanism is the synthesis of a provoked, false opposition between Capitalism and Communism, with subsequent class struggles and individualistic equalization. Synthetic Humanism is a monstrous social construction of monoculturalism, of final Globalistic Materialistic Empire, of Final Death of the European culture and of all cultures. As Synthetic Humanism is man-made, it will soon be de-constructed and trashed, as the Communism was trashed, the false antithesis of artificial Capitalism.

Manipulation of Immigrants for establishing Multiculturalism
Now, are the immigrants happy for living globalistically in Europe ? Or, are they also being cheated ?

There are logically two main opinions among non-European immigrants. Those who have best and most access to Western media are of course the globalized immigrants. They are mostly of second generation and with academic career, liberal jobs like journalists, lawyers or official administrators. They haven't the slightest interest of understanding the mess and tragedy of 20th century Europe. They play quickly the card of racism, always turned against Whites. Some of them are also willing to modernize and globalize their fatherland, probalby also to destabilize their fatherland's ethnic composition.

They are useful idiots for the cadres of White globalistic Capitalism. They are welcomed into all official organizations and clubs. They cheer at the idea of becoming like the White monsters of consume and satisfaction. They hate religions, but most of all Christianity. They boast of having floating identity. They are sooner or later stigmatized and harassed by traditionalist people from their homeland. They become often zombies of modernistic speed, always willing to change for the cause of change. They have no time for children and for heredity, exactly like most urban Whites.

The large majority of non-European immigrants are soundly racists, spiritualistic, traditionalistic. When they come to Europe under the banner of Multiculturalism, they believe necessarily that they can continue their traditional life style. They think they help Europe becoming multicultural. Over time they have reasons for feeling deeply betrayed. Sooner or later they will meet the force of the multicultural cadres. Humanist cadres do not love races, religions, traditions. They love exclusively power, materialistic power.

Pseudo-Zionists and the power of Materialism
Who are the cadres of Modernism ? Who are those who are obsessed by Modernism, who think they will be saved by Modernism, who believe they have the right to transform all cultures into nonsense Multiculturalism ? They are the pseudo-Zionists. They are not Jews even they identify themselves as Jewishly selected, as Jewishly and therefore divinely chosen. They say they help Israel. They say they oppose anti-Semitism. But on the contrary they destroy Israel. And they produce anti-Semitism. They are White Materialists. They say they are Humanists, not irrationalist or religious believers. But they are deeply dependant on the secular religion of Holocaustism, on Holocaust as international Death Cult.

Way forward for Peoples, Races and Tribes
How can we free ourselves from such usurpers, from such false Humanists ? Honest Europeans are in the same situation as non-Europeans. Second generation Nazis call for a unity of all root conservative citizens in the world. Modernistic monsters must be defeated, will be defeated.

259. You seem to confront wholeheartedly post-war humanistic Western civilization. Can you make a list of your protests ?

Ten questions concerning Western humanistic Secularism

1. White Humanists are in the process of establishing a Materialist world empire based on Human Rights and free democracy. Specifically in the Middle East but also in other continents the Humanists are conducting wars in the name of Human Rights and Democracy. Have these Humanists ever asked non-Western people whether they want to dispossess themselves of own traditions and, if so, wish to submit themselves to a doubtful White ideology ?

2. What indicates that humanistic morals are superior to religious morals when Western Capitalists since 1945 have expanded, in the name of abstract Humanism and Secularism, the number of wars around the globe ?

3. Included in Secularism is the killing of the sacred, necessary for establishing a modern form of moral law, pretending to be superior and more lasting than previous religious morals. A such secularist law of morals failed in the Soviet Union. Post-Soviet Russia is re-establishing religious morals. Russians with memories of old times know that morals based on fashion sooner or later destroys the State. Is it then probable that secular morals practiced in the capitalistic West can help states and peoples throughout the entire world ?

4. Western Capitalism does not create equality among people but inequality. How then can capitalistic Humanists make wars around the globe with the aim of establishing Equality based on Capitalism ?

5. Humanists designated as peace makers, especially Norwegians, are running around the world offering peace treaties to peoples involved in war. In the long run they are war mongers. If they had been peace makers, they had since long tried to establish a peace treaty between Nazis, Fascists and victorious Humanists. How can Humanists succeed with peace projects in foreign countries when they refuse peace at home ?

6. In 1948 secular Humanists created the religious state of Israel on stolen Palestinian land. How can Humanists be taken seriously before they have cleaned up their mess in the Middle East ?

7. In all countries where secular Humanism is introduced, there is also established "free" capitalistic democracy. The "freedom" word is played in all capitalistic media. Aren't people subjugated to Western Capitalism rather slaves than free citizens ? They are enslaved with debts, hysterical consume, uncontrolled environmental pollution and individualistic mass manners.

8. Morally relativistic standards in the West respond to the moral code of Secularism. Secular ideologues want this Western code to be exclusively practiced on a global basis. Isn't there a fantastic contradiction between secularist strive for relativism and freedom and, on the other side, global secularist supremacy ?

9. If tolerance still is a virtue, shouldn't freedom seeking humanistic states learn to respect religiously seeking states in our world ?

10. Secular Western Egalitarianism or Humanism is monocultural and secretly authoritarian. This egalitarian, secular ideology seeks to transform all old world cultures to become one magma under Western rule. The ideologues have just the impudence of calling their ideology multicultural and democratic. Never in world history we have had a more fake ideology ruling over people. How long shall we wait for real Multiculturalism to be restored in our world, Multiculturalism which is based on true Difference ?

260. How will you explain the fantastic growth and spread of Western Humanism in post-war times ?

WWII victors knew that they destroyed Old Europe, physically and mentally. They flattened the best preserved old towns of Europe when bombing Germany. In order to avoid reprisals they had to satanize all non-Humanists by amalgamating Tradition and anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism became a scourge as they established Holocaustism as new "secular" religion. Holocaustism substituted Christianity with eternal Guilt feelings among Goyim, guilt feelings about Jews. Jews were considered pure victims throughout history. Six million gassed Jews substituted Christ. The victors owned post-war modern media. They easily spread their lies and pretentious ideology of Humanism, strengthened with Holocaustism. Millions of young Europeans became mute Nazi children. Many turned into parent haters. Mentally poor victor descendants also bent down of guilt, guilt feelings about Jews, women, non-Whites, homosexuals and minorities in general. The European masses were blackmailed into Holocaustism and Humanism. The blackmailers profited of Christians' predisposition for guilt feelings.

There is an other important explanation of the popularity of post-war Humanism. 1945 was a moment of Materialistic revolution. Industry, Commercialism and Capitalism pressured former Christian citizens to a change of life attitudes. An ideology of welfare, enjoyment, consume, social freedom, hedonism and modern life style stretched the thin line binding Christians to Christian morals. So, also within a religious aspect Holocaustism had a decisive effect. Since Christianity was judged anti-Semitic by the humanistic war victors, even the Catholic Church started to quake. The Second Vatican Council was not only a modernization of the old Church. It was a Christian collapse of old virtues. Humanistic Secularism entered into core cells of the Church. Many Catholics, first of all young priests, started to venerate Humanism more than they venerated Christian Tradition.

De-Christianization of the European masses started, at the profit of post-war Secularism and Humanism. It is not an exaggeration to say that little is left of our old European civilization. Humanistic cult of "Individualism" has changed the European younger generations into cultural pop consumers with little loyalty to Old Europe. They travel around the world as pure sybarites. Then a miracle often happens. They discover youngsters from other cultures who are proud of their traditions, who express a strength of having an identity, who carry on the faith of their ancestors. Many young Europeans then feel empty and poor. A restoration of our old European culture will come with our new Millennium. It has already started in Russia, the state of the most ferociously modernistic WWII victors.

261. You are critical toward Zionism. Do Jews have a bad influence on the mental health of Nazi descendants ?

Peaceful, religious Jews have no bad influence on Western mental health; on the contrary they may have a good one. The Holocaust cult and Zionism on the other hand constitute a main source of Western depression. The first question is whether this Death Cult and this materialistic ideology are creations of Jewish Zionists or of White pseudo-Jews. The second question is whether Jews or Europeans have the greatest interests of maintaining Death Cult and Zionism. At least it is a fact that Western post-war Humanism is based on religious Holocaustism and Materialistic Zionism.

If Jews alone have interests in maintaining Holocaustism and Zionism, it is of little importance for White people. Jews are a tiny minority in our world. But thanks to the support of White Humanists, Holocaustism and Zionism have become lugubrious political factories and political operators. Production of guilt and distribution of guilt for political purposes is a dangerous, inhumane weapon. Distribution of guilt is also a perverse social game. Second generation Nazis know what it is about. The only camps which profit from self-imposed and generally distributed guilt feelings are Capitalism, Modernism, Individualism, Materialism. Guilt feelings destroy social relations and isolate the citizens, make them "individualistic", which means persons fit for more consume and nothing but consume.

Second generation Nazis observe that not only Nazi descendants are depressed. The Western world as a whole is suffering of a strange mental decadence. Mental decadence naturally produces depression, not only among war losers, or civilization losers, but among Westerners as a whole. Western man has turned Goyic, as a result of the ruling Goyic Western Humanism. With the accelerating de-Christianization of the European masses after WWII, a perverse anti-Christian conscience has conquered the soul of the Westerners. The ruling Humanists have "humanified" the Jews to an extreme degree. The Jews have been imbued with higher "humanistic" qualities than other citizens in the West. They have in a way become humanistic Übermensch. They have gotten the opposite dwelling place of that of the Nazis. The Nazis are devils who have been relegated to Hell, a social place for non-humans.

Jews consider themselves as God's chosen people. For them all other humans are on a lower level, religiously spoken. Jews may of course believe whatever they want, following their rich religious traditions. The situation becomes cursed, lugubrious, obnoxious first when non-Jews accept Jewish believes without being religious themselves. Post-war Humanists are proclaimed anti-religious. Notwithstanding this proclamation they have devoted themselves to a second level existence, by considering themselves as Goyim, non-chosen people, subjects for religiously superior Jews.

From this self-imposed place on the dark side of the world, from these existential shades, they have a cult of Jews as being the utmost victims of man-made cruelties in the history of mankind. Being opposite of the victims the Goyim have then relegated themselves or been relegated as perpetrators, morally second-level persons. Post-war Humanists have joined the Nazis to the shadows of earthly life. They have imposed themselves an existence of being bad Whites, pseudo-Nazis. They have taken delight of being in a morally suffering situation, probably out of a longing for chosenness, longing for being Jews. But they are condemned for ever to be pseudo-Jews, Goyim, second-hand beings. Not Jews but zionized Christians and Secularists,both dancing around the Golden Calf called Capitalism, have a catastrophic influence on all Whites, including own families.

There is no chance for our Western civilization, for its survival, without a revolt against the Humanists, our post-war usurpers. They are manipulating with perverse Christian attitudes, playing with guilt feelings for materialistic reasons. The Humanists have constructed a fake world, a world of pseudo-attitudes, being themselves pseudo-Zionists, pseudo-Nazis, pseudo-perpetrators, fundamentalistically Goyic. Whites have surrounded themselves with phantasms, living in a fog of phantasmagoria. Politics must be based on realities, not on pseudo-realities. Something went wrong in 1945 when the victors should create a "free" world.

262. Are you hostile towards non-European immigrants ?

Western Humanists favor and support mass migration throughout the world in order to establish their materialistic world empire. There shall be no borders in order to favor global capitalist fluidity and influence. The Humanists favor Globalism under the fake pretext of creating harmonious multiculturalistic societies. What they in fact try to create is a global monoculturalistic society where all religions, traditions and inherited virtues are being relativized, adapted to a secular standard. Capitalist Humanism shall reign over all our continents, over all world cultures. France was the first state in Europe to implement the credo of Secularism. After WWII they started to venerate Multiculturalism and invited immigrants from Arab and black countries to enrich monocultural white France. But French Modernism should prevail, obviously. After having welcomed and venerated the Arab immigrants they forced Muslim girls to wear Western cloth style. They banned Arabian veil from public schools. And the Humanists dare calling their attitude democratic, globalist and multicultural.

European Nazi and Fascist descendants have been treated with worse arrogance than the Muslims after the Humanists created their "peace" in 1945. We have simply been satanized. We represent another culture, a proud culture from a once culturally flourishing Europe. This Europe is today a sunken land. "Overt Nazi children are ambassadors of the sunken land", as the Norwegian novelist Eystein Eggen says it. Persons who dare connecting themselves with the past are immediately stigmatized as non-humans, Jew gassers, oppressors of non-Whites, oppressors of women and children, oppressors of minorities, of homosexuals. There is no limit to the WWII victors' hatred against our families. The Humanists fear of course more a revolt from their own tribes than from tribes scattered throughout the world by capitalistic mass migration. But non-European immigrants and European Nazi and Fascist children are in a same boat. Neither immigrants nor Nazi descendants are accepted as we are, as what we want to remain. We are all supposed to be benevolently formed by the cadres of Humanism. If immigrants protest, they will also be called non-humans, terrorists, Nazis.

The only political solution is to react against the Modernistic usurpers, to defend ourselves. Immigrants and Nazi children should cooperate. But this idea is not easy to have accepted. Immigrants do also favor us as trash cans for their own fears, as scapegoats for their frustrations in a tragically modernistic Europe. Maybe they see us as competitors of home nostalgia, as obstacles for their plans of European reconstructions. Do we challenge the newcomers' quest for European identity ? Immigrants have been brainwashed to think that we root-conservative Europeans are the real threat to their future happiness and prosperity. If we come back in political position we will chase and kill non-Europeans in Europe, the Humanists teach immigrants to think. What kind of messy thoughts. Immigrants and Nazi descendants have the same interest in preserving inherited culture and believes from destructive Modernists. Or, are immigrants indifferent to the decay of Western society ? Are they not caring about their own children who sink in pluralistic noise, materialistic consume, spiritual contempt ?

Capitalist Humanists have no capacity to respect anybody since they are obsessed by a political idea of Equality, of Sameness. Only root-conservative Europeans are able to respect persons from other cultures having decided to settle in the modernistically rotting European cities after the disaster of 1945. Since we like, understand and respect roots, we are also able to respect the roots of others. Real culture can not be based on Materialism, Commercialism, Consume. Such modernistic fashions can only create human monsters void of inner life. Only History furnishes identity. Humanists despise history, especially own European history. Humanists have started something absolutely new in the history of Mankind. There is a before and and an after their Humanism. What was before is obsolete, they say. Humanists are founders. They have founded a new "civilization". Their "civilization" is permanent revolution under control and care of dedicated humanist cadres. Now more and more world citizens can observe that with the reign of Humanism, social unrest, wars, social crises, pollution, apocalyptic armament and insecure finances have increased.
God, free us from the goodness of the Humanists !

263. The word Nazi died in 1945. There are no Nazis today.

We appreciate the message #98 from March 2008 in our Nazi Children's Forum. Isi Del Maestro helps us to understand post-war illusions and desillusions. He underlines the death camps of the WWII losers. He avoids unfortunateley to consider the reasons for WWII as he also avoids to mention the death camps of the victors. Mass murder committed by the victors and by their ideologies may surpass that of Nazism by one to eighteen, following "Politically Correct Butchers of the 20th Century", 2001, by Steve Montgomery & Steve Farrell. The word "reconciliation" is consequently absent.

The assertions here in the green headline are typical for Humanists. Humanists live in Disney Land. They think that what they decide being true, is true for the whole humanity. They have decided that the Nazis were non-human devils. By their self-sacrificing war against Evil, the Humanists have saved the world. There are accordingly no Nazis left. It sounds just lovely - in the ears of Humanists. May it be an act of practiced hubris to think this humanistic way ? Since the Nazis were devils it results that their killers were angels. Western rationalism is opposite of religion... But, of course, the same rationalism is anti-dichotomical.

Devils do not have children. Love is necessary for most humans in order to get children, to give life to new generations. Nazis are incapable of love. They are obsessed with Evil. So, Humanists do not like Nazi children as political reality. Once again they act "rationalistically" in their Disneyland. They ignore the Nazi descendants, the innocent generations burdened with the endless Holocaust Death Cult worshipped by Humanists. Since our Nazi parents are defeated and dead, also their history, their ideals, even their National Socialist or Nazi name shall be dead. Humanists refuse Nazi descendants to have their history.

If some Nazi children anyhow show a tendency of existence, of opposing the Humanists, of thinking by themselves, they have immediately to be taught about their inexistence. Western Democratic and Rationalistic Humanism includes us in their free Western societies in such a breath-taking hug that most of us are silent, still after 63 years. In the name of Democracy and Rationalism they force us to silence. How can children live who have their history killed ? We can not even refer ourselves to Nazism without being blamed for necrophilia. Is it surprising that Nazi children keep silent ?

The Humanists forbid and erase words from the world vocabulary following their advance toward moral control of the world. Men who own morality, language and history will at the end own the world, be world masters. "Nazi" is a forbidden word when it is used with an other content than diabolic and evil. "Nazi children" is therefore an incongruent expression following humanist masters. Children shall not be evil. "Nazi children" shall be cleansed and just be "children", be free from parents, be happy in zionized Disneyland with anti-Nazi Disney as common father.

There are other words prohibited by these masters, like "race". It is a marvelous idea to ask Nazi children to work for the abolishment of the world races and tribes, both physically and linguistically. Humanists need servants, slaves. Second Generation Nazis have had enough of Humanism after 63 years under humanistic "peace". We do not obey immoral wannabe world masters.

264. What would you say to parents who are invited to send their children from Norway to Auschwitz by the organization "Hvite Busser" ?

There are many serious reasons for stopping the ongoing busload transfer of innocent European children from all over Europe to Auschwitz. The same reasons point at a need of building down the Holocaust centers throughout Europe. Holocaust has turned into a sick Death Cult which destroys Europeans and Europe. Here follow seven reasons for why European children should stop going to Auschwitz.

1. We all agree that WWII was horrendous. To blacken and blackmail the losers with one-sided stories of cruelty do not help the victors, they be Jews, Gypsies, Communists or other pretentious innocents. Holocaust maintains the pains, it does not heal. Some say that cultivating Evil in European memory exorcizes Evil, prevents it from happening in real, from repeating itself. This is nonsense logic. It is more probable that continuous cult of Evil vivifies Evil. Post-war Holocaust Cult has not created more peace in the world, especially not in the Middle East. Children should be sent to European centers of civilization like Dresden, Saint Petersburg and Rome, not to centers of pure tragedy.

2. The Holocaust Cult has made Jews to some sort of European Übermensch. It is not easy for Israelis, new landowners in Palestine/Israel, to live up to the ideal of innocence, goodness and peacefulness fabricated for the Jewish cause by Western pseudo-Jews or pseudo-Zionists. Because the WWII victors, through their organization United Nations, established Israel on stolen land, Israelis have been driven to pacify, to cleanse out Arabs. Israelis have been involved in a series of violent wars with their neighbors. Through close contact with the USA, the super power of our new century, the Israelis have also got one of the strongest armies of our time, including the most threatening weapons of mass destruction. Auschwitz is considered Jewish land. Children who want to learn about peace making should be sent to other places which symbolize peace.

3. School children who are sent to Auschwitz are mentally too young for understanding the conflicts expressed in the camp. When European warriors in this particular area are all exposed as devils, children of today risk to develop self-contempt through guilt association and guilt transfer. Children go deeply into descriptions of evil; they associate themselves with people in the past. We Nazi children know what automatic feelings mean in this particular context. We don't want other Europeans to become like Nazi children, persons who are mute slaves of post-war victor celebrations and history persecution. Self-contempt is today a political and social problem in Europe.

4. The tours to Auschwitz from Norway are mostly organized by school principals together with parents at the schools, after initiative and invitation from the organization "Hvite Busser". From the moment the parents are gathered, there is no longer question of alternative destinations, only practical questions about how to carry the tour through. A religious atmosphere reigns during the meeting. Any opposition is considered treason, anti-Semitism, immorality, transgression of decency. Deviating views are countered with opprobrium. During such meetings one can measure how Holocaust has become a religious death cult. When all parents have been forced to agreement, there will enter an atmosphere of physical levitation, brotherhood, holy community, moral exclusivism. Western political correctness is rooted in such social events. Democracy is not only threatened by these crypto-religious happenings. Western democracy is killed.

5. More than half of the European inhabitants were Nazis and Fascists. Death Cult celebrations in Auschwitz filled with busloads of children visiting the camp all year long, are felt more and more heavily, depressingly, by millions of Nazi and Fascist descendants. Endless blackening of our fathers and grandfathers is keeping our wounds open. And there is no perspective for a reconciliation in our zionized West. In fact all Holocaust centers are temples of irreconcilability. Evil of the past is being used against innocent post-war Europeans, for political reasons of course. It seems that our Humanists deliberately inflict pains for the reason of letting dead "live" in peace. The Bible teaches : "Let the dead bury the dead".

6. Communism and Capitalism, the two victorious ideologies of the 19th century, are murderous ideologies of our modern times. Their responsibility for mass murder throughout the world is simply bigger than that of their enemies. Michel Chossudovsky says that Capitalism alone in post-war years is directly responsible for 25 million dead in Asia, Africa, South-America, Europe and the Middle East. It appears like a joke when Communists and Capitalists gather in Auschwitz for common exasperation over Nazi and Fascist guilt. If European children have to visit death camps, they should start with those in Siberia, maybe they should even visit killing fields in Korea and Vietnam dating from wars fought for Capitalism.

7. Black and white history education is intellectual fraud. Wisdom can only be achieved through balanced investigations of the past, especially when it comes to a continental civil war with complex political engagements. The actual Holocaust Cult with its center in Auschwitz is a political guilt factory made for adding political power to the WWII victors. People have been duped and brainwashed through the victors' media during too long time. In order to assure mentally reasonable, healthy Europeans in the future, parents must stop sending their children to Auschwitz.

265. Do you see non-democratic power structure in post-war democracies ?

Zionists and Jews are privileged world citizens due to the Death Cult power of Holocaust. The Second World War victors elevated Zionists and Jews to a specific level of prestige among other world citizens. They are God's chosen, in own minds as in the minds of non-Jewish secularists, rationalists, non-religious humanists. Because of this chosenness the war victors accepted to steal land from Palestinians when they established Israel in 1948, through the United Nations. The UN, the main organization of the WWII victors, started its career with a criminal act. Non-democratic actions were taken right after the victory of world democrats.

By the sticky sweet post-war atmosphere between Zionistic religion and Humanistic rationalism, the materialistic war victors, Communists and Capitalists, felt in the 40s and 50s that they became great, universalistic, got a position close to that of God by venerating Jews. Their humanistic descendants still feel that their power on earth is good and due, anchored as it is in the Old Testament and in the populist revolutionary Human Rights. In reality the Humanists now in power are lackeys for new Western princes, for oligarchs, cadres of a new globalistic empire.

The Humanists keep on fighting through the Marxist dream of a classless society. As everybody now should know, such a society is neither free nor democratic, but ruled by an elite, by cadres, by Bilderbergers. Has the Marxist project moved from Eastern Europe to Western Europe and further to the entire "free" world ? Since 1945 the social equality project has been more or less the same in both the West and the East, China included.

The Humanists in the West go further though in their socially destructive theories than did their former Marxist brethren in the East. Parallel of keeping up with a classless society, the Humanists are seized by fanaticism in their project of equality. They push as well for a raceless world, a genderless world, a historyless world and a traditionless world.

So, now we can see the contours of a new global civilization, of a new Materialistic World Empire. A country, Israel, has all rights, both religious, national and international rights amidst an ocean of humans without distinctions. The WWII victors have after 1945 materialized a Zionistic dream of a simple world composed of Jews and Goyim. The Jews own history, not the Goyim. The Jews own ancestral land, not the Goyim anymore. The Jews are Semites while Goyim are raceless. If Goyim oppose the new world order and do believe they belong to a race and have similar rights as the Jews, they are stigmatized as anti-Semites and Nazis.

What is most fantastic is that the Goyic Humanists manage to work through such a world order. They just use cheap conceptions like Freedom, Human Rights, Humanism and Democracy. They manage to deceive own family, own racial group, own history, own root feelings, own tradition.

The Human Rights are rights of the individual at the expense of rights of the race, of the ethnic group, of the tribe, of the family. Western modernistic Individualism is based on the Human Rights. Individualism and Goyism/Goyimism is the same. Individualism or Goyism is celebration of the isolated individual. As recompense such an individual is called "free", free from the past, free of history. Western contemporary Goyim believe that such free individuals are happy and strong.

To call the West democratic or the Western countries democratic is fraud. The cadres and their lackey Humanists use the word "democratic" in a globalistic plan. The oligarchs have interests of deceiving the Westerners, to reduce the world peoples to a mass of consumers. Never in Western history so few people have had so concentrated political power than in post-war Western democracies. The oligarchs, the Bilderbergers, the media owners are free from democratic control. The West is thoroughly manipulated. As long as people have purchasing power, entertainment power, the West keeps moving towards growing decadence.

Do Jews and other world peoples have interests of a permanent Western decadence called Free Democracy ? Do they really have future profits of this Western Freedom, Materialism, Rationalism, Secularism ? For the time being it is not too late to make a turn toward more positive values, away from relativism, individual isolation and modernistic manipulation.

266. Do you believe a world democracy of free individuals is a disfunctional political dream, a fake construction ?

A globalistic democracy based on the pretended universal Human Rights is dangerous for the individuals, is a perversion of real democracy. It is an expression of Western political gigantomania. Democratic Globalism, Humanistic Globalism, striving for materialistic sustainable growth for all world citizens, is not a structure meant for the individuals, giving good life conditions and mental health to the individuals. Such politically manipulated Globalism gives money and power to the new post-war elite of oligarchs and intellectual cadres.

A materialistic world democracy desired by the European Union, the United States, the United Nations, the NATO, the Zionists and the post-war Humanists enslaves the individuals, forces the individuals into a form of total equality, a prison for the world peoples. It is a dream for Western oligarchs who want to manipulate as many people as possible. It is a nightmare for conscious individuals. "Free" individuals in a modernistic meaning are in fact uprooted individuals dispossessed of history, culture, religion, distinction, real freedom. Such individuals are thoroughly manipulated by Goyism, Secularism, Human Rightism, Zionism, Humanism and Holocaustism - isms which all work for the same aim : Monolithic Materialistic World Empire.

Protection of the diversity of peoples on the earth, of the ethnies in the world, is the only hope for a meaningful life on earth. Without true diversity, without distinctions, we are all lost in a meaningless uniformed crowd of identical individuals. The individual will become a mass-individual, one identical with an other of the mass, once his or her history is spoiled. Socially overt hierarchical structure is the only way of stopping massification of the humans. Only hierarchy can maintain history and traditions. Culture is based on history and traditions, and only a culture which is respectful toward history can grant the individuals with identity. This way individuals can be free.

Individuals who are free because they are inside distinct cultures and ethnies, individuals enriched with identity and culture, can organize themselves in a people's rule, in a true democracy. Such individuals can resist "Humanists", Modernists and other materialistic universalists who disregard the past and who play with the future.

Rule of a majority of world citizens is a monstrosity if the ancestral culture surrounding the citizens have no political influence and power. World citizens without ancestral culture are bound for fashion, for instant populism. They are mass individuals, not free individuals. They have fluctuating identity. They have meaningless mass identity. They are the easiest victims of "humanistic" manipulators who have economic profits as aim.

Once world citizens of the 21st century have freed themselves from Materialism and fake Humanism instituted in 1945, once the criminal organization of the United Nations which stole land for the Jews in 1948 has been abolished, a true world organization of cultures, races and ethnies can be established. This aim, this challenge, this realization is a fantastic enterprise for peoples of the 21st century who look for freedom. Freedom from roots means slavery. Cultivation of roots provides us with identity, grants us with freedom. Only a person who knows himself, who knows his roots, can be free.

267. Is multiculturalism winning over monoculturalism ?

When Western Humanists and Eastern Internationalists had defeated the European racists and traditionalists in 1945, it was time for the "free" Europeans to open up mentally and physically for a new and better world. They should while building down, deconstructing borders, head for global democracy in the name of equality of all humans. All were world citizens, citizens of One World. Blame for all social wrongs were attributed to the Traditionalists , to the Nazis. The blame for the entire war was given to the Nazis.

Monocultures based on permanent traditions, on inward ethnic similarity, on cult of ancestral faith, are unfitted for a dynamic, mobile world, claimed the globalistic Humanists. Monoculture, ethnic affinity and inherited habits were expressions of an ingenuous world belonging to idyllic, or rather horrible past times. Traditional history was outdated, dead. A New World Order had to be erected, by the heads and hands of dynamic Globalists, in order to prevent wars between cultures, religions and races. Everything human and social should be mixed and formed in secular, pluralist, globalist moulds, the whole process being secured by social scientists, controled by Western armed forces.

Western Multiculturalists or cultural Globalists viewed all monocultures as threats. This humanistic fear explains the elaboration of the denazification program launched after 1945, consisting of satanization of every single Nazi, their family and progeny. The success of the Humanists can seem overwhelming, since millions of European Nazi descendants remain mute and docile even 63 years after the war.

A lapse of time would pass before the implementation of the New World, before its fulfillment, because the war victors were divided in Soviet Humanistic Internationalists and American Internationalist Humanists. They were going to oppose and threat one another until the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1989. Western humanist intellectuals however collaborated with Eastern Communists during the decades of "Cold War". The intellectuals certainly new that Western free Capitalism was more powerful than Soviet State Capitalism. They knew that world materialism was monolithic, had to become undivided in a near future.

When Western Capitalists took over the race toward a secular Humanistic World Empire in 1989, the former Soviet Union, the reborn Russia, ran along for a time together with the Western capitalists. Humanists were in a euphoric mood during the last decade of the 20th century and during the first years of the new millennium. They joyfully bombed Serbia, Afghanistan and and Iraq. They threatened with repression or war all non-complying states, like North Korea, Iran and, to a lesser extent, Burma. They pressed the Chinese to abide by the Humanists' Human Rights, being anxious for their growing power. The Humanists thought they had won the world, that they had fulfilled History.

Then something should happen in Russia. Slowly after Vladimir Putin became President of the Russian Federation in 1999, the Russians chose to go for monoculturalism rather than for multiculturalism. They had during longest time suffered under Western intellectual Marxism. Today the Orthodox Church has been reintroduced as State Church. Already during the presidency of Boris Yeltsin the tzar family murdered by the Soviets had been canonized saints, their murderers being appointed as sacrilegious criminals. Western capitalist-communist intellectuals have been stopped in their joyful frenzy over becoming global masters of a Humanist Materialist Empire.

Multiculturalism is fake without protection of monocultural states. It is even illogical, because real Multiculturalism or Pluriculturalism depends on diversity. Its constituting elements are the monocultures. The monocultures must be favored, cultivated, protected. When Humanists call their intellectual paradise "multicultural", they use a rhetoric trick, euphemism, to hide a nightmare of Globalistic Monoculturalism. The global project of Humanistic Multiculturalism is thoroughly manipulated by oligarchs who want massified individuals for the only reason of having unprotesting, obedient consumers.

People will certainly not be happy by leaving the harbor of Tradition. We Second Generation Nazis can assure that the Humanists' play with humans make the humans more and more unsatisfied, more and more desperate or depressed. The use of drugs and the need of drugs among Whites is an indication. We Nazi sons and daughters have undergone the Humanists' denazification program. The rest of the Westerners are undergoing cultural derootification. It is about the same kind of brainwashing, brutally cultural deconstruction, in the name of abstract "Humanism" based exclusively on Materialism. We need sanity in the West after decades with puerile social experiments in a social scientific sandbox.

For the time being, May 2008, few in the West understand that the advance of Multiculturalism, of Globalistic Materialism under the administration of Humanists, has been ruptured, thanks to Russians loyal to Old Russia. Sooner or later even Westerners will protest against the Humanists' Globalist Materialist Empire. They will protest like the Nazis and Fascists protested against globalist Communists and Capitalists during the first half of last century. Will they defend themselves in war like our parents ? Will they go to war ? Certainly not. Our enemies are not foreigners. They are ourselves, brainwashed Europeans. Our battle is a cultural counter-revolution.

How do Nazi descendants view this historic correction, this counter-revolutionary reconquest ? Do they understand that their voices are necessary in turbulent post-war Western culture ?

268. Are there conflicts between ethnic Norwegians and non-European immigrants in Norway ?

More and more immigrants from Asia and Africa, and maybe especially Muslims, feel that they have been tricked when experiencing life in Norway. They have been tricked by the nonsense word "Multiculturalism". Norway is officially promoting itself as a multiculturalist democracy where there is no discrimination between majority and minorities. Norway wants to be a model country of politically implemented Human Rights, being a province of a consolidating "free" materialistic world empire.

When foreigners with non-European culture are welcomed to Norway under the fake banner of "Multicultural Country", they think naturally that they are allowed to continue practising their ancestral culture and religion. They believe logically that they help Norway to becoming multicultural. But Norwegian Humanists don't care about ancestral cultures. They are inebriated with own rubbish of Universalism, Secularism, Materialism. As they disdain their own ancestral culture, they disdain as well the cultures brought to Norway by immigrants.

No people on the earth are more supremacist than Western Humanists, Western Zionists and Pseudo-Zionists. Zionists in Israel express perfectly well the typically Humanistic arrogance. But the same arrogance is practised all over the European Union. Non-Europeans living in Europe are in fact politically tricked. They have been welcomed in order to become docile consumers, docile modernists, docile multiculturalists in a world conquering Humanistic project. Globalistic Materialism, the Humanists' ideology and aim, ignores borders, cultures, religions. Humanists just want to drain traditional countries for cultural identity. They think the process of derootification goes quicker once the foreigners live in the West.

First and second generation immigrants are more or less overwhelmed by the events, by their efforts to adapt, to integrate. Third generation will hopefully understand that they have been politically and culturally manipulated, just like third and fourth generation Nazis one day will understand that they have been brainwashed through ongoing Western denazification program. What can we second generation Nazis do ? It's a pity to see the decay of all world cultures inside decadent Western societies. Cultural counter-revolution is no longer a task only for Whites like second generation Nazis. It is a task for decent people of all races and tribes who want to save history from the manipulating hands of globalistic Materialists.

There should be no conflicts between ethnic Norwegians and immigrants who are conscious of their ancestral culture. But conflicts between influential Norwegian Materialists and immigrants conscious of their ancestral traditions should be regarded as just normal and healthy. If we want to stop Western global materialistic progress in order to save the diversity of world cultures, there should come to multiple rendezvous between Traditionalists all over Europe, all over the world.

269. Are Norwegian leftists pro-Israel or pro-Palestine ?

In the 90s I knew a teacher in a senior high school who was full-blooded Leftist. In the 60s he had gone as kibbutzim to the new nation of Israel in order to celebrate internationalism and communism, working on farm land stolen from the Palestinians by the UN. The kibbutz had in Norway the reputation of being idyllic farms for Communists. Leftists from various Western countries gathered in Israel in order to build a new nation. The contradictions involved in this project surpass even the imagination.

Back in Norway my friend worked on his impressions and experiences and turned out being pro-Palestine, although not entirely anti-Israeli. He was not anti-Israeli because he was profoundly Holocaustic, convinced that the Jews were the hardest struck victims by non-Jewish evilness during world history. Anyhow, seeing the sufferings of Palestinians as consequence of the Israeli nation-building, he walked around in Oslo during decades with his Palestinian scarf. He is probably still wearing it.

How is it possible for Leftists to be pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian at the same time ? Leftists love to call themselves intellectuals. Common persons would think that intellectuals are more organized, more systematic in thoughts and declarations than the rest of us. From WWII, even from the Russian Revolution, Leftists have been brought up believing in wrong and right, in perpetrators and victims, in devils and saviors. Internationalist and materialistic Leftists should normally fight against all nationalists, especially against supremacist nationalists who say they have divine rights over inhabited Palestinian land. They should be anti-Palestinians as well as anti-Israelis.

I only find an explanation of this intellectual mess among Leftists in the over-intellectual status given Goyism or Goyimism. What is Goyism ? It is the left-over identity given by Zionists to non-Jews, in Hebrew Goyim, once the Jews have invested themselves with the identity of divine chosenness. Goyim are simple non-chosen. All white Goyim, convinced of Materialism and Internationalism as world wide virtues and laws, strive in fact to comply with the Zionist desire of a dual world society. Zionists divide world citizens in two categories : Jews and Goyim. Jews are divinely privileged. Goyim have no identity other than being individuals in a materialistic, globalistic human mass.

Once Whites comply with the Zionists' belief in Jews and Goyim, they also comply with Holocaustism. Holocaustism is the systematic use of Holocaust in order to induce feelings of guilt in all Whites for political and cultural control. Oligarchs of Western reigning Capitalism together with their Humanistic cadres want of course to control their masses of materialistic consumers. The Death Cult of Holocaust is a political weapon.

There is no wonder why leftist intellectuals are contradictive, profoundly confused, always on the run from the reality. Such intellectuals just follow political fashions since they have no identity, no inner center. They are pro-this and pro-that following the stream of populism, the needs of the masses. They have no control over themselves. They have no roots in history since they hate their own history, their own traditions, their own race. If Norwegian intellectuals love so much the Palestinians or the Jews, they should join these combating peoples wholeheartedly, convert themselves to Islam or Judaism. But they cannot. They are just poor Goyim.

Poor Western materialistic and secular intellectuals. They thought they could free themselves from history, from traditions, from religion, from irrational forces. They constituted themselves as leaders of a new era, a Humanistic era, calling themselves Humanists and Rationalists. And they fell under the worst system of irrationality : Goyism. With their ferocious efforts for becoming scientific, rationalistic, humanistic leaders of a new world, they entered a Death Cult instead of staying with a Love Cult. Goyism is a trap for those who don't dare recognizing underground forces in life. Goyism is made for stupid pseudo-Zionists who look for nothing but money and welfare. Now Western modernistic intellectuals are enslaved by own stupidity. They are incapable of feeling and understanding the mighty realm of honor.

270. Do you use the appellation "Goyism" to indicate subordination of non-Jews under Zionism ?

No. I use "Goyism" to express enslavement of human masses under Materialism, in false Western democracies. Most Whites have chosen to throw away own culture in order to become Modernists and Materialists, to behave like Goyim, low-level people without belief in God. Modernistic Jews are as much enslaved as non-Jews, as Goyim. Such Jews are also goyimized or goyified, massified, regarding their behavior and inner life. Goyimized Jews have probably listened too much to Western Humanists, to pseudo-Zionists. Own weakness for materialism has been redoubled by the same weakness among modernistic Westerners.

Anti-Zionists in the United States use often the expression "anti-Goyism" to point at misuse of power by Zionist institutions. They say Zionists maltreat Goyim, that they practise anti-Goyism. American anti-Zionists do in fact deliberateley and voluntarily subordinate themselves under Zionism and Judaism when they identify themselves with the Goyim expression. They accept the premise of Jewish beliefs. Jews believe in a humanity divided in two morally unequal parts. Whites who believe the same way have lost their roots, their faith.

Americans who want to be anti-Modernists, anti-Materialists, anti-Globalists, fall often in the trap of Neo-Nazism. They repeat desperate European fighters who lost the fight during the last century. Defeat demands a certain change of road for the posterity. Maybe the Nazis and Fascists lost because they didn't see their counter-revolution as a humanely common repair. Maybe they didn't fight expressly for all races and cultures, even they opposed Relativism, Cultural Levelling, Godlessness, Materialism, Oligarchism.

Today's reigning Materialism is profoundly anti-religious. A whole man with a whole heart and open mind respects the Creator, the Lord of Love, the Redeemer. Americans have a problem because they have won too many wars, are blinded with too much heroism, tainted heroism. Their heroism is tainted because they have fought for Materialism, for Consumerism, for false freedom, for false democracy, for Goyism. Counter-revolutionary Americans must start with auto-criticism if they want to be taken seriously.

The humans on earth have a long and rich history, rich because they are divided in peoples with own characteristics, own aptitudes, own preferences, due to their diversity. Jews are Jews, Germanic peoples are Germanic peoples. We Germanic have no right to impose our culture on the Jews, as the Jews have no right to impose own culture and beliefs on us.

Jews have committed an error when launching their Death Cult of Holocaust among non-Jews, erecting Holocaust memorials and centers which function as guilt factories among Whites, especially when situated in former Nazi and Fascist countries. The Jewish Death Cult is part of Jews' beliefs in chosenness and non-chosenness. We Germanic peoples do not believe in guilt as a permanent mental situation, without remedy, without redemption. It is why we have the Redemptor, the Redeemer.

The rule of Holocaustism is soon part of gone history. Jews have victimized themselves beyond all reasons. They present their cultural and political behaviour on earth as free of guilt, even they were deeply involved in the preparations of the European Civil War of last century. Their holocaust machinery used as a mental weapon of repression is a result of hubris of innocence. Jews think apparently that they have a right to induce guilt in other peoples. Yet they claim love from the peoples they despise. Really, Jews need to wake up, to learn empathy. And they need to get free from materialism, from gold addiction - like us others. Also Jews need the Redeemer.

271. You use expressions like "diabolized", "satanized" regarding Nazis' and Nazi families' social situation in post-war times. Aren't we living in secular democracies ?

When liberal Capitalists and communist Materialists had won in 1945, most Westerners thought that the new political and cultural ideals for Europeans should be rationally based. The contrary happened. An irrational Death Cult, the Holocaust, became quickly the most powerful secular-religious creed in modernistic West. A death cult should not be born out of Western rationalism. Holocaust Cult in the West is lugubriously religious secularism.

Post-war humanist rationality was first of all characterized by victory hubris which discharged irrational hatred toward the losers. There was not the least interest for a reconciliation with the large number of counter-revolutionary Europeans. This atmosphere of irreconcilability, of intransigence, makes it correct to describe 1945 not as a year of peace but of revolution, materialistic revolution. There is a materialistic link between the French Revolution of 1789, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the Materialistic Revolution of 1945. The Peace Process of 1945 was never about peace. It favored general criminalization of every single war loser and his family. At the bottom of the condemnation was religious diabolism.

A revolution needs great words, great visions, strong beliefs. The long history of humans is a history impregnated with religion. When ideologists believe they can get free from the long line of history by use of illusionary leap toward the future, by use of illusionary revolution, they have no other language present in order to explain their intrepidity but the traditionally religious language. Logically the enemies of the revolutionaries become devils. All counter-revolutionaries, all reactionaries, become dark souls from a religiously diabolic past.

It is strange how this diabolized Western post-war peace or peace process developed and accelerated into a Zionist-Jewish death cult - acclaimed and forced forward by all Western intellectual Humanists. The Death Cult got the first manifestation with the encounter between a Catholic writer and a young Jewish camp inmate : François Mauriac and Elie Wiesel. They wrote together in 1958-1959 the Holocaust instigating novel "Night" which became obligatory reading in American high schools from 1960. This book, and the authors, might be considered the instigators of the religious-secular cult of Holocaust, of Holocaustism. But the realm of Holocaustism or satanic guilt machinery was generally prepared by the post-1945 Materialistic Revolution.

Revolutions need apocalyptical rhetorics. Revolutionaries venerate brutal Progress and paradisiac Futurism at the expense of religious-cultural long-lined evolution. Progress as brutal social and historic enforcement is close in its fanaticism and absolutism to religious end-of-the-world vision. The materialistic Humanists have a historic salvatory mission, following Humanists' own belief. Therefore their enemies can be called devils and socially be treated as devils. This is exactly why we Nazi descendants dare to organize ourselves, dare to complain, to protest. This is why Humanists allow themselves to aggress non-progressive nations around the globe, to wage wars against them.

If the devils take over the world, the light of globally humanistic salvation program will vanish. The globe will crumble under Nazi and Fascist Evil, under anti-Humanistic Evil, under Terrorist Evil, the Humanists think. That is why they had to bomb all civlilian centers in Nazi Germany : the towns. The victory over the European counter-revolutionaries of 1945 became the victory over Evil. The victors became saints, saints from a holy war against devils. In 1945 they started the witch-hunt for Nazis and Fascists and shot or hanged delightfully as many as possible. The rest were ostracized from the society of the good people, the victorious people. And the war never ends. There are evil Nazi children and grandchildren out there ! And there are terrorists all over !

The success of second generation Nazis' complaint inside post-war self-righteous democracies is so far minimal. But we are more and more people, not only Nazi descendants, who complain about mental living conditions under Humanistic rule, under Humanistic One Global Race supremacy. A young Norwegian professor, Simon Malkenes, has in May 2008 gotten published his book "Apocalypse Now Again ?" where he demonstrates clearly the manipulating apocalyptical rhetorics behind the Humanists' aggression against Iraq. He goes further and shows end-of-the-world rhetorics used by Al Gore for his salvation program regarding global warming. Soon an American will save us from a meteor heading for our world. We second generation Nazis object against false German devils and false American saints. We await mounting protests against Western Diabolic Humanism.

272. Weren't also the Nazis satanizers who satanized their enemies ?

I am sure they were. Wartime is degrading for human behavior, for human use of language. But we Nazi descendants live in so-called peace - and dare complaining about mental living conditions under this peace made by WWII victors. Peace satanizers are more heavy for Europeans of the 21st century than were war satanizers for those of last century. Peace satanizers attack pacified citizens, "members" of the democracy. Witch-hunt for so-called Nazis is still going on. Nazi families are still being stigmatized as places of Evil. We Nazi descendants have no refuge.

In our 21st century there is in fact a clash of civilizations. Religious peoples resist Western materialist secularists. Muslims show much more pride and conviction than Christians in this cultural war. Traditionalists resist Modernists. Russians hold the lead among Traditionalists. Racists resist anti-racists. Amerindians seem more brave than other races. Humble people resist Western imperialists. Africans show the road. Strangely, the provokers are all over the same : White Humanists.

A clash of civilizations is unavoidable once a power look for global dominance and control. From the beginning of the 20th century ideologists have sought global influence. The Communists had a global mission for liberating all peoples. After the Materialist Revolution of 1945, the Capitalists have the same interest, an interest which is very opportune for their greed for profits. After the collapse of the Communist Empire in 1989, the Capitalists are dominant in the search for world power. They never admit of course profit as capital interest. They hide their materialistic desire with propaganda programs like Humanism, Human Rights, Equality, Democracy, Human Prosperity, Freedom.

When real world power became technically and militarily possible in the 20th century, apocalyptic rhetoric grew important for wannabe global imperialists. They needed to mentally pacify the human masses. The Communists started with satanizing the upper classes and Christianity. The Capitalists continue this effective peace propaganda by satanizing Traditionalists. And they have produced for reaching their target an apocalyptic weapon, the atomic bomb.

Since capitalist Materialists are on the way to dominate the world, although hindered now by re-Christianized Russians, they use apocalyptic rhetorics against all persons who throw light on their strategies of power. The Humanists, lackeys of Capitalism, call them "false theorists of an inexistent world conspiracy". "False" theorists are stigmatized as anti-Semites - since they correctly describe the imperialists as Zionists and pseudo-Zionists. An anti-Semite is, as we know, a Nazi, a mass murderer, a devil, one who threatens life on earth.

As a conclusion we can say there are two opposing apocalyptic rhetorics, and two opposing world conspiracies. Materialistic Imperialists oppose opponents who are growing in numbers. Both sides have since long started their apocalyptic propaganda. Both sides point out the enemy as world conqueror of Evil. There is an exotic component inside the capitalist imperialist body : A strong collaborating group, the Zionist Christians, demonize the resisters of Western influence in the Middle East. Zionist Christians demonize anti-Zionists - in order to destroy Zionism and reborn Israel through Biblical Armageddon ! Since Zionists do not believe in Armageddon, they just profit from the support of useful idiots, Zionist Christians.

The Nazis were the first to resist our materialistic world conquerors. The Nazis previewed a downfall of the West, an Untergang des Abendlandes, if international Jewry got power over non-Jews. In 1945 the Nazis were apocalyptically condemned as Jew killers, devils, etc. In our new century the Muslims are quickly called Jew killers if they resist Jewish-Zionist imperialism in the Middle East. People who resist Americans and English, wherever these are on the globe, are diabolized in Western press. They are called terrorists. Will Christian Russians soon be diabolized as anti-Semites and future Jew killers ? The Humanists have definitely not succeeded with their world peace established in 1945, or later with their "Cold War Peace" of 1989. They have other plans than peacefulness on earth. Today it seems that pseudo-Zionists have gotten power over the Jews. Honest Jews, non-materialistic Jews, lose influence. Second generation Nazis look at ongoing events with political recognition and sadness.

273. Why are White people massively venerating Jews, Judaism and Zionism in post-WWII times ?

It is true that WWII victors celebrated Jews as the greatest victims of the war after 1945. With participation of the victors' academics whose sense of victimology has proven to be excellent, the Jews were to become the greatest victims of world history, since historic times. White world wide victimization of Jews overshadowed facts of Jewish preparation of and Jewish participation in WWII, facts which would diminish the supremacy of Jewish victimness. Did White victors need Jewish victims ? The question might be handed over to the victimologists, at the condition that they are not Humanists, that they are not lackeys for Western Capitalism.

The celebration of Jewish victimness turned in the sixties into victimism, a cult of the state of being victim. The road toward religious death cult was opened. Holocaustism was to come. The birth of the Death Cult of Holocaust became manifest with the novel "Night" by Wiesel-Mauriac in 1959-1960. The novel was an event in the West. Once Jews were celebrated through international Death Cult, all questions of Jewish war activism were banned. Jews were for the future tied up to Western Victim Cult, not very healthy nor for Jews nor Whites, and very much guiltifying the war losers' descendants. Nazi descendants were mentally harmed if not destroyed.

Back to the question : Why are White winner masses venerating Jews, Holocaustism and Zionism over sixty years after the war ? Why are today's de-Christianized, secular Whites encouraging an obviously religious State, Israel, which is a State with turbulent political activities throughout the world because of its Holocaust celebrations and following guilt distribution ? My suggestion to an answer is Materialism. There is a growing attraction toward Materialism among modernized peoples because we live in times of highly technical productivity and of high capacity and desire of consume. At the same time Western "rationalism" mocks holiness and traditional honor, with an effect of strengthening beliefs in sciences and of developing investments in consume.

Zionism and Holocaustism assure the liberty of Western Modernists to head for Secularism, for Capitalism, for Hedonism. When Christianity was wrecked by Western Humanistic intellectuals after 1945 as being an anti-Semitic religion, it was very helpful for de-Christianized masses to hand the religious matter, the irrational dimension of life, over to the earliest people of the Bible : The Jews. Jews find it probably also comfortable that non-Jews adapt to Old Testamental beliefs in a dual world, a world society divided in Jews and Goyim. Western consumers seem not to care if they have fallen into Goyimness or not. The West venerates actually more the Old Testament than the New Testament. Even Catholic priests have gotten an Old Testamental mindset due to fear for the Nazi and Fascist past.

The conclusion is that pretentiously non-religious Western masses misuse Jews and Jewish beliefs for own twisted purposes. Western post-war Humanism wants to appear in history as a purely rational ideology. Humanism's dependence on Holocaustism proves the contrary, that post-war Humanism is the most lugubrious ideology ever invented in the West. It is an ideology filled with tricky strategies for persuading Western masses to head for Materialism, for Hedonism, in a way that Western individuals feel they are superior to religious people. Humanists have invested own greedy purposes into normal Jewish grief for their dead. I wonder if the Catholic François Mauriac would have appreciated the results of his "Night" written together with Elie Wiesel. Western Materialism is harmful to all the good plans common people had for Jews after 1945. Also, Humanists are responsible for the theft of Palestinian land when establishing Israel in 1948.

Western civilization is blocked by Holocaustism and Materialism. Western culture is heading downwards. Nothing counts but money and consume. Meanwhile Westerners themselves feel superior to all other cultured peoples on the earth just because they have materialistic power - with following arrogance. Their greatest ideal and pleasure is to mock religious peoples, peoples of ancestral honor. Unfortunately they are helped in this nefarious task by millions of Apocalyptic Christians. These Christians push Israel toward more and more conflicts with their neighbors in order to provoke wars which shall assure the Second Coming of Christ. Such Apocalyptic Christians destroy the people they say they love : the Jews. And they destroy the credibility of Christianity in the West. The Second Coming of Christ is not a matter of war and destruction in the Holy Land. It is a matter of war against our inner materialistic greed.

Jews cannot go on with victimism as State cult and as main popular identity if they want to continue being activists in world policies. Activism needs strength from other reigns than victimhood. But do Jews need to cooperate with Western Humanists ? Is the world becoming better if modernistic masses head for Materialism and nothing else ? Maybe Jews should think twice before continuing endlessly with Holocaustism, the main instrument used by Humanists for duping ordinary people. Maybe Jews should cut the lines with Western Materialism and create an Israel for worldwide spirituality.

274. Can you explain your neologism "Goyism" or "Goyimism" ?

Goyism or Goyimism is an Old Testamental perspective on our humanity. Following Jewish beliefs humanity is divided in but two categories : Jews and non-Jews (Goyim). Since the French Revolution of 1789, there has grown up an ideology of one global humanity. Marxism expressed first this globalistic ideology. Then, after World War Two, the Americans and British came up wiht their Human Rightism. But this "one category of humans" has been split in two after 1945. Following the war victors the Jews had right, probably a universal right, to get land - because of their difference ! And they were given land, stolen land, in 1948. The Communist Empire of the Soviet Union, a mighty political power based on old-fashioned Marxism, agreed with the victorious Americans and signed the law put together by the Organization of United Nations. With this "universal" law Palestinians could righteously be expelled from their home land.

The best manner of destroying a culture, a people, is to disregard the people's history. Post-war Humanists hate all European history which does not fit with their recently fabricated ideal of Human Rights. As a consequence European culture is on the verge of dissolution. Israel venerates its history, has even an own calendar and time cycle which shows that the Christian year of 2008 is the Jewish year 5769. A time aspect which supersedes Christian history with an almost triple length ads to the prestige of Israelian history among Jews. Reigning post-war Humanists do not live in the past or with the past. They live with the future, in the present time. Post-war Humanists are therefore preys for all kinds of improvised political fashions. Modernists run in a constant strive for revolution. They live in an exhausting permanent revolution programmed by the cadres of post-war Humanism.

The next best manner of destroying a culture is to oppose minorities against the original majority by accepting them on culturally equal conditions. When all minorities have same or better rights, same or better cultural protection than the original majority, the majoritarian culture - also a minoritarian culture in a world context - will have to disappear. In order to politically possess the poor, isolated, unfree and weak individuals scattered around in modern Western cities, post-war Humanists play the card of individualism. The individual has to be protected, they say. And they continue by playing the Human Rights card. Once an individual says yes to Western Humanism, all traditional social bonds are cut. The individual is historically and culturally stripped, and the naked individual is exposed to care through Western ice-cold welfare. The individuals are dependant on an abstract "universal love" pretentiously offered by the Humanists.

Jews who have an identity as global masters in international politics, as global masters in Capitalism, as global masters in morals, depend on cultural and moral repression of other peoples by use of their guilt weapon : Holocaust. Holocaust celebrations are necessary for Jewish feelings of innocence : Guilt belongs to others. The perpetrators are non-Jews, Goyim, and they are first of all perpetrators against Jews. They are mostly White. We Nazi children know quite well how destructive guilt feelings can be. Just take a test : How many Nazi children are able to admit that they are Nazi children ? How many of them do you personally know ? Don't say that we are few ! We are millions in Europe. How come that so few Nazi descendants are able to speak about their personal matters and identity in our "free" Western democracies ?

Once White peoples subject themselves to Jewish world policy and to Jewish views on world moral, once White peoples accept being reduced to Goyim, accept to be what Jews want them to be, there must come to social and moral decadence in White societies. Don't you see decadence in the Western democracies ? Don't you see Western wars against poor countries in Asia and Africa ? Don't you see White drug addicts in our towns ? Don't you note the quality of Western mass programs on TV ? Haven't you heard about the difficult learning situations in our schools ? Have you gotten deaf and blind ? O.K., that explains everything.

For keeping the world healthy the categories of difference between religions, between cultures, between peoples, between individuals, must be upheld and celebrated. But White Humanists venerate identicalness, sameness of all peoples. Sameness is their ideology, their ideal, their political program and duty. The road is then paved for strolling into decadence, social decadence, individual decadence, spiritual decadence. Humans who want to live and to celebrate life abhor a society of illusory identicalness. They abhor the dissolution of categories. They abhor relativism as ideal. Life is a fantastic journey through challenging hinders. Life is not easy. Life is not a Disney Land. Don't let Western "humanistic" sociologists and other social scientists hide for you the dangers of life. Life without dangers is already the end of life, an "existence" similar to death.

Conclusion : Goyism expresses the ongoing Western decadence. Goyic people are people without beliefs, without anchor, without direction, without meaning. Goyism is a synonym of the European Post-war Decadence. Actual Western goyimistic and globalistic Humanists trick all world peoples to believe that minorities will be able to continue their ancestral culture, to care for their particularity. This is not true. White Humanists force all to be same, identical, with a massifying ideal called Human Rights, with a massifying process called Globalism. It is not too late to resist pseudo-Zionists, false Humanists, usurpers. But the world peoples will have to cooperate politically, financially, culturally. The Zionist-American era is over. Their "culture" is rotting from inside. Their imperialistic project is internationally despised. Our new millennium gives hope. The Forum of the Organization of Norwegian NS Children invites peoples of all cultures and races to express their views of a better world society.

275. If secular Humanism is a burden for Nazi descendants, are you not supported by Christians ?

It is true that the post-war ideology of Humanism is a burden for us Nazi descendants. Revolutionary Materialistic Humanism was the ideology which fought victoriously against European Nazis and Fascists. Capitalist Humanists fought against our traditionalist families from the West, Communist Humanists from the East. It is then logical that Humanism with its fanatic de-Nazification program of Europeans after 1945 became a tribulation for the Nazis' children and grandchildren. We were forbidden by the Humanists to be who we were. In liberated Europe we were forced to silence, to inhibition, to ghost existence, together with our parents. The Humanists are still our most fierce enemies, since they ignore any attempt of a reconciliation.

But the Church is not in the least better. Maybe it is correct to see post-war Catholicism and Protestantism as a burden at the same degree as Humanism. It was not always like this. Catholic Nazi families could find asylum in convents during the 50s. Catholic aversion to Nazi normalization started with the outburst of the Holocaust campaign in the beginning of the sixties. Humanists went then into close cooperation with Jewish Zionists. Humanism and holocaustic Zionism amalgamated, gained force by reciprocal support. Their aim was simple : Global Materialism. Christianity came at short with the events. The churches had to throw in the towel, opened the doors for the Humanists, got modernized and holocaustified. The Old Testament won over the New Testament in the churches, and Secularism won over Spirituality in the societies.

Catholics were manipulated in 1961 - 1962 with the Second Vatican Council. Christ was outmanoeuvered by the Six Million Gassed Jews, at least politically spoken. The Nazis and their families were satanized. Children of Nazis were stigmatized as Nazi children and were tabouized inside the Church. Any prospect of redemption was nullified for the eternity. Temples of irreconciliation were slowly established all over the West, called "Holocaust Centers" or "Holocaust Museums". The Jews were venerated as the greatest victims of world history. And they became masters of Western morals. They became the new Western elite, replaced former traditionalist aristocracy.

From this moment the Nazi descendants were perfectly squeezed between holocaustifying Humanism and holocaustified Christianity. What happened to the European Traditionalists, anti-Communists, defenders of Old Europe, Fascist Christians ? They were pushed into the cupboard by the new laic Christians and the Humanistic victors. Western historians wonder if there is a clash of civilizations going on between religious states in the East and secular states in the West. The same historians omit to explain the mental holocaustification of the European Traditionalists. They don't even dare to formulate this verb due to their holy Holocaust consideration. As long as half of the European population still lives mentally in a cupboard, it is appropriate to say that the clash of civilizations happens here in Europe. The war losers are terrorized to silence thanks to a non-European Death Cult.

There are however Christians who see clearly the tragic consequences of ongoing Humanistic reign in the West. They point at catastrophic birth rates among modernized families, growing relativism with following loss of categories in schools and arts, dissolution of the family, loss of an inner moral standard, growing misuse of drugs, dreadful decadence regarding Western art, abject Western media entertainment and cultural decadence in general. But instead of offensively attacking Humanists, they support them in the name of Israel. As most people know, the militarily victorious Humanists stole land for founding the Zionist State. The more Zionists and Western pseudo-Zionists make war in the area, the more certain Christians enjoy the situation.

What kind of Christians can enjoy wars in the 21st century ? Both liberal Christians and conservative Christians do. Liberal Christians fight in the name of Humanism. They appear more Humanists than Christians. They support imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They think equalization of all cultures, religions and races is a Christian duty, even if their efforts serve Globalistic Materialism. Such Christians dominate for the time being the Catholic Church. Conservative Christians are mostly Protestants. Politically they are Zionists. But theologically they are pseudo-Zionistic. They say they love the Jews and Israel, but deeply they want to destroy Israel through Armageddon - in order to assist and speed up the Second Coming of Christ. They might be called Apocalyptic Christians. There should be no need for asking why the White masses are de-Christianized.

Just like Western historians fail to mention the disastrous sequels of Holocaustism, Christians who criticize post-war Western "civilization" omit to mention the Holocaust machinery. They shut out the Holocaust guilt worn by Nazi descendants, the Holocaust burden destroying traditional Christians, the holocaustic Death Cult which impossibilizes happiness among Christians, the nurtured hatred in international media directed against European Traditionalists and counter-revolutionaries of the 20th century, the non-tolerance of reconciliation regarding Nazis. Christianity is morally broken as long as a Death Cult counts more than reconciliation in the name of Christ.

276. Are White peoples brainwashed by Jews ?

The masses of White people are brainwashed by White leaders. These leaders have all power over Western Europe since 1945. Who are they ? They are Modernists with more confidence in own scientific and technological powers than they have in God, Creator of the Universe. Their aim is to assure own political and economic power. Because of the militarily loss of the Traditionalist Europeans, of the Nazis and the Fascists, the Modernists have also occupied European culture. They have even managed to infiltrate and influence the Catholic Church thanks to their nonsense talks around Humanism and Democracy.

These Western leaders have cooperated with Jewish Zionists from the first moment the Zionists organized themselves in the 19th century. Modernist Western politicians and Zionists realized that they had the same aim : Power through destruction of the old Western societies based on family and race, pyramidal class structure and Christian faith. Western materialists together with Zionists have used the "Freedom Trick". They have gotten power over Westerners by persuading them of getting a better life as "free" individuals. Western modernists and pro-Zionist Christians have owned the mass media since 1945. Thanks to freedom ideology preached through the media, former proud Europeans have turned out to become mass individuals. Mass individuals are easily manipulated.

But no social and political situation among humans is perennial. Some among the brainwashed white individuals will sooner or later awake. Some satanized Nazi children have already awoken. Children of modernistic Western families will revolt against parents drowned in modernist extremism, like children of Zionist families will revolt against Zionist extremism. The modernistic century, which may also be called "The Zionist Century", is soon gone.

277. How can americanized modern Norwegians celebrate Saint Olaf, a despotic Christian king, a Viking ?

The 29th of July traditionalist Norwegians celebrate Saint Olaf, Norway's "Eternal King". This date, in the year 1030, he was killed at Stiklestad, central Norway, in a battle against heathen resistants. The night before his death is called "Olavsvaka" or "Olsok". Not long-time after his death the celebrations were going to last until the 5th of August.

Many anti-traditionalists join the celebrations. Post-war Humanists who boast of being rationalists, secularists, modernists and anti-Christians take pleasure of these Christian and nationalist celebrations. During Olsok they entertain the public with noisy theater performances reconstructing the battle at Stiklestad. What is their purpose ? They can nothing but hate a king who was dictatorial, deeply Christian, racist, elitist, male chauvinist, anti-relativistic, anti-democratic.

Post-war Humanists who pretend celebrating Saint Olaf have of course a quite different agenda. These Modernists lack great historic moments as causes for own humanistic celebrations. Most of them are Marxists, of a Marxism light type which includes belief in boundless Capitalism. They celebrate "Modernism" and "Freedom" - whatever that means. They despise history, cultural inheritance, traditions. They celebrate in fact rootlessness.

Looking at our long history modernistic Norwegians are anyhow envious. They want great historic moments to celebrate themselves - others than endlessly repetitious victory celebrations of 1945. They can not celebrate the Russian Revolution, their most idyllic moment in history, since the whole revolutionary project was trashed in 1989. They can not celebrate the USA as a lighthouse for Humanism because American foreign policy is catastrophic. They can not celebrate Israel and Zionism because Israel is a source of military unrest, just like the USA.

Post-war Humanists live in a vacuum. Their universalistic love and care are just pretense. Humanists are useful idiots for Western Capitalism. They go for own materialistic wealth with brains vaporized in clouds of universalistic moral indifference. They grab traditionalist causes of celebration with the only purpose of showing themselves as important.

History is soon going to leave them alone. They will stay like barking dogs while the caravan of history passes.

278. Which forces are playing dangerously with Westerners' civilization and welfare ?

As always in Western civilization there are forces to enlarge and to consolidate power, political and cultural power. During the centuries following the Roman Empire the powers have been various, there has been a balance between various powers which has given economic and cultural stimulation through competition. And there has been balance between modernist and traditionalist interests.

Former balance in Western civilization was broken with the materialistic revolution of 1945. During four posts-war decades the new ideological power was divided in an American-English occupation zone and a Soviet occupation zone. In this division there was also a difference between State capitalism in the East and liberal capitalism in the West. From the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989, dissolved through transformation of State capitalism toward liberal capitalism, also in Eastern Europe one may say that the Western civilization in its entirety is suffering of a preponderance of materialism under capitalistic rule.

But the situation is more dramatic due to political and cultural uniformization under one power, under one super power named the USA. The USA have had ambitions of "saving" the world since their entrance in WWI, fighting on the side of the British Empire. Saving the world for the Americans meant building a strong nation for own interests and influence. They profited of the already existing British world empire.

For their power purpose American leaders joined three mighty materialistic centers : The club of Zionists consisting of wealthy bankers, the club of English military strategists, persons around Winston Churchill, for maintaining the British Empire, and the club of socialistic intellectuals, many teaching at the university of Chicago or at London Business School, also consisting of numerous Zionists.

American ideology was then empowered with both dreams of material happiness and dreams of individual freedom, money and human rights. Poor working people were easily persuaded and attached to the "American Dream", a purely materialistic and futuristic dream. "Modernism" got infused with an almost religious strength, Modernism became a prophetic promise of a better world for the entire humanity. No wonder that poor people were attracted.

World business needs a "free world", a world with no borders, a world of floating individuals. When European counter-revolutionaries reacted against socialistic and materialistic revolutionary politics all over Europe, the Americans supported logically the Soviets. Nazis and Fascists wanted to maintain history, to maintain religion, to take care of traditions. Counter-revolutionaries were anti-modernistic, they opposed the American dream, Modernity as religion for a futuristic world paradise.

In the 21st century at least some people can visualize and understand the future under Modernistic American dictate. Human masses are americanized thanks to American or Zionist owned mass media. European "Democratic" leaders are possessed of the American Dream, making a Disney Land out of old Europe. All Western "democracies" are fighting world wide for the futuristic materialistic dream, except Russia. Russian leaders are then in Western media denigrated as anti-democratic dictators. Other opponents, especially religious ones, are called "Terrorists", and democratic Western Humanists have the right to go to war against their countries.

The most oppressed under American "free" regime are the white masses. Millions of them are mute Nazi descendants. The mass individuals in the West, so-called "free" citizens, are afraid of being called Nazis if they happen to oppose their leaders and their holy modernistic doctrine. Then they are treated with the mental mass weapon, the Holocaust. So they dance all together around the Golden Calf, being happy with a life of entertainment, with shopping, football, Hollywood movies and vacation travels to americanized countries around the world. Races have been dissolved, families are being dissolved, history has become obsolete, abrogated, just serving as archive for monsterology, religion is personalized, degraded. Our leaders are dancing frenetically during four years in the mass media, the time of their elected period. There is only one Humanity.

279. Why don't you join the anti-Semites and and anti-Zionists who pop up in all countries ?

It is true that we second generation Nazis are sceptical to Zionism and Zionists. They seek power through guilt distribution to all others. They have constituted themselves as supremacist victims of world history. Therefore they are frenetically cultivating their Death Cult called Holocaust. We second generation Nazis want a true reconciliation after the conflictual 20th century. We seek specifically reconciliation with the Jews. But Zionists and Western pseudo-Zionists build Holocaust centers which are pure centers of irreconcilability. With Zionists around we butt against a concrete wall.

But how can we join the chorus of world wide anti-Semites ? Official anti-Semites today are Goyic misfits who seek more trouble than peace. Such Goyim are perfect auto-contradictors when they attack Jews and Zionists for being racists, nationalists, religious fundamentalists and differentialists. All the Goyic or Goyimistic anti-Semites want is to be allowed to be racists and nationalists themselves. Shouldn't they then look at the Jews and Zionists as ideal persons, persons who in our century of cultural uniformization and anti-racism manage to cultivate difference ?

White persons betrayed themselves in 1945. Instead of seeking reconciliation with the counter-revolutionaries for building a better future for all Europeans, they surpassed the Zionists in showing hatred and needs of revenge against the militarily beaten Nazis and Fascists. They created the tragic reality of Nazi children by satanizing their families. In the following years they developed pure attitudes of being themselves secondary persons, culturally dispossessed citizens, dependant gnomes, Goyim - in the orthodox Jewish sense of the word.

They hate officially the Nazis and Fascists, but inside they feel envy because the Nazis were independent true Europeans. The White victors have become slaves of Materialism, American Freedomism, Life of Consume and Multiculturalism. And now they hate their former allies, the Zionists, who have surpassed them in freedom and respect for own difference. They are naturally developing auto-contempt. How long shall such persons stay hateful and self-complaining ? We Europeans of older extract must show them how miserable they are.

280. Freedom of speech in the West gives you Nazi kids all rights !

I beg your pardon ! Freedom of speech regarding Nazi families in Europe stopped in 1945 when Anglo-American freedom fighters occupied Western Europe. Their Communist allies who occupied Eastern Europe were not worse regarding repression of history. They were at a same level, using history for own purposes, history in black and white.

The Anglo-Americans introduced "democracy" with "Freedom of Speech" on the condition that Nazis were eternal devils. With the escalating blackening of our parents during the post-war decades, Freedom of Speech became for us Nazi descendants lifelong satanization. The result of this mental terrorism should be obvious for all who want to see, who want to understand.

How many Nazi descendant dare to talk about their life during repressing democracy ? How many decades had to pass before the first Nazi children dared to present themselves as children of "devils" ? Are we not symptoms of a fundamental lack of liberty in Western societies ? And what about respect ? The Human Rights introduced by the war victors ignore the value of respect for war losers.

It is of course fascinating to look into the democratic and cultural blindness of Anglo-Americans, to measure their lack of self-knowledge. It is inspiring to try to understand how pretending rationalists, pretending politically scientific organizers manage to believe in own goodness and holiness. You cannot describe millions of Europeans as devils without undergoing sentimental levitation from own perfection.

Self-sanctity is a religious conception, a perverted religious conception. We know that the "rationalistic" Anglo-American freedom preachers and freedom fighters cooperated with Zionists. Zionists operate parallel to Judaism and the idea of Jewish divinely chosenness. Until another explanation of the rational darkness after 1945 in the West comes forward, we Second Generation Nazis choose to see Western rationalists as thieves, thieves of purely Jewish heredity. Anglo-Americans have stolen the status of Chosenness.

Together the Anglo-Americans and the Zionists are thoroughly misusing the old European idea of rationalism. They are making fools of themselves. History will treat them as they deserve. More people than Nazi children need preparations for a real reconciliation. It is time for renewed cooperation between Modernists and Traditionalists.

281. Do you think that the Western post-war civilization is doomed and soon gone ?

The universalistic, democratic and human-rightist Western civilization is pure pretense and lies. Its governors reign with more perfidious dictatorial strategies and measures than any classical dictatorship in history. Its political system is raw Capitalism. Devoted Capitalists, international oligarchs, are the real political governors. They have only one project : profits, gains. Since they own the media, they can dictate people's feelings and thoughts. Opponents are satanized. Humanist academics dare call this political system "democratic". And which is the future they prepare for the peoples of the earth ? Global uniformity, abolition of all differences like family, race and gender. The rich shall rule and the poor obey, all living in a media made simulation of equality.

Under this rule of pretended global happiness it becomes more and more popular to be politically incorrect. Soon you cannot be enough politically incorrect. A front is being established. It's a front against the self-appointed world saviours, the Western oligarchs and their lackeys in the media world and at the universities. Since the salvation means something as stupid as global multiculturalism and universal relativism, the opponents will not have difficulties finding recruits. When the last century was universalistic and cultivating equality, our new century will cultivate race consciousness and cultural difference. Then we will at last get a cult of multiculturalism which is real, not fake. The equality dreaming Humanists have seen their better days.

As earthly humans we are alone in the universe, despite some fantasy stories written by science fiction authors. Our origin is mysterious. Our destiny is dramatic for each of us, uncertain for the entire humanity. Our humanity is lost if it is equalized and uniformized by social scientists. Since we are alone in the universe, we have to estimate and to protect every single angle with a different view on ourselves. Our differences are main source for our self-knowledge. Our old cultures are filled with wisdom, stocked with life experiences. They are treasures which we can not hand over to irresponsible modernists' care, persons living in a futuristic bubble. Each of us has a responsibility for our culture, for our common memories, for our families down through the ages. Modernistic bureaucrats have no feelings, no sensitivity for non-measurable values. Humanistic, democratic politicians seem to have even less care. And Western actual leaders, the oligarchs, the Bilderbergers, persons exempt from the rules of Democracy, are just obsessed with profits.

282. Nazi children need to train their reality feelings in order to accept that they belong to a new democratic world. They do not belong anymore to a brutal Germanic majority !

We live under the dictatorship of Western Humanism which implements, through anti-democratic manipulations, global Multiculturalism and Multiethnicism. The ideal of multiethnicity is generally approached as "Anti-Racism". The aim of this anti-racist "Humanism" is to make a New World Reality for a New World Order. The social reality shall be relativistic mixture and human chaos. Individuals living in chaotic situation are more fit for being consumers, slaves under Capitalism. The political order shall be capitalistic Democracy, a democracy manipulated by oligarch owned mass media.

Before these New World Reality and New World Order are accomplished, we all live under pressure. All minorities have minoritarian groups in their middle. In other words, there are always minorities inside a minority, due to human differences. Depending on the surrounding context and angle of view, also minorities are majorities. And a majority in a global context is also minoritarian. Consequently both majorities and minorities are under siege from Humanists. Both will be destroyed in a more or less close future.

We Nazi children lost our cultural context in 1945. But all culture loving persons, all ethnically conscious persons are already "Nazi children", deculturalized children, lost children. The Humanists have stolen or are soon stealing their cultural context, their background, their heritage. We are all in the same boat, a ship of fools, as long as we let capitalist oligarchs and their lackeys, the Humanists, rule.

At the beginning of the 21st century we are at the stage when minorities are invited to attack majorities. The servants of Global Human Chaos force ethnical and cultural majorities to adapt to the will and taste of minorities. There shall be no exclusivity, no privileges for people of a majoritarian culture. This is an effective strategy, a smart way for destroying cultures and nations. Minorities have some years of joy left before also they will be attacked.

Or, is there a minority which is excepted from cultural and ethnic destruction ? One may wander why Jewish Zionists, a world minority, support all modernistic initiatives coming from Western materialistic Humanists. The result is at least that Western Materialism progresses. At the same time Western Rationalism retrocedes. Is it rational that Westerners go for a dual world society, that they respect and cultivate an irrational Jewish idea of divine Chosenness which means respect for one minority on behalf of all others ? Why shall Zionists be allowed to maintain religious, ethnic and cultural difference in the ocean of Multiculturalism ?

Probably the Humanists feel like Zionists. They want privileges, like the cadres of the past Bolshevik Empire had privileges. Socialistic cadres transform the history, the humanity, and therefore they must have a "divine" status in history and society. But these Humanists are soon losers. The Bolsheviks have been trashed. The Humanists are waiting for their ruination. The Humanity is diverse, like all species in the nature are diverse. Zionists and Humanistic pseudo-Zionists will be greater losers than the counter-revolutionaries of the last century. This is why it is appropriate that Nazi children ask for a reconciliation.